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  • Title: 50/50 Phone A Friend, Westport, Mayo, Ireland
    Descriptive info: .. Welcome to 50/50 Phone A Friend.. 50/50 Phone A Friend was set up to raise awareness around the issues that lead to suicide, and to promote suicide prevention, by promoting positive mental health interventions and services.. To make suicide prevention and positive mental health a frontline issue in the political and public forums and to get people talking about positive mental health.. Keep  ...   access below.. 50/50 Phone A Friend.. Distillery Road.. Westport.. County Mayo.. Ireland.. Contact us directly:.. Tel: + 353 (0) 98 25050.. Email:.. westport5050@yahoo.. com.. Facebook:.. www.. facebook.. com/WestportPhoneAFriend.. Blog:.. 5050phoneafriend.. blogspot.. com/.. |.. About Us.. Aims/Objectives.. Positive Mental Health News.. ASIST.. WRAP.. Testimony.. What You Can Do.. Useful Links.. Suicide Myths.. Plaques.. Facebook.. Contact Us.. Mayo Ireland Ltd.. - Web Design, Hosting and Marketing..

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  • Title: 50/50 Phone A Friend - About Us
    Descriptive info: The 50/50 Phone A Friend organisation was launched in response to the growing problem of suicide in our country both locally and nationally.. In 2010 twenty one people died from suicide in the south Mayo area, nationally in 2009 the figure was five hundred twenty seven with over twelve thousand attempts at suicide.. That equates to one person attempting suicide every forty minutes.. These figures do not include undetermined deaths which would  ...   community in Ireland that has not been visited by the terrible tragedy of suicide.. It is from this back drop that the 50/50 Phone A Friend organisation was set up in Westport, County Mayo on January 2011, by a group of people from the local community who either in the course of their work or through their community involvement, have experienced first hand the tragic impact of suicide on families and communities..

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  • Title: Aims and Objectives of 50/50 Phone A Friend
    Descriptive info: Aims and Objectives of.. To follow best practice guidelines in the field of promoting positive mental health and suicide awareness.. To inform people at risk of suicide of the crisis intervention services and numbers they can contact.. To make suicide prevention and positive mental health promotion a priority issue in the public and political forums.. To raise awareness around the issues that lead to suicide by promoting positive mental health interventions and services.. To liaise and create links with local communities and other organisations concerned with the issue of suicide prevention..

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  • Title: 50/50 Phone A Friend - Mental Health Happenings
    Descriptive info: Positive Mental Health News.. Western region of the Family Resource Centre are appointing a suicide project worker and developing a national suicide policy for their services.. The Family centre in Castlebar are recruiting a social prescribing officer to work in the Erris region to help to promote positive mental health.. We also welcome Living Links to Mayo.. 50/50 Phone a Friend welcome this progressive initiative from these organisations.. Funding Details.. IN 2011 suicide prevention funding was 8.. 7 million compared to road safety funding of 41 million.. The success of the road safety authority campaigns in recent years are to congratulated and show how effective a properly resourced and administered campaign can be.. It is clear that we need a similar approach to suicide prevention if we are to really address the problem.. Stigma.. Stigma continues to be an underlying issue with 60% of respondents saying that they consider depression to be stigmatising.. Statistics in the research also revealed that almost a quarter (23%) of people believe that depression is not an illness but a state of mind.. These findings indicate that while awareness of depression has grown, there is still a degree of ignorance around the condition.. Dr Harry Barry, a Louth based GP, said, It is worrying that 42% of people wouldn't want their friend or family member to discuss their depression with them.. Sometimes people just need to talk.. It can be the first step towards recovery.. By providing a sympathetic ear and encouraging them to get professional help they could be making a real difference in their friend's life.. While 70% do say they would find it difficult to talk to their doctor it is reassuring that so many people (77%) cite the GP as the first person to contact for information about depression.. So while there is still a reluctance to discuss it at least people know where to go.. Mental health difficulties can be very distressing, not just for the person experiencing, but for their loved ones.. Approaching a healthcare professional for assistance is one of the most important steps a person can make in taking responsibility for their mental health.. Recent Articles.. Travelling Community.. The shame of admitting mental health problems within the travelling community is.. The shame and stigma of admitting a mental health problem is driving members of the travelling community to suicide, it has emerged.. Petra Daly, director of the National Traveller Suicide Project, revealed  ...   two-and-a-half times more likely than men to suffer depression,.. Almost two in five Europeans suffer from a mental disorder, with the most common being anxiety, insomnia and depression, according to new research.. The study, which covers 30 countries including the UK, found 38.. 2% of people are suffering with mental disorders, often without the right treatment.. While rates are not thought to be increasing compared with 2005, the proportion of people treated has also not improved, standing at around one in three of all cases.. Professor Hans Ulrich Wittchen, one of the study authors, from Dresden University of Technology in Germany, said men and women had about the same rates of mental health problems overall, but experienced different issues.. Women are around two-and-a-half times more likely than men to suffer depression, particularly during their child-bearing years, he said.. Overall rates of depression in women have risen since the 1970s and are now about double.. In depression we see 2.. 6 times higher rates among females, which interestingly and importantly clusters in the reproductive years between the ages of 16 and 42, he said.. It's not this increase after 45 - getting older - that some people think it is.. In females, we see these higher rates of depressive episodes at times when they sometimes have their babies - they have to cope with the double responsibility of job and family.. The study, published by the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology, covered 514 million people and all major mental health disorders were included, including depression, bipolar disorders, anxiety disorders, insomnia, addiction and schizophrenia.. Neurological disorders, such as stroke, epilepsy, Parkinson's disease and multiple sclerosis, were also included.. The most frequent disorders seen in people were anxiety disorders (14%), insomnia (7%) and major depression (6.. 9%).. Attention-deficit and hyperactivity disorders in young people accounted for 5% while dementia accounted for 1% of those aged 60 to 65 and 30% of those aged 85 and over.. Paul Farmer, chief executive of Mind, said: This study demonstrates that the treatment and management of mental health problems and neurological disorders is the biggest issue currently facing healthcare provision across Europe.. With only one in three people with a mental health problem receiving treatment for their condition, it is essential that significant investment is made into improving these rates so that mental health is given a parity of esteem with physical health.. Check out the recent findings of the.. Optimising Suicide Prevention Programmes..

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  • Title: 50/50 Phone A Friend - ASIST
    Descriptive info: ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training) is a two-day interactive workshop in suicide first-aid.. It is suitable for all kinds of caregivers - health workers, teachers, community workers, Gardai, youth workers, volunteers, people responding to family, friends and co-workers.. If you'd like to make a difference in your community, come to ASIST and learn how to help.. See the following for more information:.. nosp.. ie/html/training.. html..

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  • Title: 50/50 Phone A Friend - WRAP
    Descriptive info: WRAP.. WRAP - Wellness Recovery Action Plan is a structured plan developed by YOU.. It is a system that you devise for yourself that helps you work through mental health challenges or life issues.. It is adaptable to any situation.. Through careful observation, you identify those things you do to help yourself feel better when you are not feeling well, and those things you do  ...   tools to develop personal action plans.. People all over the world who are working on their recovery and wellness successfully use this planning process.. WRAP is universal - it is for anyone any time for any of life's challenges.. For more information on WRAP please contact:.. Mayo Mental Health Association.. 2 New Antrim St, Castlebar, Co Mayo.. Tel: 094 9038148.. mayomha@eircom.. net.. Website: www.. mentalhealthmayo.. ie..

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  • Title: 50/50 Phone A Friend - Testimony
    Descriptive info: I attempted suicide a few months ago.. I was in a dark place, very depressed and had no sense of hope.. But, by the time I had fully made my mind up to do it, I was actually in a good mood; I was excited and relieved that now all the pain was going to end.. I wasn t sure what would happen to my soul.. In the end, I took a gamble because even if there was a Hell, it couldn t possibly be worse then how I was feeling anyway.. Plus, I was so angry with life and had such apathy that I couldn t be bothered even to think long-term.. I just wanted to die.. I hated God, yet I was still praying, so I must have still believed in him.. My attempt didn t work and suddenly everything was even worse.. I had been found and so now I had to deal with not only the fact that I was still alive, but also the stigma, I could see on the doctor s faces and the anger within my family.. Now I was really angry with God.. I couldn t believe that he had messed up my plan.. Could he not just  ...   few months I have come to firmly believe that suicide is instigated by the devil.. God wants us to live; Satan wants us to die.. God wants hope; Satan wants despair.. God wants us to love ourselves; Satan wants us to think we re worthless.. I was one of the lucky ones.. I was rescued, now whenever I feel bad thoughts creeping in, I tell myself I am loved, I am valuable, my life is sacred and God wants me to live life to the full.. My advice to a suicidal person is to pray to God for faith and hope.. He won t let you down.. If you turn to him, he will be standing right beside you.. I know its dark, I know it s bleak, and I know it can seem completely pointless.. But there is a point: your life.. You have one life and it is precious.. God has given us soldiers in the Samaritans; they don t get paid, they don t give advice, they don t judge and they don t criticize.. They simply listen.. Day or Night, they are there.. They are there for YOU.. Their number is 1850 609090.. God wants you to pick up the phone.. God Bless..

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  • Title: 5050 Phone A Friend - Strategies and Tips for Good Mental Health
    Descriptive info: Strategies and Tips.. for Good Mental Health.. People who are emotionally healthy are in control of their emotions and their behavior.. They are able to handle life's inevitable challenges, build strong relationships, and lead productive, fulfilling lives.. When bad things happen, they're able to bounce back and move on.. Unfortunately, too many people take their mental and emotional health for granted focusing on it only when they develop problems.. But just as it requires effort to build or maintain physical health, so it is with mental and emotional health.. The more time and energy you invest in your emotional health, the stronger it will be.. The good news is that there are many things you can do to boost your mood, build resilience, and get more enjoyment out of life.. For more information please follow these links:.. helpguide.. org/mental/mental_emotional_health.. htm.. spunout.. ie/health/Healthy-mind.. Supportive information on a range of mental health issues, as well as signposting to relevant support services.. How do you explain your feelings and worries? Who can help you if you are  ...   the state of your mind, feelings, emotions and nerves.. Mental health is the balance between all aspects of life - social, physical, spiritual and emotional.. It impacts on how we manage our surroundings and make choices in our lives - clearly it is an integral part of our overall health.. Mental health is far more than the absence of mental illness and has to do with many aspects of our lives including:.. How we feel about ourselves.. How we feel about others.. How we are able to meet the demands of life.. In this section you'll find information to help you understand mental health, tips for staying in good mental health and links to support services.. If you or someone you know is at risk of suicide or self harm, you should immediately contact your local doctor or go to the A E department of the nearest hospital.. The doctors and hospitals in your area will be listed in the.. Golden Pages.. See the help section for supportive information and contact details of support organisations..

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  • Title: 50/50 Phone A Friend - Useful Links
    Descriptive info: Aware.. Web:.. aware.. ie.. wecanhelp@aware.. Helpline: 1890 303 302.. Aware provides support for those suffering with depression.. Grow.. grow.. ie/contact.. asp.. Tel: 1890 474 474.. GROW helps people who have suffered, or are suffering, from mental health problems.. Members are helped to recover from all form of breakdown, or indeed, to prevent such happening.. Samaritans.. samaritans.. jo@samaritans.. org.. Tel: 1850 60 90 90.. Samaritans provides confidential non-judgemental support, 24 hours a day for people experiencing feelings of distress or despair, including those which could lead to suicide.. National Office of Suicide Prevention.. National Office for Suicide Prevention.. Population Health Directorate.. Health Service Executive.. Dr Steeven's Hospital.. Dublin 8.. Tel: 01-6352139 or 01-6352179.. info@nosp.. Functions of National Office for Suicide Prevention.. Oversee the implementation of 'Reach Out' the National Strategy for Action on Suicide Prevention.. Co-ordinate suicide prevention efforts around the country.. Speak regularly with agencies and individuals interested and active in suicide prevention.. The NOSP works closely with the HSE Resource Officers for Suicide Prevention.. National Suicide Research Foundation.. You can contact the National Suicide Research Foundation at.. Suicide Research Foundation Ireland,.. Perrott  ...   Ireland is a national voluntary organisation which was established in 1966 as the Mental Health Association of Ireland.. Mental Health Ireland Head Office.. Mensana House.. Dun Laoghaire.. Co Dublin.. info@mentalhealthireland.. Telephone: 01 2841166.. Website:.. mentalhealthireland.. Childline.. ispcc.. ispcc@ispcc.. Tel: 01 679 4944.. Helpline offering advice and support to children and young people under 18.. Helpline number does not appear on telephone bill.. Pieta House.. pieta.. mary@pieta.. Tel: 01 601 0000.. Pieta House offers specialised treatment to clients who self-harm, suffer from suicidal ideation or have made multiple suicide attempts.. Clients receive an intensive programme of one-to-one counselling lasting about four to six weeks.. Console.. console.. info@console.. Tel: 1800 201 890.. Supports and helps people bereaved through suicide.. The Helpline offers a confidential listening service for people bereaved through suicide.. Suicide bereavement support.. Tel: 01 4553802.. Map of suicide bereavement support groups nationally:.. nsbsn.. org/groupdirectory.. Offer support, support groups and information to those bereaved by suicide.. Living Links.. livinglinks.. Tel: 087 9693021.. Trained volunteers offer confidential, practical support and advice to families who have experienced a death by suicide in a number of counties..

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  • Title: 50/50 Phone A Friend - 12 Myths About Suicide
    Descriptive info: 12 Myths About Suicide.. 1.. MYTH.. - Those who talk about suicide are the least likely to attempt it.. FACT.. - About 80% of those who take their own lives will have talked about it to some significant other in the few months before hand.. 2.. - If someone is going to complete suicide they are going to do it and there is nothing you can do about it.. - The majority of those who take their own lives are ambivalent about doing so until the end.. Most people who complete suicide do not want to die they just want to end their pain.. An appropriate offer of help and support to people in a suicidal crisis can reduce their risk of dying by suicide.. 3.. - You can get a good idea how serious someone is about a suicide attempt by looking at the method used.. - Most people have little awareness of the lethality of what they are doing.. The seriousness of the attempt is not necessarily related to the seriousness of the intent.. 4.. - Suicide attempts are just cries for help - it's a form of attention seeking.. - A suicide attempt is a major risk factor for future completed suicide.. The group of people at highest risk for suicide is those who have attempted it in the previous year.. 5.. - Only the  ...   held belief.. Many a patient is alienated and an ideal opportunity for therapeutic intervention missed because of the reception they receive in some emergency departments.. 8.. - If someone is going to commit suicide they will not tell anyone of their intentions and prepare well in advance.. - Many suicides are completed on impulse.. 9.. - Talking about suicide encourages it.. - Talking about suicide to someone in distress can save a life.. Raising the issue of suicide with those who are depressed or distressed may open the door to therapeutic intervention.. To ignore it or hide the situation - even for honorable motives - is stigmatising and damaging.. 10.. - Suicide can be a blessed relief not just for the individual but those surrounding him or her.. - The effects of suicide should not be trivialised in this way.. Bereavement by suicide is itself a risk factor for suicide.. Suicide leaves profound feelings of loss, grief and guilt in it's wake.. 11.. - She killed herself because of exam stress.. - It is not accurate to attribute the cause of suicide to one factor alone.. Each person makes decisions based on an individual set of circumstances unique to them.. 12.. - Once a person is suicidal they are suicidal forever.. - Suicidal feelings and suicidal intent are often of short duration and vary in intensity over time..

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  • Title: 50/50 Phone A Friend, Westport, Mayo, Ireland
    Descriptive info: 50/50 Phone A Friend - Plaques.. One of the main objectives of 50/50 Phone A Friend is to promote crisis intervention services to people at risk of suicide now.. To help us to achieve this we have produced a plaque detailing the contact details of 7 organisations who  ...   to place these plaques in places where people have access to them (eg pubs, restaurants, schools).. If you would like to help us in this work and make a donation to the project, please contact us via our office telephone 098 25050 or email us at.. Example Plaque..

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