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    Archived pages: 323 . Archive date: 2012-12.

  • Title: Aaron Hastings - IT student. Semi-tolerable nerd. Amateur programmer. Qualificated grammer natsee.
    Descriptive info: .. Aaron Hastings.. IT student.. Semi-tolerable nerd.. Amateur programmer.. Qualificated grammer natsee.. Links People.. About the Author.. Projects.. RSS.. UK ISPs forced to block The Pirate Bay thoughts.. 30.. Apr.. The High Court in the UK has ruled that all of its Internet Service Providers.. must block The Pirate Bay.. from being accessed within its borders.. Initially, I was going to tweet about this, mocking it and generally highlighting the ludicrousness of the entire thing.. As per usual, it is of the arrogant, ignorant and absolutely idiotic opinion of so-called copyright holders that by plugging a hole in an unfathomably large boat that it will somehow curtail the spread of piracy among Internet users.. Read the rest of this entry.. 4 Comments.. Posted in.. Current Affairs.. ,.. Technology.. Letter to Galway West TDs regarding Irish SOPA.. 15.. Feb.. The following is an email which I have sent to every TD in the Galway West constituency.. I did so using the tool made available by Boards.. ie at.. boards.. ie/petition.. It outlines my opinions on the madness that is junior Minister Sean Sherlock s proposed new copyright legislation and the detrimental effects it will have on Ireland.. I would encourage everyone to write to your local TDs using the above tool and to make a note of who replies, when they replied and what their stance was on the issue.. No Comments.. Angry Letters.. For Aidan.. 10.. Aug.. I was recently asked to write a blog post on my reaction to sunglasses indoors, London riots, hair products and coffee.. As well as this I ve been asked to include at least 6 links on random nouns linking to relevant information sources.. And like all good bloggers, I ve agreed to it without argument.. 7 Comments.. Uncategorized.. Pet Peeves 1.. 23.. May.. I just finished a pretty hectic year at college so I m looking forward to some more free time, at least a part of which I can donate to blogging more regularly.. So I thought I d open with something fun.. 6 Comments.. Me.. Pet Peeves.. Verifying the reliability of medical information on the Internet.. Jan.. As part of my degree, I am taking a module in Professional Skills.. Professional Skills focuses on developing one s writing and presentation skills.. As often happens in University, the course began by throwing us into the deep end, with each of us a receiving a  ...   Jones (or three if you count the free Star Trek Online t-shirt), an aftershave gift set, an RC helicopter which doesn t work sad face and the most quintessential Irish stocking filler of all time, a Cadbury s Selection Box.. 2 Comments.. Linux users pay more for software.. 18.. This probably isn t much of a surprise to anyone, but I saw an interesting chart on the Humble Bundle website regarding donations to their Pay What You Want scheme for their.. Humble Indie Bundle #2.. The Humble Indie Bundle #2 is a bundle of 5 awesome indie games, available for Linux, Windows and Mac.. The developers have adopted a payment scheme whereby customers can pay whatever they wish for the bundle, from $0.. 01 up to whatever s in your bank account, although paying anything under $1.. 00 brings up a tear-jerking comic about how the developers need money : (.. Reply from The Document Foundation.. 16.. I recently.. wrote a letter.. to The Document Foundation, asking them to fix a spellchecker bug that s been irking me and my friends since we first started using OpenOffice.. org.. I don t know why this seemingly small bug was never patched by the OpenOffice.. org team.. 8 Comments.. Not-so-angry Letters.. Letter to The Document Foundation.. 13.. Anyone who uses OpenOffice.. org in Ireland will now how annoying it is not having a spellchecker by default.. This is because the default language is English (Eire).. While our Irish English has the exact same syntax and grammar as English (UK) , we still don t get the privilege of a spellchecker without changing the default language to English (UK).. I m hoping that the recent fork of the OpenOffice.. org source code, LibreOffice, will be able to fix this:.. 5 Comments.. Older Entries.. Pages.. Aaron s Tweets.. Error: Twitter did not respond.. Please wait a few minutes and refresh this page.. Categories.. 091 Labs.. CompSoc.. Skeptic Soc.. Education.. Entertainment.. Books.. Music.. Star Trek.. Film.. Galway.. Humor.. Irrational Drinking.. Phraseology.. Programming.. Religion.. Skepticism.. Alternative Medicine.. Sports.. Exercise.. Tennis.. Gaming.. Travel.. TV.. Tags.. 091.. 091labs.. atheist.. biology.. children.. christmas.. City Council.. computer.. data.. eco.. evolution.. Eyre Square.. fountain.. galway.. graffiti.. green.. internet.. ireland.. IT.. labs.. lecture.. letter.. linux.. minnesota.. myers.. nui.. nuig.. pharyngula.. playstation.. processor.. programming.. pz.. sails.. skeptic.. skeptic society.. soc.. society.. thecosmicfrog.. ubuntu.. university.. ChocoTheme by.. css{mayo}.. | powered by WordPress.. Entries (RSS).. and.. Comments (RSS)..

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  • Title: Links & People | Aaron Hastings
    Descriptive info: Below is a list of my favorite blogs and websites.. Friends and other non-sexual associates.. What Does this Rope Do?.. Non-sequiter, godlessness, memes, Star Trek references and comics that make him giggle.. This is the blog of my good friend, Charles Doyle.. Andrew Buckley XD.. YouTube sensation, comedian, actor, impersonator and geeky classmate Andrew Buckley s written accompaniment to his vlogs.. Ross Doherty.. The website and research blog of friend and fellow IT student, Ross Doherty.. Shane Tuohy.. The blog of good friend and CompSoc Chief Admin, Shane Tuohy.. Shane is a user and abuser of Linux and co-hosts a weekly tech radio show called.. ITFreely.. bhalash.. com.. Fellow hacker Mark Grealish s blog.. Self-hatred.. gives the often bi- or tri-daily insights of a man with a discrete knowledge in almost everything.. A lover (yet often trash-talker) of Linux, photography, lolcats and, of course, his two children, Mark  ...   neck with a sickening karate chop that probably would of even killed a man or any animal you can think of, a lion easily.. not an elephant lets not be silly but it was a hard chop.. Useful Links.. popurls.. the genuine news aggregator , essentially a blank page filled with links to the hottest news stories and topics, categorized by website.. A great way to see the best of Reddit, Digg, YouTube, etc.. OMG! Ubuntu!.. a regularly updated, unbiased blog about Ubuntu and other Linux-related news.. Leave a Reply.. Click here to cancel reply.. Name (required).. Mail (will not be published) (required).. Website.. Comment.. Magali Pitch.. April 2, 2012 at 11:10.. Why do I feel like there s a major grammar error going on here?.. Reply.. April 6, 2012 at 09:54.. I can t tell if this is spam or not.. If not, what is the grammar issue?..

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  • Title: About the Author | Aaron Hastings
    Descriptive info: Aaron Hastings is an Irish student doing a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at NUI Galway.. He enjoys computers (Linux), tennis, playing guitar and watching TV.. johnny feeney.. September 27, 2011 at 17:29.. Aaron, were u the guy giving the arduino tutorial at 091 labs in  ...   me, if not will u pass this on to the guy who gave that tutorial.. I teach electronics at gti and am interested in incorporating the arduino into potentially new courses here.. Would love to chat.. It could lead onto mutually beneficial outcomes.. tx.. j.. 087 2258 -022..

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  • Title: Projects | Aaron Hastings
    Descriptive info: Below is a list of some of my college projects.. Enjoy and feel free to give me feedback!.. Super Moon Lander!.. - a Lunar Lander-like arcade game, built from DHTML and JavaScript.. Energy Audit.. an energy usage calculator, which calculates the cost of running household appliances.. Calendar.. a simple, dynamic calendar built from JavaScript and HTML..

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  • Title: UK ISPs forced to block The Pirate Bay – thoughts | Aaron Hastings
    Descriptive info: But then I realized something.. This isn t just petty blocking.. This is a whole new level of censorship.. It is rare that an ISP is ever forced to prevent access to certain websites, never mind forcing.. every ISP.. to do so.. The issue here isn t that websites are being blocked as a formality this is far worse and, most importantly, much further up the food chain.. It s all well and good to have a third-party filtering system in places such as coffee shops, schools and offices.. We just scoff at the naivety of it all, then load up our favorite web-based proxy or forward our traffic through an SSH tunnel ten seconds work.. Done.. This, however, is the nationwide imposition of censorship on to the companies that provide us with our gateway to the Internet.. These very companies are almost always the last hop on the route between your computer and another computer.. Controlling the ISPs always implied controlling and censoring the end-user s experience of the web, as has been done in North Korea, China and Vietnam, just one subset of the so-called.. Enemies of the Internet.. Part of what makes the Internet what it is, is its architecture, and the power which that architecture facilitates.. The Internet as an entity is unstoppable, uncontrollable and is, when taking the right precautions, impossible to keep surveillance over.. The free sharing of information is already  ...   ISPs.. The Pirate Bay.. UK.. united kingdom.. Jodi Schneider.. April 30, 2012 at 21:54.. It s all about business models.. We need to make sure content creators get paid WHILE ALSO having seamless access.. A country that has TV licenses could surely consider the same sort of system for Internet content.. Of course, administering those payments gets more complicated.. I m keeping a close eye on Flattr and related pay-as-you-click companies; unlike the kind of micropayments advocated by the likes of Apple, it s voluntary and based on a subscription model.. javajunkie.. May 4, 2012 at 22:19.. If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face — forever.. codeskraps.. May 10, 2012 at 15:59.. I liked your post.. Well said.. @jodi.. TV licenses is also a system of the past not suitable for the TV of the future where people will get if not most but all their TV content through places like aertv.. ie.. @javajunkie.. I love that tune.. Darren Martyn.. August 10, 2012 at 16:34.. As a consequence of the UK s ban, VPN sales in the UK have skyrocketed.. And MORE people have started torrenting, all thanks to the UK Pirate Party and their Pirate Proxy tpb.. pirateparty.. co.. uk.. This censorship is scary, and is a damn good reason to start learning how to use TOR, VPN s, SSH tunnels, and other methods of bypassing censorship..

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  • Title: Current Affairs | Aaron Hastings
    Descriptive info: Archive for the Current Affairs Category.. Separation of Church and State in Ireland.. 09.. Yesterday I was linked to a recent episode of a new show, The Frontline.. The Frontline is essentially a more controversial and hard-hitting version of a past RTÉ show, Questions and Answers, hosted by former The Late Late Show presenter, Pat Kenny.. Pat Kenny, for the first time in his telelvision career, actually seems comfortable in a role and that is one of the reasons The Frontline is so enjoyable to watch..

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  • Title: Technology | Aaron Hastings
    Descriptive info: Archive for the Technology Category.. Fully integrate Mozilla Thunderbird with Ubuntu.. 07.. Update [May 5, 2011].. I have no idea whether or not this works in 11.. 04 Natty Narwhal.. I have exams so I haven t had the time to find out.. I know that the Unity developers have altered the behavior of the messaging menu so that multiple colors are used to denote different states (light-blue for new chat message, green for new email, etc.. ).. If you have upgraded to 11.. 04,  ...   10.. 10.. Oct.. Just this morning I formatted my old 32-bit Ubuntu 10.. 04 partition and installed the 64-bit version of Ubuntu 10.. In this post I m going to name a few things I like/dislike/am impartial to in this new version of Ubuntu:.. 9 Comments.. Wanted: Excuses to stop eating Moro bars and instead get back to learning Java.. 08.. Disclaimer:.. Unless you re not partial to a bit of geekiness, the following post contains somewhat technical terms.. You have two options:.. 1 Comment..

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  • Title: Letter to Galway West TDs regarding “Irish SOPA” | Aaron Hastings
    Descriptive info: I have had one response so far; one which seems to be your typical stock reply.. I ll keep updating this post as I get replies.. Dear [TD],.. I am a constituent of Galway West and I m writing to you today to express my concern over junior Minister Sean Sherlock s proposed statutory legislation regarding copyright.. The issues and problems with this legislation have been clearly outlined to the minister by members of the opposition, industry bodies, legal firms, eminent professors of law, technical companies, entrepreneurs and businessmen.. As a student of Information Technology, I can also inform you with some degree of experience that this proposed new law will seriously affect both small and large technology companies from setting up in Ireland.. If you were to put yourself into the feet of these companies, you can surely understand that, any risk assessment undertaken by them in regards to setting up within Ireland will take our stance on copyright protection as a factor which could cause immeasurable damage to their business model or infrastructure.. If you were an executive for a large media website and thought that huge amounts of your content could be taken down without  ...   It cannot alter the infrastructure which allows piracy to occur and is, therefore, a legal measure which is both dangerous and irresponsible.. This is an issue which is not to be taken lightly.. The protests against the proposed SOPA legislation in the US and ACTA in the EU should make this quite clear.. The decision not to implement SOPA in the US and the lack of White House support for same is indicative of how ineffective the bill would have been.. It is time for both Minister Sherlock and the Oireachtas to realise this too.. Your stance on this issue will be noted for my consideration and one which will, without doubt, affect my future voting decisions.. As one of my representatives in the west of Ireland, I would like to know where you stand on the matter and what actions you are going to take on my behalf on this issue.. I will consider any standard reply or lack thereof to mean no action at all.. Yours Sincerely,.. Aaron Hastings.. ACTA.. Brian Walsh.. constituency.. Dail.. Derek Nolan.. Eamon O Cuiv.. email.. freedom.. irish.. junior.. legislation.. minister.. Noel Grealish.. Oireachtas.. petition.. piracy.. Sean Kyne.. Sean Sherlock.. SOPA.. TD.. west..

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  • Title: Angry Letters | Aaron Hastings
    Descriptive info: Archive for the Angry Letters Category.. Re: Disgraceful Graffiti on Eyre Square Sails Response.. Jul.. Below is the response I received to my.. regarding the graffiti in Eyre Square:.. Letter: Disgraceful Graffiti on Eyre Square Sails.. The following is a letter which I have composed to Mr.. Tom Hernon, Director of Environment, Parks and  ...   that idiots keep spraying on to the sails in Eyre Square.. Enjoy and feel free to leave comments below:.. Letter: Appalling Condition of Seasonal Lights.. 05.. I have just finished a letter sent to the editor of the Galway Advertiser, regarding the poor condition of the seasonal lights in Galway City.. The letter is below:..

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  • Title: For Aidan… | Aaron Hastings
    Descriptive info: Sunglasses.. Where to start? Sunglasses were invented in 1842 by.. John Sunglasses.. as a way to keep molasses out of your eyes when you were spreading it on rye bread, as was the style at the time.. The dark color of sunglasses we re all used to today is actually a homage to the sunglasses of old, after years of being splattered with dark, sticky molasses, many people found the UV protection offered by their sunglasses to be unbeatable.. Now where was I? Oh right, sunglasses indoors.. I don t see a problem with it.. In fact, I just see it as another trend to set, which is the very reason why I myself have a tendency towards indoor sunglasses.. And after all, you never know when a stray glob of molasses might come hurtling towards you.. London Riots.. What started as a medium-scale riot in the borough of Tottenham has now spread into a nationwide epidemic of scumbaggery.. I ve tried to stay away from this topic as much as I could over the past few days, presuming that it would tide over like most epidemics.. But I ll be straight-up and admit I didn t expect anything like this to come from Great Britain, neighbour, friend, inspirer of ludicrous video game censorship laws, the older brother that used to beat us up but is now our role model.. What I say here isn t going to stray too far from the general public perception of what s going on.. A man was shot dead by police.. That caused a peaceful protest to be organized.. From order came chaos, and from chaos came fruitless anarchy.. At this point it s no longer about a man being shot, and the subsequent upset that was caused..  ...   a long time now.. Coffee generally loves residing within my person.. My eyes and sinuses hate same.. After spending all of yesterday with burning eye sockets, I ve concluded I m allergic to the wicked black serum.. My friend Oisín is a good example of a coffee disliker.. He can t stand the stuff.. In fact, I once quoted Oisín as saying, Aaron, don t ever let me have a cup of coffee.. I just don t like it, hate it, if you will.. In fact, if you ever see me with a receptacle of coffee in my hands I want you to take this gun and shoot me dead.. The seventy preceding words are a lie.. Oh Internet, you ll believe anything.. Sorry Oisín there ll be an espresso waiting for you when you get back from.. CCC.. 6 links on random nouns.. Dew.. Guilty.. James.. Postage.. Quilt.. Scene.. Thanks to.. Random Noun Generator.. That post was for you, Aidan.. I still have no idea why.. And life went on.. Angela.. August 10, 2011 at 22:38.. Guilty is an adjective.. August 10, 2011 at 22:40.. The Internet never lies:.. http://wiki.. answers.. com/Q/Is_guilty_a_noun_or_a_adjective.. Duncan.. August 11, 2011 at 13:14.. In that example it is being used as a verb both times it the first case, smile is the object, in the second the defendant is the object.. And by verb I meant adjective.. Aidan.. August 11, 2011 at 09:59.. That was more than I could have expected.. Although I was expecting the nouns to be in the middle of your post.. b+.. August 11, 2011 at 10:28.. I m sorry, dude.. The pressure just got to me.. I ll do better next time.. Oisin.. August 27, 2011 at 03:04.. And now you owe me an espresso..

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  • Title: Uncategorized | Aaron Hastings
    Descriptive info: Archive for the Uncategorized Category.. I m an Internet!.. 20.. Howdy folks,.. This is my first post from AaronHastings.. ie, my new Internet World Wide Webpage.. This is my very own slice of the Intertubes, my island on the Omnipipes.. All my blog posts will now be on here as opposed to my other account on WordPress.. Look, they have chips I ve gotten  ...   quite possibly the most annoying sound in the world doo diddee doo doo or as Samsung call it, Message Tone 1.. It was.. Aidan Breen.. , reminding me that I was supposed to support him as he went busking on Shop Street for the first time today.. Well we didn t get a place on Shop Street at first, but admittedly it was 2pm..

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