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  • Title: Cater Care
    Descriptive info: .. CaterCare.. Search.. Main menu.. Skip to primary content.. Skip to secondary content.. Home.. HACCP.. Free HACCP Signage.. HACCP Auditing Implementation.. Testimonials.. Consultancy.. Courses.. Customer Care.. Market Research.. Customer Surveys.. Focus Groups.. Profiling Surveys.. Mystery Shopping/Dining.. DIY Training Course.. EHOA Primary Course in Food Safety.. Training Schdule 2012/13.. In House Basic Food Hygiene Level 1.. Manual Handling.. Gallery.. Contact Us.. FAQ.. Job Opportunities.. News.. Links.. Terms Of Use.. Privacy Statement.. Training.. Auditing.. Welcome to the Cater Care Ltd website where HACCP and Food Safety are made simple.. Cater Care will provide your company with a one stop solution for all areas of HACCP and Food Safety.. Offering ongoing, accredited, public  ...   Business Food Safety Compliant.. Training Calendar 2012/13.. Latest news.. Proper Handwashing is Essential!.. Coming Soon! POLSKI Food Safety Course.. NEW! Manual Handling Course.. Foodies Expo.. Food Labelling Rules to Change!.. Upcoming Events.. Jul.. 4.. Wed.. 9:00 am.. FSPA Fetac Level 5 Food Safety Haccp DUBLIN.. 10.. Tue.. 8:30 am.. FSPA, Fetac Level 5 Food Safety HACCP LIMERICK.. Aug.. 7.. FSPA, Food Hygiene FETAC Level 4 LIMERICK.. 15.. 2:00 pm.. Manual Handling Training LIMERICK.. 28.. Sep.. 11.. EHOA Primary Course in Food Safety LIMERICK.. View Calendar ».. ✔ Subscribe.. Add to Google.. Cater Care Ltd 2012, 37 Lord Edward Street, Limerick , +353 61 469008, info@catercare.. ie.. Proudly powered by WordPress..

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  • Title: HACCP | CaterCare
    Descriptive info: What is HACCP?.. Cater Care Ltd offer a range of services in the areas of HACCP, Food Safety, Consultancy and Training to ensure your business in fully compliant with the standards set out by the Environmental Health Officers Association.. These include Risk Assessment, HACCP Auditing, Maintenance, Management, Public Private Training Programmes Mentoring.. Call us today on 061 469008 if you feel we could help you..

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  • Title: Free HACCP Signage | CaterCare
    Descriptive info: CATERING MANAGERS OFFICE.. pdf.. Date:.. November 3, 2011.. 68.. 5 KiB.. 115 Downloads.. Details.. Cold Room - Bread Only.. 21.. 3 KiB.. 84 Downloads.. Cold Room - Cooked FOOD Only.. 89 Downloads.. Cold Room - Cooked Meat Only.. 22.. 81 Downloads.. Cold Room - Cooked Sauces Only.. 19.. 2 KiB.. 53 Downloads.. Cold Room - DAIRY PRODUCTS Only.. 64 Downloads.. Cold Room - Desserts Only.. 56 Downloads.. Cold Room - Fish.. 35.. 4 KiB.. 54 Downloads.. Cold Room - Raw FOOD Only.. 26.. Cold Room - Raw Meat Only.. 24.. 7 KiB.. 63 Downloads.. Cold Room - Salads Only.. 23.. 6 KiB.. 50 Downloads.. Cold Room - Soup And Sauces Only.. Cold Room - Soup and Sauces Only.. 43 Downloads.. Cold Room - Vegetables Only.. COLOUR CODING.. 32.. 85 Downloads.. Female-male Toilet.. female-male toilet.. 34.. 67 Downloads.. Fight Germs Sign.. Hand Wash.. November 1, 2011.. 151.. 108 Downloads.. FLOUR BIN.. 92.. 55 Downloads.. Fridges - Cooked Meat.. 54.. 61 Downloads.. Fridges - Dairy.. 8 KiB.. Fridges - Dessert.. 60.. 1 KiB.. 47 Downloads.. Fridges - Fish.. 62.. 40 Downloads.. Fridges - Raw Meat.. 57.. 51 Downloads.. Fridges - Salad.. 81.. 46 Downloads.. Fridges  ...   Raw Meat Only.. 49.. 9 KiB.. Sinks - Drinking Tap Only.. 0 KiB.. Sinks - Hand Wash Sink 2.. 52.. Sinks - Mussel Wash Only.. 37.. Sinks - Pot Wash Utensil Only.. 66.. Sinks - Pot Wash Only.. 56.. 42 Downloads.. Sinks - Prepared Vegetables Sink Only.. 43.. Sinks - Utensil Wash Only.. 59.. Sinks - Vegetables Sink Only.. 42.. 48 Downloads.. SUGAR BIN.. VISITOR COATS MOB CAPS.. WASTE PAPER BIN ONLY.. 48.. Zoning - Root Vegetables Prep.. 0 Downloads.. Zoning - Catering Staff Only.. 40.. Zoning - Chemical Stores.. Zoning - Chemical stores.. Zoning - Clay Veg (Brown).. Zoning - Clay veg (Brown).. 99.. Zoning - Cleaning Materials.. 46.. 92 Downloads.. Zoning - Cooked Meat Area Only.. Zoning - Dairy Cold Room Only - A5.. 50.. Zoning - Dry Goods.. Zoning - Fish Area.. 63.. Zoning - Goods Delivery Area.. Zoning - Kitchen Staff only.. Zoning - Kitchen Staff Only.. Zoning - Long Grain Rice.. 88.. Zoning - Pastry Only.. Zoning - Pot Wash Area.. Zoning - Private Staff Only.. Zoning - Salad Area.. Zoning -Salad Area.. Zoning - Sandwiches.. Zoning - Sandwiches.. Zoning - Staff Toilet.. Zoning- Dairy Products Only.. 61..

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  • Title: HACCP Auditing & Implementation | CaterCare
    Descriptive info: Once you have your food safety system in place, let s keep it in place.. We provide an independent auditing service to assist you in keeping your system up to date, maintained and ready to meet the challenges of current legislation and standards.. Once your system is up and running it is still recommended that you will need to be audited at a minimum of every:.. Three months if you serve 200 or more meals per day.. Six months if you serve less than 200 meals per day.. The benefits of these audits are:.. Any areas in need of attention will be highlighted.. Corrective actions can be formulated to update your system.. Your HACCP system will be able to fully meet any changes in legislation.. Your customers will know that they are in an establishment which is putting their needs first.. You will have peace of mind in the knowledge that your business  ...   Pest Control.. Internal Monitoring System.. Premises and Facilities.. Implementing your HACCP System.. Cater Care will visit your operation and this call is referred to as the ’Initial Audit’.. This visit is complementary and is conducted to evaluate exactly what you need from us in order to bring your ‘Food Safety System’ up to speed.. Your system will then be tailored to the resources and staff available therefore allowing your focus to remain on your Food Production Service.. An operational plan will be drafted with guidelines and documentation to facilitate the implementation of the HACCP System tailored to your specific needs.. Once your system is implemented your processes will be continually monitored and maintained to assist you with your HACCP System.. Training by our team of highly experienced trainers is also provided and this focuses on maintaining the HACCP system.. Call or email us now for individual quotations and advice.. brid.. fox@catercare.. or 061 469008..

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  • Title: Testimonials | CaterCare
    Descriptive info: Insomnia have been working with Cater Care for a number of years.. Cater Care have been instrumental in developing our Company health and safety plan and we have found them to be a progressive and innovative Company who work closely with all our managers.. Through a managed mystery shopper program Cater Care have helped Insomnia to improve and benchmark customer trends in our business.. Cater Care have shown through their professionalism that they have a real understanding of our business.. Bobby Kerr, CEO, Insomnia Coffee Company.. “Brid Fox is a true professional.. She is in full command of her subject as a consultant to the industry and has built a team and a reputation at Cater Care second to none in the Catering Industry in Ireland.. I, and all at Carambola cannot recommend her or Cater Care more highly.. ”.. Colm O Brien, Carambola Kidz Limerick.. “I have to say I’ve never looked back since the day I called Cater Care.. Its great how it motivates my staff and I when we get good feed back from them.. Cathy Melia, Waterfront Hotel, Salthill, Galway.. Running any small business you need key partners your Banker, Accountant usually a treasured Mentor.. Running a Food Business there is one additional key player, your HACCP and Food Hygiene Management Partner.. In our case at O Connells in Ballsbridge, Brid Fox and her team at Catercare have  ...   the company to implement our Mystery Shopper programme and have been delighted with the results.. Brian Goff , Managing Director, Le Croissanterie.. “The rules, regulations and standards required by in the food preparation and handling have evolved dramatically over the past number of years.. The knowledge and expertise provided by Cater Care Limited has proven to be an invaluable tool in helping us at Finnegan’s to implement, maintain and upgrade procedures and practices to keep us constantly above the current requirements and to inform us of ongoing changes and developments in the trade.. Dave Smiddy,Finnegan’s Bars and Restaurant,Annacotty,Limerick.. “I attended Brid s Primary Food Hygiene Course.. Brid has excellent presentation and teaching skills and I really enjoyed the course.. The training material and presentation provided are very useful and helpful.. I m looking forward attending another course in the near future.. Ralf”.. Ralf Fickert.. “Brid was first contacted by my employer to guide me to become a certified Food Hygiene Trainer, which she did as quickly as she could have, even recommending someone else to complete the process for me.. We then used her to advise us on sites under our remit regarding Food Safety.. She set up a personalised HACCP plan for us at a very reasonable price in a very impressive time-scale.. I unreservedly endorse Brid, not least because of her discreet nature and infectious enthusiasm for her work.. Shane Reardon..

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  • Title: Consultancy | CaterCare
    Descriptive info: Cater Care Consulting aims to assist organisations meet any challenges that may face them in the Catering Business.. With a range of services including :.. Menu Development.. Kitchen Design.. Food Costing.. Tendering Management.. Financial Analysis.. Recruitment.. Customer Care Training.. Safety Statements.. Mentoring Start Up Food Businesses.. Our team of highly experienced and qualified consultants are on hand to ensure that you tick all the boxes when it comes to any of the above areas..

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  • Title: Courses | CaterCare
    Descriptive info: A bad workman always blames his tools!” Having an excellent Food Safety System and maintenance cycle in place means nothing unless you and your staff understand the importance and relevance and usefulness of such tools.. This is why we also offer Food Safety Training for all levels of staff working with or around food.. It is also a legal requirement to ensure that your staff are suitably qualified and trained to work with around food.. Please call to enquire about any of the following programmes.. EHOA Primary Course in Food Safety Level 2.. Aimed at all food workers - from kitchen porters to waiting staff to chefs.. It covers the  ...   Designed to appeal to a broad range of food workers and individuals with an interest in food safety.. It will be run over 8-Hours and will have an assessment at the end.. The assessment is broken into two parts a written examination and a skills test.. FETAC LEVEL 5.. Food Safety HACCP.. N22795.. Designed to give learners knowledge of best practice for food safety HACCP implementation and operation.. Manual Handling.. FETAC Level 6 Trained Trainers.. This program will equip learners with the necessary Skills and Knowledge to lift and carry loads, to carry out stationery work jobs, in a safe manner, thus not placing their own back and health at risk..

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  • Title: Customer Care | CaterCare
    Descriptive info: Duration 2.. 5 hrs (depending on group size).. In House training provided.. Course Audience:.. This course has been designed to fulfil customer care training requirements for all levels of staff.. Course Overview:.. To enhance teamwork, increase customer service skills identify internal external customer needs.. To be able to identify the similarities  ...   customers develop a list of Ten Commandments that are appropriate to these needs.. To identify put in place a plan of action to eliminate barriers to effective customer service.. To highlight the benefits of teamwork.. To learn about your product and understand the benefits of having strong product knowledge.. Course Content..

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  • Title: Market Research | CaterCare
    Descriptive info: Cater Care offer a wide range of Market Research services to the catering Industry, from Mystery Dining to profiling and customer satisfaction surveys nationwide.. Surveys and Mystery Dining templates are designed with the client, dates and times for the survey and/or visits are decided and carried out by Cater Care.. The professional marketing team then correlate and report on their findings and present  ...   can take place and can be integrated into client training programmes.. Surveys and mystery dining projects carried out by Cater Care have proven to be an invaluable tool to clients both in and out of the catering industry.. Please feel free to give us a call CONFIDENTIALLY regarding any market research you may like us to carry out for your business.. SAMPLE SURVEY..

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  • Title: Customer Surveys | CaterCare
    Descriptive info: Customer Satisfaction Surveys.. The customer is always right.. So many organisations today are product or service oriented, concerned only with what they are offering, and often forgetting to find out what the customer wants or thinks.. Customer surveying provides a method of getting the inside track on your customers.. They.. Show how your customers feel about the products and/or services, which you are offering;.. Can reveal a problem with your offerings that you may never have previously noticed.. Afford your customers the opportunity to voice their opinions and concerns about your business.. Aside from satisfaction surveys why not consider a profiling survey to find out exactly who your customer is and what his/her  ...   potential.. So why should you let Cater Care perform this service for you?.. You will benefit from the experience of the leading Irish company, which specialises in market research for catering based organisations;.. You will have a dedicated team made up of people who themselves have catering backgrounds of one manner or another;.. You will be provided with a personalised service or a tailored DIY survey so that you can carry it out yourself;.. We also have survey representatives who can meet respondents and reassure them that their opinions count;.. And of course we practice what we preach; we listen to you, our customer, and are constantly changing and evolving with your needs..

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  • Title: Focus Groups | CaterCare
    Descriptive info: Primary to the success of any business will be the Customer Satisfaction rating.. To achieve this, the Catering Service providers first must endeavour to maintain current high standards set.. While doing this they must also take on board and implement exciting changes, innovative suggestions, implement non main stream elements such as Special Dietary Requirements and indeed they must also enhance the ambiance and environment of their service site/dining provision.. The service industry must adhere to excellent cleanliness and hygiene and provide uncompromised high quality food.. Crucially, they must: “Address Customer Complaints”.. Identifying opportunities for improvement can be difficult so structured steps to define same are imperative.. One such tool used to extract and magnify this information is a Focus Group.. This provides a relaxed atmosphere where customers are given the window of opportunity in an informal and conversational manner to contribute suggestions; express opinions; ask questions or perhaps voice observations and criticisms; all of the above elements being conducted in a structured manner.. All participants by contributing verbally may feel less bound, intimidated or guilty than when signing or using the written word.. Procedure.. Choose participants and inform them of the opportunity to discuss all catering elements and give details on the time and venue.. Suggest that they prepare questions etc.. to pose.. Offer a prize e.. meal voucher etc.. to be drawn from participants at the close of the Focus Group  ...   general representation i.. e.. persons from young/middle aged/older group.. Production/office/general services e.. cleaning staff/different nationalities/different dietary needs etc.. would provide a broad spectrum of opinion.. Topics to choose.. While the general topics can be outlined by the service provider and this would be done where specific areas for investigation are identified; areas for discussion will also besuggested by Focus Group coordinators.. All elements of the catering service can be discussed.. Sampling from previous Focus Groups.. A range of issues (as listed below) came to light at other such meetings:.. · Constant cutlery shortage,.. · Lack of healthy options,.. · Over use of flour – gluten,.. · Unpleasant atmosphere – too warm in the restaurant,.. · Music too loud,.. · Glove misuse among staff – money/food.. · Requested beverages e.. Still Water never available,.. · Non adherence by staff to requests/complaints from customers.. Results.. A comprehensive report on the information yielded from the Focus Group will be furnished within two weeks of the Focus Group having taken place.. An analysis of all of the information will be compiled and where applicable; proposals and actions with a view to improvements will be recommended.. Consultants can also give hands on assistance with elements varying from Menu Planning to Food Hygiene Training of staff.. Follow up consultations will be applicable on request and throughout all dealings with Cater Care Ltd.. a professional and discreet service is guaranteed..

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