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  • Title: ACPI - About Us
    Descriptive info: .. Skip to content.. Skip to main navigation.. Skip to first column.. Skip to second column.. The Association of Chinese Professionals in Ireland.. 简体中文.. English.. Home.. ACPI Introduction.. The Association of Chinese Professionals in Ireland (ACPI) was founded in 2004.. ACPI is an non-profit making organization of Chinese professionals, scholars and specialists of different disciplines.. ACPI is aim to represent and assist professionals of Chinese descent in gaining recognition, cultural integration, career advancement, and civic engagement in Irish society.. The objectives of the organization are:.. Encourage, bridge, establish and develop co-operative activities between this group and other professionals.. Provide service for its members and other professionals, through which mutual understanding and cooperation can be nurtured and enhanced; establish an  ...   for interaction and networking among Chinese professionals; Facilitate members' career and professional development.. Assist training, employment, settlement, education and cultural pre creational services to internationally trained professionals and families;.. A representation of a national voice and helping members integrate and contribute to Irish society.. About Us.. Committee.. Membership Info.. Aihua Chinese School.. News.. Events.. Links.. Contact Us.. Latest News.. 2012 Conference on Overseas Chinese Pioneering and Development in China are taking place in Wu Han, Hu Bei province between 27th June and 29th June.. Read more.. 2012 Summer Camp in Shanghai.. 2011 Chinese Youth Summer Camp in Shang Dong.. Copyright 2012 The Association of Chinese Professionals in Ireland.. All Rights Reserved.. Joomla!.. is Free Software released under the.. GNU/GPL License..

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  • Title: ACPI - About Us
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  • Title: 华专会 - 关于我们
    Descriptive info: 爱尔兰华人专业人士协会简介.. 爱尔兰华人专业人士协会(The Association of Chinese Professionals in Ireland,英文简称ACPI,中文简称华专会,下同)成立于2004年12月,是由旅居爱尔兰(含北爱尔兰)的中国专业工作者、学者与专家组成的民间非赢利团体。华专会成员一般具有高等教育学历,从事各类专业工作,如信息产业,教育,科研,管理,财务,医疗等,代表了新一代的海外华人。.. 华专会以服务广大爱尔兰华人华侨为宗旨,一直致力于促进爱中两国在文化、教育、经济和贸易等方面的沟通与发展。在成立短短数年的时间里,华专会不但成立了颇具规模的中文学校,为传承中华文明做出了贡献;还成功举办了数次求职就业讲座,为许多彷徨的毕业生和就业者指明了前进的方向。近年来,华专会还联合爱尔兰司法和移民部门针对不断变化的移民政策进行讲解与答疑,此举更是受到了爱尔兰华人社区一致好评。除此之外,华专会还积极参与到与国内政府组织和商会的合作当中,为国内招商引资和海外学子归国就业作出了突出的贡献。.. 关于我们.. 理事会.. 会员信息.. 爱华中文学校.. 新闻.. 活动.. 相关链接.. 联系我们.. 最新动态.. 由国务院侨务办公室和湖北省人民政府暨武汉市人民政府共同主办的2012华侨华人创业发展洽谈会(简称第十二届华创会),定于2012年6月27日-29日在湖北武汉举行(6月27日报到)。.. 阅读全文.. 上海市人民政府侨务办公室将于2012年7月组织集文化性、知识性、趣味性于一体的夏令营活动。.. 2011年海外华裔青少年“中国寻根之旅”夏令营在山东成功举办.. 是遵循GNU通用公共授权(GPL)的自由软件..

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  • Title: ACPI - About Us
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  • Title: ACPI - Committee
    Descriptive info: 2010/2012 Committee Members.. Chairperson:.. Mr.. Haoran Guo (Chris Kwok).. Vice-Chairperson:.. Ms.. Cindy Liu.. Secretary General:.. Rong Shu.. Committee Members:.. Lin Qin.. Jing Zhang Reilly.. Yang Yang.. Dejun Yang..

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  • Title: ACPI - Membership
    Descriptive info: Coming up soon..

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  • Title: ACPI - Aihua Chinese School
    Descriptive info: Our School:.. Cindy Liu, a full time lecturer in DIT, a mother of two, feared her children would loose their chinese heritage, she worked hard at creating a learning opportunity to all Children of similar background.. In 2005, Aihua Chinese School was born.. Professionally managed, it is now a non-profit organization that offers Chinese classes for children over 5 years old.. Aihua Chinese School was established primarily for the purpose of teaching Chinese to children of Chinese nationals (including nationals from Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and Singapore).. Besides teaching Chinese language, our school also serves as social centers allowing these parents and their children to meet other Chinese families.. We teach Mandarin Chinese, Simplified Characters and Pinyin, using the language system of Mainland China.. After years of relentless efforts, we have extended its role into a multi-national and multi-cultural Chinese school attracting not only children from Chinese families, but also anyone interested in learning Chinese language and culture.. Our Classes:.. Currently we have four classes with about 50 students.. Our courses run at 4 different levels for children from 5-16 years of age.. At each level, students are provided with textbook and exercises, and they are designed to cover the whole academic year.. Our class size is small to allow teachers' full attention to each student in the room.. Our Teachers:.. All our teachers are native mandarin Chinese speakers, they are trained, qualified teachers from China who have been working  ...   Grade 5+, children who continue to progress till they reach the level equivalent to the Mainland China school standard.. Learning is supported by purposely designed homework and reading program, and we encourage parents to be actively involved in their children's learning.. Our Books:.. The learning materials we use have been carefully selected to suit students who were born and raised in Ireland who may or may not have the mandarin speaking background.. The Academic year:.. Our curriculum focuses on developing an all round language skill for our children from a young age that make a difference and promoting our culture.. Our timetable follows the local school calendar to be convenient for the parents.. We run all our classes on Saturday afternoons.. As for school location, we have purposely chosen a building near Parnell Street to be in the heart of the Chinese community with a string of Chinese restaurants and shops to make sure the parents who are committed to the cause are also able to enjoy their time as well.. What's New:.. Due to the high demand from non-mandarin speaking parents, a new course designed exclusively for children who do not have a Mandarin Chinese background, is now running.. For more details please.. click here.. Please join us and explore the treasure of Chinese cultural heritage.. 2012/2013 Academic Calendar.. Principal:.. Mandy Reilly.. Contac:.. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots.. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Academic Calendar..

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  • Title: ACPI - News
    Descriptive info: Conference on Overseas Chinese Pioneering and Development in China.. 2012 Summer Camp in Shanghai.. 2011 Chinese Youth Summer Camp.. More Articles.. Recommendations for Key Projects.. Property Investment Seminar.. 2011 Bussiness Event in Sichuan.. The Chinese Embassy in Ireland hosts National Day Reception.. Zhuang Yan - Art Exhibition.. Education China Event.. Sichuan will hold two large-scale technological activities.. Stock Investment Seminar.. Immigration Seminar.. ICA-ACPI BBQ..

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  • Title: ACPI - Events
    Descriptive info: ACPI 2010 Christmas Party.. Time:.. 16:00 - 19:00, Saturday 11 December 2010.. Venue:.. Wesley House, Leeson Park, Dublin 6.. 13th Convention of Overseas Chinese Scholars.. The 13th Convention of Overseas Chinese Scholars in Science and Technology will be staged at the Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Centre from December 20 to 22, organisers announced recently.. 2010 ACPI AGM.. 13:00 - 15:00, Sunday 09 May  ...   Council sponsors 2010 Chinese Youth Summer Camp in Bejing and Gansu.. Suzhou Industrial Park in Dublin Seminar.. Seminar Details.. Date Time: 6 May 2010, Thursday, 17:30pm – 19:00pm (TBD).. Venue: to be confirmed in Dublin, Ireland.. Stock Investment Seminar.. Date.. : Tuesday 9th March, 2010.. Time.. : 7pm.. Location.. : Davy House, 49 Dawson Street, Dublin 2, Ireland.. Speaker.. : Mr Aidan Donnelly..

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  • Title: Links
    Descriptive info: Embassy of The People's Republic of China in Ireland.. The World Overseas Chinese Professional Association Cooperation Network..

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  • Title: ACPI - Contact Us
    Descriptive info: Please fill out the form below or contact us by email info@acpi.. ie.. Enter your Name:.. E-mail address:.. Message Subject:.. Enter your Message:.. E-mail a copy of this message to your own address.. Send..

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