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  • Title: Citywise: after-school and out-of-school educational support
    Descriptive info: .. Welcome to Citywise.. About.. Blog.. Contact.. Home.. About Citywise.. Our Programmes.. Aims Objectives.. Volunteering.. Sponsoring.. Latest News.. Leap Day photos now up on.. Facebook.. Thanks for all the support, we raised 4800 on the night.. Citywise began in 1991.. It provides young people with after-school and out-of-school educational support, often urgently needed by those growing up in difficult or hostile  ...   give them an enthusiasm for learning and open up possibilities for further education.. "Volunteering with Citywise has helped to make me".. - Sean Preston.. Learn more.. Sponsorship.. "Citywise provide an invaluable bridge between the educational and social requirements of many bright and capable young adults.. ".. - Fergus Gloster.. Founder, Thomond Technology.. Phone: 01 404 9736 | CYH:11225 |.. Contact Us..

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  • Title: About Citywise
    Descriptive info: Who we are.. Citywise is a not-for-profit organisation which was set up to run education, sporting and personal development programmes.. It began in 1991 in Dublin as a response to educational under-achievement of young people living in difficult city backgrounds and was formally established in 1994.. Over the past fifteen years it has gradually developed a range of supports for young people in Southhill, Limerick; in Ballymun, in Jobstown, in Ballynacargy, Westmeath and in Belfast.. Our Development.. In 2005, Citywise opened a 1,500 sq m purpose built education and outdoor centre in Jobstown to serve the education, social and personal development needs of young people, especially those in their teenage years in West Tallaght.. This achievement was the result of focussed hard work over a ten year period in the area.. Over 300 young people, ranging from highly alienated youth to local young people with third level aspirations, use the centre activities regularly, the limitation of their involvement impeded only by  ...   an independent company in West Tallaght to run this centre (The Durkan Centre).. There are also Citywise activities elsewhere.. Currently In Ballymun Citywise is working with the Plough Club in developing a new centre along the lines of that in West Tallaght.. In other areas (Belfast, Ballynacargy, Limerick) activities take place in rented premises and depend almost totally on volunteer input.. What we give.. Academic work is the focal point of Citywise programmes.. Young people learn to work hard, acquire study habits and develop their academic ambition.. Recognising the threat that drugs, gangs and crime present to a youngster’s future, Citywise gives importance to personal development.. Achievement cannot be separated from character.. Citywise emphasises the importance of character development, personal qualities and the need for each young person to serve society.. Students learn that there is always someone else who is more needy than themselves.. Families play a crucial role in a child’s education.. Citywise looks for a strong commitment from parents..

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  • Title: Sponsoring Citywise
    Descriptive info: Sponsoring Citywise.. Get in touch with us here at Citywise.. First Name:.. Last Name:.. Email:.. Comments:.. Citywise Contact Details.. Citywise Education,.. Durkan Centre,.. Fortunestown Way,.. Jobstown,.. Dublin 24.. Tel: 01 404 9736 | E Mail: info [at] citywise.. ie..

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  • Title: Our Programmes
    Descriptive info: Citywise Midschool.. full-time education programme for young people aged 12 to 15 years who are outside the formal school system.. This is run in Jobstown, Tallaght.. Learn more about Citywise Midschool.. Citywise afterschool education programmes.. Involving academic work, sport, and youth club activities.. These include Junior Senior Fast Track, programmes to encourage third level participation.. These take place at varying levels in all centres.. Learn more about Citywise afterschool education programmes.. Citywise summer educational programmes.. Full-time education and sports programmes held throughout the summer months to provide practical, useful and interesting pastimes for local youth, while maintaining a focus on personal development.. Again these usually take place at all Citywise locations.. Learn more about Citywise summer educational programmes.. Midschool.. Young people living in disadvantaged communities who are out of school for any appreciable length of time are highly likely to become involved in anti-social behaviour or criminal behaviour, and to further alienate themselves from normal society.. Midschool aims to break the spiral of disaffection in the lives of such young people through the provision of formal support, built around the need for education, for those young people who are not easily integrated into the school system.. To this end, it provides full-time educational support to non-schoolgoers throughout the academic year, seeking to raise their.. educational and personal standards and, where feasible, reintegrate them into the formal education system.. In general, this means providing an as near to possible full-time school experience, together with personal and social supports, bearing in mind the circumstances of those enrolled and  ...   the possibility of returning to formal school, to reduce involvement of non-schoolgoers in risk behaviours and in anti-social activity and to help raise levels of employability.. provide advice and support and ongoing help so that the young person can take the next vocational or educational step with confidence.. Afterschool programmes.. A mixture of homework help, social support with sports and outdoor activities to encourage young people to take schooling seriously.. Citywise clubs.. Practise, tuition and training in sports or other activities to help develop skills to a high level.. Current clubs include Music Club (bodhran, tin-whistle, guitar and accordion); Canoe Club; Karate Club; Soccer club; Basketball Club; Snooker Club; Table tennis club.. Leadership Training.. A training programme in leadership for members aged 15 years +.. As part of this programme many young people take part in the Gaisce/President’s Award —a national award at three levels (bronze, silver and gold) for undertaking challenges in a range of areas over one or two years.. School Fun Days.. In conjunction with local primary schools Citywise Education holds seven School Fun days each year.. CDI Doodle Den.. In partnership with West Tallaght CDI, Citywise Education hosts five intensive literacy programmes for over 60 young children (aged 5/6 years) in the west Tallaght area.. These programmes commenced in September 2008 and run throughout the school year.. Summer programmes.. Every summer a range of week-long programmes, including occasional overnight trips, are held to cater for a wide membership and their friends.. These programmes are held at all Citywise and Citywise Education locations..

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  • Title: Aims & Objectives
    Descriptive info: Aims And Objectives.. Citywise Education is a voluntary organisation providing educational support to young people living in disadvantaged community environments.. Recognising the lead role of schools in cognitive learning, Citywise Education supports that work while paying attention to other aspects of education including the emotional, social and personal development of the whole person.. The following strategies currently underpin and shape Citywise Education's work.. Citywise Education programmes operate in recognised areas of high disadvantage of West Tallaght and are open to all young people in the area.. Citywise Education recognises the under-provision of support for young people, especially those in adolescent years.. It directs it resources to boys and girls aged ten years and over with a view to maintaining ongoing contact with these youth at least until they access employment.. Appreciating the negative societal impact of disaffected young males and their capacity for at-risk behaviours, Citywise Education seeks to direct increasing resources to this group.. In particular, Citywise Midschool programmes are targeted at young school non-attenders and seek to help them develop emotional literacy, social skills, including values development, and educational skills necessary to take control of their lives within society.. In order to emphasise the importance of schooling, all Citywise Education programmes contain an academic content.. Citywise Education also places emphasis on developing sporting and outdoor interests among its members.. The Midschool and Fast Track programmes have a strong educational  ...   the attention given to the social and moral development of all participants.. Citywise Education accepts that professional endeavours to change behaviour of young people in difficult environments can suffer from being too transitory.. It therefore places emphasis on:.. maintaining a person s involvement in a programme over time.. establishing peer support groups among those enrolled.. leaders / staff establishing positive relationships with the young people enrolled.. year round contact with young people.. introducing leaders from outside the community who can empathise with youth in their care.. growing local leaders within the community.. encouraging members to take more responsibility for the programmes in which they participate.. Citywise Education recognises the primary role of parents in the upbringing of children and through ongoing communication seeks to assist them in that task.. Citywise works in collaboration with other agencies (especially schools) in seeking to address the needs of children.. The general under-resourcing of Citywise Education programmes puts extra pressure on staff and volunteers alike.. Insofar as this may negatively affects co-operative work with other agencies, Citywise Education will give primary attention to interaction with local schools.. Citywise Education members should not perceive themselves as being recipients of charity nor see Citywise Education in a negative light.. Citywise staff and volunteers simply share with others the fruits of their educational gains.. All Citywise Education members are asked to pay a nominal fee to attend programmes..

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  • Title: Volunteering
    Descriptive info: Learn more about volunteering for Citywise.. Citywise and Volunteering.. The success of Citywise is due to its remarkable volunteers, local leaders, third-level students and young graduates.. Citywise asks them to give their time and talents: in teaching, coaching and supervising activities.. Volunteers also act as tutors, friends and role models for the Citywise students they serve: personal attention ensuring personal development.. Their effectiveness is enhanced through operating separate programmes for boys and girls.. What we provide.. Help with homework, literacy programmes.. Classes to non-schoolgoing youth.. Support classes (up to Leaving Cert level) to schoolgoers.. Sports, outdoor activities (hiking, canoeing, orienteering cycling).. Craft art activities, computer work.. A positive supportive environment which encourages learning.. What you can do.. Volunteer your time to become involved in one of the  ...   involvement.. Help students on a one-to-one basis.. Use a talent to help in a Citywise activity: computers, canoeing, soccer, whatever.. Help with a fundraising activity: coffee morning, sponsored walk, Christmas fundraising.. Co-ordinate a group of volunteers from your university / firm.. What you require.. Young (or just young at heart), flexible, enthusiastic, have a skill to offer.. Ready to make a clear regular commitment from an hour / month upwards.. Ready to attend some basic training.. Complete an application form and provide references.. What is in it for you.. A sense of accomplishment.. Useful training.. Invaluable experience.. A worthwhile addition to your CV.. The next step.. Complete a Volunteer Expression of Interest Form.. and email or post it to us.. Invite Citywise to meet your Human Resources Manager..

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  • Title: Sponsoring
    Descriptive info: Each year Citywise and Citywise Education depend to a large extent on the private sector to fund programmes.. For businesses which wish to contribute towards educational advancement in local communities, Citywise is a most worthy cause.. Find out more about Sponsoring Citywise.. Company:.. Phone:.. Citywise provide an invaluable bridge between the educational and social requirements of many bright and capable young adults.. The various programmes enable industry to  ...   is delighted to be associated with this incredible project.. - Fergus Gloster.. Senior Vice President Corporate Sales, Salesforce.. com EMEA.. Citywise is a non-profit-making company limited by guarantee and is a registered charity (CHY 11225).. Citywise is a registered charity for tax benefit purposes.. All support received is acknowledged on receipt.. Sponsors are publicly acknowledged, unless otherwise requested.. Copies of annual accounts are available to sponsors on request..

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  • Title: Blog
    Descriptive info: The Citywise blog.. Boys Camp Week 2 begins!.. By.. Christopher.. |.. Published.. July 23, 2012.. Daniel and Eoghan on the ball.. At the beginning of the second week of boys camps, the sun is shining and all the lads are limbering up for some quality Basketball and Tag Rugby games.. It a good start to what will be a great week!.. Don t forget to follow us on Facebook:.. Click Here -.. www.. facebook.. com/CitywiseEducation.. Shane and Evan enjoying the sunshine!.. Posted in.. Summer Camps 2012.. Leave a comment.. Boys camp Beach Trip.. July 17, 2012.. Lucky with the weather.. 17/07/12.. Today the boys sport and adventure camp have headed off to Portmarnock Beach for a swim and some seaside games.. So far, the weather has been nice and the water cold! Just the way we like it.. Lets hope the rest of the week is nice as well.. The Really Great Citywise Draw.. markhamilton.. June 21, 2012.. Citywise is launching its Really Great Citywise Draw during the summer months, with the first draw taking place in late September.. The purpose of the Draw is  ...   are as follows.. We look forward to seeing our supporters and volunteers at one of these meetings.. If you can help with the online promotion of the Draw please email info@citywise.. ie and let us know as well.. Meeting dates and times.. Wednesday 4th July at 5pm.. Thursday 5th July at 6 pm.. Monday 9th July at 7 pm.. Tuesday 10th July at 5 pm.. Citywise Draw.. Intermediate Fast Track Summer Camp.. June 13, 2012.. Today the IFT summer camp group got the opportunity to travel by boat out to Irelands Eye, off the coast of Howth.. It was a fabulous experience and a really memorable day for all the lads involved!.. After being attacked by a flock of seagulls the size of badgers we spent some time exploring the ruins on the island, including an old church and the Mortello Tower used to protect the Harbour against invasion.. C.. Hello world!.. citywise.. May 28, 2012.. Welcome to our Blog! Please check back soon to stay up to date about Citywise.. Uncategorized.. Tagged.. test.. |.. Search for:.. Categories.. Archives.. July 2012.. June 2012.. May 2012..

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  • Title: Volunteer with Citywise
    Descriptive info: Volunteer with Citywise.. "Being able to share a skill or impart some knowledge is great for both the volunteer and the child.. Codie Preston, student teacher.. Age:.. Are you at:.. Work.. College.. School.. What is your interest in Citywise?.. What do you feel you can offer?.. Have you any previous volunteer experience?.. I am a retired civil servant who is fortunate to spend a few hours each week at Citywise.. I feel assured each day that I am watching  ...   a small part in this priceless enterprise.. - John Magee.. As a volunteer I am glad to be part of something so special.. - Ravin Mathoora, Xilink.. I came to get some experience in teaching.. Now, I believe I don t need to go to college at all.. - Student volunteer.. My experience has helped me realise that no everyone is as lucky as I am, but also that I can do something about it.. - Transition Year volunteer..

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  • Title: Boys Camp Week 2 begins!
    Descriptive info: Categories:.. You can.. leave a comment.. Post a Comment.. Click here to cancel reply.. Your email is.. never.. published nor shared.. Required fields are marked.. *.. Name.. Email.. Website.. Comment..

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  • Title: Christopher | Citywise Education
    Descriptive info: Author Archives:.. It a good start to what will be a great week! Don t forget to follow us on Facebook: Click Here - www.. com/CitywiseEducation.. 17/07/12 Today the boys sport and adventure camp have headed off to Portmarnock Beach for a swim and some seaside games.. So far, the  ...   way we like it Lets hope the rest of the week is nice as well.. It was a fabulous experience and a really memorable day for all the lads involved! After being attacked by a flock of seagulls the size of badgers we spent some time exploring the [.. ]..

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