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  • Title: Caffreys Gallery - Home
    Descriptive info: .. Your content is here.. The verification ID will NOT be detected if you put it here.. Caffreys Gallery.. Home.. Blog.. Liam Jones.. Conor McGuire.. Eamonn Mullarkey.. Fran McCann.. Tony O'Dwyer.. Kate Beagan.. Maura O'Rourke.. Roisin Cunningham.. Andrew Chatalov.. Susan Upton.. Margaret Field.. links.. Caffreys Gallery itself, is fast becoming one of the leading galleries in the west of Ireland.. Its policy is to make available a wide range of contemporary art from Irish and international artists.. Miriam casts a discerning eye on everything that is presented  ...   increase in value and give the customer years of personal gratification looking at their chosen picture.. An ever increasing stable of artists exhibiting at the gallery include such well known names as; Liam Jones, Margret Field, Fran McCann, Tony O'Dwyer, Chris Vorburg, Roisin Cunningham, Mary Evans, Eamonn Mullarkey, Susan Upton, Graham Stewart, Maura O'Rourke, Reinder Bleeker, Michael Coleman, Conor McGuire, Mary Bennion, Andrew Chatalov.. The gallery is always on the lookout for new and exciting artists.. http://www.. caffreysgallery.. ie.. Copyright © caffreysgallery.. ie 2012 All rights reserved..

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  • Title: Caffreys Gallery - Blog
    Descriptive info: Liam Jones | The Real Beauty of Ireland.. 05/10/2011.. 1 Comment.. Pricing | Major Factor in the sale of Irish Art.. 05/09/2011.. 0 Comments.. With discretionary spending continuing to decline and the economic and social impact of the recession hitting consumers every day,.. Irish Art.. galleries are now finding it extremely difficult to sell expensive originals.. Artists whose work is in the price range between 1000 and 5000 are the worst affected.. Under the 1000 a number of people can still muster up that amount for the special occasion.. Over the 5000 one is relying on people who have substantial money left after the collapse of the bank shares ,the property bubble and all the other bubbles that have exploded in the last four years leaving many unfortunate people penniless.. There is no doubt that things will change in the future and the market will recover, but.. galleries and.. Irish Artists.. will have to think  ...   we are in.. If you have any ideas on the matter then let the debate begin.. Add Comment.. , Ballina Co Mayo, is a family run business.. Miriam Caffrey is the manager and artistic adviser on all matters relating to the requirements of customers.. Miriam is a qualified Potter, having started off with the Crafts Council of Ireland in Thomastown, Co Kilkenny, she then went as manager to Michael Kennedy Ceramics for five years.. Later she moved to Spain where she spent three years studying ceramics and art in Toledo.. On her return to Ireland she got her first introduction to the art of framing.. The gallery now provides a first class bespoke picture framing and design service.. Customers can be assured that whatever type of artwork they present for framing, it will be done using top quality materials to craftmanship standards at affordable prices.. Archives.. May 2011.. Categories.. All.. Irish Art.. Irish Landscapes.. RSS Feed..

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  • Title: Liam Jones - Caffreys Gallery
    Descriptive info: The Real Beauty of Ireland.. Liam Jones was born in Ballina, Co.. Mayo.. The wild beauty of the surrounding countryside was a powerful catalyst in moving him into the world of landscape painting.. He is widely traveled having worked in Europe and America, but he was continually drawn back to this country and to the West of Ireland in particular.. He held his first one-man exhibition in Dublin over thirty years ago.. Since then he has been recording, in a personal way, the ever-changing moods and light of the West.. Aerach is a word  ...   hurried.. These landscapes have a timeless quality and are beautifully illuminated by the sun peeking through moving clouds, creating dramatic sky.. The artist himself says of this collection no Poet, no Painter can ever fully capture all that is contained in the landscape.. In fleeting moments when our pride takes a grip we feel we have it we've got it, but then the landscape merely changes and invites us further in.. The landscape surely is a reflection of the divine.. It is eternal.. Most of his images reflect his motto "within the ordinary.. "..

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  • Title: Conor McGuire - Caffreys Gallery
    Descriptive info: Conor McGuire was born in the west of Ireland and has chosen to live there as his influences are taken.. from the local rural landscape and townscape.. His technique can vary from realism.. to abstract depending on the subject, but he finds his artistic home to be in an impressionistic impasto technique.. He loves the quality and light in the west of Ireland and the shifting transience.. it brings to the subject matter.. He likes subjects that are timeless and speak to the.. viewer without requiring them to be political or analytical.. To his viewer Conor hopes they.. get some  ...   its friendliness and beauty.. The type of medium he uses depends on the type of painting he is working on; for landscape and townscape he uses.. oils and then acrylics for abstract work.. He favors lush textured brush strokes, allowing the paint.. to convey and suggest form and detail.. He does however `go in` and add detail with a sable brush but tries.. to keep it light and unlabored.. Conor avoids being overtly political or attempting social commentary but he hopes to convey a.. sense of joy of being alive and living a full life in a unique and beautiful place..

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  • Title: Eamonn Mullarkey - Caffreys Gallery
    Descriptive info: Eamonn Mullarkey is an Irish artist based in Dublin, born and raised in Ballina Co Mayo in the west of Ireland.. For the past 35 years he has been painting with oils on canvas.. His development as an artist has been influenced by the diversity of shape and  ...   environment in which he grew up and where he continues to spend a lot of time.. This is an area between the strong Atlantic coastline and the rugged Ox mountains.. In his painting he tries to depict this landscape by creating a dialogue between the Abstract and the Representational..

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  • Title: Fran McCann - Caffreys Gallery
    Descriptive info: Born in Belfast in 1945, Fran grew up in a large working class family.. From an early age he displayed a remarkable talent for drawing and his first piece which was drawn at the tender age of five is still exhibited in his old primary school.. He learned a trade as a bricklayer but his real passion was for art, this became manifest in every aspect of his life.. Fran is a great lover of music and this has provided much of the inspiration he needed for his own work.. Musicians such as Jazz legends Myles Davis, John Coultrane, Barney Kastle and Kenny Burrell have been a big influence on him, as have Pink Floyd, The Chieftains, Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley, Ray Charles and especially Van Morrison.. Morrison is a very special influence as he too grew up in the same era and surroundings as Fran and indeed they shared many special days together playing music in Belfast in the early 1960's.. He is versatile, and constantly experimenting, and has produced work in pastels, oils, watercolours, wood, clay, as well as working in graphic design, animation and commercial advertising.. He has held a number of exhibitions in Australia and Ireland.. He runs a very successful art school in Gort, Co.. Galway..  ...   Quadreria gallery in Trani, Italy.. Group exhibition Kilcock Art Gallery.. Ireland.. Galway Art Fair, Galway, Ireland.. International art exhibition, Estence Castle Ferrara, Italy.. Gort, 1st.. Courthouse Art Exhibition, Ireland.. 2008 Exhibitions.. Premio Internazional San Valenitino, Vico al Gragano, Italy.. Dolmabahce Palace Museum, Istanbul, Turkey.. Lahinch Art Gallery, Ireland.. Art Domain Leipzig, Germany.. Little Treasures Galleria DÈ Marchi, Bologna, Italy.. Traces of Memory Estence Castle, Ferrara, Italy.. 2009 Exhibitions.. an artistic meeting Erenus Art Gallery, Ankara, Turkey,.. Imaginary Journey Estence Castle, Ferrara, Italy.. The Sirens Call Kenny Gallery, Galway, Ireland.. Work on permanent display.. Inis Aoibhinn, Galway, Ireland.. De Nittis Foundation, Barletta, Italy.. Publications and Awards.. Published in the "Casa Editrice Alba" Dizionario Enciciopedico Internazionale d' Arte Moderna e Contemporanea 2005/2006.. www.. albaeditrice.. com, Italy.. Published in the Avanguardie Artistiche, 2007.. cdiffusionearte.. com.. Also awarded "Professor Fran Mc Cann" Associated Academician Department -.. Arts from the Academia Internanazionale ( Greci Marino ) Accademia del Verbano, Italy 2007.. Awarded, Percorsi Magici DellArte, Paola Trevisan e Fondazione arteXarte.. 2006.. Awarded, Anthony Van Dyck 2007 Brindisi, Italia in Arte, 2007.. Awarded, Special award, Premio Internazional San Valenitino Vico al Gragano, Italy, 2008.. Awarded, Premio Ercole Deste alla Carriera 2008.. Awarded: Michelangelo Buonarroti Lecce, Italia in Arte, 2008.. Awarded: Leonardo da Vinci Lecce, Italia in Arte, 2009..

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  • Title: Tony O'Dwyer - Caffreys Gallery
    Descriptive info: Born in Leicester in 1938.. * 1974 - 1993 Librarian Leicestershire Libraries specialising in exhibitions and display.. * 1998 - 2002 De Montfort University Leicester - B.. A.. Fine Art Hon.. Exhibitions:.. * 1996 Caffreys Gallery, Ballina.. * 2003 Irish Group Artists Exhibition, Denver, Colorado.. * 2004 Single Show Melton Mowbarry Library.. * 2005 Frank Haynes Gallery, Market Harborough, Midland Figure Painters.. * 2006 Leicester Print Workshop Group Show - Royal Birmingham Society of Artists..

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  • Title: Kate Beagan - Caffreys Gallery
    Descriptive info: Kate Beagan is an Irish Artist currently living in Co.. Monaghan.. She has exhibited throughout Ireland and Australia.. Over the years she has won many art awards such as the Australian Rotring award for Drawing and the Henry Chapman award for watercolour.. Her subject matter ranges from broad sweeping landscapes, beach scenes to townscapes.. There is an underlying warmth to her work.. Her style is figurative, romantic and moody.. Kate's work has been purchased by the Department of Health and the Department of Justice.. She exhibits with Art Ireland every year and has many solo exhibitions, plus group showings..

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  • Title: Maura O'Rourke - Caffreys Gallery
    Descriptive info: Since Mauras first Professional Solo Show in 1995 she has had over 20 Solo and International exhibitions and to date had sold over 2,500 paintings.. Maura has received grants, bursaries, sponsorship and support from local development agencies, awarding bodies, commercial firms, trade associations and private individuals many of which have been in the form of painting commissions.. An unusual aspect to Mauras art practice is the production of collections of work, such as the Tara Collection and the Famine Collection both of which were exhibited in the USA and have subsequently been sold as collections.. Maura has been leading painting holidays throughout Ireland and France over the  ...   its vineyards.. Maura has played a pivotal role in various arts development activities on a local, regional, national and international level.. She has been involved in developing exhibiting opportunities for artists across Ireland, UK and USA, and in artist exchange, residency, and collaborative projects through the Grasses and xChangeVisions projects.. Her increasing reputation as an internationally renowned artist has led to invitations to take part in the Art in Action event at Slane, and has brought her full circle with the invitation to judge the Texaco Childrens Art Competition alongside other artists such as Frank Clarke a competition which she herself won awards in as a child..

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  • Title: Roisin Cunningham - Caffreys Gallery
    Descriptive info: Roisin Cunningham is a graduate student of the Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Dun Laoghaire in Dublin.. She has a first class Masters Degree in Public Culture Studies from the college of Business and Humanities and a first class BA honors diploma in Fine Art from the school of Creative Arts.. She was born in Dublin in which she resides and operates from her studios in Dalkey and within The Market Studios off Capel Street in Dublin center.. She operates in a selection of media which includes sketching, painting, printing images, digital photography, video and audio installations.. "Constantly standing for something within myself yet always doubting my deepest beliefs".. Statement.. The most significant factor for me in artwork is to look at the actual art and observe something in  ...   all then it makes no sense to try and convince them.. Although most people want to understand and sometimes their interpretation and reaction can really surprise you.. My work has a central task in connecting to human relations and its conditions.. Our culture disjoints and disconnects us form our lives, we feel individual and alone, we tend to forget we are a collective and share many of the same feelings and desires.. Being human has a fatal quality which is kind of sad on some level while being absurd and humorous on another.. My work is about a conversation I have with myself, not lofty romantic notions or religiosity that can fix or change anything.. A constant questioning drives my work as an artist and every day is a fresh start..

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  • Title: Andrew Chatalov - Caffreys Gallery
    Descriptive info: Andrew Chatalov is a Russian born painter of international renown.. Chatalov held a number of exhibitions in Moscow and London during his career.. His work is also exhibited in museums, galleries and private collections worldwide.. Since coming to Ireland nine years ago he has staged a number of solo exhibitions and his paintings were on view in many galleries in Dublin, Sligo and Mayo.. His work, mostly in oils, has involved frescos, portraits, still lifes and landscapes, inspired by the people, the history and the beauty of West Ireland.. Chatalov graduated from Ufa Aviation College in Middle Russia and was doing post graduate research as an aviation engineer,  ...   where he studied classical and contemporary painting techniques as well as ancient cultures.. This prompted his interest in Celtic culture and the druids.. Since coming to Ireland 9 years ago Andrew has spent much time travelling in search of sacred places and their remains.. The other source of his inspiration is the beauty and power of nature in the West of Ireland.. In his landscapes Andrew is trying to reproduce the unique effects of light created by sunshine, clouds and rain on the surface of the ocean and so follows steps of the Great Russian artist of the 19 century, Ivan Ayvazovskiy, who is world famous for his seascapes..

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