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  • Title: Timber Frame Houses - Get A-Frame Energy Efficient Homes Here
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. About Us.. Products.. Self Builder.. Passive House.. Happy Customers.. News.. Gallery.. Knowledge Library.. Our Partners.. Contact Us.. Quick Contact.. Name.. :.. Email.. Phone.. Upload Plans.. [File with.. doc,.. docx,.. rtf,.. pdf].. Comments.. Latest News.. A-Frame appear on About The House.. Clients looking to achieve Passive Standard.. About The House.. A-Frame provides backdrop to Duncan Stewart.. More News.. Welcome to A-FRAME Energy Efficient Homes.. Welcome to A-Frame Energy Efficient Homes.. We are a leading.. timber frame.. manufacturer specialising in one off domestic builds for the Irish self-build market.. Whether you are looking for a passive house or something more standard we can provide it at a competitive price.. If you have your own ideas on how you would like to build, let us know, we can facilitate you.. We are a customer-focused company with a reputation for quality, innovation and customer satisfaction.. Have a look through our website to see what we can do for you.. If you have plans and are looking for a quote see our quick quote area, if you are curious as to the benefits of timber frame see our knowledge library, if you are looking for advice see our contacts area.. We can offer a wide variation of wall build-ups, options on roof build-ups and options on insulation.. If you want to be carbon neutral we can provide materials to achieve this..  ...   Energy Efficient Homes at the Galway Selfbuild show.. I found them very easy to deal with, prompt in replying and responding to queries.. Noel was fantastic.. Very professional in everything that he did.. The kit was really good and it fitted together like a glove.. Having dealt with other timber frame companies this is by far the best we have worked with and reasonably priced.. From design to erection this has been a stress free experience.. We would recommend A-Frame to anyone.. Michael O Sullivan, Builder, Mayo.. Excellent.. Excellent wall build up in Cloughjordan.. All walls should be done like this.. You are going the right way about things.. Duncan Stewart.. Painless.. The process of getting a quote was painless and the quote was good.. They gave great advisce on the overall solution which made it easy for the first time self builder.. There were no issues to overcome on site.. The kit was great.. I couldn t complain, they had no issue with how I wanted to pay, delivery schedules etc.. Chris Walsh, Self Builder, Mayo.. More Happy Customers.. A-Frame Company Ltd.. Rathcairn Industrial Estate.. Rathcairn,.. Athboy,.. County Meath,.. Ireland.. Tel.. + 353 046 943 0555.. + 353 046 943 0555.. Fax.. + 353 046 943 0556.. Email.. sales@a-frame.. ie.. Click for Maps Directions.. |.. Sitemap.. Copyright 2009 A-Frame.. All rights reserved.. Designed and Developed by.. www.. focusone..

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  • Title: Timber Frame Houses - A-Frame Energy Efficient Homes | About Us
    Descriptive info: About Us.. Reasons to Choose A-Frame Energy Efficient Homes.. We Save You Money;.. As the saying goes, time is money.. As timber frame comes is manufactured sections most homes can be stood and be made weather tight within a week, if you have your windows and doors organised.. Once the home is weather tight you can begin all your other services.. As it is also a dry construction, typical Irish weather will not hold up the build unlike traditional masonry construction.. Accuracy;.. As all the panels and elements are factory manufactured in a controlled environment the quality is second to none.. All the angles are as the should be thus ensuring an easier time for follow on trades.. Sound and Insulation;.. The sound and insulation properties of our homes meet, and more than exceed the current building regulations.. With timber frame you can build your walls as thick as you want.. We currently have several different wall options ranging in thickness.. Using sawn timber we can use 140mm, 185mm and 235mm.. We can also manufacture panels 302mm wide using engineered timber i-beams.. The added advantage of using i-beams is that given their profile, there is overall a smaller volume of bridging material which improves the performance of the wall.. If your requirements are  ...   from sustainable PEFC certified forests in Ireland or Scandinavia.. As we manufacture the kits here for the Irish market there is less of a carbon footprint.. We also offer a range of natural insulations, which are healthier for the environment and your family.. Service and Quality;.. We regard our customer service and quality as second to none.. We want all our customers to be satisfied when we have completed a project with them.. We recognise that most of our work comes through recommendations and word of mouth and we want to keep it that way.. Price;.. Though we don t pretend to be the cheapest timber frame manufacturer in the country we do regard ourselves as being competitive and offer great value for money.. When we agree a price we stick to it, there will be no hidden costs, no going back to you if one of our inputs goes up.. You are guaranteed a quality product and service from an established company that has served the Irish Market since 1996.. We are fully operational doing all our own design, manufacturing and selling and not just a name in a phonebook offering quotes and subbing the work out to contractors.. We do it all ourselves ensuring a quality product from start to finish..

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  • Title: Timber Frame Houses. A-Frame Product Listings
    Descriptive info: Products.. At a-Frame we are flexible in what we can offer our customers.. We offer 3 main wall build-ups but if there is a wall build up you would like to use let us know and we will work with you on it.. The three wall build ups we offer are The Cloughjordan,  ...   go from.. 10 w/m2k to.. 16w/m2k, we can of course offer lower spec walls to.. 27w/m2k, which falls within the current building regulations.. Please have a look at our diagrams of our build-ups to give you an idea of what we can offer.. (3 pdf drawings attached).. Dunboyne.. Dromard.. Cloughjordan.. Click to Enlarge..

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  • Title: Timber Frame Houses. A-Frame Self Builder Options
    Descriptive info: How Do You Get A-Frame to Build Your Home?.. The process is simple and straight forward and we will guide your and bring you through the process.. You send your plans to A-Frame Energy Efficient Homes by e-mail (pdf or autocad if possible) to.. , through our quick quote section, by post or alternatively we can collect them from you or your architect.. One of our experienced sales team will make contact with you before we start the quote to ascertain what specification you are looking for, what you would like to achieve and to go through the plans in detail to iron out any queries.. We would prefer to meet you in person, but if that isn t possible we can conduct our business through whatever communication suits you.. A-Frame Energy Efficient Homes will do up a quote, which will be broken down into various parts so that you can see clearly what the different elements are costing making it easier for you to make decisions if you are constrained by a budget.. Our Sales representative will contact you once the quote is complete and will arrange to meet you to go through the quote and explain the various elements.. Again if you would prefer not to meet up at this stage, that is no problem, we will send you on the quote and you can call our representative whenever you feel the need to.. If you are happy with your quote, we sign a contract for the agreed price.. At this stage we would require a 10% deposit of the full value of the contract (including vat).. We will issue a base plan within 1 week of signing the contract so that you can begin digging out your foundations accurately for the timber frame.. When your base is in , you can  ...   after the drawing is signed off the clock goes back to the start.. It is very important that you take your time in looking over the drawings and are happy with them.. We send the drawings to our independent structural engineer to complete the engineering side of the dwelling.. We then produce production drawings for the factory to manufacture your home when we have received the structural calculations back from our independent engineer.. Before we begin to manufacture your home, usually a week to ten days before the delivery date agreed with yourself we will look for 80% of the contract price along with a post dated cheque for the remaining 10% of the contract price.. Your post-dated cheque should be dated one month from the delivery date.. Alternatively you can go through our solicitor guarantee scheme where you lodge the 90% of the contract price with your solicitor.. You should indicate on signing the contract which option you will use so there is no delay with delivery.. We deliver and stand your home on the agreed delivery date.. Once our experienced and qualified erection crew have stood your home we will call out to site and snag it.. If there is anything we are not happy with upon snagging we will call the erection crew back to remedy.. We will pass on our snag report to you for your viewing.. You can then get your architect or builder to also snag the house so that you are happy and satisfied that we have completed the job as promised.. If you went with the solicitor guarantee scheme you can then instruct your solicitor to release the funds to us.. As.. comes is manufactured sections most homes can be stood and be made weather tight within a week, if you have your windows and doors organised..

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  • Title: Passive House - Find Out Exactly What Its All About Here
    Descriptive info: Passive House - What Exactly is it ?.. You may have heard of the term.. but most people don t REALLY know what it is.. Well, a passive house is the newest step in the green movement.. For a quick recap, the green movement is what most of the world is striving for to reduce pollution and get the most out of natural energy sources.. We the people are now moving this forward to create awesome abodes for anyone to live in and stay green.. There have been a lot of different green movements over the years, from solar panels to cleaning supplies, everyone is finding ways to save the environment and use less energy.. But one thing we have seemed to overlook is our housing.. Since we all spend so much time in and around our homes we need to start looking in the ways of the.. passive house.. The first part of a passive house is the insulation build.. Most average  ...   a unique air system that will continuously pump fresh air throughout the home.. This mixed with the virtual air tightness of the house reduces the energy used by the entire household.. Cooling units have been almost eliminated by the perfect placing of windows and the constant circulation of air.. When needed, heating units are powered by solar panels on top of the passive house.. Using the sun s natural energy to produce electricity greatly reduces the need for energy plants to produce electricity and power homes across the country.. A.. will contain human heat along with any electrical appliance heat (i.. e.. lamps and stoves) that will ensure the interior of the house stays at a very comfortable temperature while using minimal about of the actual heating unit.. In the rest of Europe there have been over 15,000 buildings built to passive house standards so it is something we are going to see more & more of here in Ireland in the future..

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  • Title: A-Frame Energy Efficient Homes | Timber frame house construction in Ireland
    Descriptive info: Painless.. Excellent.. Great Job..

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  • Title: A-Frame Energy Efficient Homes | Timber frame house construction in Ireland
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  • Title: A-Frame Energy Efficient Homes | Timber frame house construction in Ireland
    Descriptive info: Gallery.. Flat Roof Cloughjordan.. Airtightness Membrane SIGA.. Making Cloughjordan Walls.. Glasswool Insulated Wall.. Easi Joist and HRV.. Cloughjordan Walls being made.. Cloughjordan Wall Section.. Trusses at wallplate.. Hardhat.. Trussed Roof.. Trusses on Erris Swimming Pool.. Internal timber frame stud walls.. Completed Timber Frame House.. Trusses in  ...   Walls.. Paddy Wall Timber Frame.. Conor Doherty and Duncan Stewart at Cloughjordan.. Erecting Timber Frame.. Easi Joist Floor Panels in Cloughjordan.. Duncan Stewart on site in Cloughjordan.. Duncan Stewart keeping an eye on progress.. Internal studs, Cloughjordan.. Sykes, Carlow.. Nolans, Castlebar.. Justin Dooley, Durrow.. Dormer Trusses..

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  • Title: Timber Frame Houses. What is Timber Frame ?
    Descriptive info: Timber has been used as a construction material since the human race began.. As humans evolved so too did their buildings.. The Chinese and the Japanese were past masters at using timber with the Chinese developing sophisticated modular timber building systems over 1,000 years ago.. In Europe, timber frame construction was commonly used in medieval times for houses and barns.. In the UK Elizabethan houses were framed with massive upright, vertical timbers.. Various framing techniques have been used in Eastern Europe since the 11th century.. Meanwhile the log cabin was widely used in the forested areas of the USA and Canada, where rapid colonisation required the construction of a large quantity of residential accommodation using relatively unskilled labour in a short time.. As prosperity increased in the Americas the use of finished timber produced by mechanised sawmills became more and more popular and frame construction became the norm.. Today timber frame construction is a tried, tested and trusted form of construction throughout the modern world.. In many countries it is the norm with over 70% of the developed world s population living in timber frame housing.. In the US and Canada it accounts for 90% of low rise buildings.. In 2006 timber frame market share in the UK was 21% approximately while in Scotland timber frame had a market share of 73%.. This growth in the popularity of timber frame has been paralleled in Ireland particularly over the last fifteen years.. In 1992 timber frame accounted for just a mere 5% of new dwellings constructed.. By the end of 2006 that market share had risen to 30%.. What Is.. Timber Frame.. ?.. As its name implies, timber frame construction is a method of building that relies on a timber frame as a basic means of structural support.. Framed buildings are often referred to as lightweight construction.. But don t be misled like the skeleton in your body, it s a precision engineered structure that is remarkably strong and durable.. In Ireland the main form of timber frame construction is the open panel platform frame system.. The panels are manufactured in a factory environment under strict quality practices and engineering terms.. In brief, the inner load bearing layer of the house is constructed from engineered wooden panels made of lightweight softwood from sustainable forests of Ireland and Scandinavia.. These are stiffened or strengthened using sheathing panel materials (including OSB or plywood).. The frame is capable of supporting multi-storey and wide span structures and withstanding lateral loads including strong west of Ireland winds & Atlantic gales.. During construction, the timber frame is covered internally by plasterboard and filled with high performance, non-combustible insulation.. Breather membranes and vapour barriers are incorporated and the outer leaf of the wall which can be of any standard finish such as stone, brick, render or timber completes the structure.. The timber frame is supported/attached to the external wall using stainless steel braces.. The roof is then constructed and is supported on the structural timber frame, internal load-bearing timber wall panels, and party wall frames.. As in masonry construction a ventilated drainage cavity is paramount.. What Are The Advantages Of Timber Frame?.. The advantages of.. are many.. Both the builder and customer benefit from the process.. Because the greater part of the building is factory manufactured the builder s time on site is greatly reduced.. Erection is quick and the whole structure can be weather proofed within a week.. There is no drying out period which allows the follow on trades such as plumbers, electricians, plasterers and painters to complete their part of the process without wasting time unnecessarily.. Meanwhile the customer benefits in that the building  ...   the medium to long term.. To quote from the regulations: A dwelling shall be designed and constructed so as to ensure that the energy performance of the building is such as to limit the amount of energy required for the operation of the building and the amount of CO2 emissions associated with this energy use insofar as is reasonably practicable.. In fact the timber frame method of construction already meets this requirement.. Put very simply: Wood is good! It is an ecologically friendly and renewable resource.. It reduces the effect of global warming as trees and wood products act as carbon sinks.. The manufacture of wood products uses less energy than the manufacture of other man made products.. And wood biomass is a renewable source of green energy.. Meanwhile scientific research has shown that one cubic metre of wood saves two tones of CO2.. Each cubic metre of wood stores an average of 0.. 8 0.. 9 tonnes CO2.. Because wood sourced from sustainable forests is replaced by new growth, this represents a net gain.. Use wood as a substitute for other materials and you also save the average 1.. 1 tonnes CO2 emissions they would have produced.. This results in a total saving of approximately 2 tonnes CO2.. Source: Frühwald, Welling, Sharai-Rad, 2003, Comparison of wood products and major substitutes with respect to environmental and energy balances.. ECE/FAO seminar: Strategies for the sound use of wood, Poiana Brasov, Romania, 24-27 March 2003.. Another study carried out in 2006 by the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Management Ltd.. showed that greenhouse gas emissions associated with the embodied energy of construction materials are lower if the timber content is increased.. The study demonstrated that it is possible to achieve a staggering 86% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by increasing the amount of timber specified in the building.. How Can.. Help Reduce My Heating Bills?.. Timber is a natural insulator and timber frame walls will have additional insulation fitted as standard during the manufacturing process.. A well designed, well insulated and airtight timber frame dwelling is thermally very efficient.. This of course means lower heating bills.. In fact independent studies have shown that a reduction of 32% in heating costs can be achieved when using timber frame construction.. No method of construction of itself will achieve an A rating under the European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive.. There are too many other factors to be considered under DEAP, the software programme used for calculating and rating the energy performance of a building.. These factors include the number of rooms in the dwelling, the number of storeys, the number of chimneys and open flues, the percentage of windows and doors that have been draught proofed, the orientation of the building, the number of windows and roof lights, the type of glazing used, the type of water heating system used, whether the lighting is energy efficient, how the house is heated, whether the house is air conditioned etc.. However, the nature of timber frame construction and its flexibility as a method of construction means it is easier to control characteristics such as the air tightness, insulation and ventilation of the building.. External walls constructed using timber may only have half the thickness of a brick or concrete wall but will provide a much higher thermal insulation value, while also avoiding thermal bridging associated with other construction materials.. Heating a timber frame home is more responsive and the airtight environment allows the homeowner more control when heating or cooling, thus increasing energy efficiency.. Links.. http://constructireland.. ie/.. http://easca.. ie/content/view/14/38/.. http://www.. cultivate.. ie/learning/.. trada.. co.. uk/.. nsai.. environ.. ie/en/DevelopmentandHousing/BuildingStandards/TimberFrameHousing/.. sei.. breireland.. homebond.. riai.. planmagazine.. thevillage.. passiv.. de/English/PassiveH.. HTM..

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  • Title: A-Frame Energy Efficient Homes - Timber Frame Houses | Partners
    Descriptive info: Over the years a-Frame Energy Efficient Homes has built up a strong relationship with the following companies and an understanding how each company works.. We recommend that our customers use them but the final decision is theirs.. Many timber frame companies will offer lots of different components along with their kit, here at A-Frame we believe it is better to focus on what we do best, supply and fit an energy efficient home at the best price we can with a top class service.. Our Partners do the same.. If you would like, for a small fee we can manage the supply and fitting of the other components  ...   and specification, ensuring that you get the best price, with no additional middleman to pay.. Talk to one of our sales team about this service.. Marvin Doors and Windows.. Marvin is a worldwide premium Made to Order Window and Door Company.. The product is known for its finely crafted wood interior, design flexibility and superior energy efficiency.. Marvin Architectural has dedicated design, installation and customer care teams who look after every detail of your window order from personalised design and budgetary options.. To see how Marvin can add timeless quality and design edge to your new home contact your nearest Marvin Architectural Showroom.. Head-office.. : Tel:045 401000.. marvin-architectural.. com..

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  • Title: A-Frame Energy Efficient Homes - Timber Frame Houses | Contact Us
    Descriptive info: Telephone.. +353 046 943 0555.. +353 046 943 0555.. Mobile.. 086 8060771.. +353 046 943 0556..

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