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  • Title: CRX Kenpo - Kenpo Karate, Dublin, Ireland
    Descriptive info: .. What is Kenpo.. Ed Parker's American Kenpo.. CRX Class Format.. Kenpo Syllabus.. Damien Keogh.. Ian Pettitt.. Hugh McCallum.. Kenpo Self Defence.. Photos.. Movies.. Art Work.. Kenpo.. Self Defence.. Safety Security.. Kenpo is a dynamic martial art whose influence runs deep in the modern world and as Kenpo itself continues to evolve we at  ...   today.. Classes are held in the Sports Complex of.. St.. Benildus College.. , Upper Kilmacud Road, Stillorgan, Dublin 14, Ireland.. Seniors: Monday Thursday 8:00 - 10:00pm.. Juniors: Thursdays 6:00 – 7:00pm.. Advanced: Saturdays 11:00am - 12:30pm.. Building Confidence Through Real World Self Defence.. CRX Kenpo 2010.. Home.. |.. Contact us.. Site Map.. Design by LX..

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  • Title: CRX Kenpo - Contacts
    Descriptive info: crxkenpo@gmail.. com.. +353 (0)85 7342724.. St Benildus School Gym.. Upper Kilmacud Road.. Stillorgan.. Dublin 14.. Ireland..

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  • Title: CRX Kenpo - What is Kenpo?
    Descriptive info: What is Kenpo at CRX?.. Kenpo is a dynamic martial art whose influence runs deep in the modern world.. From China to the U.. S.. A.. , Kenpo has been there to answer the demands of the day.. Ed Parker initiated the path of Kenpo which we now follow.. He dedicated his life to its research and development, fusing elements from the ancient, distilling the knowledge of many nations and binding them together with hard-nosed common sense learnt on the  ...   what any one man says it is.. The language of motion once enunciated is the way of the fighter and each student must learn to speak with their own voice.. The focus at.. CRX Kenpo.. is self-defence appropriate to our modern environment but we will not limit your potential.. The strength required to stand alone in combat does not derive from mere mechanics, at CRX we want you to make friendships and learn skills that will serve you for a lifetime..

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  • Title: CRX Kenpo - Ed Parker's American Kenpo
    Descriptive info: Edmund K.. Parker founded his first Kenpo studio in the U.. in the early 1950’s.. A student of several martial disciplines Ed Parker fell in love with Kenpo whilst studying in Hawaii under William Chow.. Here he was exposed to a Japanese interpretation of the Chinese art.. Soon after Ed had moved to Los Angeles however he began to make Kenpo his own.. The martial arts at this time were gaining tremendous popularity.. Indeed Ed added the moniker Karate in the marketing of his art but Kenpo was in fact set to change things.. Parker immersed himself in all the fighting styles he could find and surrounded himself with a circle of like-minded associates with but one aim in mind – to develop Kenpo into the most relevant and effective fighting art the world had yet seen.. In Los Angeles he worked with the police department researching violence and crimes against the person.. His major innovation at this time was to use proper academic standards to quantify his results and his conclusions.. Hearsay and tradition went by the by as Ed began to merge both a common sense approach to self-defence and a systematic and methodological approach to the structure of a full-blood martial art.. Senior Grand Master Ed  ...   were to become Europe’s first Kenpo blackbelts.. Over the years this new system was tested by Ed Parker’s students and friends both in peacetime and in war.. There were several variations imposed by Mr.. Parker during his lifetime and numerous schools which branched off into different lines of research with his blessing.. Parker died in Honolulu in 1990.. He has left behind him Kenpo - a powerful and explosive art matured to serve the fighter of today.. With typical self-deprecating wit Ed Parker wrote the following in one of his Infinite Insights books regarding the future of the art:.. “When I am gone, I hope that people won't try to traditionalise my Art.. I want you to always remember that Kenpo will always be the Art of Perpetual Change.. If you remember this, then the Art will never become obsolete because it will change with the times.. While the ignorant refuse to study and the intelligent never stop, we should always be mindful of the fact that our reward in life is proportionate with the contributions we make.. A true Martial Artist is not one who fears change, but one who causes it to happen.. To live is to change, and to obtain perfection is to have changed often..

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  • Title: CRX Kenpo - CRX Kenpo Class Format
    Descriptive info: What happens in a class?.. Each class is different but they will always include certain elements.. Firstly there is no reason for you to feel threatened in any way.. Women tend to fear bruises and men may fear a bruised ego, just put all that behind you.. Classes will be dynamic, you will not be left standing about.. During the warm up we will look at some Basics.. These are the backbone of Kenpo.. Next we will learn to apply these basics on pads and bags.. We’ll use drills to examine some particular aspect of Kenpo – often these will deal with some question that a student has posed in a  ...   Forms, these are the encyclopaedias of Kenpo which help the student understand movement and discover the true source of speed, grace and power in their own bodies.. Next we might put on our gloves and learn how to spar.. This builds your ability to react above all and it’s the most intense form of exercise you’ll find.. Then we’ll begin work on our self defence techniques.. These are the teeth of the system and will take up most of your time and attention.. We will put these techniques in a context and demonstrate how they will work for you.. For a closer look at a typical medium level class,.. click here..

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  • Title: CRX Kenpo - Syllabus
    Descriptive info: Delayed Sword.. Checking the storm.. Alternating Maces.. Mace of aggression.. Sword of Destruction.. Attacking Mace.. Deflecting Mammer.. Sword and Hammer.. Captured Twigs.. Grasp of Death.. Blocking set 1.. Short form 1.. (optional).. Aggressive Twins.. Intellectual Departure.. Spreading the Branch.. Clutching Feathers.. Glancing Salute.. Triggered Salute.. Five Swords.. Dance of Death.. Scraping Hoof.. Thrusting Salute.. Grip of Death.. Gift of Destruction.. Repeating Mace.. Locking Horns.. Shielding Hammer.. Evading the Storm.. Striking Serpents Head.. Lone Kimono.. Crashing Wings.. Kicking Set.. 1.. Long Form.. Twirling Wings.. Reversing Mace.. Snapping Twigs.. Thrusting Prongs.. Leaping Crane.. Locked Wing.. Buckilng Branch.. Obscure Wing.. Crushing Hammer.. Raining Claw.. Captured Leaves.. Spiralling Twig.. Calming the Storm.. Twisted Twig.. Crossing Talon.. Obscure Sword.. Stance Set.. Co-Ord Set 1.. Short form.. Own Form 5.. Twin Kimono.. Hooking Wings.. Parting Wings.. Shield and Sword.. Thundering Hammers.. Gift in Return.. Swinging Pendulum.. Bow of Complusion.. Squeezing the Peach.. Charging Ram.. Circling Wing.. Sleeper.. Obstructing the Storm.. Cross of Destruction.. Darting Mace.. Flight to Freedom.. Finger Set.. Strike Set.. Long Form.. 2.. Own Form.. 10.. Begging Hands.. Snaking Talon.. Thrusting Wedge.. Shield and mace.. Flashing Wings.. Repeating Pendulum.. Hugging Pendulum.. Tripping Arrow..  ...   Gathering Clouds.. Obscure Claws.. Blocking Set 2.. Stance Set 2.. Long Form 3.. Own Form 20.. (ii).. Menacing Twirl.. Twirling Sacrifice.. Leap from Danger.. Heavenly Ascent.. Circles of Protection.. Securing the Storm.. Rotating Destruction.. Falling Falcon.. Broken Gift.. Taming the Mace.. Escape from Death.. Defensive Cross.. Capturing the Storm.. Cross of Death.. Intercepting the Ram.. Knee of Compulsion.. Back Breaker.. Bowing to Buddha.. Deceptive Panther.. Glancing Wing.. Staff Form.. 20.. (iii).. Fatal Cross.. Reversing Circles.. Thrust into Darkness.. Courting the Tiger.. Circling Fans.. Gathering of the Snakes.. Dance of Darkness.. Raining Lance.. Falcons of Force.. Destructive Fans.. Bear and the Ram.. Unfurling Crane.. Clipping the Storm.. Unwinding Pendulum.. Circling Windmills.. Grasping Eagles.. Leap of Death.. Parting the Snakes.. Protecting Fans.. Glancing Lance.. Strike Set.. 4.. Destructive Knee.. Reprimanding the Bears.. Entwined Maces.. Circling the Storm.. Marriage of the Rams.. Entwined Laces.. The Ram and the Eagle.. Broken Rod.. Escape from the Storm.. Twirling Hammers.. Thrusting Lance.. Piercing Lance.. Capturing the Rod.. Unfold the Dark.. Prance of the Tiger.. Defying the Rod.. Fatal Deviation.. Escape from Darkness.. Snakes of Wisdom.. Twisted Rod.. Finger Set.. Club Set.. Two Man.. Form.. Own Form..

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  • Title: CRX Kenpo - Instructor - Damien Keogh
    Descriptive info: Damien Keogh.. 2nd Degree Black Belt – CRX Kenpo Head Instructor.. First started Kenpo in 1996.. Graded to black belt level under the International Kenpo Karate Association (IKKA).. Approximately eight years accumulative teaching experience.. In 2002 qualified for 1st Degree Black Belt in Dublin.. (Panel headed by Michael Reilly, Lorcan Carey and John Ward).. In 2006 qualified for 2nd Degree Black Belt in Utrecht the Netherlands at the IKC Championships (Panel headed by Roy McDonald).. Participated in many national and international Martial Arts workshops.. Current mentor is Professor Edward Downey, 7th Degree Black Belt of the European Kenpo Karate Association (EKKA).. Basic First Aid Certified.. “Kenpo is a  ...   into a tangible skill set that will benefit the student for his or her lifetime is one of the primary responsibilities of the instructor.. Good quality focused instruction is what distinguishes Martial Arts clubs.. Whilst many styles and systems teach how to kick, punch and block, at CRX we endeavour to engage our students in self defence study to develop an awareness of danger and thereby avoid it.. Should they meet action, our students have developed a language of motion that translates to a solid fighting art.. ”.. Employed as a post doctorate research scientist at a Dublin based research centre.. Keen interest in sports, movies and travelling..

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  • Title: CRX Kenpo - Instructor - Ian Pettitt
    Descriptive info: Ian Pettitt.. 1st Degree Black Belt – CRX Kenpo Lead Instructor.. First started Kenpo in 1999.. Approximately four years accumulative teaching experience.. In 2006 qualified for 1st Degree Black Belt in Dublin (Panel headed by Michael Reilly and Lorcan Carey).. “Fighting systems operate in a constant flux of refinement and elaboration.. As one instructor simplifies a technique to make it more combat effective, somewhere else another student is adding complexity to the move for the same reason.. Modern Kenpo sets out to teach a full, unabridged language of motion, and because of this, Kenpo has maintained its potential  ...   influences from other arts, but moreover they must have a clear and stated goal.. Without a realistic focus on fighting the Kenpo system quickly unravels.. I won’t have students waste their time learning techniques that they are unable to put into effect.. The underlying structures of Kenpo are simple and intuitive, and it is these that require initial emphasis.. Ultimately, Kenpo maintains the option to change that some other modern self-defence systems have thrown away.. If modern Kenpo is more demanding than other systems, it gives back far more than it takes.. ”.. Background in Archaeology, Languages and Art..

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  • Title: CRX Kenpo - Instructor - Hugh McCallum
    Descriptive info: Hugh McCallum.. CRX Kenpo Assistant Instructor.. First started Kenpo in 2004 after studying Kung Fu and Muay Thai for many years.. Graded under the International Kenpo Karate Association (IKKA).. Teaches self defence awareness program at CRX Kenpo.. Formerly served 8 years on the South African Police Force.. Mentors are CRX instructors Damien Keogh and Ian Pettitt.. “Martial Art systems focus primarily on developing a technical skill for sporting applications, or for use in self defence.. But technical skills without a prepared mind will only get you so far.. At CRX Kenpo we teach our students  ...   South Africa as a police officer has been married to the Kenpo syllabus at CRX.. Here, we prepare the individual for the sheer aggression of a fight, for the shock of the adrenaline rush, and to anticipate or avoid action.. Kenpo provides the practical answers to threatening situations; however, it is a strong mental attitude combined with the knowledge of how to avoid dangerous situations that often are the best defensive skills.. Director in a leading Consulting firm.. Married with three children.. Keen interest in enjoying life and having fun.. Enjoys watching UFC (MMA), rugby hurling..

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  • Title: CRX Kenpo - Self Defence - Kenpo
    Descriptive info: What keeps trained martial artists awake at night are situations like the following.. Meet Mary, she works hard in her Kenpo class and has earned the respect of her fellow students.. She knows her stuff, is quick thinking and understands the physical imperatives of a fight.. However this evening Mary finds herself faced with a situation that she has not experienced before.. The man in front of her is not threatening her exactly.. He’s just standing there but he won’t go away.. With Mary is her best friend Sue.. The latter is happy to joke with the man but Mary has a bad feeling.. She starts to observe her environment.. It is later than she had realised and the streets have begun to empty.. Who is this guy? Sometimes the more harm someone intends you the more harmless they pretend to be.. She’d like to take the initiative but she doesn’t want to escalate the problem.. If she insults him he might get angry, right? She doesn’t want to get into trouble.. And if the man is no stranger to crime, when challenged he will make sure to tell her so.. Even the thought of serious and plausible threats directed at you can be frightening.. In principle the girls could make a run for it but Sue isn’t prepared for that.. Mary takes her friend by the arm and tries to leave but there is a parked car blocking their path.. The man starts to get insistent and Mary watches as he puts his hand in his pocket.. Adrenalin begins to push into her bloodstream.. It increases her muscles ability to act but makes her feel weak.. In apprehension Mary’s brain has already started reapportioning priorities in her cortex.. This is why when Mary starts to speak she finds it difficult to think of what to say.. She is aware of somebody getting out of a car in front yet she finds herself unable to look at them because her attention is inextricably locked on the angry man in front.. She knows that if he draws an edged weapon then their chance of escape will  ...   already been studying the tactical situation.. She has been judging her position relative to her opponent.. Her base response and its variables have been catalogued in her mind through careful repetition.. Complex martial training fails under combat conditions as peoples’ brains can simply seize up.. Whilst there seem to be a multitude of techniques in the Kenpo system really there are only a handful.. Like letters in an alphabet many words can be made from a few simple elements.. In this way Mary has been trained for fluency not complexity.. Unnoticed Mary has positioned herself in a pre-fight stance.. She will need a stable base to take action from.. Wrestling on the ground is the fashion in sports fighting but it is a highly unsuitable tactic for a street fight.. Mary knows that she must divert the man’s attack then stop any further action.. Time will slow down as her brain increases it’s activity but Mary’s perception of time is also changed by her training allowing her to anticipate and cut off her attacker’s advances.. She will most likely stop him by causing him pain, by knocking the air out of his lungs or by literally shaking his brain.. A front snap kick to her attackers groin causes him to flinch and drop his hands.. Mary salutes him with a palm strike to his now unprotected nose.. These are the natural actions and reactions that Kenpo utilises.. Moreover Mary understands how to use her body dynamically.. She isn’t reliant on her muscles for power and she is not left pounding repetitively at her oversized opponent.. She knows how to torque her whole body into a target.. She forms her weapons to fit their target and uses striking patterns that leave no room and no time for her attacker to regain an initiative.. Ironically, the better trained she is the less damage she will need to inflict as she manipulates her attacker.. Of course the psychological distress of a violent encounter can linger longer than any bruises but thankfully her training has given Mary an understanding of these events and the confidence to keep moving forward..

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  • Title: CRX Kenpo - Photos
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