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  • Title: Copyright Association of Ireland
    Descriptive info: .. Copyright Association of Ireland.. About.. Board of Directors.. FAQ.. Patents.. Trademarks.. Membership.. Membership Form.. Seminars.. Articles.. Links.. About CAI.. The Copyright Association of Ireland was formed by a group of people who have an interest in copyright law whether as legal practitioners, creators of copyright works or as academics.. It s objectives are:-.. The promotion of informed debate on copyright.. The promotion of awareness of copyright among users of copyright works, creators of copyright works and the public generally.. The examination of legislative measures having effect on copyright.. The CAI promotes informed debate  ...   and businesses.. Applications are particularly welcome from users and creators of copyright works.. The Copyright Association of Ireland is affiliated to the International Federation on Copyright (.. ALAI.. ) and has the right to appoint one member to the Board of ALAI.. Please note that the CAI is a membership organisation only and does not offer or provide any form of legal advice, referral or information service.. Upcoming Events.. No events.. Disclaimer:.. The Association is a membership organisation only and does not offer or provide any form of legal advice, referral or information service..

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  • Title: Frequently Asked Questions « Copyright Association of Ireland
    Descriptive info: Frequently Asked Questions.. What does copyright protect?.. What is not protected by copyright?.. Protection is automatic.. The Copyright Notice ©.. How long does copyright last?.. Legal rights of copyright owners.. Economic rights.. Moral rights.. Insubstantial copying.. Fair dealing.. Educational uses.. Libraries and Archives.. Assigning licensing rights.. In Ireland, copyright law is contained in the Copyright Related Rights Act, 2000.. Copyright protects:-.. original literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works (traditionally called the classical copyrights);.. film, sound recordings, broadcasts and the typographical arrangement of published editions (often called related rights , because they involve the exploitation of classical works);.. computer software and non-original databases (despite their modest credentials as creative works) and.. performances.. Copyright does not protect ideas, concepts, styles, techniques or information.. For example, if you write an outline of your idea for a TV show, the outline itself will be protected by copyright.. However, another person could write their own script using your general ideas without necessarily infringing copyright.. The other person would only be infringing your copyright in the outline if they started copying enough of the way you had, for example, structured your plot.. Some works are too small or unoriginal to be protected as copyright works.. For example, single words, names, titles, slogans and headlines are unlikely to be protected by copyright although they may be protected in other ways, for example as trademarks.. There is no system of registration for copyright protection in Ireland as copyright arises automatically on the creation of an original work.. You do not need to publish your work, to put a copyright notice on it or do anything else to be covered by copyright protection is free and automatic.. A work is protected automatically from the time it is first written down or recorded in some way, provided that it has resulted from the creator s skill and effort and is not simply copied from another work.. Depending on the circumstances, it may be difficult for an author to prove that he or she had created a work at a specific point in time.. Proof of this fact might be needed in an action for infringement.. An author can create such proof by sending a copy of the work to himself or herself by registered post, keeping the post office receipt and leaving the envelope unopened.. Another way of creating this type of proof is to deposit the work with an organisation such as the Copyright Protection Agency, which, for a fee, will  ...   Copyright Related Rights Act, 2000.. The moral rights of interest to authors are: the paternity right (the right to be identified as the author of the work); the integrity right (the right to prevent mutilation, distortion or other derogatory alteration of the work) and the right of false attribution (the right not to have a work falsely attributed to you).. Moral rights may be waived, but a waiver must be in writing.. An author cannot prevent the copying, or other use of his or her work, if that use is covered by one of the exceptions to copyright.. The principal copyright exceptions of relevance to authors are:.. In order to infringe the author s copyright, a substantial part of the work must have been copied.. Insubstantial copying is therefore permitted.. Because it is impossible to say with certainty what is meant by substantial in any given situation, users are often reluctant to rely on this exemption.. Equally however, authors litigate at some risk.. A work may be used by anyone for the purposes of research or private study without the permission of the author, provided the use is conducted in a way which does not prejudice the rights of the copyright owner.. The work may also be used for criticism or review or for reporting current events, with the same proviso, and provided further that the use of the work is accompanied by an acknowledgement identifying the author and the title of the work.. This bundle of exceptions is known as fair dealing.. Although the legislation does not state the fact, it is unlikely that the making of multiple copies of a work will ever qualify as fair dealing.. The use of author s works for certain educational purposes is permitted.. These include the use of the work in examinations, and the inclusion of a short passage from the work in an anthology for schools.. Libraries and archives are given limited rights to copy works under certain conditions.. Public libraries and certain educational establishments may also lend works without infringing the rights of the author.. Copyright owners can assign or licence their rights.. Assigning rights mean someone else becomes the owner; licensing means another person can use the copyright material.. Assignments and licences can apply to all the rights in the material or to just one or some of the rights.. For example, an author may give an assignment or licence to reproduce their story in an anthology but retain all other rights..

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  • Title: Patents « Copyright Association of Ireland
    Descriptive info: The following are the critical points in relation to patents.. Do not disclose an invention to anyone, except under a written Confidentiality Agreement.. Discuss the details only with a patent attorney.. If the concept is considered to have patent potential, a detailed specification will be drawn up and filed immediately.. There are then 12 months, before the final filing, in which to amend any details of the invention, decide in which countries to file and arrange the necessary finance.. In each country the priority date will  ...   application in any other country and enjoy the priority date.. In countries where a patent does not exist, the product can be legally copied and marketed by others.. The life of a patent is usually 20 years.. A short term (10 year) patent can be obtained in approximately 6 months.. An inventor may (under certain circumstances) receive royalties, free of Irish income tax, during the life of a patent.. Liam Birkett F R Kelly Co 27 Clyde Road Dublin 4 Tel 231 48 48.. l.. birkett@frkelly.. ie..

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  • Title: Trademarks « Copyright Association of Ireland
    Descriptive info: The following are the critical points in relation to Trade Marks.. Prior to use, it is essential to search the trade marks register in each target market.. This will discover any existing names/marks that are the same, or confusingly similar, to that which is proposed and where the owner would have a sustainable objection to the new entrant.. If the search is clear, then an application should be made to register the mark in all markets where it is intended to use it.. Register in all classes of goods where it is currently used as well as in classes where there is intent to use.. All goods and services are divided into 45 classes.. It is advisable to  ...   renewed indefinitely each decade thereafter.. One can apply to register either nationally or seek a Community Trade Mark (CTM) registration.. The cost of an application, for one class, in Ireland, is €520 plus VAT.. At registration, approximately 18 months later, a further cost of €504 arises.. A CTM registration provides exclusive use of the mark in all member states of the European Union.. With just one application, protection can be obtained in all countries of the EU.. The cost of an application, which covers 3 classes of goods is €1,511 plus VAT.. At registration, approximately 18 months later, a further €1,762 cost arises.. Liam Birkett F R Kelly Co 27 Clyde Road Dublin 4 Tel 231 48 48..

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  • Title: Membership « Copyright Association of Ireland
    Descriptive info: Membership of the Association is on a calendar year basis, i.. e.. January December.. Individual membership.. is.. €95 per person.. Student/Trainee.. €45 per person.. Corporate Membership.. €275 per company.. (any number of nominated individuals representing company).. If you are interested in joining the Association you print out an.. application form.. ,.. fill it in and post it to.. Helen Sheehy,.. Treasurer,.. Sheehy Donnelly Solicitors.. 63 Patrick Street.. Dun Laoghaire.. County Dublin..

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  • Title: Membership Form « Copyright Association of Ireland
    Descriptive info: If you are interested in joining the CAI print out this application form, fill it in and post it, along with the membership fee, to the address provided below.. Membership is on a calendar year basis, i.. Personal details.. Name:.. _______________________________________________________________.. Title:.. Contact details.. Company:.. Address:.. Telephone:.. Fax:.. Email:..  ...   firm or company to send any number of their staff to CAI events and seminars, paying the membership rate, and to one vote at the AGM.. at €95.. Student/Trainee membership.. at €45.. Total fee paid.. €.. _____.. Please return this form along with your fee to:.. 19 Mulgrave Street..

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  • Title: Seminars « Copyright Association of Ireland
    Descriptive info: Forthcoming Seminars/Events.. 30th March 2011 Dublin Chamber of Commerce @ 5.. 30pm.. General Updates.. Recent Developments Seminar 2011.. This Seminar will deal with recent developments in Copyright, Patents and Trademark Law.. Robert Clark, David Brophy and Máire Ní Shúilleabháin will cover topics including the Advocate General’s opinion in Murphy), the SAS Reference, Post Infopaq cases on originality, recent consultations on copyright reform, etc.. A variety of cases from Ireland, the UK, Canada and Australia on originality, database protection, filesharing; The Unitary (Community) Patent: where to now following the ECJ rejection of a new patent court; Developments on claim interpretation.. How does.. Kirin-Amgen.. work in practice? Software patents in the US following the Supreme Court decision in.. Bilski;.. Keyword advertising and trade mark infringement (Google v Louis Vuitton and other related cases); registration of shapes as trade marks (Lego v OHIM).. 30th June 1st July 2011.. ALAI Dublin Study Days.. Past Events.. 2010.. Annual Lecture Exiles and Orphans.. Thursday, 17th June 2010.. Takes a look at the phenomenon of the ‘orphan work’, its exile from mainstream copyright practice and its recent re-emergence on the agenda of copyright reform.. To be delivered by Jeremy Phillips of IP Kat Fame.. 6.. 30 in the Dublin Chamber of Commerce, Clare Street, Dublin 2.. MORE INFORMATION Seminar  ...   Licensing Issues.. 5:30pm.. The Georgian Room, Buswells Hotel, Molesworth Street, Dublin 2.. Design Law Copyright: From Karen Millen.. Wednesday, March 5th 2008.. 2 to 5 pm.. The Aston Suite, Alexander Hotel, Fenian Street, Dublin 2.. 2007.. ANNUAL LECTURE Plagiarist and Prophet: Walter Arthur Copinger and the Anglo-American Copyright Tradition.. 17 December 2007.. To be delivered by Ronan Deazley on Monday 17th December 2007 at 6.. 30 in the Guinea Room, Westin Hotel, College Green, Dublin 2.. Reception afterwards.. ARTIST S RESALE RIGHT SEMINAR.. 15 November 2007.. ARTIST S RESALE RIGHT THE WAY FORWARD! With Simon Stokes, Robert Ballagh and Ian Whyte on Thursday, 15th November 2007, at 6.. 30, in the Georgian Room, Buswells Hotel, Molesworth Street, Dublin 2.. Recent Developments.. 12 June 2007.. Advertising Design.. 9 March 2007.. Intellectual Property – Copyright Issues for the Advertising Design Sector.. Patents (Ammendment) Act 2006.. 6 February 2007.. A joint evening lecture with the Copyright Association to discuss the Patents (Ammendments) Act, 2006.. 2006.. The Value of Commerical Secrets Confidential Information.. 16 May 2007.. THE VALUE OF COMMERCIAL SECRETS CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION.. Annual Lecture SEARCH SIEZE: from Pewter to Piller.. Friday, February 3rd 2006 at 6.. 30.. Alison Firth, Newcastle Law School.. Prof of Commercial Law.. Venue: Georgian Room, Buswells Hotel, Molesworth Street, Dublin 2..

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  • Title: Articles « Copyright Association of Ireland
    Descriptive info: Articles Archive.. Put a price on new and exploit it.. March 24, 2011.. A whole new series of metrics appear by which businesses are valued and judged.. These have turned conventional wisdom on its head.. Now, some of the most sought after shares are those of companies that have lost, and continue to lose, millions of dollars every month from inception.. Many of these concerns have no tangible [.. ].. Read more.. Don´t turn up your nose to a strong identity.. You will remember in an earlier article you read about registering trade marks.. Well let’s take that a stage further and list the sort of things that can be protected by registration.. In addition to names and symbols, slogans, colours, shapes and even smells can be exclusively yours by applying to register them as your [.. Being inventive need not be a taxing matter.. The other side of Intellectual Property (the overall title for such things as trade marks, patents, copyright and design registration)  ...   immediate steps to register them as trade marks.. If they fail to do this they may quickly build up recognition in the minds of consumers which other, more alert, marketeers may exploit.. Registering a domain name does not give proprietary [.. Before you set sail or sale.. As was said in an earlier article, everyone should ensure that the name under which they trade/intend to trade is free for use and, if so, should take steps to register their trade mark.. We now look at the prospect of exporting those goods or services.. Even if expansion into EU countries is not contemplated in [.. Kicking off on the right foot.. Intellectual Property that is trade marks, patents, copyright and design registration.. This is the first in a series of articles that will be of interest to readers thinking of starting a business, already in business, those contemplating exporting and others eyeing the Internet.. They will provide essential guidelines in relation to the many aspects of [..

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  • Title: Links « Copyright Association of Ireland
    Descriptive info: Ireland.. Irish Government Departments.. www.. irlgov.. ie/.. Dept of Enterprise, Jobs and Innovation.. deti.. Irish Statute Book.. irishstatutebook.. Irish Copyright and Related Rights Act 2000.. oireachtas.. ie/documents/bills28/acts/2000/a2800.. pdf.. Irish Patent Office.. patentsoffice.. Registered Patent Agents.. ie/patent-agents-listing.. html.. Registered Trademark Agents.. ie/registered-trademark-agents-in-ireland.. Europe.. EU Copyright Directive.. (PDF).. europa.. eu.. int/eur-lex/pri/en/oj/dat/2001/l_167/l_16720010622en00100019.. (HTML).. int/smartapi/cgi/sga_doc?smartapi!celexapi!prod!CELEXnumdoc lg=EN  ...   org.. Australian Copyright Council.. copyright.. au.. US Copyright Office.. loc.. gov/copyright/.. US Copyright Laws.. gov/copyright/title17/92chap1.. Selected Copyright Decisions of the US Supreme Court.. supct.. law.. cornell.. edu/supct/cases/copyrt.. htm.. World Intellectual Property Organisation.. wipo.. Various International Copyright Treaties.. org/copyright/en/treaties.. UK Patent Office.. patent.. gov.. uk/.. British and Irish Legal Information Institute.. bailii.. org/..

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  • Title: Board of Directors « Copyright Association of Ireland
    Descriptive info: The members of the CAI Board of Directors are:-.. John Cahir.. Chairman.. (A L Goodbody).. Professor Robert Clark (Law Faculty, UCD/Arthur Cox).. Liam Birket Intellectual Property and Business Development Consultant.. Niamh Hall (FR Kelly).. Samantha Holman.. Secretary.. (Irish Copyright Licensing Agency).. Paul Lambert (Merrion Legal, Solicitors).. Linda Scales (Scales Co, Solicitor).. Helen Sheehy -.. Treasurer.. (Sheehy Donnelly Co, Solicitors)..

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  • Title: Put a price on “new” and exploit it « Copyright Association of Ireland
    Descriptive info: Many of these concerns have no tangible properties such as buildings and transport they are purely clicks and mortar.. The catalyst for this change has been the internet.. A classic example being Amazon.. com which now offers for sale almost anything under the sun via the world wide web.. But the past holds many examples of how innovation radically changed how we perceive and utilise that which surrounds us.. In so doing fortunes have been made by those who saw that their time had come and reacted promptly.. Let s go back 100 years.. Thomas Edison, inventor of the electric light bulb, experimented with electricity for many years before the introduction of his product.. He bided his time until the critical mass of urbanisation justified the investment of resources and provided the consumer market on which to capitalise.. A  ...   1928 and within a few years 80% of bread sold in the United States was pre-sliced.. However poor old Otto died in 1960 without realising a fortune.. In 1904, New Yorker, Thomas Sullivan (he s got to have Irish connections) to save money on the tin boxes needed to send out his tea samples, used tiny silk sacks instead.. His customers (probably not Irish) put these bags into the tea pot and, unwittingly, invented the tea bag!.. A secretary, in an effort to cover up her typing errors, took to using a tab of white paint.. With a little help from her friends she perfected this somewhat and marketed it as Liquid Paper, selling it in some 30 countries.. In the late 1900s she sold out to Gillette and was worth more than $50 million and continued.. Previous Post..

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