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  • Title: Virtual Tours - 360 Degree Photography - Best Virtual Tour Provider
    Descriptive info: .. T: +353 1 4100 600 |.. M: info@360vr.. ie.. // home.. // virtual tours.. // 360 product photography.. // works.. // prices.. // contact us.. // blog.. Spin The World.. Virtual Tours 360 Degree Product Photography.. Today, where all marketing spends are considered, it’s even more important to ensure your money goes as far as possible.. Discover how interactive 360° interactive content can strengthen your online marketing campaign.. Independent research shows that 360 degree photography increases buyer confidence in location or product whilst simultaneously boosting their motivation to buy.. It assures consumers that the location that they are about to visit will not only meet, but exceed their expectations – thus making it more likely that they will make a purchase decision.. We have over a decade of experience in graphic design, photography and marketing, in addition to our involvement in the international VR community.. We are perfectionists who believe that supplying you with top-end quality will make a real  ...   revenue.. over those without a virtual tour.. Source: www.. carlson.. com / Virtual Tour Case Study - Download PDF >.. //.. what our clients say.. 360VR Virtual Tours offer an exceptional service.. The tour they did for the 2009 Fáilte Ireland Dublin Horse Show was innovative, professional, delivered efficiently and far exceeded our expectations.. JP MONTGOMERY /RDS Dublin/.. services we offer.. // virtual tour interface design.. // retouching.. 360 degree explained.. // Virtual Tour FAQ.. // 360 Degree Product Photography FAQ.. // Virtual Tour Benefits.. // Reasons To Choose Us.. // HDR Photography.. Connect with us.. featured virtual tours.. Whites of Wexford.. Maldron Smithfield.. Irish Ferries - Inishmore.. Cork International Airport Hotel.. D4 Berkeley Hotel.. Citywest Hotel.. Ennis Cathedral.. RDS Dublin Horse Show.. Bloom 2010.. see more samples in.. Virtual Tours section >>.. featured 360 degree photography.. Check out our dynamic zoom samples.. Your browser does not support iframes.. 360 Images Porfolio section >>.. Copyright 2010 360VR.. Website templates.. by JustDreamweaver.. com..

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  • Title: 360 Degree Virtual Tours Company - Virtual Reality Photography
    Descriptive info: 360 Virtual Tours.. Generate Revenue on Money You Spend.. Our 360º virtual tours will open your doors to the online public in an engaging, high quality, fast-loading virtual reality environment, allowing a showcase of key features of your hotel, conference centre, spa or golf course.. Giving your visitors a free viewing 365 days a year at their own leisure will help you gain a significant edge over your leading competitors.. The rich media experience.. increases buyer confidence.. in your property whilst simultaneously boosting their motivation to buy online.. It assures consumers that the location they are about to book or visit will not only meet but exceed their expectations – thus making it more likely that they will make a purchase decision.. Virtual tours or rich media.. generate.. 46% more sales.. (bookings) than still images.. According to research by DoubleClick , 57% of leisure travellers and 46% of business travellers called virtual tours on a Website.. a very  ...   in Ireland giving you this option.. Now you will be able to know not only the demographics but also source where the virtual tour is accessed from.. Thanks to careful time-management and clever use of the technology in our possession we are able to present you with a product of a very high standard at the reasonable price.. Our free valuation service also gives you the opportunity to view our product first hand.. Please also visit our.. virtual tour samples.. page to see the variety of use of 360 degrees photography.. 360VR did an excellent job of showing exactly what the Keadeen Hotel has to offer with this brilliant virtual tour.. The tour makes the hotel come to life.. and the fact that you can navigate around all the different parts of hotel such as wedding, bedrooms or fitness facilities means that we can present our hotel in the best possible way.. Billy Ryan.. Keadeen Hotel - Newbridge..

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  • Title: 360º Product Photography - 3D Products from Irish Photographer
    Descriptive info: T: +353 1 443 3036 |.. // samples.. Don't just show to.. customers your product, involve them.. with 360 Degree Product Photography.. According to marketing specialists 360 degrees product photography is considered one of the most effective methods to promote products in online stores.. They allow visitors and potential customers to rotate products, examine them in detail and make informed decisions.. Using 360 degree object photography gives greater detail and product understanding than that available with a single static image.. By showing products to  ...   online retailers, prototype designers and product manufacturers to replace traditional flat photography with 360 degree interactive presentations.. Our aim was to make 360 degree object photos cheaper than traditional product photography.. Our prices for small retail products start at.. €24.. per product which is cheaper than most photographers would charge for single shot!.. Contact us for more details.. 91% of online customers feel that 360° spin enhances their shopping experience, which translates to increased conversions and sales -.. READ REPORT!.. Check our dynamic zoom samples..

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  • Title: 360 View Company - Panoramic Photography - Professional Photographer
    Descriptive info: 360 Photography Samples.. virtual tours.. Moyvalley Hotel.. & Golf Resort.. Keadeen Hotel.. Newbridge - Ireland.. Bunratty Manor.. Bunratty - Ireland.. Irish Ferries.. Isle of Inishmore.. Arch Hotel.. Trim - Ireland.. Knightsbrook Hotel.. Askea Parish.. Ireland.. RDS Horse Show 2009.. Dublin - Ireland.. Docklands at Night.. IMMA Museum.. Arklow Parish.. Kilmurry Parish.. Bloom 2009.. Temple Bar.. Botanic Gardens.. Gabriel Hair Saloon.. Parish Church.. Portlaoise - Ireland.. Bulls Island.. Mellowes Quay Apartments.. Maritime Festival.. Sikors Choppers.. Srem - Poland.. Office Virtual Tour.. Theatre Workshop.. Trim Castle..

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  • Title: 360 Virtual Tour Provider - 360 Panoramas - Panoramic Photos
    Descriptive info: 360VR prices.. We know that selecting a 360 view for your property or product might be a difficult task.. We also believe in transparency of costs, that’s why we have prepared 3.. virtual tour.. price packages, which will make it easier for you to establish your needs based on your budget.. We have also prepared easy to understand product photography price list based on number of angles required.. Please fill the form below in order to receive it..

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  • Title: 360 Panoramic Photography - Travel Marketing - Corporate Photographer
    Descriptive info: Contact Us.. Guinness Enterprise Centre.. Taylor's Lane.. Dublin 8, Ireland.. Tel: +353 (0) 1 410 0600 / +353 (0) 1 4433 036.. Mob: +353 (0) 85 75 96971.. E-mail:.. info@360vr.. View Larger Map..

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  • Title: 360 Photos - 360º Virtual Tours - 360 Images -See Benefits Now!
    Descriptive info: Why should you invest.. in 360º virtual tours or 360º product photography.. // Engage Visitors.. In the age of social media and viral marketing, where consumer experience is the most valuable thing, it’s hard to find a more engaging way of presenting your place to the customer.. People enjoy taking virtual tours; it gives them the confidence to make a booking either online or by telephone.. // Retention.. Increases visitor retention or 'stickiness'.. Research has proven that if a customer stays on a website for a longer period, they are more likely to make a purchase decision.. Lingering time on the website with a virtual tour is five times longer.. compared to a site without it.. // Revenues Increase.. Research conducted for Radisson Hotels [Carlson Group (2003)] showed that hotels with a virtual tour achieved on average.. 135% increase.. in online revenue over those without a virtual tour.. com.. /.. See the Case Study here >..  ...   weeks.. // Differentiate.. 75% of surveyed clients visited 3-4 Hotel websites before making their booking.. If your hotel stands out from the rest, which one would they remember and be most likely to book?.. Virtual tour can be.. easily incorporated into listings in hotel directories.. Simple text link to the virtual tour will be enough to redirect the user to the interactive presentation of your facilities.. It's a great method of helping to be remembered by users.. // Effectiveness.. Rich media or.. virtual tours can generate 46% more sales (bookings) than still images.. // Customer Satisfaction.. According to research by DoubleClick (Google Ad Platform),.. 57% of leisure travellers and 46% of business travellers.. called virtual tours on a website.. m-travel.. // Offline Tool.. Virtual tours can be used for your.. offline marketing.. needs.. You can create a CD/DVD presentation of your place and provide to major clients and sales staff for laptop and digital projection presentations..

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  • Title: 360 Photography Company - 360 degree tours - Panorama Photos
    Descriptive info: Why should you choose us?.. Let us give you few reasons.. // Highest Resolutions in Ireland.. After creating a standard 18 Mega Pixelsin Ireland 2 years ago, we have just introduced a.. 32 Mega Pixels couple of weeks ago.. This is highest in Ireland and we are working to bring you more!.. // Custom Interaface Design.. (FREE NEW!).. A lot of our customers asked us about it, we listen to our clients so we decided to introduce this new service! Virtual tour will be designed to blend and compliment your branding as standard.. Most of our competitors can’t deliver this as they are limited by the off-the-shelf software they use.. Now we can incirporate your colours, graphics and other elments in our tours.. Talk to us we will explain you all the details.. // Optimised for Fast Loading - Dedicated Servers.. High Resolution images used in our virtual tours require use of special optimising techniques and fast servers, that's why your virtual tour will be hosted on dedicated server so you can sure it will not get down or slow during peak hours.. // Instant Interactivity - No Loading Screen.. To improve user experience we have changed interface models.. Now, our tours appear immediately on the screen and load in the background, this technology helps you to keep visitors on the site.. It's proven that loading screen that lasts more than 30s can make over 50% of internet visitors to click away.. // HDR Technology.. We are one of very few companies using labour intensive High Dynamic Range workflow to overcome limitations of digital photography.. This technique allows us to display up to 3 times  ...   end software.. The output of our tours is FLASH, as 99% of the internet users can view this format without having to download extra software (or plugins).. Be wary of other platforms such as Quicktime and Java, it.. is dated and will not allow you to have the same level of details and interactivity as our tours do.. // 360º x 180º Viewing.. Unlike some Virtual Tour providers we deliver tours with full 360º by 180º degree viewing, which means you can view both fully up and fully down.. // Fully Interactive Presentation.. We can include still images, floor-plans or maps, descriptions and voice over in your tour.. This will create a powerful, engaging and fully interactive presentation of your premises.. To find out more about intaractive elements your tour can have go to.. Virtual Tour FAQ.. // Simple Price System.. With our simple price system you will know the exact cost of our service before the work starts without any surprises at the end.. // White Label Service for Web Developers.. We don’t know of any other high end virtual tour provider who offers this.. We can produce great looking virtual tours, under your brand.. Please contact us for details.. // Not Only VR Photographers.. With our experience in social media, online marketing and graphic design we understand the whole spectrum of your marketing needs.. // We are all about 360.. Our involvement in VR Community and the fact that 360 degree photography is our main line of business helps us to keep pace with constantly evolving technology; it allows us to continuously improve quality of provided Virtual Tours and 360 Degree Product Photography..

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  • Title: 360 Picture Company - 360 Degree View - Commercial Photography
    Descriptive info: Interface Design.. Customise your 360 virtual tour interface.. We can fully customise the interface of your virtual tour for you.. The framework and navigation techniques for unifying multiple 360 pictures into a virtual tour is fully customisable.. A well designed interface is an important part of presenting virtual tours, which will allow end user to intuitively interact with panoramas, maps and floorplans it also should be part of your brand guidelines with your brand colours and logos presented.. Working together we  ...   the types of customisations we can do to your requirements :.. Interactive or static maps and/or floorplans.. Design and size of the buttons.. Fonts.. Specific additional buttons that you may require that link to web pages or popup specific information such as text, images or video.. Logos within the interactive area or outside on the edge.. Type and design of hotspots - e.. g.. arrows, flashing circles.. Functionality of hotspots (hover over and click).. Contact us to discuss further those options..

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  • Title: 360 Panorama Photography - Panoramic Picture Retouching - 360VR
    Descriptive info: Retouching.. We can clean your panoramic pictures.. When preparing 360 panorams, we make sure that all the shots look the best.. We are well used to cleaning extra power sockets and some dirt on the walls, but sometimes your shots might need more work to be done.. We offer a service of retouching together with our 360 panorama photography services if you need us to clean the dirty walls or delete cranes in front of your window talk to us about this option..

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  • Title: 360 Commercial Photographer - 360 Event Photography - 360 Pictures
    Descriptive info: Virtual Tours FAQ.. What is a 360˚ panoramic image?.. What is a Virtual Tour?.. What is a walkthrough?.. What is a hotspot?.. What is a floorplan or map?.. What sound do you use?.. How will you deliver the tour?.. How should I prepare to my shoot?.. How long does the photo shoot take?.. When is it going to be ready?.. How much does it cost?.. How do I pay for my Virtual Tour?.. Do I need extra software to play it?.. Will you host my tours?.. A 360˚ panoramic image is a cylindrical or spherical photograph.. It is displayed on a computer screen as single virtual photograph, however, it is produced from a set of several carefully positioned and shot photographs stitched-together with invisible seams (if done well).. It is virtual in the sense that it does not exist as a tangible or physical object: it can only be seen on a computer screen.. A virtual tour gives you the experience of moving through a sequence of 360˚ panoramic images.. Navigation is achieved by clicking on graphical hotspots.. A walkthrough in a virtual tour gives a visitor a possibility of moving from one 360 degree panorama to another.. This is done through hotspots….. Hotspots are graphical hyperlinks or buttons floating over the top of interactive panoramic images.. They can be clicked on to go to a new location in the virtual tour.. Therefore they are a  ...   can.. Make it the way you would like the world to see it.. We will be sending you a list with preparation tips before the shooting day.. A typical virtual tour of 5 360 degree panoramas in one location will take usually about half a day.. High Quality Virtual Tours take some time to process.. Our turnaround time for post processing is 7 days, but we can arrange this time to be shortened, talk to us – we are flexible.. Our high quality full screen virtual tours can start at as little as €360.. We have prepared 3 price plans for a virtual tours – see our pricing page for more information.. Our initial consultation is free of charge.. We will require 30% deposit to confirm your order.. You will be invoiced once the Virtual Tour has been completed and we will need the payment 14 days after the tour is completed.. All 360 degree images created by us use Flash technology.. 2009 survey conductedfor Adobe.. com shows that 99% of internet users have flash installed on their computers, this means that the chance of someone having problem with playing your virtual tour is really minimal.. We offer lifetime free hosting for our Platinum priced virtual tour, with our Gold and Silver tours you will get 3 months of hosting free.. You can also host tours on your server, please let us know whichever you prefer..

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