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  • Title: Cahersiveen Marina - A 93 Berth Marina with mooring for vessels of all sizes
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Cahersiveen.. Navigational.. Directions and.. Location.. Marina Facilities.. Marina Users Rules.. Photo Gallery.. The Story in Pictures.. Press Releases.. Courses and.. Training.. Map of the Area.. News Letter.. Links.. Berth Lease Agreement.. Rate Card.. Booking Form.. Contact Us.. Cahersiveen Marina sits on the banks of the Valentia River, off the Western Coast of the Ring of Kerry.. The Gulf Stream waters of the Atlantic wash through the naturally-formed Valentia harbour, creating a safe haven in all weather conditions.. Cahersiveen s long sea-faring tradition ensures a deep-rooted understanding of the needs of sailors, and of boats of all types and sizes.. This is captured in the unique Seine  ...   cruise around Valentia Island and Dingle Bay, and visit the several uninhabited islands.. Anglers from all points of the compass come to experience the renowned salt and fresh water fishing.. Cahersiveen has recently hosted the European Federation of Sea-Anglers competition.. The locality also boasts excellent safe swimming from the sheltered sandy beaches.. A stroll around the historic town, only five minutes from the Marina, offers friendly bars, superb food, and all of the flavour of a unique remote Irish location.. ACARD Limited, 'The Old Barracks', Bridge Street, Cahersiveen, Co.. Kerry, Ireland.. Telephone 00 353 (0)66 9472777 Fax 00 353 (0)66 9472993.. 2002 Cahersiveen Marina.. All rights reserved.. info@cahersiveenmarina.. ie..

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  • Title: Cahersiveen Marina, located in the town of Cahersiveen in South West Kerry
    Descriptive info: Arial shot of Cahersiveen Town.. Valentia River.. In Cahersiveen life is different visit any local pub and there is almost certain to be a lively music session, or perhaps some traditional Set Dancing in full swing.. For those who wish to fit in some alternative marine activities, why not try Scuba Diving in the clear unpolluted waters equipment and tuition are available locally.. Land-based activities include the world renowned 18-hole Waterville Golf Links (a favourite of Tiger Woods and Payne Stewart), Horse-riding - a wonderful way to experience the dramatic  ...   is home to a wide variety of bird life with the internationally renowned Little Skellig being the worlds second largest gannet colony.. For those with a taste for history, Cahersiveen is set in an area of great historical and.. archaeological importance - no other area in Ireland boasts more archaeological sites per square kilometre.. Evidence exists on Beginish Island for example of every period of Irish history from 3000 BC onwards.. The area is rapidly becoming a mecca for art-lovers centred on the.. Cill Riailig Artists Retreat in neighbouring Ballinskelligs..

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  • Title: Cahersiveen Marina, sits on the banks of the Valentia River of the western coast of the ring of Kerry
    Descriptive info: Admiralty Chart No.. 2125.. Latitude: 51 15'.. Longitude: 10 15'.. The Marina is located on Valentia River adjacent to The Pier in Cahersiveen town.. From Valentia Harbour the Marina is 2 miles up the Valentia River (Formally Caher River).. It can be approached over Doulus Bar in 2.. 4m or across the sheltered Caher Bar in 1.. 4m.. The pilotage of the river is aided by 12 FG leading lights whose positions are shown on the Chartlet and also two FR Nos 11 and 12.. They are mounted on poles with B and Y horizontal bands and are discernible by day.. There is also a light FI R 3s on Ballycarbery Spit.. Navigational Direction.. (Extract fom Irish Cruising Guide).. From Valentia, a yacht is advised to start as early on the tide as she can cross Caher Bar.. The chartlet shows the recommended course, following the five leading leading lines whos bearings are as follows.. (outwards in brackets):  ...   to No 10, then follow a mid-channel course till the Marina is reached.. From Dolous Bay at LWS the depth in the bar is not less than 2.. 4m, but this entrance is not recommended if a big sea is running.. Give Black Rocks (Dolous Rocks) a berth of 0.. 5 cable, then steer for the E end of Beginish as soon as Reenard Point opens to port of it: this line leads closer to Black Rocks than to Kay Rock with 0.. 9m which is 2 cables E of them.. When Lamb Island and the N point of Beginish are about to open, alter course to keep them so astern till Reenard Point opens to the E of Church Island.. Then steer to pass 50m E of Church Island so as to avoid Passage Rock, which dries 1.. 5m and lies under a cable E of the island.. Then join the line of Nos 4 5 leading lights..

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  • Title: Cahersiveen Marina, providing excellent facilities including: Water, Electricity, Security / Access, Marina Office, Fuel, Boat Lifting and Boat Yards, Speed restrictions, Boat Storage, Communications / Mail, Laundry, Provisions, transport, bicycles, trollies, car parking, refuse, customs, life boat, weather forecast
    Descriptive info: Water Electricity.. 240 volt A/C electricity is available at all berths together with water.. Electricity cards are available at the marina office along with electricity leads if required.. Security / Access.. Access to the pontoons is controlled by a security system.. Marina Office.. Staff can be contacted by VHF on Channel 37.. Visitors should berth temporarily at the visitors pontoon and report to the marina office on arrival.. The staff will then allocate a suitable berth.. The marina office is manned throughout the year.. Berth holders are requested to notify the office of their intended time away whenever possible.. This will enable staff to locate vessels easily in an emergency and will also ensure that their berths are vacant when they return to the marina.. Fuel.. Supplies of Marine Diesel are available at the Marina and boats must fuel at the designated fuel pontoon.. Gas can be obtained locally.. Boat Lifting Boat Yard.. A 14 tonne mobile hoist is available to Marina users.. A complete Boat Care service available from appointed agents:- Repairs in GRP, Wood and Steel / Engine Installation maintenance / Full or Partial Refurbishments / Electronics Fitted and Serviced / Re-spraying / Hull Cleaning Anti Fouling /Valleting / Mast Stepping and Un-stepping / Cradles for Purchase or Hire / Chandlery.. Full details from the Marina Office.. Speed Restrictions.. Please observe a DEAD SLOW speed limit and do not create excessive wash within the confine of the marina.. There is a speed limit of 4 knots and the roadway speed limit within the marina complex is 8kph (5mph).. Boat Storage.. Winter Storage available on the Marina - Contact Marina Office for rates.. Communications Mail.. A public telephone is located at the marina reception.. Incoming mail can be collected from reception.. Laundry.. Laundry and dry-cleaning services are available in Cahersiveen town.. A drop-off / collection can be arranged.. Provisions.. The town boasts several grocery, hardware, health food shops, cafes bars and restaurants.. Groceries will be delivered to the  ...   South West.. Valentia Radio Station is permanently manned 365 days per year.. They are on VHF Channel 16 or 2182.. Ashore Marine Emergency dial 999 or 112.. Weather Forecast.. Weather dial - Telephone: 1550 123 123 Calls cost 74c per minute / Fax: 1570 131 838.. 1.. 27 per minute.. www.. ireland.. com/weather/tides.. htm.. Children.. Must be supervised at all times and wearing lifejackets.. Electricity.. Do not leave electricity leads on pontoons.. Ensure they are disconnected from electricity supply bollards when not in use.. New Boat owners.. Boats on a collision course alter course to starboard.. Powerboats give way to sail, except in restricted areas.. Boats should pass port to port.. Any person in charge of a fast power boat in the estuary shall ensure that it is at all times under proper and adequate control and that it is driven at such reduced speeds as are necessary in the vicinity of bathers and or other water users including canoeists, wind surfers etc.. so as not to cause fear or anxiety.. Courtesy to other boat users.. Do not make excessive wake when passing other vessels, in particular powerboats passing sail boats.. Observe the speed limit in the marina.. If boats are manoeuvring close to you, please allow them to complete their manoeuvre.. Whenever possible assist in the berthing of another vessel.. Bathing or fishing.. Within the confines of the marina, is not permitted.. SOS stations.. Are fitted with a lifebuoy and fire extinguishers and are strategically located around the pontoons.. Fire Drill.. Raise the alarm.. Inform the marina Office.. Clear the area of people who may be in danger, in particular those who are downwind of the fire.. Tackle the fire only if it is safe to do so.. Falling In.. There are fixed safety ladders positioned on each leg of the marina.. Trailers.. All trailers must be clearly marked so that that can be easily identified.. Barbeques.. Are not allowed aboard vessels in the marina, or upon the pontoons..

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  • Title: Cahersiveen Marina, situated of the western coast of the Ring Of Kerry - Marina Rules
    Descriptive info: All users of Cahersiveen Marina are subject to these Rules.. In these Rules the Company shall mean ACARD Limited and/or its agents to whom the application for berthing is made which may be its associated companies, concessionaires, tenants and assignees for the operation of 'harbour' shall include a yacht harbour, marina, moorings, or any other facility for berthing a vessel.. The expression' Owner' shall include a charter, master, or agent, or other person for the time being lawfully in charge (other than the Company) of the vessel or vehicle.. The expression 'Licence' shall mean the licence granted to the Owner to berth any vessel on the Company's harbour or premises persuant to these Rules.. All vessels and vehicles in or on the Company's harbour and premises may be moved at any time by the Company to any other part of the same harbour and premises.. The Company shall not be liable whether in contract, tort or otherwise, for any loss, theft or any other damage of whatsoever nature caused to any vessel or vehicle or other property of the Owner or others claiming through the Owner.. The Owner shall indemnify the Company against all loss, damage, costs, claims or proceedings incurred by or instituted against the Company or its servants or agents which may be caused by the owner's vessel or vehicle or by the Owner, his servants, agents, crew, guests, or sub-contractors.. The Owner shall insure his vessels and vehicles adequately against loss or damage howsoever caused and shall maintain third party insurance (including both public liability and where relevant employers liability insurance) in respect of himself and each of his vessels or vehicles, his crew for the time being and his agents, servants, visitors, guests and sub-contractors in a sum of not less than 1,000,000 in respect of each accident or damage and shall maintain in respect of each vessel adequate salvage insurance.. Such insurance shall be effected and maintained in an insurance office of repute and the Owner shall produce the policy or policies relating thereto to the Company on demand.. Except with the written consent of the Company, which may be withheld at the Company's sole discretion, no part of the Company's harbour or premises or any vessel or vehicle shall be used by the Owner for any commercial purpose, including hiring, embarkation or disembarkation of charter parties, sale or demonstration for sale or hire of the vessel, provided that the occasional use of the vessel by a personal friend of the Owner on payment to the Owner of a contribution towards the actual running cost of the said vessel shall not be deemed a commercial purpose hereunder.. The Owner shall upon request by the Company supply full details in writing of all such use under the proviso to this Rule.. No work shall be done to the vessel whilst in or on the Company's harbour or premises except by the Company (unless with the written consent of the Company which may be withheld at the Company's sole discretion) other than minor running repairs or minor maintenance of a routine nature by the Owner, his regular crew, or members of his family, not causing any nuisance or annoyance to any other users of the harbour or premises or any person residing in the vicinity.. The Company has the right to exercise a general lien upon any vessel and/or other property of the vessel's Owner whilst in or on the Company's harbour or premises until such time as any money due to the Company in respect of the vessel and/or other such property whether on account of rental, storage, commission or berthing charges, work done or otherwise, shall be paid.. The Company shall have the right (without prejudice to any other rights in respect of breaches of these Rules by the Owner) to terminate the Licence granted to the Owner in the following manner in the event of any breach by the Owner of these Rules or of any failure by the owner to make any payment due to the Company.. If the breach is capable of remedy or the Owner has failed to make any such payment the Company may serve notice on the Owner personally or by sending it by recorded delivery to his last known address specifying the breach or failure to pay and requiring him to remedy the breach or pay the amount due within 14 days.. If the Owner fails to remedy such breach or pay the amount due within 14 days, or if the breach is not capable of remedy, the Company may serve notice on the Owner personally or by sending it by recorded delivery to his last known address specifying the breach or failure to  ...   persons entering or using any part of the Company's harbour or premises or facilities for whatever purpose and whether by invitation, or otherwise do so entirely at their own risk.. The vessel, when entering or leaving or manoeuvring in the harbour shall not be navigated at such a speed or in such a manner as to endanger or inconvenience other vessels in the harbour.. Vessels are at all times subject to the speed restrictions and by-laws of the Company or harbour, navigation or other authorities.. Please observe DEAD SLOW speed limit and do not create excessive wash within the confines of the Marina.. There is a speed limit in the marina of 4 knots and the roadway speed limit within the marina complex is 8kmph (5 mph).. No noisy, noxious or objectionable engines, radio, or other apparatus or machinery shall be operated within the Company's harbour or premises nor shall animals be allowed within the companies harbour or premises so as to cause any nuisance or annoyance to the Company, to any other users of the harbour or premises or any person residing in the vicinity and the Owner undertakes for himself, his guests and all using the vessel that they shall not behave in such a way as to offend as aforesaid.. Halyards shall be secured so as not to cause such nuisance or annoyance.. No refuse or noxious substances including oil residues or sewage shall be discharged or thrown overboard or left on the pontoons, jetties or car parks, or disposed of in any way other than in the receptacles provided by the Company or by removal from the Company's harbour premises.. Owners shall only refuel craft at the fuelling point provided.. Dinghies, tenders and rafts shall be stowed aboard the vessel unless a berth is separately provided by the Company.. Owners and their crew are required to park their motor vehicles in such position and in such manner as shall from time to time be directed by the Company.. No items of boats, gear, fittings or equipment, supplies, stores, or the like shall be left upon the pontoons, jetties or car parks.. The Owner shall take all necessary precautions against the outbreak of fire in or upon his vessel and the Owner shall observe all statutory and local regulations relative to fire prevention (if any), which may be exhibited at the offices of the Company.. The Owner shall provide and maintain at least one fire extinguisher of a Governmentally approved or BSI standard type and size in or on the vessel in case of fire, which extinguisher shall at all times be kept ready for immediate use and in good and efficient working order.. Owners shall not refuel vessels in the harbour otherwise than at the Company's refuelling berth.. terminate this Licence if at any time the Company's harbour or premises shall be so damaged, impeded, or interfered with by force majeure (as hereinafter defined) as to render it likely that the Company will be unable to continue to provide a berth or mooring in accordance with the Licence entered into between the Company and the Owner.. a.. In this Rule force majeure means any event or circumstances (whether arising from natural causes, human agency or otherwise) beyond the control of the Company including (insofar as beyond such control but without limitation) weather conditions, riots, civil commotion, aircraft, fire, breakdown or war.. b.. In the event of such termination as aforesaid the Company shall refund the Owner the unexpired portion of the rental (disregarding any rebate given).. Children must be supervised by responsible adult at all times and must wear lifejackets.. Dogs must be kept on a lead whilst on the premises and must not be allowed to foul the footpaths, pontoons and surrounding areas.. During the development of the marina complex, the Company cannot accept any responsibility for disturbance noise, dust and any other inconvenience suffered by owners on account of building work carried out at the premises or on land adjoining thereto.. Bathing or fishing within the confines of the marina is not permitted.. SOS stations are fitted with a lifebuoy and fire extinguishers are strategically located around the pontoons.. c.. Clear the area of people who may be in danger in in particular those who are downwind of the fire.. d.. The foregoing Rules shall apply to all users of the Company's harbour and premises.. These Rules may be altered added to or amended from time to time by the Company.. Upon such amended Rules being displayed at the Marina Centre or served on the Owner any addition or amendment shall be deemed incorporated herein.. We hereby agree to abide by the Rules of the Cahersiveen Marina.. Signed:.. Date:.. Witness By:..

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  • Title: Cahersiveen Marina - A 93 Berth Marina with mooring for vessels of all sizes
    Descriptive info: Here are a selection of images from and around the Marina.. Enjoy.. Click on an Image to ses a larger version of it..

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  • Title: Cahersiveen Marina - A 93 Berth Marina with mooring for vessels of all sizes
    Descriptive info: Click Here to Download the Powerpoint presentation (17Mb)..

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  • Title: Cahersiveen Marina, situated of the western coast of the Ring Of Kerry - Press Releases
    Descriptive info: St.. Patricks Day 2002.. Firstly, as you all know 2002 will see the culmination of almost a decades work by voluntary community activists in Cahersiveen.. The small group of people within ACARD Ltd.. , the Local Community Development Organization who came together at that time and who have seen this project through to its realisation are the heroes of the story of Cahersiveen Marina.. I consider them to be a great example of what is being promoted at present as we near the end of the International Year of the Volunteer.. The Project was devised to address one of the major gaps in the South Kerry Tourism Project, as a Community, this area had failed consistently to use the sea as a central part of our product in a way in which our neighbours in Dingle and Fenit had managed to do.. Sailing and in particular Cruise Sailing is one of the major growth sectors of tourism and it has been proven that it attracts a sustainable high-spend  ...   without the co-operation of both Local Elected Representatives, the Kerry County Council as our Local Authority and in particular the Department of The Marine and Natural Resources.. We are fortunate to have had the support at the Cabinet Table of Minster John O'Donoghue T.. who has taken a great personnel interest in the project.. Kerry County Council's major contribution has been the provision of an underwriting guarantee for 75,000 for five years but they have also played a central part in the project construction Steering committee.. Others to whom we owe a great debt of gratitude include Manager Martin Nolan for his confidence in the project during a difficult period for such initiatives.. To the County Engineer Tom Curran and in particular to the Mayor of Kerry Mr Paul O'Donoghue his local knowledge and belief in this project have played no small part in bringing the project to where it is today.. We look forward to welcoming you in the Summer 2002 for the official opening of Cahersiveen Marina..

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  • Title: Cahersiveen Marina, organising training courses and sailing fixtures throughout the year
    Descriptive info: SAIL AWAY.. ACARD Limited were delighted with the response that they received to the Senior and Junior Sailing Classes held at Mannix Point this Summer.. Due to overwhelming demand, an extra round of courses was organised and all who attended found the experience to be excellent.. In total 48 juniors (10 18 year olds) and 24 adults participated in the training which was provided by Cappanalea Outdoor Education Centre who moved to Cahersiveen for the duration of the courses.. Training was provided in Topaz dinghys which proved very.. popular among the participants.. Further courses with.. Cappanalea are currently being planned.. If you are interested in receiving sail training submit your name.. address and telephone number in writing to ACARD Limited,.. The Barracks, Cahersiveen.. E- mail.. acard@eircom.. net.. Sailing Fixtures 2002.. Date Class Open Event Host Venue.. 9-Feb.. 10-Feb.. Optimists.. Prequalifying Trials.. Swords Sailing Club.. 23-Feb.. 24-Feb.. 9-Mar.. 10-Mar.. Trials 1st Leg.. Wexford Harbour Boat and Tennis Club.. 20-Mar.. 24-Mar.. 420.. Irish Team Selection Trials.. 30-Mar.. 31-Mar.. Mirror.. Northern Championships.. Carlingford Lough Yacht Club (N.. I.. ).. Laser (All Rigs).. Munster Championships.. Baltimore Sailing Club.. Laser II.. Western Championships.. University of Limerick SC.. Laser.. Royal Cork Yacht Club.. 06-Apr.. 07-Apr.. Kinsale Yacht Club.. 27-Apr.. All Classes.. April League.. Dublin Bay Sailing Club.. 13-Apr.. 14-Apr.. Trials 2nd Leg.. SLYC.. 20-Apr.. 21-Apr.. J24.. Lough Neagh SC.. Pre Season Open Regatta.. Royal Irish Yacht Club.. 25-May.. 1720's.. Docklands Liffey Challenge.. River Liffey.. 28-Apr.. Trials 3rd Leg.. RCYC.. Dinghies.. Early Bird Open Regatta.. National Yacht Club.. 01-May.. 29-May.. May Series.. Foynes Yacht Club.. 04-May.. Cruisers.. Sans Souci Kermesse Cup.. 05-May.. Multihulls.. IMA Northerns.. Ballyholme YC.. Ulster Championships.. Cushendall Sailing Club.. LASER (RADIAL RIG).. LADIES NATIONALS.. LASER (STD.. RIG).. MASTERS CHAMPIONSHIP.. Wayfarer.. Cullaun SC.. Early Bird Junior Regatta.. Malahide Yact Club.. 06-May.. Belfast Lough Persuit Race.. Carrickfergus SC.. 11-May.. 12-May.. Little Travellers.. Skerries Sailing Club.. Flying Fifteens.. Strangford SC.. East Ferry Cup.. Cove Sailing Club.. 10-May.. 1720's, Dragons, J24,.. Sigma 33.. Royal Alfred Baily Bowl.. Dun Laoghaire.. Fingal Challenge.. Howth Yacht Club.. Marlogue Trophy.. 18-May.. Cruisers 0,1,2,3, 1720, Dragon, J24, DB24, Shipman.. Royal Alfred YC Regatta.. RNLI Olympic Series.. 19-May.. Tralee Bay Sailing Club.. Eastern Championships.. Dundalk Carlingford SC.. 23-May.. 26-May.. Cruise.. 24-May.. Fireballs.. GP14.. Purcell Trophy.. L Eyrne Yacht Club.. Brooklands Trophy.. Naval Race.. Kish Two Handed.. Dun Laoghaire Motor Yacht Club.. 1-Jun.. Galleon Cup.. Regatta.. 2-Jun.. Mermaid All Classes.. Whit Open Mermaid Daniels.. Wexford Harbour Boat Tennis Club.. National 18's.. Southern Championships.. Monkstown Bay  ...   Regatta.. Newtonards YC.. Donnelley Trophy.. 22-Jul.. 26-Jul.. Fastnet International Schools Regatta.. Schull Community College.. 27-Jul.. Fastnet Schools Regatta.. 24-Jul.. Mirrors.. Junior Team Racing.. 28-Jul.. RUFFIANS.. ROYAL ST GEORGE YACHT CLUB.. FIREBALLS.. WATERFORD HARBOUR SC.. Cruisers 1,2,3, Dinghies.. Fountainstown Sailing Club.. WAYFARER.. BRAY SAILING CLUB.. 03-Aug.. BRITISH NATIONALS.. BALLYHOLME YC.. Main Regatta.. Dinghies, Cruisers.. Great Prawn Race.. Malaide Yact Club.. Cruisers 1 2.. Bubble Brothers Pursuit Race.. 31-Jul.. 02-Aug.. Cruisers 1,2,3,.. Baltimore Sailing Week.. Ruffian.. Crosshaven- Schull Overnight Race.. 04-Aug.. IMA South Dublin Championships.. Laser (Std 4.. 7 Rigs).. 05-Aug.. LASER (All Rigs).. JUNIOR NATIONALS.. NATIONAL YACHT CLUB.. LASER (4.. 7 Rig).. NATIONALS.. NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS.. Lough Swilly.. Annual Regatta.. Schull - Baltimore.. Baltimore Regatta.. South East Regatta.. Arklow Sailing Club.. Round Boffin Race.. 09-Aug.. MERMAIDS.. FOYNES YACHT CLUB.. 07-Aug.. 08-Aug.. 10-Aug.. Drascombe.. Rally.. SHIPMAN.. 11-Aug.. LASER II.. Inland Championships.. Cruiser 2.. Cr2 Championships.. Wicklow Sailing Club.. 18-Aug.. Calves Week.. Schull Harbour Sailing Club.. 12-Aug.. SOD, Optimist, Mirror, Laser, 420, Cruisers.. LDYC Annual Regatta.. Lough Derg Yacht Club.. 17-Aug.. Cobh People's Regatta.. Schull - Glandore.. 1720, Cruisers 0,1,3.. Glandore Regatta.. 22-Aug.. 25-Aug.. OPTIMISTS.. SIGMAS.. TBC.. LASER (Std.. 4.. 23-Aug.. Laser (Radial).. 24-Aug.. IDRA 14'.. GALWAY BAY SAILING CLUB.. SONATA.. DUN LAOGHAIRE MOTOR YACHT CLUB.. 26-Aug.. GP 14.. CHAMPIONSHIP OF IRELAND.. SKERRIES SAILING CLUB.. 27-Aug.. MIRROR.. WEXFORD HARBOUR BOAT CLUB.. Mermaids.. Mermaid Open.. Cruisers 0,1,2, Sigmas 33.. Cruiser Challenge.. 30-Aug.. EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS.. 31-Aug.. 01-Sep.. Cruisers III.. East Coast Champs.. 29-Aug.. DRAGONS.. KINSALE YC.. ENTERPRISE.. SLIGO YACHT CLUB.. Malaide Yacht Club.. Rosebowl.. Antrim Sailing Club.. FLYING FIFTEENS.. 06-Oct.. September Series.. 29-Sep.. 22-Sep.. DBSC Junior Series.. 06-Sep.. 08-Sep.. Dragon Championship.. 07-Sep.. Autumn Open.. Youth Championships.. MULTI-HULLS.. Cr 0,1,2,3, 1720, Dragon, J24, DB24, Ruffian, Shipman, Glen.. Royal Alfred YC/DBSC Regatta.. Ballinacurra Cup.. 12-Sep.. 14-Sep.. South Coasts.. 11-Sep.. Dinghies.. Inter Schools Regatta.. 15-Sep.. Moville SC.. 14-Sep.. DINGHIES.. ISA JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIPS.. NATIONAL 18'S.. MONKSTOWN BAY SAILING CLUB.. Cobh to Blackrock Race.. 21-Sep.. 19-Oct.. Autumn League.. All-Ireland Inter-Schools Championship.. SCORA Class II Championships.. 20- Oct.. Cruisers 1,2.. Waterford City.. 05-Oct.. 30-Sep.. Midland Championships.. L Ree YC.. 05-Oct.. End of Season Open Regatta.. ISA CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS.. Hot Toddy.. East Antrim Boat Club.. 26-Oct.. Frostbite Series.. 27-Oct.. Dinghies, Cruisers 1,2.. Glaxo Smith Kline Beecham.. Monkstown Bay Sailing Club (Sundays).. October Series.. Frostbite Series (Sundays).. 20-Oct.. Fireflies.. Team Racing.. Royal St George Yacht.. 21-Oct.. Inter Fleet Event.. 28-Oct.. Covney Cup.. Cronins Bar Jazz Race.. 02-Nov.. 03-Nov.. ISA Match Racing Championships.. Gorman Trophy (Winter Champs).. 23-Mar.. Frostbite Series.. 30-Nov.. 01-Dec.. Baltimore Icicle..

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  • Title: Cahersiveen Marina, situated of the western coast of the Ring Of Kerry- Map
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  • Title: Cahersiveen Marina - Berth Leasing, Sailing in Kerry, Yacht, Marina of Kerry
    Descriptive info: ISSUE 6- SPECIAL EDITION.. ACARD Limited - Cahersiveen Community Development.. October 2002.. Introduction.. The development of a new concept in any area can be difficult, but aligning this to a challenging engineering project makes for quite a challenge.. Add to this recipe the involvement of a local, voluntary community organisation determined to improve the viability of a remote rural area, and you have the makings of a truly groundbreaking enterprise.. The development of Cahersiveen Marina and Water Activity Centre is a unique partnership of community, local authority and state commitment, all driven forward by a private company specialising in such cross-disciplinary projects.. Marian Flannery, Principal Partner, Development Solutions Consultancy, comments that as a result of interest being shown by a local development group in recent years, an opportunity arose to assemble a unique public-community development partnership to provide a leisure marina in remote Cahersiveen, Co.. Kerry.. 105 berths have been provided in the first phase of the development, which will have a capability of generating over 2million per annum in the local economy.. Phase Two will provide for a purpose built Clubhouse and on-shore facilities.. Following strong recommendation, Niall Fitzsimons and Company were.. retained as Consulting Structural Engineers for the development.. The development was designed as a cost-effective rock-armour marine wall to the marina basin, with a floating breakwater and pontoons.. Revised Design.. The development started life as a more traditional sheet-piled basin to be constructed in an area of neglected river frontage, which had previously formed part of the town tip, in days before marine pollution was taken into consideration.. However, as a result of post tender discussions with the successful contractor, the design was revised to incorporate rock-armour using locally sourced materials, together with a novel floating breakwater solution.. This method of construction significantly reduced the capital cost the project, although did result in the basin size being reduced to accommodated the 45o batter of the rock-armour.. The need to deliver the project on a very tight budget, driven by financial resources made available through the Department of the Marine, matched by local contribution, lead to a close working relationship between Project Managers, Development Solutions Consultancy, the Consulting Structural Engineers, the Main Contractor, John Quirke and Sons, Kerry County Council, and the Department, which continued for the duration of the works.. As the formation of the basin effectively comprised the critical path for the entire project, verification of the  ...   defined our delivery approach.. Whilst of relatively small scale, this project epitomises the quality of work that can be achieved by partnership action.. Capital Investment.. For ACARD Limited too, the Cahersiveen Marina and Water Activity Centre is part of a wider picture, says Chairperson Denis O'Sullivan.. Phase One opened in August, to coincide with the important Cahersiveen Celtic Music Festival.. Work on Phase Two will be commencing within 12 months, and forms part of our dynamic five-year public-private development plan for the Valentia River frontage, he says.. Funding for Phase One provided a significant challenge to ACARD Limited - voluntary community groups rarely get involved in such capital intensive developments.. The need to generate significant levels of local contribution was achieved using the ingenuity of Development Solutions Consultancy, who were given the task of pre-leasing thirty berths to generate matching finance.. This target was achieved by the spring of 2002.. Cahersiveen Marina and Water Activity Centre represents a unique marine project taking the meaning of partnership projects to a new level.. The project has overcome scepticism and technical problems to deliver a very cost-effective element of local infrastructure through the engagement of the local community, local government, and the state working in harmony.. Completion.. At the launch of the project, the role of Development Solutions as the major co-ordinating and driving force behind the development was noted by all those involved.. Minister John 'O Donoghue, T.. complemented Project Manager, Marian Flannery of the company, for her enormous energy and drive.. Her unique knowledge and background in dealing with local government and state agencies made his political task in delivering funding for the project more achievable.. Kerry County Manager, Martin Nolan, commented that Ms.. Flannery's attention to detail in producing economically sustainable and realistic proposals were a major contributory factor to the securing of initial funding, while her astute liaison on a political level, both locally and nationally ensured ongoing confidence in the project.. Finally, Mr.. George O'Doherty of the Department of the Marine and Natural Resources, said the fact that the Cahersiveen project came in ahead of schedule, as against many similar private projects, was a tribute to all those involved.. In particular he pointed to the management skills of Development Solutions, who delivered such a new approach, giving encouragement to any community or private group who want to become involved in such a venture.. Previous Issues:.. Issue 5.. ,.. Issue 4..

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