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  • Title: Wedding Photography. Dublin.
    Descriptive info: .. 50hz photography.. Home.. Offer.. Portfolio.. Abstract / Experiment / Other.. Architecture.. Black and White.. Landscape / Nature.. Portraits / Glamour / Act / People.. Street Photo.. Wedding / Family.. About.. contact.. rss.. Login.. Product Photography.. Portrait, business and more.. Fashion Lisa-Marie de Beer Clothes styling.. Young Tae-Kwon-Do Masters.. Portrait Photography with Ewa.. Portrait Photography with Idalia.. Wedding Photography.. Agata and Radek.. Photo shoot in D-light Studios.. Interior Photography for Tallasun.. Joanna.. Portrait Photography.. Grafton Street Walk.. Newborn Nadia.. Ewa.. Tom Anne.. Yana Familly Session.. Lloyd s Co.. Street photos.. Virtual Reality.. London.. Ireland s landscape.. Asha and Waldek.. Welcome to Dublin's 50Hz Photography.. As a photographer with many years of experience I have found Ireland offers a myriad of unique photographic opportunities; landscapes, cliffs, and small villages dotted along the coast and not to mention all the friendly people.. From wedding photography (Dublin and not only), portraits, family portraits, surreal mindscapes or whatever kind of commercial/personal photography you desire, I focus on delivering best quality services to make your photography experience unique and effective.. You can find samples of my work in the.. portfolio.. section.. Prices and detailed descriptions of the wide range of services I offer are.. here.. Feel free to.. me if you have any questions, to request a quote or if just want to have a chat.. Affordable Photography Studio to rent in Dublin.. Are you looking for an affordable, well equipped and easy to access photography studio to rent in the heart of Dublin city? My studio is conveniently located at 57 Gardiner St.. in the City Center, just beside the Dart bridge.. The studio houses two comfortable spaces ideal for models, photographer and a make-up artist to work.. For further information, please visit.. this page.. Last Photography Sesions.. Wedding 24-09-2011.. November 8th, 2011.. Comments (0).. Some images from a recent wedding photo-shoot.. Some images from a portrait and business  ...   a photo shoot taken at a location chosen by you.. The session is relaxed and easy going to make you feel comfortable.. Family Photography.. Family photographs are about capturing the love and emotion within a family and 50Hz photography will work with you to capture this on film.. Events Photography.. This is a commercial photography service.. Whether the occasion is social, sporting or business; a professional service is offered to capture the important aspects of your event.. Photo Album.. The Photo Album Service is for those who want to see their photographs protected in a stunning and unique album.. Photo Manipulation.. Reality can become unreal and the unreal can become reality.. Photographs can be created and edited into dream worlds where everything and anything is possible.. Photo Restoration.. Photo Restoration is a great way of giving old photos a new lease of life or for turning colour photographs into old fashioned ones.. Interior Photography.. Interior Photography helps developers and property professionals get the lifestyle and interiors photos they want; showing their location at it's very best.. Architecture photography.. 50hz provides a range of external and internal architectural photography services throughout Ireland.. The quality of photograpgy in the architectural industry helps us to create beautiful scenery.. Whether it is a property for sale or other personal project, 50hz provides first class photos.. Commercial Photography.. The aim of commercial photography is for your company to be successful in an advertising space e.. g.. product shots for websites, advertising or brochure design etc.. Tilt-shift photography tips.. Small tutorial about tilt-shift photography made with photoshop.. your message.. Recent Works.. Portrait, Headshots Gallery.. Photo Retouch and Restoration Gallery.. Family Photography Gallery.. Wedding Gallery.. Galleries.. all-portfolio-items.. (25).. (2).. (1).. (10).. (5).. Images may not be reproduced in any form without the express written permission of the copyright holder.. Design.. and Copyright by Piotr Zawistowski.. See.. Privacy Statement.. and.. Website Terms of use..

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  • Title: Affordable Photography Services, Dublin, Ireland, Photographer
    Descriptive info: Affordable Photography Services.. If you are looking for a commercial photographer in Dublin that offers a quality service at an affordable price, then you have come to the right place.. At every stage of my service from initial meetings to the delivery of your photographs I work with you to capture “that special moment”.. Your Irish photography experience can be fun and exhilarating with 50HZ.. Client Login.. Our Online Gallery allows you to share your photos  ...   for people chosen by you.. Rent Photography Studio in Dublin.. Starts From.. Photo Studio Rent.. 25.. 110.. Portrait Photography.. 110.. Family Photography.. Events Photography.. Photo Album.. Please Ask.. Photo Manipulation.. 10.. Interior Photography.. 100.. Architecture Photography.. Product Photography.. 100.. For more info click one of the services above.. get a quote.. see gallery.. Search.. Dublin.. Photo Restoration.. Architecture Photography.. Gallery.. Recent Comments.. lyla.. on.. Philip on.. flux on.. s.. d.. Patrick Naughton.. Elsewhere.. Check This Out!..

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  • Title: All-portfolio-items | Wedding Photography. Dublin.
    Descriptive info: jij.. 08/11/2011 7:27 pm.. 08/11/2011 3:15 pm.. 20/09/2011 3:12 pm.. 25/07/2011 12:01 pm.. 09/07/2011 8:15 pm.. 04/07/2011 12:54 pm.. 03/07/2011 4:30 pm.. 30/06/2011 4:07 pm.. 17/06/2011 4:14 pm.. Page 1 of 3..

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  • Title: Abstract / Experiment / Other | Wedding Photography. Dublin.
    Descriptive info: Some product photography, mostly taken for a partner company Webstar.. Check them at.. www.. webstar.. ie.. 17/05/2011 4:44 pm.. Some architectural shots of one of London’s financial institutions.. Lloyd’s corporation building looks like something from “Alien” movie and one of HR Giger’s graphics….. 02/06/2010 4:19 pm.. Photos of one of the shop windows on Dublin’s Grafton street.. Amazing effect by an unknown artist.. Great work!.. 27/05/2010 12:29 pm..

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  • Title: Architecture | Wedding Photography. Dublin.
    Descriptive info: Magnificent result, much more than we expected.. Very professional and frendly service.. Krzysztof Walewski.. 02/05/2011 3:56 pm.. Photos of London architecture.. Some nice photography effects with HDR (High Dynamic Range) technique….. 01/06/2010 4:18 pm..

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  • Title: Black And White | Wedding Photography. Dublin.
    Descriptive info: Thank you wery much for the photos, I knew they would be great but they’re more than I imagined.. Wonderful job.. Aleksandra Radecka.. 27/03/2011 6:09 pm.. “Peter did a few sessions for us.. As usual, this one was fun! With my small boy always running about, I thought it would be difficult.. Results were much  ...   photos taken on the streets of Dublin and London ”.. 03/07/2010 4:23 pm.. “These photos say more than I can.. All my family and friends are amazed.. 50hz also made large prints which I display as stunning canvas’ on the wall.. The final effect is much better than I expected!”.. Ewa Ciesielska.. 14/06/2010 4:21 pm..

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  • Title: Landscape / Nature | Wedding Photography. Dublin.
    Descriptive info: Landscape photos taken while travelling around Ireland.. High Dynamic Range and panoramic techniques in conjunction with the beautiful Irish landscape result with.. 09/06/2010 4:20 pm..

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  • Title: Portraits / Glamour / Act / People | Wedding Photography. Dublin.
    Descriptive info: Some images taken in D-light Studios with Agata Stoinska.. http://d-lightstudios.. com.. 15/06/2011 2:14 pm.. Portrait Session for Joanna.. Botanic Garden and Phoenix Park in Dublin.. 03/04/2011 2:19 pm.. “This session was relaxed and easy going.. Autumn was a beautiful time for the romantic backgrounds for our photos and these  ...   we meet each other.. Thnx Peter!”.. 10/07/2010 4:24 pm.. “I chose the Howth mountains for my photographic session.. This was a perfect place to take some portrait photos.. I really like the “surreal touch” on some of the photos.. Thank you 50hz Photography!”.. 25/06/2010 4:22 pm.. Page 1 of 2..

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  • Title: Street Photo | Wedding Photography. Dublin.
    Descriptive info: Saturday in the middle of November at Grafton St.. 31/03/2011 10:47 am..

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  • Title: Wedding / Family | Wedding Photography. Dublin.
    Descriptive info: “The Wedding Photography service provided to us by Peter was extremely professional.. After receiving “the fruits of Peter’s work” we recommend him as a wedding photographer.. ”.. Ann.. 16/12/2010 11:34 am..

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  • Title: About 50Hz Photography, Dublin, Ireland.
    Descriptive info: I am Piotr Zawistowski and the concept of 50Hz Photography is a result of the natural development of my passion for photography and graphics.. I translate the skills I have acquired from studying many forms of artistic expression to the challenges set out by my clients.. My work is approached with a technical focus and I endeavour to provide creative and outstanding Services, which go  ...   some “ethereal” inspiration, helps capture unique atmospheres and settings into the display frame.. A priority of my work is creativity and shaping interesting moments to surprise my clients in ways they never imagined before.. 50Hz Photography works with you to produce the best possible experience and to create a product to share and surprise your colleagues, friends and loved ones.. 200.. 150.. 250.. 50.. 10..

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  • Archived pages: 73