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  • Title: 3 a Day
    Descriptive info: .. 3 DAIRY A DAY.. CAN HELP PREVENT OSTEOPOROSIS.. Osteoporosis, which affects one in two women and one in five men over fifty in Ireland, is a disease which is preventable and treatable in the majority of people.. Osteoporosis is the world’s leading bone disease and affects people of all age groups, including children.. It is known as the ‘silent disease’ as the majority of people have no pain until they fracture, however it is estimated that only 15% of those affected are diagnosed.. Professor Moira O’Brien, President of the Irish Osteoporosis Society says, “Our goal, and the goal of the National Dairy Council is to encourage as many people as possible to adopt a bone-healthy lifestyle.. This can be achieved through eating a healthy diet, taking regular weight bearing exercise and being aware of the many risk factors for osteoporosis.. We are hoping to prevent people from developing the disease which - if left untreated - can cause severe pain due to multiple fractures and loss of independence.. ”.. “Taking sufficient levels of calcium and vitamin D are essential.. Calcium is the most abundant mineral found in our bones and helps to give bones strength and rigidity.. Calcium is also required for muscles and nerves to function normally, including those in the heart,” said Professor O’Brien.. “Milk, cheese and yogurt are some of the best sources of calcium available to us, particularly in Ireland.. Vitamin D is vital for the absorption of calcium and is mainly available in fortified milk as well as oily fish and sunlight.. GUIDE TO OSTEOPOROSIS.. Niall McLoughlin and Helen Brophy, Chief Executives of the Irish Osteoporosis Society and the National Dairy Council, are pictured with Professor Moira O'Brien, President of the Irish Osteoporosis Society at the launch of the Guide  ...   health benefits of dairy or to find out more about osteoporosis, click on the links above.. International tri-athlete and sports presenter Craig Doyle launched a radio campaign at the start of April 2009 for the Irish Osteoporosis Society and the National Dairy Council.. The campaign sets out to raise awareness that good nutrition with the inclusion of the recommended three portions of dairy a day, can help to prevent Osteoporosis - whatever your age – and to develop and maintain healthy bones.. Listen to the radio ad.. Please note this require the Adobe Flash Player.. If you do no have this you can.. listen here.. Craig Doyle voiced the national radio advertising campaign which also promotes this new website www.. ie, to help members of the public get access to information about osteoporosis and dairy produce.. What is Osteoporosis?.. What is Osteopenia?.. Take a Risk Test.. Are you or a family member at risk of having or developing Osteoporosis ?.. Common Questions about Osteoporosis.. Download the pdf brochure.. Pancakes.. A Perfect Way to Help Achieve 3 A Day.. Calcium For Life.. Calcium is vital for bones and teeth - but there's more to calcium.. Bone up on good health.. Celebrate The Nutrient Richness Of Dairy.. Leading independent nutritionist Paula Mee on recent research findings and the health benefits of dairy.. Dairy As Part Of The Food Pyramid.. Food For Life.. Milk and dairy products - naturally nutritious.. Take One Small Step.. For Children's Diet, Weight and Health.. NDC nutritionist Dr.. Catherine Logan.. Irish Teenage Girls.. At Particular Risk from Calcium Deficiencies.. Almost One Third Of Irish Adults Fail To Meet Guidelines On Dairy.. Dairy Den.. Diet and nutrition guidelines for children.. The National Dairy Council.. Tel: 01-290 2451.. Email:.. info@ndc.. Tel: 1890 252 751.. info@irishosteoporosis.. irishosteoporosis.. "));..

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