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  • Title: ENN.ie - Ireland's IT Newswire
    Descriptive info: .. ENN.. ie is no longer being updated with new content.. The team behind the IT news service is now focusing exclusively on providing copywriting services and digital marketing support for clients.. For more details, head over to our new site,.. ENNclick.. com.. , where we also blog about e-marketing, online media and our passion for clear communication.. Loading.. WEB PICK: Mozilla Firefox 4.. The launch of the latest Firefox browser keeps up the competition to improve web surfing.. more.. Need great content?.. The writers who created ENN can write compelling content for your company.. BLOG: There's an app for that.. Don't bin everything you've already done in making an app.. You may have all you need already.. Home.. |.. In the Papers.. Daily Digest.. Weekly Digest.. Events.. Web Pick.. Top tech news from the papers.. In The Papers 31 March.. Collison brothers raise funds for Stripe.. Xilinx acquires Belfast telecoms firm.. Facebook launches Deals in Ireland.. Google explores 'social search'.. Tablet sales to boost annual IT spend.. » read more.. [ View Archive ].. ENN Click.. Digital media blog from ENN Content Services.. Five tips to boost open rates of your email newsletter.. An email newsletter is a great way to communicate with your customers.. But making sure it stands out in a crowded inbox, inspiring your customers to open it, is a whole different ball game.. Here are five pointers that will help  ...   of fresh air when it first arrived into a browser market in stagnation due to the near total dominance of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.. Slowly that began to change as Firefox proved it could be done better.. At it’s peak Firefox had 24 percent of the browser market, doing relatively better in Europe than the USA.. That’s now more like 21pc but the big loser has been IE.. Today we have three strong contenders in the recently launched IE9 (Vista and Win7 only) Google’s Chrome and, of course, Firefox.. That revival in browser competition is thanks in great part to the not-for-profit team behind Firefox and this latest version will continue that trend.. read more from the archive.. Got a Web site you think is great deserves a review? Let us know.. click here.. Browse news archive 1999 - 2010.. One to Watch.. Caped Koala Studios has built a virtual world for kids, combining education and social networking.. Read more.. ENN CLICK.. Complete copywriting services.. ENN isn't publishing news any more, but our skilled writers can put together compelling prose for your company.. Visit ENNclick.. com to learn about our complete copywriting service portfolio, from script and speechwriting to customer case studies and newsletters.. WHO'S WHO IN PR.. Full listing of Irish PR firms, including high-tech specialists.. Click here.. 1999-2010 Copyright ElectricNews.. Net Ltd.. About ENN.. Contact Us.. Advertise.. Site Map.. Terms of Use.. Privacy Policy..

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  • Title: ENN.ie - 800
    Descriptive info: IN THE PAPERS.. 31-03-2011.. Collison brothers raise funds for Stripe | Xilinx acquires Belfast telecoms firm.. » more.. In The Papers 30 March.. 30-03-2011.. LinkedIn to create 100 new Irish jobs | Datalex narrows losses, predicts growth.. In The Papers 29 March.. 29-03-2011.. YouTube set for celeb revamp | eBay to acquire GSI Commerce.. In The Papers 28 March.. 28-03-2011.. Mobile users switch providers at record rate | ZAGG to create 300 jobs in Shannon region.. In The Papers 25 March.. 25-03-2011.. Havok tech to feature in Xperia Play phone | EU launches e-gambling consultation.. In The Papers 24 March.. 24-03-2011.. Receiver appointed to Ellickson Engineering | IDA, Microsoft launch cloud initiative.. In The Papers 23 March.. 23-03-2011.. Ireland to get 10 data centre projects | Three creates 50 new jobs.. In The Papers 22 March.. 22-03-2011.. Major telcos fined for spam messages | Just Mobile in dispute with ad agency.. In The Papers 21 March.. 21-03-2011.. Irish firms urged to use e-invoicing | Facebook snaps up Snaptu.. In The Papers 18 March.. 18-03-2011.. Cork parade goes live on the web | 2PaperDolls moves to Dublin.. In The Papers 16 March.. 16-03-2011.. Google buys Irish video company | Just-Eat secures new funding round.. In The Papers 15 March.. 15-03-2011.. Altobridge to get USD12m investment | Facebook to enter daily deals market.. In The Papers 14  ...   plan | Three offers 'all you can eat' data bundles.. In The Papers 3 March.. 03-03-2011.. Apple unveils iPad 2 | First Derivatives wins STG4.. 3m in funding.. In The Papers 2 March.. 02-03-2011.. Eircom revenues, earnings decline | Ballotbox.. ie poll mirrors real election.. In The Papers 1 March.. 01-03-2011.. Imagine suing Motorola for EUR90m | Ex-Apple exec pleads guilty to fraud.. In The Papers 28 February.. 28-02-2011.. O2 increases bill-pay customer numbers | JP Morgan fund in Twitter stake talks.. In The Papers 25 February.. 25-02-2011.. DPC personal data complaints increase | Hanafin denies copyright legislation move.. In The Papers 24 February.. 24-02-2011.. Eircom under mounting debt pressure | RTE wins approval for digital channels.. In The Papers 23 February.. 23-02-2011.. CarTrawler in talks to sell stake | Apple expected to unveil iPad 2 next week.. In The Papers 22 February.. 22-02-2011.. Spotify close to USD1bn valuation | Alibaba and the 2,300 thieves.. In The Papers 21 February.. 21-02-2011.. Zynga poised to raise USD500m funding | Eircom shareholders, unions to meet on rescue deal.. In The Papers 18 February.. 18-02-2011.. O2 launches Visa debit card | Google buys NAMA building.. In The Papers 17 February.. 17-02-2011.. PayPal to create 150 Dublin jobs | Google unveils generous revenue deal for publishers.. Previous.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. 32.. 33.. Next..

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  • Title: ENN.ie - 805
    Descriptive info: NEWS IN BRIEF.. Daily Digest 30 April.. 30-04-2010.. Smartphones drive mobile market | Netwatch to create 50 new jobs.. Daily Digest 29 April.. 29-04-2010.. DIT students hit the right note | Digiweb swallows TalkTalk.. Daily Digest 28 April.. 28-04-2010.. SFI allocates EUR25m in research funds | Google is 'most reputable' firm in Ireland.. Daily Digest 27 April.. 27-04-2010.. CRANN opens EUR12m nanoscience lab | Nokia reveals iPhone challenger.. Daily Digest 26 April.. 26-04-2010.. Tyndall investment to create jobs | HeartPhone wins innovation award.. Daily Digest 23 April.. 23-04-2010.. Hibernia Evros beds down with Travelodge | Tyndall to create 20 new jobs.. Daily Digest 22 April.. 22-04-2010.. Nokia warns on profit outlook | 'Smart network' rollout to create 80 jobs.. Daily Digest 21 April.. 21-04-2010.. Dublin's Olas lands EUR400k deals | Infor opens Indian centre.. Daily Digest 20 April.. 20-04-2010.. LinkedIn sees Irish growth | Irish fantasy sports site unveiled.. Daily Digest 19 April.. 19-04-2010.. CloudSplit wins funding for cloud app | Philips goes back to black for Q1.. Daily Digest 16 April.. 16-04-2010.. Profits and revenues jump at AMD | Oracle buys healthcare software firm.. Daily Digest 15 April.. 15-04-2010.. Web firm creates Mullingar jobs | PC market grows 24.. 2 percent.. Daily Digest 14 April.. 14-04-2010.. Belfast's Andor buys Photonic  ...   7 April.. 07-04-2010.. Yahoo mulls Foursquare purchase: report | AOL to un-friend Bebo.. Daily Digest 6 April.. 06-04-2010.. Google resets Buzz privacy controls | Irish SMEs taking to social media.. Daily Digest 1 April.. 01-04-2010.. UL spin out nets funding | DoneDeal.. ie outlines growth.. Daily Digest 31 March.. 31-03-2010.. Dell to create new jobs | Enterprise Ireland launches start-up programme.. Daily Digest 30 March.. 30-03-2010.. Apple developing CDMA iPhone: report | Citrix creates 30 new Dublin jobs.. Daily Digest 29 March.. 29-03-2010.. Ireland Offline slams Eircom's 8Mb broadband | Dediserve secures EUR1m investment.. Daily Digest 26 March.. 26-03-2010.. Nokia buys mobile browser firm | Datalex has "difficult" 2009.. Daily Digest 25 March.. 25-03-2010.. Inventorium seeking digital sector stars | Consumers want data breach notification.. Daily Digest 24 March.. 24-03-2010.. IBM to create Dublin jobs | iPhone is Ireland's most popular smartphone.. Daily Digest 23 March.. 23-03-2010.. Enterprise Dept to focus on 'innovation' | Northgate to create 88 NI jobs.. Daily Digest 22 March.. 22-03-2010.. eBay creates Dublin jobs | Twitter users warned of phishing scam.. Daily Digest 19 March.. 19-03-2010.. Apple to enter social networking market? | Mobile broadband growth rockets.. Daily Digest 18 March.. 18-03-2010.. Dabl in deal with Italian pharmacy network | Apple director Yorke passes away.. 24.. 25..

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  • Title: ENN.ie - Weekly Digest
    Descriptive info: Collisons do it again | All change at the top for Twitter.. 558.. Mixed week for Apple | Google and China square up on Gmail issue.. 557.. iPad 2 gets off to flying start | Facebook muscles in on deals market.. 556.. Android marches to the top of the hill | Online video market heats up.. 555.. Jobs returns to unveil iPad 2 | Google suffers pair of security issues.. 554.. O2 launches debit card | iPad 2 to launch next week?.. 553.. Android devices flood Mobile World Congress | Profits jump at Dell, Lenovo.. 552.. 10-02-2011.. HP muscles in on tablet market | Smartphone market growth rockets.. 551.. 02-02-2011.. Android marches strongly on | Chips are down for Intel.. 550.. 27-01-2011.. LinkedIn, Facebook make ad moves | Foursquare popularity rockets in 2010.. 549.. 20-01-2011.. PC sales hit by surging tablet growth | Record Apple results dulled by Jobs' health fears.. 548.. 13-01-2011.. Murex, ClearStream announce 100 new jobs | Groupon hits jackpot with huge cash injection.. 547.. 06-01-2011.. Tablets and 3D to dominate CES | Appy New Year from Amazon.. 546.. 16-12-2010.. Nortel  ...   | Kinect makes its mark for Microsoft.. 541.. 11-11-2010.. Cisco outlook causes investor concern | Yahoo takeover rumours persist.. 540.. 04-11-2010.. Android marches strongly on | Motorola on the road to recovery?.. 539.. 28-10-2010.. EMEA PC sales hit by netbook decline | Yahoo, MySpace unveil makeovers.. 538.. 22-10-2010.. Microsoft breaches the cloud, hits turbulence | Smartphones play key role in mobile makers' results.. 537.. 14-10-2010.. Intel results bode well for tech sector | Microsoft takes aim at smartphone market.. 536.. 07-10-2010.. Twitter is not for sale says new CEO | Skype and Cisco draw battle lines.. 535.. 30-09-2010.. New jobs continue to trickle in | AOL snaps up three firms in one day.. 534.. 23-09-2010.. HP and Oracle resolve Hurd legal spat | RIM poised to launch BlackPad?.. 533.. 16-09-2010.. From Russia with deals | Smartphones drive mobile market.. 532.. 09-09-2010.. Ping fails to set the world alight | Floodgates open in tablet market.. Weekly Digest No.. 531.. 02-09-2010.. Google enjoys busy week | Apple, Sony seek music lovers' attention.. 530.. 26-08-2010.. HP and Dell spar for 3PAR | To IPO or not to IPO?..

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  • Title: ENN.ie - Events
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  • Title: ENN.ie - Web Picks
    Descriptive info: Webpicks.. http://www.. mozilla.. com/en-US/firefox/new/.. Wed Mar 23 22:56:40 +0000 2011.. by.. It’s been a long time coming but now it’s here.. Goofbay.. goofbay.. Wed Mar 16 11:29:42 +0000 2011.. It’s hard to believe, but eBay has now been with us since 1995.. In that time the basic concept hasn’t fundamentally changed.. It’s a global auction-based marketplace where people can bid for stuff old or new.. The problem with this approach is that occasionally auctions end at times which makes it almost impossible to put in a bid.. But there are solutions.. One free example is Goofbay.. Amongst the services it offers is a sniping tool.. This allows you to set a maximum price you’d be willing to bid for an item on eBay and then, whether you’re at work or asleep, Goofbay will bid up to your pre- set limit on your behalf.. It doesn’t guarantee you’ll win the items you’re bidding on but it does ensure that you’re in with a chance.. Goofbay also offers a range of other handy services for help discover mis-spelt or badly promoted bargains and quick tools to check up on the background of the seller before you decide to put in that bid.. Ubuntu 10.. 10.. ubuntu.. com/desktop.. Wed Mar 09 20:28:47 +0000 2011.. Ubuntu just might be one of the best kept secrets in IT.. Why? Because it's a mature user-friendly linux OS that can transform your tired old PC of a few years ago, into a processing power-house.. It used to be that there were just two options when it came to OSs – you either had a Windows PC or you opted for a more expensive Mac.. But things have moved on in the world of linux and perhaps the best of the crop of user-friendly linux distributions is Ubuntu.. Where it comes into its own is when you take a PC that's ground to a halt under the weight of processes running and wipe it clean with a fresh install from a USB key or CD of one of a number of OS flavours – netbook, PC, server.. There are many variants to suit all needs on offer.. But the current 32bit version of Ubuntu is excellent, giving any older PC a new lease of life and turning, what might have seemed like a piece of junk, into a viable box once again.. And don't assume that there will be a lack of programs to run.. You can get a comprehensive array of graphics, entertainment and business software, often for free.. The same goes for netbooks, with Ubuntu's netbook variant transforming a sluggish device.. So if you have an old PC lying around maybe it's time to try out Ubuntu.. You'll be pleasantly surprised.. Medieval Dublin.. medievaldublin.. ie/.. Wed Mar 02 21:29:14 +0000 2011.. Sylvia Leatham.. Our friends at Dublin City Council sent us the 'Medieval Dublin - From Vikings to Tudors' DVD set, to highlight the launch of their new iPhone app on a similar theme,.. Dublin City Walls.. The DVD, produced by animation company Noho and web development firm Silver City Media, comes in two parts: a series of short films illustrating Dublin life between the years 800 and 1540, and an interactive disc providing more detailed information on topics like 'sickness and health', 'the role of rubbish' and the Viking slave trade.. Both discs employ 3D animation, high-res graphics, video and photos to great effect.. Old scrolled maps unfold; modern buildings 'collapse' as the ghost of the medieval city arises and springs to life again.. At times, the animated 360-degree swooping aerial views of Dubh Linn put me in mind of acclaimed period action videogame series 'Assassin's Creed'.. A new way to enjoy old Dublin.. The Story of Stuff.. storyofstuff.. org/.. Wed Feb 23 18:53:36 +0000 2011.. If you ever find yourself wondering what you're going to do about all the accumulated tat that's filling up your home, be rest assured that you're not alone.. One site that's making a valiant effort to highlight the error of our ways without beating us over the head with guilt is The Story of Stuff Project.. The site, with a light  ...   on the move.. But if you want something that's just that little bit more stylish and visually engaging, you really can't beat Pulse News Reader.. Also available for the iPhone, Pulse takes all that text-based content and turns it into a visual mozaic by using any associated photos with each top story.. It makes for a treat on the eyes that Google Reader (for the moment) just doesn't offer.. In fact it's similar in concept to Feedly for your PC's browser.. It attempts to make the act of reading the latest news that little bit more pleasureable.. But in Pulse's case, given the very limited screen real-estate available on many smartphones, the result is all the more impressive.. If you have more than one newspaper or blog that you regularly follow on your mobile, then this is an app that you've been waiting for.. Price: free!.. Bit.. ly TV.. http://bitly.. tv/.. Wed Feb 02 12:07:50 +0000 2011.. You may have already discovered the value of Bit.. ly.. It can take those overly long web addresses and turn them into something short and customisable so that others have half a chance of remembering and then being able to type them in.. This is especially useful when browsing using a smartphone and the thought of typing a 200+ character web address is enough to make you run for the hills.. Of course, Bit.. ly, in creating these short-cuts can do all sorts of interesting trending on who's clicking what and how much.. This has lead to a rather interesting offshoot called Bit.. ly Labs, where the company cooks up cool ways to interpret and add value to this data.. One of those is bitly.. tv.. At more than two billion clicks a month, the labs team has decided to show the most interesting, most quickly-trending links, starting with a showcase of the top viral videos shared via bit.. That's bitly.. tv in a nutshell.. Feed Notifier.. feednotifier.. Wed Jan 26 17:58:15 +0000 2011.. If you are a serious news-junkie then the chances are that you are already a convert to the convenience of subscribing to various news services' RSS feeds.. Instead of having to go visit each site you like, an RSS feed brings all the latest updates to you.. Off the back of RSS we now have a plethora of.. RSS Readers.. - some web-based like Google Reader, others downloadable programs for PC, Mac or your phone.. The choice is endless.. But therein lies the problem.. If you are subscribed to loads of interesting website RSS feeds it's probably because you want to know what's new the moment it happens.. But you can't go checking your RSS reader of choice every five minutes or you'll never get anything done.. Step up to the plate then for the disarmingly simple Feed Notifier.. It sits in the system tray of your PC (not Mac unfortunately) and each time there's an update on one of your favoured sites, a small pop-up appears in the screen's corner, to give you the essence of the story.. From there you can then choose to go read it.. or not.. Loads of customisation options let you set and forget, leaving this handy little (free) app to do all the heavy lifting.. This Day.. nikon.. com/about/feelnikon/thisday/main.. htm.. Wed Jan 19 18:52:17 +0000 2011.. Credit where it's due.. Over at Nikon someone in the marketing department was plainly working hard to come up with an innovative way to grab your attention on a daily basis.. The result is a rather good website called "This Day".. The idea is fairly simple.. People arrive at the website and are presented with interesting snippets of information about events that occurred on the same day in the past, somewhere in the world.. Simple yet effective.. And to make sure that you come back again and again, there's even a flash screen saver or desktop gadget running on Adobe Air, meaning it ought to work on PC and Mac.. It may be a site originally intended to promote Nikon, but in seeking ways to catch consumer attention the company has created a really interesting little service.. 69.. 70..

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  • Title: ENN.ie - In The Papers 31 March
    Descriptive info: Collison brothers raise funds for Stripe | Xilinx acquires Belfast telecoms firm.. The Irish Times reports that brothers.. Patrick and John Collison.. , who sold software company Auctomatic to a Canadian firm for a reported USD5 million in 2008, have received USD2 million in backing for their new venture,.. Stripe.. It is understood the funding values Stripe at close to USD20 million before it even launches a product.. The aim of the business is to make it simple for website operators to accept payments online.. Patrick Collison declined to comment on who is funding the venture, but he confirmed that a number of organisations are testing the company's products in advance of launch.. The paper also reports that.. Omiino.. , a Belfast telecoms startup, has been acquired by chip giant.. Xilinx.. The financial details of the deal were not disclosed.. Omiino has a portfolio of innovative technology solutions that are used by telecoms suppliers and telecoms equipment manufacturers.. It employs 16 people.. The Irish Independent notes that.. Facebook.. has launched its 'Facebook Deals' service in Ireland.. The service, which has been seen as a rival to the likes of Foursquare and Groupon, allows customers to find offers from retailers and other companies depending on the user's location.. The Irish Examiner reports that Pat Rabbitte has defended the Cabinet that signed off on the State's second mobile phone licence, saying ministers could not have second-guessed the project team's decision on the winning bid.. Distancing himself and ministerial colleagues from the decision to give the licence to.. Esat Digifone.. in 1995, the current Communications Minister said the then-Cabinet was not involved in choosing the winner.. The paper also says that Agriculture Minister Simon Coveney has urged farmers or their approved agents to use his department's online facility,.. iNET.. , for the submission of their 2011 single payment applications.. The system includes a  ...   are ranked based on what they and their friends like or find useful.. The 'social search' effort, dubbed '+1' or 'plus one', could change the way that some people use Google's search engine.. In more news of Google, the paper also says that the search giant has agreed to strict privacy rules and said it would ask users before sharing their data with outsiders, in a proposed settlement of US government claims that it violated users' privacy on.. Google Buzz.. The proposed settlement with the Federal Trade Commission requires the search giant to develop a "comprehensive privacy program" and to submit to independent privacy audits every two years for the next 20 years.. In yet more news of.. , the Financial Times says that.. Microsoft.. has filed a formal complaint with European antitrust regulators about Google's online search dominance in the region.. Brad Smith, Microsoft's general counsel, said in a blog post that the software company had become "concerned by a broadening pattern of conduct aimed at stopping anyone else from creating a competitive alternative".. He added: "We've therefore decided to join a large and growing number of companies registering their concerns about the European search market.. ".. The paper also says that a surge in demand for.. tablet devices.. is expected to help boost overall IT spending this year and offset any negative impact on the supply chain from this month's devastating earthquake in Japan.. New figures from Gartner predict that global spending on IT would rise 5.. 6 percent to USD3,600 billion in 2011.. Richard Gordon, research vice-president at Gartner, said that while the full impact of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan on the supply chain was still playing out, the effect on overall IT spending "doesn't appear to be catastrophic".. Email a friend.. RSS feed.. Socialite.. Track this story's companies and topics.. Define your own keyword alert..

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  • Title: ENN.ie - Weekly Digest Issue No. 559
    Descriptive info: Deirdre McArdle.. Good week on the jobs front.. Ireland's thriving digital media sector got another boost on Wednesday with the news that business networking site.. LinkedIn.. is to expand its Dublin operations.. The firm plans to create 100 new jobs over the next year with positions available in sales, business development, marketing, customer services, finance, HR and operations.. Recruitment has already begun for 15 of the positions.. The jobs announcement marks one year since the firm established its international operations in Ireland.. Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation Richard Bruton said LinkedIn was 'an excellent addition' to the digital media industry operating from Ireland.. In more good jobs news, it emerged this week that US mobile electronics and accessories firm.. Zagg.. has partnered with a small Co Clare manufacturing firm to establish a new facility in Shannon.. The partnership will see up to 300 new jobs being created by 2014.. Further details of the plans have not been revealed; Zagg has said it will make a formal announcement about the jobs at a "PR event" on 15 April.. Also this week,.. Hewlett-Packard.. made one of its key Belfast facilities into a new global centre of software engineering excellence.. The new centre will focus on cloud computing and will give HP's StorageWorks facility in the North the opportunity to play a lead role in developing next generation products.. It is also likely to deliver a substantial employment boost, although no official announcement on potential jobs has been made yet.. Collisons do it again.. Collison brothers Patrick and John have hit the jackpot again, this time with a new online payments venture called.. News emerged on Wednesday that Stripe had raised USD2 million in funding from a number of heavyweight Silicon Valley investors.. According to a TechCrunch report the investors include PayPal founders Peter Thiel and Elon Musk, as well as Sequoia Capital and Andreesen Horowitz.. The investment values Stripe at around the USD20 million mark.. The.. Collisons.. are no strangers to the tech world, having sold their start-up Auctomatic in 2008 to Canadian company Live Current Media for a reported USD5 million.. A former BT Young Scientist winner, Patrick and his brother John came up with the idea for Stripe while studying at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University, respectively, according to  ...   Dorsey, he announced his return in a tweet on Monday, saying he was "thrilled to get back to work", although he will still remain CEO of his new project Square, a mobile e-payments venture.. According to sources quoted by the Wall Street Journal, Williams and Dorsey have had personal differences.. Since Costolo took over as CEO late in 2010, Dorsey has had more input into Twitter's direction and will now assume some of the duties previously carried out by Jason Goldman, former vice president of product, who left Twitter late last year.. Speaking at a lecture at Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism, Dorsey said Twitter needs to become more "mainstream", according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.. Dorsey told students at Columbia that Twitter is also looking to eat into Facebook's dominance in advertising among social media companies.. The acquisition of.. GSI Commerce.. this week marks an interesting time for.. eBay.. as it strives to become a bigger player in the online retail sector.. In its largest acquisition since it bought Skype in 2005, eBay acquired GSI for about USD2.. 4 billion, including debt.. eBay will pay USD29.. 25 a share, a premium of 51 percent over GSI's closing share price last week, for the company, which handles e-commerce activities for over 180 large brands and retailers, including Levi Strauss, the National Football League, Toys R Us and Ralph Lauren.. The purchase of GSI "will significantly strengthen our ability to connect buyers and sellers worldwide," John Donahoe, eBay's president and chief executive, said in a statement.. "Combined with eBay Marketplaces and PayPal, we believe GSI will enhance our position as the leading strategic global commerce partner of choice for retailers and brands of all sizes.. GSI receives and manages online orders, processes payments, maintains retail websites and handles some customer care services.. According to MarketWatch, the e-commerce site also operates a distribution network of nine fulfilment centres in the US to help retailers handle their online business.. Analysts suggest this expertise will be a beneficial addition to eBay to help it compete more effectively with e-retailing giant Amazon.. eBay said it estimates the transaction, which is expected to close in the third quarter of this year, will result in "synergies" of approximately USD60 million by 2013.. all.. Create alert.. Twitter.. eBay..

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  • Title: ENN.ie - Ireland's IT Newswire
    Descriptive info: Ralph holds a degree in Communications, gained in 1990.. He was a journalist & editor for a number of magazine titles over four years while in Edinburgh, lecturing part-time on media and PR.. He moved into New Media in 1995 with Europe Online, based in London.. In 1996 he was hired by Yahoo Inc to launch their UK & Ireland portal, where he initially built up localised content and third-party partnerships, before focusing on business development full time from 1998.. He left Yahoo in late 2000 and moved to Ireland in 2001.. Ralph joined ENN in November that year.. Today Ralph oversees business development on both ENN's website and the growing corporate services operation.. Where time permits he contributes to the ENN website and blog.. Stories by Ralph Averbuch.. Music sales get more social with Spotify.. Spotify aims to prove that a sprinkle of social dust equals music sales.. People make 140 letters priceless.. Recent travel chaos confirms the power of social media in real world situations.. Will Twitter ride the mobile wave?.. Report says mobile web will outstrip desktop by 2015.. Hope in the fight against censorship.. Wikileaks and Haystack are helping to protect our ability to know what's really going on.. Smartphones: the tipping point's coming.. Smartphones are slated to be at 50pc of the market by the third quarter of 2011.. A malignant threat from our mobiles.. Could our universal communicator we can't live without be a threat to our lives?.. Social takes the fight to search.. 17-03-2010.. Facebook's growth puts social in the spotlight and search on notice.. Make room for the message.. 10-03-2010.. Before you bear the barrage of online messages, make sure you know what yours is first.. Apple's new court based tactics.. 03-03-2010.. Resorting to patents to  ...   privacy.. Google tries not being 'evil'.. 13-01-2010.. Google's new stance on censorship suggests it won't kowtow to China's dictats any more.. Google's phone that really isn't.. 06-01-2010.. Google's ambition isn't to sell phones, it's to make others do it better.. 2010: The year smartphones get smart.. 01-01-2010.. This year will be crowded, with players vying to be in the smartphone game.. Google in your pocket.. 16-12-2009.. Google could be your constant companion with the rumoured launch of a branded handset.. Is the tiger moving north?.. 09-12-2009.. Infrastructure investment in the north highlights the shortfall in strategic vision down south.. Fry roasts Plaxo in Twitter hissy fit.. 02-12-2009.. Stephen Fry is livid his personal details were made public; but he put them online in the first place.. New blood at the IIA.. 25-11-2009.. The new CEO of the IIA inherits a good operation from her predecessor and new challenges too.. Paywall papers versus open access.. 18-11-2009.. Some papers will start charging for online news but the press are divided.. Google, the heart of mobile web.. 11-11-2009.. Google's acquisition of AdMob shows that it intends to dominate the mobile internet.. Tech's making all of us twits.. 04-11-2009.. It seems we have a lot to say about the very simple Twitter.. The rise of the open source OS.. 28-10-2009.. Microsoft's unassailable grip on the PC desktop will face fresh threats from open OS's.. Future's cloudy for Microsoft.. 21-10-2009.. Microsoft's latest OS may be the last that matters to PC users moving to online apps.. A law unto themselves?.. 14-10-2009.. Gagging laws can't stifle an internet generation that wants the freedom to know the facts.. Competition converges on Eircom's core market.. 08-10-2009.. Anyone can be Eircom's competitor in an IP world, and more are putting it into practice..

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  • Title: ENN.ie - Ireland's IT Newswire
    Descriptive info: Story Archive.. 564.. 565..

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  • Title: ENN.ie - Ireland's IT Newswire
    Descriptive info: PR Directory.. Bvisible Communications.. Address:.. 6 Townyard Lane, Malahide, Co Dublin.. Contact:.. Bernice Burnside.. Telephone:.. +353 1 845 2401.. Website:.. bvisible.. ie.. E-mail:.. bernice@bvisible.. Clients.. Magnet Networks (Magnet Business and Magnet Entertainment), Top Security and TopSec Technology, Pure Telecom, pTools, Association of Licensed Telecommunications Operators (ALTO).. Description:.. Bvisible Communications provides strategic and tactical communications services to a diverse range of clients in the telecoms, software, hardware and IT security sectors.. Comit Communications & Marketing.. D4 Nutgrove Office Park, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14.. Allan Chapman.. +353 1 2157670.. comitmarketing.. achapman@comitmarketing.. Clients include: CA, Cable & Wireless, Puca, TERMINALFOUR, Strencom, Damovo, Bridgedoc and Babelgum.. This Hi-Tech PR/Marketing company, is focused on helping clients build their business through consistent PR and marketing.. A proven record in value-added delivery of successful public relations is founded on an indepth understanding of clients' business and markets.. Edelman.. Huguenot House, 35 St Stephens Green, Dublin 2.. Donnchadh O'Leary; Piaras Kelly.. +353 1 678 9333.. edelman.. donnchadh.. o'.. leary@edelman.. ;.. piaras.. kelly@edelman.. BT, Xbox, Hosting365, Zamano, Sky, Quest Software, Canon and Visa Europe.. Edelman is the world's largest independent public relations firm with over 40 offices and 60 affiliates worldwide.. Edelman Dublin's Technology Group won the PRCA Excellence in Public Relations Technology Award 2000 and in 2003 received a PRCA certificate for excellence in Technology PR.. Edelman provides a full communications service and works closely with its sister company, Edelman Interactive Design, to develop online PR solutions.. Fleishman-Hillard.. 14 Fitzwilliam Quay, Dublin 4, Ireland.. Ciaran Buckley.. +353 1 6188444.. fleishmaneurope.. buckleyc@fleishmaneurope.. Fleishman-Hillard provides strategic business communications services to leading indigenous and multi-national technology firms.. The technology practice has a mixture of hardware, software, services and consulting clients, who benefit from Fleishman-Hillard's global network of technology communications specialists.. Fleishman-Hillard is one of Ireland's largest communications consultancies employing over 40 leading public relations, public affairs and communication specialists.. It has won a record 15 PRCA Awards for excellence in public relations and was awarded the Supreme Award for Excellence by the PRCA in 2000 and 2004.. Heneghan PR.. 54 Pembroke Road, Dublin 4.. Nigel Heneghan, Managing Director.. +3531 6607395.. hpr.. nigel@hpr.. Motorola, 3, Irish Broadband, Epson, Conduit, Eazy Pass, Garmin, Irishjobs.. ie, Saongroup.. com, Jobs.. Founded in 1990, Heneghan PR offers a comprehensive range of public relations services including corporate and financial communications, company launches, new business start-ups, IT, telco and business-to-business communications.. Hill & Knowlton.. 9 Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin 2.. Kieran  ...   Electric Paper; Xilinx Europe.. MKC Communications is a leading corporate communications consultancy operating across all industry sectors.. The company has a strong information technology capability in addition to expertise in financial services, public affairs, and crisis management communications.. Murray Consultants.. Dartmouth House, No.. 1 Grand Parade, Dublin 6.. John McGuinness.. +3531 498 0361.. murrayconsult.. jmcguinness@murrayconsult.. Client list includes Calyx Group, Smart Telecom Ltd, Deloitte and Saadian Technologies.. We act for a range of ICT, telecommunications and software companies including Calyx Group, Smart Telecom Ltd and Saadian Technologies.. Our New Media team provides website development, ezine & podcasting services, viral advertising and social networking capabilities.. We have engaged in new media projects for 3V Transaction Services, Call 11890 Ltd, Cadbury and No Nonsense Insurance.. Simpson Financial & Technology PR.. Seafield House, 23 Seafield Road, Blackrock, Co.. Dublin.. Ronnie Simpson.. +3531 260 5300.. simpsonftpr.. ronnie@simpsonftpr.. Clients include O2, Irish Venture Capital Association, Salesforce.. com, Sun Microsystems, StatCounter, Sogeti, I.. T.. Alliance, BPI Telecom, Saaspoint, Version 1, NovaUCD.. Global reach through Eurocom Worldwide.. Established in 1995, Simpson FTPR is the first Irish-owned PR firm to specialise in high-tech.. Slattery Communications.. Cranford House, Montrose, Donnybrook, Dublin 4.. Eoin Kennedy.. +353 (0)1 6614055.. slatterycommunications.. ekennedy@scomms.. Technology clients include Microsoft, Fujitsu Siemens, Mapflow, RedMere Technology, Adobe, Interactive Return and Nokia.. Founded 25 years ago, Slattery Communications is one of Ireland's leading public relations agencies.. Comprised of three specialist divisions, its staff are split across technology/corporate, consumer and sport marketing.. Slattery Communications is affiliated to global PR agency Ketchum.. Weber Shandwick | FCC.. Hambleden House, 19-26 Lr Pembroke Street, Dublin 2.. Eileen Gleeson.. + 353 1 676 0168.. webershandwick.. egleeson@webershandwick.. Weber Shandwick FCC has a wealth of technology communications experience.. Current technology clients include Xonen Technologies and Oracle Ireland.. FCC was established in 1989 and became part of Weber Shandwick Worldwide in 2000.. Weber Shandwick Worldwide is now the world's largest network of PR and communications consultancies.. The company offers clients a full communications service including corporate, financial, technology, consumer and public affairs advice, strategy and implementation.. Wilson Hartnell Public Relations.. 6 Ely Place, Dublin 2.. Frans Van Cauwelaert.. +3531 669 0030.. whpr.. frans.. vancauwelaert@ogilvy.. Clients include SerCom Solutions, SAP, GS1 Ireland.. Founded in 1973, WHPR is among the leading three PR consultancies in Ireland.. WHPR is a member of the WPP Group and Ogilvy PR network, which has a presence in virtually every market in the world..

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