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  • Title: Dublin Fifth Province - D5P - Exploring Ideas for a Better Dublin | Dublin Fifth Province
    Descriptive info: .. Log in.. |.. Register.. Search this site.. Dublin Fifth Province.. A citizen project of the Dublin Creative Alliance.. Home.. What We Do.. About Us.. Blog.. Forum.. Survey.. Cycling Survey.. Working Lives Survey.. Future Topics.. LINKS.. Contact Us.. Dublin Fifth Province - D5P - Exploring Ideas for a Better Dublin.. People in Dublin are worried about the ability of our City to sustain our livelihoods and our quality of life.. To assist in overcoming these worries, we need to establish a framework that will help us build a.. Sustainable Dublin.. As a result D5P has been established by the.. Creative Dublin Alliance.. to engage people in Dublin about the City s sustainable future.. D5P aims to create opportunities for us to understand the challenges we face as a city and to collaborate in building a more sustainable Dublin.. Through engaging and understanding we can learn how our hopes for the future are complex and interrelated.. Over the coming years D5P will be asking you about a range of topics that relate to a sustainable Dublin.. We hope that each topic will help us produce great ideas, new city initiatives and policies.. If you would like to help us choose future topics for consultation or would like to suggest your own topics,.. please let us know.. At the moment D5P is asking the following questions:.. How can we encourage more people to cycle in Dublin?.. How can  ...   this web site,.. Find out more.. Latest News.. A personal note on cycling in Dublin City by Mark Bennett, Dublin City Council Green Business Officer.. Children and Healthy Cities by Jackie Bourke, Playtime.. Dublin Mayors Launch Dublin 5th Province.. On Your Bike - the upcoming deliberation on Cycling in Dublin, by Ciarán Cuffe, Lecturer in Planning at the DIT.. Thinking about Working Lives in 21st Century Dublin, by Dr.. Deiric O Broin, North Dublin Development Coalition (NorDubCo).. Thinking about Healthy Living, by Dr.. Donal O Gorman, Dublin City University.. more.. Latest Discussions.. Working Lives: Does higher education provide the necessary skills?.. Cycling: Bicycle helmet safety.. Cycling: Promotion and facilitation of cycling.. Working Lives: Relaxing planning permission to allow more working from home.. Working Lives: Development of Irish indigenous companies.. Cycling: How can we encourage more people to cycle?.. Healthy Living: Make our communities healthier?.. Healthy Living: Which is more important for health?.. Healthy Living: Congestion tax for cars.. In Gaelic Ireland, 5th Province referred to our minds, where anyone could be free and creative, a place for art, ideas and ideals, the mirror of our souls and our culture.. Here we are also being playful with the idea of Dublin as the 5th Province of Ireland.. Useful Links.. Contact.. Office of Civic Global Engagement.. Bea Orpen Building, DCU, Dublin 9, Ireland.. Tel: +353-(0)1-700 8853.. Email:.. info@fifthprovince.. ie.. Follow Us.. Site designed by.. Designit Creative Consultants Ltd..

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  • Title: Registration Page | Dublin Fifth Province
    Descriptive info: You are here:.. | Registration Page.. Register a new user.. Username.. *.. Spaces are allowed; punctuation is not allowed except for periods, hyphens, and underscores.. E-mail address.. A valid e-mail address.. All e-mails from the system will be sent to this address.. The e-mail address is not  ...   to receive a new password or wish to receive certain news or notifications by e-mail.. Confirm e-mail address.. Please re-type your e-mail address to confirm it is accurate.. Already registered? Log in here.. Enter your Dublin Fifth Province username.. Password.. Enter the password that accompanies your username..

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  • Title: What We Do | Dublin Fifth Province
    Descriptive info: | What We Do.. Exploring Ideas for a Better Dublin.. Dublin 5th Province or D5P is a citizenship engagement initiative about Dublin, which is run by the.. The project is based at Dublin City University in the.. Office of Civic and Global Engagement.. D5P has been set up.. to ask people with an interest in Dublin about the future sustainable development of the City over the next fifteen years.. New topical surveys, forums and blog entries will be posted on this web site regularly, allowing participants to voice their opinions and engage with policy experts and other people interested in Dublin.. The aim is to promote.. informed discussion and deliberation.. about Dublin as a whole, while drawing out from each round of consultation, several coherent priorities that can be delivered by local government in Dublin.. Each of the.. topics.. we are  ...   the new Dublin Regional Authority s.. Sustainability Indicators Framework.. , which was finalised at the end of 2011.. At present we are asking people with an interest in Dublin about Healthy Living, Working Lives and Cycling.. These initial topics have been chosen as they are currently of particular relevance to the quality of life in Dublin.. The fourth topic upcoming in July is Culture and Creativity, which has been voted on by those who have participated so far.. The first four topics are running as follows:.. Topic One Healthy Living.. beginning 27/02/12.. Topic Two Working Lives.. beginning 02/04/12.. Topic Three Cycling.. beginning 03/05/12.. Topic Four Culture and Creativity.. beginning 01/08/12.. You can get involved through answering one of our brief.. Surveys.. , by chatting with other users in the.. or through considering some of the articles that have been posted in the..

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  • Title: About Dublin Fifth Province | Dublin Fifth Province
    Descriptive info: | About Dublin Fifth Province.. About Dublin Fifth Province.. Dublin 5th Province (D5P) is a project set up by the.. to ask people in Dublin about sustainable development and the future of their City.. The.. Creative Dublin Alliance (CDA).. is a network of people drawn from senior levels in Dublin s local government, commerce, industry, education, state agencies and the not-for-profit sector.. The purpose of the CDA is to identify challenges and opportunities faced by Dublin as a city region that could be effectively addressed through cooperation and cross-working between its members.. The management and administration of he CDA is carried out by the.. Economic Development Unit at Dublin City Council.. The project team consists of:.. Mark  ...   of Civic and Global Engagement, Dublin City University.. Deiric Ó Brion Director, NorDubCo (North Dublin Development Coalition).. A number of experts are helping us lead different investigations into the issues we want to ask you about.. To date, these lead experts include:.. Prof.. Maria Slowey.. Dublin City University (Learning City).. Dr.. Deiric O Broin.. NorDubCo (Working Lives).. Gráinne Millar.. Temple Bar Cultural Trust (Culture and Creativity).. Donal O Gorman.. Dublin City University (Healthy Living).. Cllr.. Andrew Montague.. - Dublin City Lord Mayor (Cycling).. The project has also been assisted by two very talented graphic designers:.. Mark Shiels who provided initial advice on design;.. Frank Murphy of.. who designed this web site.. Learn more about what we do..

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  • Title: Blog | Dublin Fifth Province
    Descriptive info: | Blog.. Andrew Moore.. 13/06/12.. Cycling.. Dublin.. Sustainable Development.. Health.. Healthy Lifestyles.. Healthy Transport.. As a child, I realised that cycling gave me more independence than any other mode of transport.. Before I could drive, it meant no waiting on a lift from parents, or on the side of the road for a bus.. And once I could drive, cycling trumped that too, no maintenance costs (save for repairing punctures), no parking issues and no, or perhaps just less, peer pressure about makes and models.. My Raleigh Grifter was my trusty, and latterly rusty, partner through school years and it was only retired when the likes of Sean Kelly introduced the allure of racing bicycles!.. Add new comment.. Read more.. 14/05/12.. Children.. Play.. When it comes to children, health and the city are not often associated with one another.. If anything, cities are thought of as unhealthy places where children in particular suffer the ill-effects of pollution, crime and traffic.. 08/05/12.. News.. South Dublin County Mayor Caitriona Jones joined Dublin City Lord Mayor Andrew Montague at the Mansion House on May 3rd to co-launch Dublin 5th Province (D5P).. Both Mayors spoke strongly in support of the initiative as it is unique in trying to bring experts and citizens together on an ongoing basis to deliberate on a sustainable future for Dublin City and Counties.. Lord Mayor Montague hailed the importance of D5P as local government in Dublin  ...   talking about health in terms of prevention;.. the type of things that we can do on a daily basis and local government could possibly do, to assist us live healthier lives.. This is different from the health care system, which we tend to engage with only when absolutley necessary.. 12 comments.. Introducing Sustainable Development and Dublin, by Dick Gleeson, City Planner.. Natural Step.. The impact of 7 billion people living on planet Earth is having a profound effect on its environment and climate.. The Climate Justice movement indicates that 20% of the Earth s surface is now degraded, with serious consequences for the world s poorest in trying to sustain a living.. Such a huge and increasing global population, with its need for economic activity, sustenance and quality of life, is making unsustainable demands on the Earth s natural resources.. Reserves of timber, fish, oil, and clean water are being depleted.. Welcome to D5P - Topic 1: Healthy Living.. D5P.. will be online from the end of February 2012, to.. ask people living in Dublin how they think the City should develop over the next fifteen years.. Every month we will introduce a different topic that is important for sustainable development, which over time, will.. help build up a picture of what citizens think is important for Dublin s future.. Categories.. (1).. (2).. (6).. (5).. (3).. Most Popular.. Blog Archive.. February 2012.. April 2012.. May 2012.. June 2012..

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  • Title: Forums | Dublin Fifth Province
    Descriptive info: | Forums.. Welcome to the D5P Forum.. Here you can chat with others about sustainable development topics that are important to Dublin s future.. To help build a picture of what we are talking about,.. the issues are laid out like a transport map.. Each of the lines represents an important sustainable development topic and each of the stations represents important issues that we want to hear from you about.. At the moment we are talking about.. , which is represented by the red line,.. Working Lives.. , which is represented by the aqua line and.. Healthy Living.. , which is represented by the orange line.. The blue hatched line, Culture and Creativity, is under construction and we will be open for deliberation on July 2nd 2012.. Future topic lines can be.. chosen by you.. As the map develops.. over time.. , with new policy lines and stations added,.. you will begin to see the interconnectedness  ...   map that interest you, read a proposal statement and question put forward by the experts, along with what others think and then join in the discussion.. Links to a full list of the proposal statements are posted below on this page.. If you have any suggestions for future policy lines,.. Forums.. Topics.. Posts.. Last post.. Access to Learning.. 3.. 4.. By Ziko (not verified).. 10/07/2012 - 07:58.. Economic Development.. 2.. By Sikelela (not verified).. 25/05/2012 - 01:58.. Urban Planning.. 9.. By Saniye (not verified).. 01/06/2012 - 06:21.. Transport.. 8.. By Tubarao (not verified).. 18/05/2012 - 22:00.. Local Government.. 10.. By Anonymous (not verified).. 16/06/2012 - 13:11.. Social Inclusion.. 1.. By Andrew Moore.. 01/05/2012 - 19:34.. Social Support.. 02/05/2012 - 18:13.. Food.. 6.. By Nunu (not verified).. 19/05/2012 - 03:06.. Safety.. By Richard Burton (not verified).. 20/06/2012 - 18:54.. 01/05/2012 - 19:36.. Navigation.. 01/05/2012 - 19:30.. Forum Contains New Posts.. Forum Contains No New Posts.. Forum is Locked..

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  • Title: Survey Introduction | Dublin Fifth Province
    Descriptive info: | Survey Introduction.. Dublin Fifth Province Survey.. Welcome to the survey section.. Here you can engage with two of our current surveys and provide valuable feedback on aspects of sustainable development and the future of Dublin.. Each survey should take no more than ten minutes to complete and all results will be completely confidential.. * To win a new bike, register or login.. here.. and answer the cycling survey below *.. Survey Introduction.. This survey is based on a number of important issues that were raised  ...   that were raised by our Cycling policy experts.. gets involved with the cycling consultation via this Survey or the Forum between now and the end of June 2012.. The results of these surveys will be presented to local government in Dublin and will be posted on this web site.. If you would like feedback on the results of these surveys and the response of local government, please take a moment to.. register.. your e-mail address with us on this web site.. Many thanks for your time..

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  • Title: Cycling Survey | Dublin Fifth Province
    Descriptive info: | Cycling Survey.. Don t forget to.. register or log-in.. 1.. Social Inclusion A.. 2.. Social Inclusion B.. 3.. Government.. 4.. 5.. Cycling Infrastructure.. 6.. Cycling Promotion.. 7.. About You.. 8.. Survey Complete.. In which of the following circumstances do you cycle and how often? (choose all that apply to you).. Never.. Daily.. Weekly.. Monthly.. Seasonally.. During good weather.. To work / college.. To shops / supermarket.. Around your local area.. Around the City and / or County.. To and from the City Centre.. Day trips.. Holidays.. If some  ...   one).. Light rain.. Heavy rain.. Hail / snow.. Warm weather.. Cold weather.. Ice.. Windy.. Dark winter mornings.. Dark winter evenings.. Not applicable.. Other.. Which of the following would encourage you to cycle?.. Strongly agree.. Agree.. Neigher agree nor disagree.. Disagree.. Strongly disagree.. A dedicated cycle lane.. Reduced traffic.. Better cycle lane / road surface.. Less heavy traffic (e.. g.. lorries).. Slower traffic speeds.. Changing rooms at your destination.. Showers at your destination.. Secure cycle parking.. Government financial incentives (e.. Cycle to Work Scheme).. Health benefits.. Cost savings.. Broaden social networks..

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  • Title: Working Lives Survey | Dublin Fifth Province
    Descriptive info: | Working Lives Survey.. Employment.. Education and Skills.. Dublin s Ecomomy.. Business Infrastructure.. The Workplace.. 9.. What types of employment would you prefer?.. Neither agree nor disagree.. A long term permanent contract (e.. job for life).. Frequently available, shorter-term, project based work.. Part-time work.. Full-time work.. With regard to your current/last job, are/were you:.. Happy.. Motivated.. Satisfied.. Achieving a work-life balance.. Over stretched.. Under-employed..

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  • Title: Future Discussion Topics – Autumn 2012 | Dublin Fifth Province
    Descriptive info: | Future Discussion Topics – Autumn 2012.. Future Discussion Topics – Autumn 2012.. Topics being discussed now/shortly.. Healthy Living (currently under consultation).. Working Lives (currently under consultation).. Cycling (currently under consultation).. Culture and Creativity (topic launches August 1st, 2012).. Vote for the topics you would like to  ...   vote for more than one topic.. If the topic that you would like discussed is not listed here,.. Age Friendly City.. Civic Engagement.. Digital Connectivity.. Diversity.. Energy.. Green Infrastructure.. Heritage.. Learning City.. Public Space.. Sports Recreation.. The City Centre.. The Liffey Corridor.. The Neighbourhood.. Tourism.. Urban Design.. Water..

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  • Title: Links, Information & Resources | Dublin Fifth Province
    Descriptive info: | Links, Information Resources.. Links, Information Resources.. See below for links to information and resources that relate to sustainable development and Dublin.. If you have any useful links to suggest,.. Department of Health.. is currently developing a new public health policy framework for Ireland.. This framework is called.. Your Health is Your Wealth: A policy framework for a healthier Ireland 2012 - 2020.. and will be published later this year.. The framework will be informed by a national consultation that was carried out in June 2011.. Submissions to this consultatoin can be view.. here.. Using the Schools to Promote Physical Activity and Healthy Eating.. is a report compiled by the The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Atalanta, Georgia.. The report highlights the increased prevalence in childhood obesity and makes the argument that schools have a responsibility to help prevent obesity and promote physical activity and healthy eating through policies, practices, and supportive environments.. Nutrition and Health Foundation.. website provides an abundance of information on exercise and healthy eating.. They describe their goal as being to communicate evidence based information on nutrition, health and physical activity to encourage an improved and healthier society in Ireland.. The Irish Heart Foundation.. The National Youth Council of Ireland.. formed a partnership to develop a.. Healthy Eating, Active Living.. resource for the Youth Sector, through the sharing of expertise and information.. This resource, published in 2008, can be accessed.. Get Ireland Active.. is a website devoted to promoting physical activity in Ireland.. The website provides information on the benefits of regular exercise as well as motivational techniques to help get started.. Additionally, the events page provides visitors with a surfeit of info.. on sporting events and outdoor activities that are taking place around the country.. Check the events page out.. The online Health section of.. T.. he Irish Independent.. can be accessed.. The Irish Times.. can be found.. Sustainability Indicators Framework 2011.. is a baseline study carried out by Creative Dublin Alliance which aims to help indicate the health of the Dublin City region in the context of sustainability..  ...   numerous Irish cycling advocacy groups.. The purpose of the group is to raise the profile of cyclist issues and campaign for action.. Their website contains information, news and blog entries on cycling in Ireland.. Government Bike Scheme.. In January 2009 the Government launched a scheme to encourage more people to cycle to work.. The Cycle to Work scheme, as it is known, covers bicycles and accessories up to the cost of 1,000.. Information regarding the sceme can be found.. Bike to Work LTD.. are an independent Irish company that facilitate for employers to administer the scheme supplying bikes to employees through a nationwide network of 200 independent Irish bike shops.. Cycling Discussions.. Boards.. is an Internet forum based in Ireland.. Currently they have an extensive range of discussions taking place to do with cycling.. These discussions can be found.. Journal Documents on Cycling.. Health Impacts of Transport a review.. provides an insight into the link between public health and peoples economic and social circumstances.. Specifically the document, compiled by the Institute of Public Health, explores the link between transport and health and how the two are interconnected.. Launched by Minister for Transport, Noel Dempsey T.. D.. in 2009.. Ireland s First National Cycle Policy Framework.. is a groundbreaking document that details 109 individual but integrated actions that will be taken over the coming 12 years to deliver a culture of safe cycling in Ireland by 2020.. In this research study,.. Cycling: Your Health the Public s Health and the Planet s Health.. ,.. Ashley Bloomfield, a public health physician, details the benefits of cycling to your health, the environment and the economy.. When Minister for Transport, Noel Dempsey T.. launched.. Ireland s First National Cycle Poicy Framework.. he composed the document with the Dutch model in mind, envisaging a Dublin where 160,000 people will commute to work everyday.. Making Cycling Irresistable: Lessons from the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany.. examines what measures the given countries have taken to provide for a safe and friendly cycling environment and explores the lessons that can be learned from their successes..

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