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  • Title: Éamon Ó Cuív T.D.
    Descriptive info: .. Skip to main navigation.. Skip to main content.. Accessibility help.. Search.. Home.. News.. Press Releases.. Speeches.. Issues.. Clinics.. Profile.. Gallery.. Fianna Fáil.. Links.. Get In Touch.. Gaeilge.. Welcome Message.. Welcome to my website.. As Fianna Fáil TD for Galway West, I hope that this site is a useful source of information to you on both constituency and national issues.. I am interested in your views and your ideas and look forward to hearing from you.. Éamon Ó Cuív T.. D.. 2011 - Eanáir 21 - Opening of Ros a' Mhíl Coast Guard Station.. 2011 - Eanáir 14 - Carr leictreach - Oileáin Árann.. 2011 - Feabhra 1 - Public Services Card launch - Cárta Seirbhísí Poiblí.. 2010 Nollaig - Launch of Tús - community work placement initiative.. 2010 Meitheamh - Launch of exemption for employers from PRSI when creating new jobs.. 2010 January - RSS workers replacing fence after a car went off the road.. 2010 January - RSS Supervisor Tim Ring making deliveries on foot when the van could go no further in the  ...   30am Mart, Maam Cross, Co.. Please contact the Constituency Office at (091) 562846 if you would like to schedule an appointment in the Constituency Office in Galway City.. See Éamon Ó Cuívs's blog for posts on local and national issues.. http://ocuiv.. blogspot.. com.. Latest News.. Statement form Éamon Ó Cuív T.. regarding Small Schools.. Statement from Éamon Ó Cuiv, T.. D re proposal to introduce a statutory sick pay scheme for employers.. Opening remarks by Éamon Ó Cuív TD-Fianna Fáil Education Policy Conference.. Ó Cuív ‘deeply disappointed’ by Gaeltacht Bill.. Statement from Éamon Ó Cuív, T.. on the Common Fisheries Policy.. Funding for group water schemes must be provided – Ó Cuív.. Galway West.. Galway West Constituency.. Registered To Vote?.. Are you registered to vote?.. Check the Register online.. Not Registered?.. Find out how you can.. CONTACT DETAILS.. Constituency Office.. Kirwin House, Flood St.. Tel: 091-562846.. Fax: 091-562844.. Email:.. NEWSLETTER.. Enter your email address to sign up for my newsletter.. Copyright Éamon Ó Cuív TD.. |.. Site Map.. Privacy Policy.. Accessibility Statement.. Login.. Web design.. by Nuadesign..

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  • Title: News
    Descriptive info: Press Releases.. Written by Eamon Ó Cuív.. Monday, 02 July 2012.. In a reply to a Parliamentary Question put down by Deputy Éamon Ó Cuív for reply on the 26th of June 2012, he was informed by the Minister of Education Ruairí Quinn that it is intended to publish the value for money review on small primary schools at the earliest possible date, which the Minister expects will be shortly after the summer.. The Minister went on to say “I look forward to its completion and to discussing its outcomes and proposals with the members of the House.. Publication of the review report will help to inform our decision-making in relation to small primary schools.. ”.. Read more.. Deputy Éamon Ó Cuiv has called on the Minister of Social Protection Joan Burton T.. D to withdraw her proposal to introduce a statutory sick pay scheme for employers.. Up until now a person who gets ill is paid Illness Benefit from the third day of their illness thus ensuring income for the sick person and that the burden does not fall on the employer.. Minister Burton now is proposing to shift the burden of payment for the first 4 weeks of illness on to the employer thus placing a major cost burden on them.. Speeches.. Saturday, 23 June 2012.. Galway Bay Hotel, Salthill Co Galway, 23 June 2012.. I would first like to welcome you all here to Galway and hope that we have a fruitful conference.. I would like to thank the Party Leader Micheál Martin TD and my colleague Brendan Smith TD for organising this Conference.. It was Thomas Davis, the Irish Patriot  ...   18 June 2012.. Éamon Ó Cuív has noted the recent outcome of the Common Fisheries Policy review.. He regrets that no discussion seems to have taken place regarding the disparity between Irish fish resources and the amount of quota allocated to Ireland.. Ireland has 18 per cent of the fish of the European Union in her territorial waters, but only 4 per cent of the quota.. It is very important that Fisheries Ministers continue to raise this issue every time there is a discussion on the Common Fisheries Policy and in particular when the Policy is up for review.. Minister Coveney seems not to have addressed this issue and therefore, is indicating that Ireland is satisfied with this underlying inequality in the European Common Fisheries Policy.. Fishing could be one of the major industries in Ireland if we had adequate access to our own resources.. For years Ireland has been subsidising the European Union to the tune of €2 billion a year and this is now set to continue.. Although the industry at present employs 11,000 people and is worth about €700 billion annually to the national income, this number could be quadrupled to over 40,000 people and it could contribute €2.. 8 billion to our national economy, if we had access to a proportionate amount of the seas of the EU.. In this time of hardship and when many have talked about the use of natural resources, it is tragic that an island people such as ours do not have access to our full marine resource.. Page 1 of 48.. Start.. Prev.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 10.. Next.. End.. News Categories..

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  • Title: Press Releases
    Descriptive info: News.. -.. Wednesday, 30 May 2012.. Galway West Fianna Éamon Ó Cuív TD has criticised the Minister for the Environment Phil Hogan for not providing any money this year for new group water schemes.. Deputy Ó Cuív said, “There are still a large number of areas in the country that do not have the services of a piped water supply from either a group scheme or from the mains and are totally dependent on wells, many of which are of variable quality and a reliability and they are often run dry during the summer period.. Ó Cuív calls for independent review into RTÉ.. Wednesday, 16 May 2012.. Fianna Fáil TD, Éamon Ó Cuív, says an independent review needs to be carried out into the preparation, editing and balance of all current affairs programmes in RTÉ radio and television.. Deputy Ó Cuív was speaking to the Oireachtas Committee on Communications, Energy and Agriculture.. Deputy Ó Cuív commented: “In light of the recent BAI report on the Fr Kevin Reynolds affair, I believe it is now necessary for an independent review to be carried out on the general approach taken by RTÉ in relation to current affairs and to ensure that its output is of the highest standards, balanced and impartial.. “The Gallagher and Reynolds affairs have thrown up serious concerns regarding RTÉ that are far wider than the two programmes in question.. I believe that a review should take place of a number of randomly selected current affairs programmes from both radio and television made during the last year.. “Issues to be examined should include inter alia choice of topics, editorial policy, method of selection of participants and panels of commentators, use of tweets, texts, etc… editing of interviews, balance and the personal interests of presenters and producers.. Deputy Ó Cuív added that following the report, recommendations should be made in relation to the findings, whereby actions would be taken by RTÉ and the BAI to ensure balanced programmes, impartiality and high standards into the future.. “It  ...   bhfeicfear gur thóg mé an cinneadh ceart.. At this stage my views on the current referendum campaign are well known.. My intention from the outset was to share my deeply felt concerns with the public about the direction of the EU and Ireland’s position in relation to it.. It is important at all times that we have robust debate on major issues and examine their long term implications.. In this context there is no doubt that, despite the conceptual merits of the EURO, in hindsight, our decision to join a badly designed and poorly constructed monetary union has cost Ireland dearly.. Letter received by Éamon Ó Cuív T.. from Fianna Fáil.. Friday, 04 May 2012.. This is the letter received from Éamon Ó Cuív T.. by Fianna Fáil.. 4th May, 2012.. Mr.. Éamon Ó Cuív, T.. Leinster House,.. Dublin 2.. Dear Eamon.. Thank you for the time you gave me yesterday to discuss the Referendum situation.. Following our meeting, I met with the Leader and discussed your position.. He agreed to your request that we write to you, with details of what is expected of you as a member of the parliamentary party for the duration of the referendum campaign.. I fully accept your assurance that you want this to be constructive and I acknowledge the co-operation that you have given me throughout.. As the Leader has said to you at every stage, you are fully entitled to your personal opinions on policy issues, as is every member of the party.. Unlike the position on any referendum for the past 50 years, Oireachtas party members had a say before our position was decided.. Following the recent successful Ard Fheis any observer will have to admit that Fianna Fáil welcomes and encourages debate.. It was there that you got full support for your policy positions on issues such as the registration of septic tanks.. The value of your campaigning work on behalf of the Party across the country is recognised and acknowledged by all.. Page 1 of 28..

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  • Title: Speeches
    Descriptive info: Óráid an Aire Coimirce Sóisialaí, Éamon Ó Cuív TD ag oscailt oifigiúil Ionad Chúraim Lae na Ceathrún Rua.. Friday, 21 January 2011.. A chairde.. Tá an-áthas orm a bheith anseo libh ar an ócáid speisialta seo.. Míle bhuíochas díbh as an gcuireadh agus an fáilte a thug sibh dom.. Gaotha go Rothaí / Wind to Wheels.. Friday, 14 January 2011.. Friday 14 January 2011, 11.. 30am Aran Islands.. I am very pleased to be here at Inis Mór Co-Op Offices for the launch of this initiative Wind to Wheels at the invitation of the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) and the Department of Community, Equality and Gaeltacht Affairs.. Minister Ó Cuív addresses Clare County Council - Update on Government’s policy on Rural Development.. Monday, 08 March 2010.. Tá mé buíoch díobh as ucht an deis seo chun labhairt libh faoi pholasaithe an Rialtais maidir le forbairt tuaithe.. Tá ról ar leith ag na comhairlí chontae san obair seo mar gheall ar an tábhacht a bhaineann leis na pleananna chontae ó thaobh polasaithe forbartha tuaithe an Rialtais a chur i bhfeidhm ar an talamh.. I believe that we must approach all policy issues with the core question of what kind of Ireland do we want to live in? What social outcomes do we want to achieve for all of our communities, rural and urban? Rural development is part of a much bigger question about the quality of community life in both urban and rural communities.. Óráid an Aire Ó Cuív ag Tóstal na Gaeilge – “Ó Aidhm go Feidhm”.. Monday, 01 March 2010.. Is cúis áthais dom í a bheith i bhur láthair anocht chun tús a chur le himeachtaí Tóstal na Gaeilge 2010.. Ba mhaith liom buíochas a ghlacadh le Comhdháil Náisiúnta na Gaeilge as ucht an deis a thabhairt dom labhairt libh ag an am cinniúnach seo ó thaobh  ...   Ní Chonghóile as uacht caoin chuireadh a thabhairt dom chun Gradam Sheosamh Uí Ógartaigh a bhronnadh anseo tráthnóna.. Rith sé liom agus mé ag seasamh ar mo chosa chun an píosa cainte seo a dhéanamh go mbeadh an-mheangadh ar bhéal Sheosaimh as an méid atá bainte amach ag an nGaeilge ó bunaíodh an Ghradaim féin.. Chuirfeadh sé an-ghliondar air freisin an méid atá bainte amach ag Gaillimh le Gaeilge agus.. Speech by Minister Éamon Ó Cuív T.. Minister for Community, Rural Gaeltacht Affairs at the Galway Chamber Spring Reception.. Tuesday, 23 February 2010.. Galway Chamber Spring Reception.. Galway Airport - Thursday February 18 2010 – 18.. 45h.. Éamon Ó Cuív TD, Minister for Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs.. Óráid / Speech.. Thank you all for the invitation to address the Galway Chamber Spring Reception.. The past year and a half has been rough for everyone, and with the very harsh winter of recent months, it has been a nightmare for some people.. If there is a positive spark left it is that tough times focus us on getting the basics of everyday work and living right.. Speech by Éamon Ó Cuív TD, the Minister for Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs at the Galway Traveller Movement launch of ‘Travellers’ Health Matters’.. Thursday, 11 February 2010.. Speech by Éamon Ó Cuív TD, the Minister for Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs.. at the Galway Traveller Movement launch of.. ‘Travellers’ Health Matters’.. Buswells Hotel, Dublin.. Thursday February 11th 2010, 11.. 30 am.. A chairde,.. A warm welcome to everybody here today, particularly those who have travelled to be with us to launch this report by the Galway Traveller Movement.. I welcome this publication and the research done into Travellers’ health issues.. We know as a general fact that Travellers have a far shorter life expectancy than settled people.. This is totally unacceptable.. Page 1 of 3..

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  • Title: Issues
    Descriptive info: Éamon Ó Cuív Blog.. Please see my Blog for posts on Local and National news:.. Social Protection.. I am concerned to help those people who need the most help from the State.. As well as this, I believe that there is a huge unemployment problem at present and that it is of the utmost importance to find work for those receiving social welfare payments such as Farm Assist, Jobseekers Allowance and Jobseekers Benefit.. From the time of Fianna Fáil’s foundation, the Party’s aim has been to bring about a sovereign independent country of 32 counties, through fostering friendship between the Unionist and Nationalist communities in Ireland.. Much has been done to foster this new friendship since the Good Friday Agreement.. As Minister for Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs I not only had responsibility for Foras na Gaeilge on an all-island basis but also The Boord o Ulstèr-Scotch (The Board of Ulster Scots).. Through language development, I saw that both traditions can work together and build further respect for the diverse traditions on this island.. Naturally since Fianna Fáil’s foundation, there has also been an emphasis on strengthening Ireland’s economy so that the people of Ireland can have a better standard of living.. In the past 84 years, a lot has been achieved but there is more to be done.. There is still poverty in the country and people suffering from deprivation.. Overall however there has been a huge improvement in the Irish people’s living standards since Fianna Fáil’s foundation and it has been under Fianna Fáil in government that the greatest part of this improvement has taken part.. It has always been a primary aim of Fianna Fáil to promote the Irish language.. In the past few years great strides have been taken in this regard including the Official Languages Act (Acht na dTeangacha Oifigiúla 2003), the founding of the Office of An Coimisinéir Teanga and the Draft 20 year Strategy for Irish (Dréacht Straitéis 20 bliain don Ghaeilge).. Transport.. I  ...   Ennis to Athenry facilitating train services from Limerick to Galway will reopen in December 2009.. In Transport21, there is a firm commitment for the reopening of the Athenry to Tuam section by 2011 and I have been given an undertaking by the Chairman of Iarnród Éireann that the survey work on this section of line will commence immediately after the reopening of the Athenry to Ennis line.. In relation to airport development, I believe that Shannon, Galway and Knock airports have a vital role to play in the development of our region and I will continue to work to ensure that these airports develop so that they can provide ever better services to people of the West.. The Development of Galway City.. In the past, cities tended to grow outwards.. Galway was no exception.. However, there is now a very attractive possibility of regeneration right in the core of Galway in the docks area that has been recently vacated by the oil companies.. A number of years ago, I set up a vision group in Galway chaired by John Killeen to look at the possible uses of the docks areas of Galway for landmark development of a commercial, residential, social and cultural nature so that Galway City could grow in its heart adjacent to both the bus services and the railway line.. This vision also included the transformation of the inner dock into a haven for marine leisure.. The recent Volvo Ocean Race gave some indication of what could be achieved for this area, making it a huge addition to the City Centre and ensuring that many, many businesses would be attracted back to the core of the City.. I look forward to working with all the partners to realise this dream and to make the Galway docks area a mecca of culture and leisure.. I believe that we should ensure that instead of turning its back to the sea, the new Galway City will face the sea.. Page 1 of 2..

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  • Title: Clinics
    Descriptive info: Clinic Venues.. Constituency Office, Kirwin House, Flood St.. Galway City.. At home, Corr na Móna, Co.. Regan's, Maigh Cuilinn.. Tí Hughes, An Spidéal.. Tí Turley, An Lochán Beag, Indreabhán.. Tír na nÓg, An Tulach.. Community Centre, Cashel.. Tí Mhóráin, Cárna.. Tí Chadháin, Cill Chiaráin.. Tí Mháille, Rosmuc.. Hurney's, Tullykyne.. Hollorans, Collinamuck.. Kinneavey's, Rosscahill.. Boat  ...   Cleggan.. Keane's, Oranmore.. Egan's, Coshla.. Clarkes, Corrandulla.. Regan's, Clonboo.. Molly's, Letterfrack.. Coynes, Tullycross,.. Hamiltons, Leenane.. Burkes, Clonbur.. Tí Phádraig Mháirtín Beag, An Droim.. Tí Nioclás, Leitir Móir.. Hooker Bar (Tigh Jack), Eanach Mheáin, Béal an Daingin.. Réalt na Mara, An Cheathrú Rua.. Tí Sé, Ros a' Mhíl.. Peacockes, Maam Cross, Co.. Old School, Recess, Co..

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  • Title: Profile
    Descriptive info: Political Record.. 2011: Re-elected as Teachta Dála.. 2010: Appointed Minister for Social Protection.. 2007: Appointed Minister for Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs.. 2002: Appointed Minister for Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs.. 2001-2002: Minister of State at the Department of Agriculture, Food Rural Development, with special responsibility for Rural Development.. 1997-2001: Minister of State at the Department of Arts, Heritage, Gaeltacht and Islands with special responsibility for the Gaeltacht, Irish language and island development..  ...   Islands, Gaeltacht and Rural Development.. 1994-97 Member of the Forum for Peace and Reconciliation.. 1992: Elected to Dáil Éireann.. 1989-92: Elected Senator on the Cultural and Educational Panel.. Personal Details.. Born Dublin, June 1950.. Married to Áine Ní Choincheannain; three sons, one daughter.. Educated Oatlands College, Mount Merrion, Dublin and UCD (BSc).. Former Manager of a Gaeltacht Co-Operative involved in establishing local businesses including agricultural services, timber milling, tourism and cultural and social development..

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  • Title: Gallery
    Descriptive info: Visit my.. Flickr Photostream.. for more images.. 2010 January - RSS participants gritting roads in Doohoma Co Mayo.. 2010 January - RSS participant Frank O'Rourke chopping firewood for 79-year old neighbour.. 2010 January - RSS Participant and CoCo employee in Donegal.. 2010 January - Paul O'Connor, driver with Duhallow Community Food Services making deliveries through floods in Banteer.. 2010 January - Paul O'Connor, CSP funded driver with Duhallow Community Food Services making deliveries through floods in Banteer.. 2010 January - Duhallow RSS participant Michael Murphy with milk and bread for delivery to vulnerable and isolated neighbours.. 2009.. 10.. 14 Minister Éamon Ó Cuív TD with President Mary McAleese  ...   Mary McAleese, agus Ard-Diúc Lucsamburg Henri, ag Pálás an.. 01.. 16 Official opening of Waterways Ireland’s new headquarters building, Enniskillen, Co.. Fermanagh / 2009.. 16 Oscailt Oifigiúil na Ceanncheathrún nua Uiscebhealaí Éireann, Inis Ceithleann, Co.. Fhear Manach.. 03.. 16 St.. Patrick’s Day celebrations, Australia / 2009.. 16 Ceiliúradh Lá ‘le Pádraig san Astráil.. 05.. 13 Gorta MakeHungerHistory.. org launch.. 17 National Famine Memorial Day / 2009.. 17 Lá Cuimhneachán Náisiúnta an Ghorta Mhóir.. 07.. 20 Gaillimh le Gaeilge launch, Galway / 2009.. 20 Seoladh Ghaillimh le Gaeilge, Gaillimh.. 09.. 09 Launch of National Trails Day 2009 / 2009.. 09 Seoladh Lá Náisiúnta na gCosán 2009.. 21 Benwiskin, Co.. Sligo..

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  • Title: Fianna Fáil
    Descriptive info: Since its foundation Fianna Fáil has been the single most coherent force in Irish politics, so much so indeed that alternative governments have been characterised by their opposition to Fianna Fáil as their only common bond.. Fianna Fáil adheres to the great democratic principle of government of the people, by the people and for the people.. The party's name incorporates the words "The Republican Party" in its title.. Republican here stands both for the unity of the island and a commitment to the historic principles of European republican philosophy, namely liberty, equality and fraternity.. Fianna Fáil has always had a 'can do' attitude.. The Party has always been positive and never defeatist in its thinking.. Fianna Fáil aims to unite all in a common identity of self-confident Irish men and women in a dynamic, vibrant, prosperous nation.. Fianna Fáil' s aims are as follows:.. To secure in peace and agreement the unity of Ireland and its people;.. To develop in a distinctive national life in accordance with the diverse traditions and ideals of the Irish people as part of a broader European culture and to restore and promote the Irish language as a living language of the people;..  ...   To protect the natural environment and heritage of Ireland to ensure a balance between town and country and between the regions, and to maintain as many families as practicable on the land;.. To promote the family and a wider sense of social responsibility and to uphold the rule of law in the interest of the welfare and safety of the public;.. To maintain the status of Ireland as a sovereign state as a full member of the European Union and the United Nations, contributing to peace, disarmament and development on the basis of Ireland’s independent foreign policy tradition;.. To reform the laws and institutions of State, to make them efficient, humane, caring and responsive to the needs of the citizen.. Joining a political party is a great way of getting involved in your community and expanding your social network.. If you wish to become a member of Fianna Fáil, please contact my constituency office at (091) 562846 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots.. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can also contact Fianna Fáil Headquarters at:.. Fianna Fáil Headquarters.. 65-66 Lr.. Mount St.. Phone (01) 6761551 or visit their website.. www.. fiannafail..

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  • Title: Links
    Descriptive info: Éamon Ó Cuív BLOG,.. Houses of the Oireachtas,.. oireachtas.. Fianna Fáil,.. Galway County Council,.. galway.. Galway City Council,.. galwaycity.. Online dictionary/database of terminology,.. focal..

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