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  • Title: Aalba Foot Clinic
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Services.. Podiatry.. Chiropody.. Biomechanics.. Nail Surgery.. Holistic Therapies.. Price List.. Foot Wear.. Contact.. Latest News.. Welcome to AAlba Foot Care Clinic, Carrick on Shannon.. Proprietor and Podiatrist, Kelly Duke came to Ireland to launch AAlba foot care in the year 2002, with a mission to provide a range of Podiatric treatments that will surpass patients expectations.. AAlba foot care delivers the highest standard in podiatric medicine, set in a modern fully-equipped clinic in the tranquil setting of Riverside Clinic, Inver Geal, Carrick on Shannon, Kelly has a keen interest in all areas of Podiatry  ...   come to see how the professionals do it.. Congratulations to Aalba Foot Clinic on the launch of there new website!.. About Me.. Kelly Duke is a Podiatrist who moved to the Leitrim Roscommon Area in 2002, Since this time she has been serving the people of Carrick on Shannon by providing exceptional Podiatry Care.. Kelly is an avid sports enthusiastic and takes part in local sports teams along with treating a variety of teams and sports people at her clinic in Inver Geal, Carrick on Shannon, Co Roscommon.. 2012 AAlba Foot Care Clinic |.. RSS Feed..

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  • Title: Podiatry « Aalba Foot Clinic
    Descriptive info: Podiarty.. is the branch of medicine responsible for the lower limbs, It is a podiatrists role to assess, diagnose and treat leg and foot pathologies from corns and calluses to join problems such as hammer toes and knock knees.. A podiatrist is a health professional who has attended university for a minimum of four years to obtain a degree in podiatry and who is trained in the at risk foot Chiropody, bio mechanics, foot wear assessment and nail surgery.. Routine Check ups with your Podiatrist is recommend in order to prvent more serious foot complications  ...   supply can cause thickening of the nail plate, with cigarette smoking contributing greatly to this.. People with medical conditions such a spina bifida, cerebral palsy, diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis may experience serious complication with their feet.. If ignored, small easy to treat problems, can become problematic and ultimately may lead to ulceration and or amputation.. Therefor if you suffer from a long term medical compliant you should consult your podiatrist for advice on how to look after your feet appropriately and in many cases patients enjoy healthy problem -free feet just by visiting their podiatrist regularly..

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  • Title: Chiropody « Aalba Foot Clinic
    Descriptive info: The Skin on the sole of the foot consists of keratin and collagen making it resilient to the pressures and frictions association with walking and footwear.. However 7 out of 10 adults will experience problems with their feet.. Chiropody refers to treatment of skin and nail pathologies.. Corns and callouses are lesions affecting the outer layers of the skin.. They can be found anywhere where pressure is exerted on the skin, primarily by hosiery and footwear.. Regular visits to the podiatrist along with a change in the  ...   to warts, treatment varies form patient to patient depending on the type and location of the lesion.. Fungal nail Infections can be identified by discolouration and thickening of the nail plate.. Fungal nail infections are caused by three main types of fungal spores and are extremely prevalent and highly contagious.. Historically they are very difficult to resolve and usually require regular visits to the podiatrist for maintenance.. Basic Chiropody.. 20 min consultation with Podiatrist.. Nail Cut.. 10 min consultation with Podiatrist.. Full Chiropody.. 30 min consultation with Podiatrist..

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  • Title: Biomechanics « Aalba Foot Clinic
    Descriptive info: The Foot is a complex mechanical structure.. It comprises of 26 bones and 199 ligaments, tendons and muscles, not to mention a vast network of nerves and blood vessels.. It is estimated that in a life time, the average person will walk a distance of 2.. 5  ...   form time to time injuries occurs, no only directly in the foot, but also the lower limbs and back, from poor foot function, ill fitting footwear and hard floor surfaces.. A podiatrist will asses the foot and prescribe orthotic devices which fit neatly into shoes giving support..

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  • Title: Nail Surgery « Aalba Foot Clinic
    Descriptive info: Nails are similar in nature to skin in that they both contain keratin and that they are sensitive to trauma.. Nail surgery is advises when a patient is experiencing problems with their nails that can t be resolved with routine chiropody.. It is carried out as a day surgery under a local anesthetic, often which, the patient is free to return to work the next day.. 1hour 30min consultation with the Podiatrist..

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  • Title: Holistic Therapies « Aalba Foot Clinic
    Descriptive info: To compliment our range of Podiatric treatments, AAlba also offers a range of Holistic therapies provided by Michael McLoughlin.. Massage.. Any Time is a good time to get a massage.. you don t to wait until your stressed or in pain.. Massage can be used preventative as well as a form of treatment for muscle aches and fatigue, sport injuries and general relaxation.. Further more massage promotes healthy circulation which in turn can be used to help weight control as part of a health diet and improve the health of your skin so not only with you feel fantastic, you will look it too.. Reflexology.. Reflexology works on the principle that all organs and  ...   improved circulation and organ efficiency, especially digestive function, ease from the discomfort experienced by expectant mothers as well as relief from stress, depression and nervous tension.. The.. Bowen Technique.. is a remedial therapy tool i.. e, it is used by therapists to mainly help people who are in pain or discomfort for one reason or another.. It is a gentle therapy that works over muscle and soft tissue.. The therapist assesses muscles for stress and tension and uses methodical techniques to release this build up, stimulation he body s flow of energy and promoting well being.. Bowen Technique is Beneficial for asthma, major join pain, migraine, digestive complaints and discomfort experienced by expectant mothers..

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  • Title: Price List « Aalba Foot Clinic
    Descriptive info: €28.. Basic Chiropody.. €35.. Full Chiropody.. €50.. Biomechanical Assessment.. €95.. Nail Surgery From.. €200.. Insoles and Orthotic Therapy.. €50-€350.. GIFT VOUCHERS AVAILABLE..

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  • Title: Foot Wear « Aalba Foot Clinic
    Descriptive info: A recent study publish in the UK found that approximately 70% of all adults surveyed were wearing shoes that were too small for their feet.. With this in mind AAlba footcare stocks a wide range of foot wear including a large range of wide fitting footwear from.. Cosey Feet.. ,.. Padders.. and.. Equity brands.. We are also stockists of Gewhole foot care products, Cam and visit our newly extended foot wear selection..

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  • Title: Contact « Aalba Foot Clinic
    Descriptive info: T: 071-9623033 E: info@aalbafootclinic.. ie.. A:.. Inver Geal, Carrick on Shannon, County Roscommon.. Get Directions in Google Maps.. Message..

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  • Title: Latest News « Aalba Foot Clinic
    Descriptive info: Aalba Foot Clinic..

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  • Title: Services « Aalba Foot Clinic
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