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  • Title: Cappawhite National School Website
    Descriptive info: .. Cappawhite National School Website.. Go to content.. Main menu:.. Our trip to the Áras.. Handwriting Winner.. Walk on Wednesday.. Trips outside.. Sporting Activities 2012.. Communion Class 2012.. Tour to Carnahalla Heritage Centre.. Active School Plan.. Sporting Activities.. Class Pages.. Junior Room Activities.. 1st and 2nd Class.. 3rd and 4th Class Work.. 5th and 6th class Articles.. Past Events.. The Liam McCarthy.. Healthy Eating Evening.. Haiti Breakfast Morning.. Christmas concert.. Santa comes to visit.. Local tour of Cappawhite Village.. Halloween for all the classes!.. Discover Science.. Green School Action Day..  ...   Year 2011-2012.. Céad Míle Fáilte go Scoil Náisiunta Ceapach na bhFaoiteach.. Front Entrance.. Mol an Óige agus tiocfaidh sí.. This site was updated on the 14th of June 2012.. WOW Launch.. John Hayes , helps us launch the Walk on Wednesday Programme.. Handwriting Competition.. Neil Clancy won 1st prize in the County INTO Handwriting competiion.. Carnahalla Heritage Centre.. 3rd and 4th class take a trip to Carnahalla heritage Centre.. Active school's Plan.. Our Trip to the Áras.. June 2012.. cappawhitens.. ias@eircom.. net.. Back to content.. |.. Back to main menu..

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  • Title: Our trip to the Áras
    Descriptive info: 2nd to 6th Class in the Áras..

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  • Title: Handwriting Winner
    Descriptive info: The children in Cappawhite NS participated in the INTO handwriting competition.. Children had to write a short piece to show their style of writing.. Neil Clancy from Second Class won 1st prize in the county competition and was presented with his prize at a ceremony in the Horse and Jockey, attended by his family and class teacher Miss Mairead Quigley and Principal Mrs.. Alice Flynn.. The Winner!..

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  • Title: Walk on Wednesday
    Descriptive info: We all gathered in the Square at 9am..

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  • Title: Trips outside
    Descriptive info: Our Trip to UL Music in the classroom Jan.. 2012..

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  • Title: Sporting Activities 2012
    Descriptive info: Cross Country Championship in Thurles.. We went to the Tipperary Cross Country championships in Thurles Crokes track in Thurles town on Wednesday, September 28th.. It is an annual sporting event because it takes place in September every year and thousands of children come from different schools around Tipperary.. At 9:40 we departed from the school on the bus and were on our way to Thurles Crokes track.. Before we knew it we were there.. While we were waiting in traffic, people from the other schools were staring at the side window on the back of our bus, because the outside glass was shattered.. At 10:30 we alighted from the bus and we walked halfway up to the field.. Then we checked that we had everybody - we did.. So when we got to the field, there were thousands of children there.. After a while we had a little snack and we walked the course before the races began.. The girls in third and fourth were getting ready for their race.. At 11:30 the girls were in position for their race and just a bit behind, the third and fourth class boys were in position too.. Before the girls race, we went up to one of the corners of the track to cheer them on.. When they passed, all I could hear was lots of feet stomping on the ground.. Not long after, the third and fourth class boys were in position and ready to start their race.. The man rose up his flag, the whistle blew and they were off like the speed of light.. Once they had finally gotten to the finish line, Gearoid Ryan came in 3rd place.. He would have came 1st if the other two people hadn't passed him out halfway through the race.. At 12:30 the 5th and 6th girl's race was coming up.. We had done our stretches and were at the starting line ready to begin.. Soon the girls were halfway through their race.. They had brilliant placings.. Now I was starting to feel nervous!.. At 1:00 the whistle blew and I was running as fast as I could.. Suddenly I saw 5 people in front of me by a few metres, including Brendan.. When I was going around the second corner, I noticed that I was coming first and I couldn't believe it.. When I was going around the third corner all I could see was lots and lots of people leaning over the fences, cheering everybody on, including me.. Just before the second-last corner a boy passed me out-I was nervous that I wouldn't come first now.. So I sprinted as hard as  ...   had beaten 136 boys in my race that day.. I want to win it again next year!.. By Jerry Hayes.. Rionn F Cappawhite v Rossmore N.. S.. The Match Report.. The hurling match in our school that was played on Friday 21st of April at 1:30 pm well and both teams put in a great sporting effort; it was played with a good mentality and always played at a fast, skilful pace.. It took only 2 minutes for the scoring to start with a great point from Brendan Murphy.. All the team put in a great effort.. Sadly one off our best players Brendan Murphy had to be substituted off with a leg injury.. The Second half soon came and Rossmore were hot on our heels with a two point deficit.. We started to pull away from our opposition wining by ten points, but we couldn't write them off with a superb goal by their corner forward.. In the end we were slightly too strong for the opposing team Rossmore.. With the help of their coaches and teachers we were victorious.. We couldn't have played without our very generous referee John Barry who refereed the game to a high standard.. All in all it was great match and we hope to meet them again in the future.. The final score was Cappawhite 11-7 to Rossmore 2-4.. By The Captain Fraser Allen.. Brendan's account of the Cross Country.. On September 28th last we went to the Tipperary Cross Country championships in Thurles Crokes track in Thurles town.. It is an annual sporting event each September.. At 9 40 we left the school and got on the bus.. We sat down and before we knew it we were off.. We arrived at Thurles at half ten.. We were all excited before the race.. Miss Rainsford got off the bus first to collect our numbers and we followed her.. At 11 30 it was the 3rd and 4th class boys race.. We were cheering on the boys all the way.. Soon the race was over.. We went over to congratulate Gearoid Ryan who won a bronze medal and the others boys- Gearoid Lennon, Aaron Renehan and Philip Gantley- who won the silver team medals.. At 12 30 it was our 5th/6th class race.. We were off.. As I was going around the 1st bent, I saw Jerry coming behind me.. Then he passed me out.. He was 2nd at this stage.. I was exhausted and out of breath when I finished the race.. I was delighted for Jerry for winning the race.. I felt very tired and glad that the race was over!.. By Brendan Murphy..

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  • Title: Communion Class 2012
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  • Title: Tour to Carnahalla Heritage Centre
    Descriptive info: Local Tour by 3rd and 4th classes to Carnahalla Heritage Centre.. With Mr Tom Coffey as our guide and in the company of Mr.. Tom Stapleton- 3rd and 4th class, along with their teacher Mrs.. McMahon and SNA Mrs.. Ryan travelled by foot on a tour of the historical sights around Carnahalla.. Mr.. Coffey is a true historian and gave us all a valuable insight into landmarks and geographical landscape in the  ...   Fullach Fias, fossils, we saw the laregest crab tree in Ireland and other species like, Oak, Ash, Alder, Wytch Elm, Blackthorn, Whitethorn, Copper Beech and Hazel.. We also saw a diverse range of plants which are becoming rare in Ireland Garlic, Bluebell, Herb Robin and Large Ferns.. We saw saw a cased caddis, the Mayfly and lichen growing on branches these only survive in areas there the air is pure with no pollution..

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  • Title: Active School Plan
    Descriptive info: Our Action Plan.. The school has written a PE plan ,which has been reviewed within the past 12 months and ratified by the Board of Management.. It is used to guide forward planning and addresses the 7 key messages of the primary PE curriculum.. It addresses the area of inclusiveness and is easily accessible by all members of staff.. The school makes new teachers and temporary teachers aware of the contents of the PE plan.. The school PE plan is available to view by the wider school community.. The school P.. E.. plan was reviewed by the staff in January 2012 and ratified by the Board of Management in March 2012.. This plan was communicated to the Parents' Association in April 2012.. A copy of this plan is available in the school.. Currently, Cappawhite N.. teaches games, athletics, aquatics, gymnastics, outdoor adventure and dance.. Emphasis tends to be on games and athletics at the moment, with a greater emphasis on Gaelic games.. All classes participate in all strands, with classes from First to Sixth class attending swimming classes in the local pool.. Infant classes participate in water safety lessons, based in the school.. At present, dance, gymnastics and outdoor adventure activities are organised but more emphasis needs to be placed on these strands.. Dance classes organised by class teacher, mainly based on Irish dancing lessons.. Discretionary time is used for swimming lessons, travelling to and playing in school matches and athletics competitions.. This discretionary time is mainly allocated to the senior classes.. Some discretionary time for P.. activities needs to be allocated to the junior classes.. Leagues are run during lunchtimes throughout the year.. Leagues are organised in hurling, Gaelic football and basketball.. Athletics training is also organised during lunchtimes.. Training for infants and first and second class is also organised at lunchtimes by class teachers.. Pupils from Fifth and sixth class also participate in local tennis competitions.. We have noted that pupils who  ...   to address the issue during our Action Plan Year.. To date, many pupils come to school by car and are dropped to the school gates.. This creates a lot of congestion in the mornings and at 3 p.. m.. The school has registered for its fourth green flag, based on the travel theme.. we have launched our 'Walk on Wednesday' weekly day.. To date, we have access to a G.. A.. coach on a weekly basis.. All pupils from third, fourth, fifth and sixth class attend training on Wednesday afternoons.. Parents were not involved in coaching within the school.. Local community were not well informed of sporting activity in the school.. Pupils were not informed of locally available sports activities.. This was note at the Active schools committe meeting.. Cappawhite N.. has a variety of resources to promote physical activities.. This equipment is stored centrally, in a storeroom in the school hall.. An inventory of equipment is not available and needs to be organised.. The equipment needs to be organised and broken equipment discarded.. Some new equipment, such as skipping ropes and hula-hoops need to be replaced.. An electric pump needs to be purchased to inflate all balls.. Access to the p.. storage room needs to be more organised.. The Active schools committee have taken on this role.. is making an application for an athletics track under the Sports Capital Funding 2012.. The proposed facility will be around the current games pitch in the school.. If this proposal is successful, it will allow pupils to train for athletics in the school grounds.. It will increase the level of hard surface available to the pupils at break times, encouraging more physical activities, especially during the winter months.. This track will also be used as a walking track, to encourage all pupils, especially girls to be physically active.. The proposed facility will also be available to local sporting organisations, thereby integrating the school with the local community..

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  • Title: Sporting Activities
    Descriptive info: Sport in Cappawhite National School.. Cappawhite National School takes part in a very active sporting agenda.. Activities include swimming, football, camogie hurling, cross country running and tag-rugby.. Most of the teachers participate in one or the other of the activities.. Some sports are played between pupils within the school while others are played more competitively and played against other schools in the south Tipperary area.. Mrs.. Coman, Mrs.. McMahon , Mrs English and Mrs.. Flynn are in charge of the hurling and football.. Seanie O Neill who comes to the school for a half-day each week to teach general rules and skills of hurling and football.. Camogie is a much-loved game by most girls and is under the leadership of Mrs.. Flynn and Mrs.. Coman.. Past pupils  ...   which are organised by Ms.. Rainsford, Mrs Coman and Mrs.. McMahon.. Last year our school team performed very well and we hope to do even better this year.. We collected tokens from the star newspaper this year and received a brand new football/ hurling/ camogie/ soccer kit.. The quantity of sport undertaken within the school could not be achieved without the encouragement and support of our principal Mrs.. Flynn.. We hope this great sporting tradition will continue for many years to come!.. This year the children and Staff in Cappawhite are applying for the Active Flag.. A comprehensive programme is been undertaken by the active school's committee and they are rolling it out thrughout the school.. Boys Schools Hurling Competition.. An Account by Fraser Allen 6th Class..

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  • Title: Junior Room Activities
    Descriptive info: Juniors and seniors have a teddy bear's picnic in the hall as the day was wet.. Sub-Menu:.. Junior Room Activities..

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