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  • Title: Welcome to Abacus
    Descriptive info: .. Abacus Systems provide Computers, Networks and Communications.. Managed Services.. Consultancy.. Networking.. Security.. Digital Dictation.. Disaster Recovery.. Virtualisation.. IP Telephony.. Payroll Support.. IT Assessment.. Office Re-Location.. VMware vSphere.. The Best Platform for Enabling the Journey to Cloud Computing.. Acronis Inc.. is the leading provider of disaster recovery software.. Voice to Text.. Digital dictation, accurate automation of speech to text.. Thank you for visiting.. Here at Abacus Systems we are all about service.. We pride ourselves on delivering quality service backed by our team of dedicated experienced technicians.. Our ongoing investment in people and backend systems enable our delivery of quality service.. This service is backed by  ...   17 years have built strong customer and supplier relationships.. Experienced Motivated Engineering Team.. 17 Years in Business bringing cross sector experience including Legal, Hospitality, Retail, Medical and Construction.. Focused on delivering quality driven proactive service.. Providing state of the art solutions to resolve business issues.. St John of God’s Lucena Clinic chooses WinScribe Digital Dictation.. Nuance Medical 10.. Dragon Medical 10 offers the fastest way for physicians to create transcription-free documentation.. Our flexible managed services provide peace of mind and reduce the cost of ownership.. Abacus Systems Networks Ltd.. Website design development by Fanore Software.. home.. services.. Products.. Partners.. About Abacus.. Contact.. Tel: +353 1 4569587.. working..

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  • Title: Customer Support Area
    Descriptive info: You are here:.. >.. Customer Support.. Customer Support Area.. Click here for access to our technical support team who will be delighted to assist you with any issue.. At Abacus we pride ourselves on providing top class support using state of the art technologies.. Remote Support.. If our engineering has requested you to do so enter here.. Customer Login.. Click here to Log or monitor a support call.. If you have not yet purchased a support contract and need assistance, please complete the form below.. Company Name.. Contact Name.. Telephone.. Email.. Comment / Query..

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  • Title: Managed Services
    Descriptive info: Abacus Systems provide a range of tailored managment services ranging from monitoring of servers and services to a permenant onsite engineering presence.. Contact us today and we will tailor a flexable managed service offering to suit your requirements.. For many businesses, network management is not a core function or even a company priority.. A dedicated IT staff adds a tremendous amount of overhead to the company budget that could be be directed to other departments.. Even considering the role that a company's network plays in the success of the company, it is often more cost effective to rely on managed services supplied by outside sources.. For this purpose, Abacus Systems provides managed services that are customised around the needs of your company, whether your business is small, medium, or large..  ...   performance.. From software installation to server installation, Abacus Systems managed services allow you to concentrate on what your business is all about without worrying about the state of the network, and how dependable it will be when timing is critical to success.. Abacus Systems provides both onsite technical support, and remote monitoring of managed services.. We begin with professional consultation which defines what your network does for you, and which methods are best suited to provide the coverage and efficiency that is demanded from it.. Abacus Systems understands the importance of uptime, and incorporate failover support and load balancing strategies that work invisibly behind the scenes, because you don't have to see how your network behaves, so long as it does what it supposed to do the first time, every time..

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  • Title: Consultancy
    Descriptive info: Why not take advantage of our 17 Years experience in the I.. T.. Industry for your next project.. Our highly skilled team of consultant engineers are available to assess your needs today.. Your business has goals and objectives.. You need the latest technology to help you reach them.. What you may not have is an IT expert on staff to take you there.. Abacus Systems can help with IT consulting on an outsourced basis.. We assist busy business owners with these and many other services:.. Wired and wireless networks.. PC procurement, installation and maintenance.. Software Selection.. Data protection and security solutions.. Disaster preparation.. No matter what size your business, we can help.. We ll spend time developing a complete understanding of your needs and researching to make the best recommendations.. From simple computer networks and IT systems, to complete multi-site  ...   of companies that suffer large-scale data loss due to disaster never reopen.. 60% close within 6 months.. 93% of companies without access to their data center for ten days or more filed for.. bankruptcy within a year.. Make no mistake about it.. Disaster preparedness is central to business survival.. Yet, as a small business owner, you may be too busy to attend to data protection needs.. Even if you have a disaster recovery plan, you may not have adequate staffing to ensure preventative steps are routinely followed.. Take the time to make sure data is protected or recoverable is before a disaster strikes.. Abacus Systems can show you affordable and time-saving ways to ensure data is protected, regularly backed up and accessible in all circumstances.. For greater peace of mind, let us help with your disaster preparation before you need it..

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  • Title: Networking
    Descriptive info: When it comes to networking local or wide area Abacus Systems can offer a comprehensive service from the design and laying of cable to the hardware and operating systems.. All of our offerings are backed by ongoing onsite technical services.. At Abacus Systems we provide a full network design, implementation and remedial service.. All of our solutions are scaleable.. ,.. and designed with the future in mind - allowing your network to grow as your business expands..  ...   Fiber.. All of our connection technologies include the option of a firewall, ensuring your Internet connection does not compromise your internal systems.. Inter-office Connectivity.. Through the use of Internet connectivity we can provide cost effective solutions for connecting your offices.. Our VPN solutions allow separate offices to be seamlessly integrated, allowing staff to share resources and files.. We also carry out point to point line of site installations utilising the latest Wireless, Laser and Fiber technologies available..

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  • Title: Security
    Descriptive info: Abacus Systems have developed long term relationships with the worlds top security vendors.. Our certified engineering team design and impliment security solutions for the most challenging enviroments.. Call us today for a free consult.. Managed security services for small to medium sized businesses.. Computer viruses and malicious attacks are steadily increasing in volume and sophistication.. firewall and security protection is now essential for any business with an office network connected to the Internet.. Abacus Systems can assist you at any level in your efforts to protect your information systems, from providing security audits to creating a comprehensive security strategy for your network.. Abacus Systems Certified experts can be onsite to help you:.. Perform comprehensive security audits.. Recover quickly from virus and worm attacks.. Configure firewalls and network devices.. Configure secure access for remote offices and teleworkers.. Deploy automated software for protection against viruses and spam.. Develop a security strategy with 24x7 monitoring.. Provide on-site and remote diagnostic service.. Troubleshooting for network problems.. Security Audits, Design and consulting.. Abacus Systems offers expertise in system and security audits.. Abacus Systems has created our own audit templates as well as using industry recognized and standard tools in order to help identify potential security problems.. Disaster Backup Recovery.. Abacus Systems can advise you about how to design security into your business processes.. Abacus Systems can install scanning and auditing software, define and  ...   possible.. Abacus Systems's IT consultants can help you perform a full risk assessment and define network security strategy to help minimize or eliminate the possibilities of attacks and threats.. If you are looking for SOCKS compliance or any other security related compliance Abacus Systems can provide you with certified CISSP security consultants.. Firewalls and VPN solutions.. Abacus Systems offers robust VPN solutions for companies looking to provide secure connectivity between remote workers or employees on the road as well as to headquarters and other satellite offices, using the Internet.. With high encryption and cross platform compatibilities our VPN solutions deliver enhanced security to protect the privacy of your company data over the Internet.. We support major vendors vpn products such as Cisco, Sonicwall, Microsoft and Linux.. Traffic and System Monitoring.. Worried about hackers? how do you even know if they are attacking your system or have compromised your system already?.. Abacus Systems works with advanced monitoring software such as tripwire and snort, these software's can alert you when it detects problems such as hacker attempts.. Virus Protection.. Abacus Systems can create a virus prevention strategy best suited for your organization.. We specialize in most major brands of virus and spam protection software so you can get the best software suited for your needs.. We work with companies such as Trend micro, Symantec, Mcafee, Kaspersky, BitDefender and many others..

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  • Title: Digital Dictation & Speech Recognition
    Descriptive info: Digital Dictation Speech Recognition.. WinScribe Digital Dictation Speech Recognition.. WinScribe is the leading software-based digital dictation, transcription and workflow routing solution Call us today to find out how Winscribe can revolutionise your document production.. As WinScribe Certified Partners, Abacus Systems can offer hardware independant, software-based digital dictation, transcription and workflow routing solution empowering thousands of organizations globally to take better control of their dictation and transcription needs.. WinScribe digital dictation key product features include:.. Dictate Anywhere.. Flexible recording inputs including PC or Notebook on the office LAN/WAN or with Internet access, Handheld Digital Dictation Devices, Telephone, PDA and Blackberry for creating, managing and transcribing voice documents.. Flexible transcription locations PC or Notebook on the office LAN/WAN or with Internet access.. Encryption of all data and voice for data security.. Adjustable sound quality for improved productivity.. Control, Monitor Outsource Dictation Workflow.. Job routing options for spreading/reallocating/outsourcing workload.. Job type prioritization for differing  ...   server-based).. Optional integration with document management systems.. Integration Tool Kit for seamless integration with backend office systems.. Integration license keys for major PACs.. Sucessfully deployed across all sectors.. Including Government; Healthcare; Insurance Financial; Law Enforcement; Legal and Transcription.. Our team of vendor certified and project hardened professionals understand the key challenges implementing and integrating digital dictation solutions to meet and exceed our clients business requirements.. As network solution providers Abacus Systems are expertly suited to architect solutions that will perfrom on your business network infrastructure and across Wide-Area-Network and Internet communications.. Abacus Systems are also Certified Nuance partners experienced seamless integration of front end speech recognition (author corrected, PC- based) or back end speech recognition (transcriptions corrected, server-based).. For information as to how WinScribe Digital Dictation can add value to your business, please do not hesiate to contact Abacus Systems on +353 (0)1 4569587 or.. email.. Visit.. WinScribe's website.. for further details..

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  • Title: Backup & Disaster Recovery
    Descriptive info: Backup Disaster Recovery.. Don't wait for disaster to strike.. Call us today to deliver disaster recovery that will meet your business needs and your budget.. Looking for a backup, storage and disaster recovery solution? Abacus Systems specialises in providing multi vendor solutions from 10GB to 120TB.. Abacus Systems work with multiple vendors such as HP, Dell, Sony, IBM, Symantec, Commvault, Acronis and many others to help bring you the best solutions available.. Backup solutions that work for you.. Server and File server backups.. Staged Backup.. Backup and Replication in a Virtual enviroment.. Exchange, Sharepoint and MSSQL.. Linux and Windows server.. Backup and disaster recovery planning.. Tape backup, SAN and NAS.. Image Backup Solutions (Acronis Symantec Ghost, DoubleTake) , Visioncore Suite.. Tape backup solutions.. Tape solutions run from a central server location and can be used to do complete or partial backups of critical data.. Backups can be staged on a SAN or NAS attached device where they are then moved off to tape for offsite storage.. This shortens both backup and file restore time.. Network attached storage solutions (NAS).. Network Attached Storage generally consists of hard disk arrays  ...   resilliance usually utilising multiple Fiber switches with dual attach for each server and dual managment engines in the SAN storage chassis.. Why do you need a tape backup and disaster recovery plan?.. If the hard drive on your desktop or file server crashed today how much of your critical business data would be lost? could you possibly recover your company from the data lost from a crash? statistics show that 43% businesses that have severe data loss due to a crash never re-open and up to 70% of companies that have total or serious data loss go out of business in 12 months.. This is the situation that can be easily prevented by implementing a good backup solution.. Abacus Systems can help you plan a backup and recovery solution so give us a call today to discuss the backup solutions available for your company.. What are some of the vendors and technologies Abacus Systems support?.. Abacus Systems is a Veritas/Symantec backup exec partner/reseller.. Abacus Systems is an Acronis Backup partner/reseller.. DAT, LTO1, LTO2, LTO3, DLT, Super DLT, 8mm, VXA.. Major vendor hardware such as IBM, HP, DELL, Sony, Quantum/Seagate..

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  • Title: Virtualisation
    Descriptive info: Virtualisation vmware.. Why pay the earth for VMware consultancy? All our consultants are VMware certified and posses in depth knowledge and expertise of true enterprise level Virtual Infrastructure solutions.. We have extensive background knowledge of multi-site fibre channel and iSCSI storage environments.. Bottom line? Looking for VMotion, HA Load balancing or a single ESX server environment.. Go with VMware deployment specialists that already have the experience and knowledge.. Abacus Systems offer expert VMware consulting, VMware solutions, virtualisation and consolidation solutions, VMware Services throughout.. Ireland.. Our Virtual Installation Service (VIS) is focused on best practice implementation, client education and validation of VMware ESX Server deployments.. The service utilises experienced fully certified VMware engineers (VCP 3.. 5) for best practice guidance to ensure the  ...   Infrastructure on host servers.. Install and configure VMware Virtual Centre, VMware HA, DRS and Vmotion when applicable.. Create and Configure virtual machine templates for the purpose of deploying target servers.. Assist the client in creating virtual machines on the VMware host server(s) using virtual machine templates and/or VMware Converter conversions.. Assist client identifying and installing application(s) on the target virtual machines for successful VMware rollout.. Review how and when to apply appropriate Virtual Machine Service Packs security patches.. Provide one-on-one knowledge transfer focusing on virtualisation fundamentals, product installation, configuration, and best practices.. For information as to how VMware can add value to your business, please do not hesiate to contact Abacus Systems on +353 (0)1 4569587 or.. VMware's website.. for further product details..

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  • Title: IP Telephony Solutions
    Descriptive info: IP Telephony Solutions.. At Abacus Systems we have been installing computer telephony solutions for more than seven years.. Why not avail of our experience and expertise when evaluating your IP telephony requirements.. 3Com NBX V3000 Phone System.. Affordable IP Telephony for Small to Medium Sized Businesses.. Introduced in the fall of 2004, the 3Com NBX V3000 IP Telephony Solution raises the bar for ease of installation and administration by combining all of the fundamental telephone features required by small customers in one cost-effective compact platform.. The 3Com NBX V3000 platform with Release 6.. 0 software boasts a 1U package with four analog ports, one station-side port for fax machine, and the requisite 10/100 MB Ethernet interface to give small businesses a complete call control and gateway platform.. For effectively reducing costs and enabling rapid growth, the V3000 system includes 400 hours of voicemail storage, four auto-attendant or voicemail ports, and the award-winning NBX NetSet browser-based administration utility.. By including 4 analog FXO ports, 1 analog FXS port, 4 ports/ 400 hours of NBX Voice Mail, 15 business phone licenses, and a 250-device call processor all in one platform, small businesses can have their IP phone system up and running in less than 30 minutes*..  ...   easy-to-use features, intuitive Web browser based administration, and an open architecture for straightforward applications integration.. Mitel 3300 IP Communications Platform.. Mitel 3300 IP Communications Platform (10 to 65,000 users).. The Mitel 3300 IP Communications Platform (ICP) provides enterprises with a highly scalable, feature-rich communications system designed to support businesses from 10 65,000 users.. The 3300 ICP provides enterprise IP-PBX capability plus a range of embedded applications including standard unified messaging, auto-attendant, ACD and wireless.. Operating across virtually any LAN/WAN infrastructure, the 3300 ICP provides seamless IP networking allowing for full feature transparency within distributed environments by supporting networking standards such as Q.. SIG, DPNSS, and MSDN.. The 3300 ICP provides organizations the ability to protect existing investments while delivering all the advantages of a converged infrastructure.. Mitel Communications Director software supports over 500 telephony features features that are delivered to the many user communities through easy-to-use interfaces, such as our web-based system management.. The 3300 ICP supports the industry's largest range of desktop devices including entry-level IP phones, web-enabled IP devices, wireless handsets (WiFi or IP DECT) and full-duplex IP audio conference units.. The 3300 ICP also supports a powerful suite of applications including multimedia collaboration, customer relationship management, and unified messaging.. Industry standard Application..

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  • Title: Sage Payroll Support
    Descriptive info: Sage Payroll Support.. Talk to us today about your Payroll requirements.. We can provide installation training and support.. Abacus Systems is a registered partner with Sage Ireland.. We can provide installation and support for Sage Quickbooks Micropay (All Versions).. We can provide you with a support contract for your payroll needs or can provide support on a case-by-case basis.. Let us answer your day-to-day payroll queries or assist you with your Year end Updates..

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