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  • Title: ECM College :: Home
    Descriptive info: .. Share |.. » Home.. Courses.. International English.. General English.. Exams Preparation.. Other Languages.. Spanish.. Italian.. French.. German.. Portuguese.. Chinese.. Professional Courses.. Cert.. in Business Studies.. Dip.. in Marketing Mgmt.. in Tourism Management.. Evening Diplomas.. Project Management.. Social Media Marketing.. Diploma in Photography.. Counselling & Psychotherapy.. Customer Service.. Food & Beverage Mgmt.. Programme Fees.. Course Evaluation.. Admissions.. Applications.. Non-EEA Students.. EEA Students.. Refund Policy.. Terms & Conditions.. Students Services.. Accommodation.. Health Insurance.. Airport Pickup.. Students Facilities.. MyECM - Student Zone.. Student Lounge.. Computer Lab and WiFi.. Library.. About Us.. About Dublin.. About ECM.. Photo Gallery.. Video Gallery.. Awarding Bodies.. Contact us.. Social.. Facebook Page.. Twitter.. Youtube.. El contenido de esta página requiere una versión más reciente de Adobe Flash Player.. Choose from more than 30 short courses with ECM Business School, Dublin School of Tourism and Hospitality, School of English and Cultural Studies, and School of Arts & Sciences.. Explore.. Want to study full-time? ECM College provides you with  ...   are affordable and the teachers are very nice.. I like the different cultures that you can meet in Dublin.. Adriana Becerra, 25 - Mexican (English Course).. When researched language schools in Ireland, the ECM was without a shadow of doubt who pleased me the most, and really is an excellent school with great location, excellent quality and structure of teachers in the English Language Course!.. Fernando Pian, 22 - Brazilian (English Course).. Join our Mailing List.. Get all the latest news, updates and event information from the ECM College.. Email:.. Email Confirmation:.. Subscribe.. Contact Us.. Skype Us.. Prospectus.. Enrolment Form.. Calendar.. Newsletter.. F.. A.. Q.. The European College of Management (ECM College) is recognised/accredited/endorsed by:.. Connect and Interact with Us:.. ECM College – The European College of Management.. Abbey House, Jervis St, Dublin 1, Ireland.. Tel: (+353) 1 5143789 | Fax: (+353) 1 8044409 |.. 2002-2012 © ECM College |.. Terms and Conditions.. |.. Data Protection.. Users Agreement.. Restricted Area..

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  • Title: ECM College :: Home
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  • Title: ECM College :: English Academic Year
    Descriptive info: ».. English & cultural Studies.. | English Academic Year.. English Academic Year.. Description.. The English Academic Year English Programme uses a unique integrated skills approach with a focus on all aspects of the English language including: speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and idioms.. Classes focus on effective communication in English and teachers use modern texts, audio / video DVD/CD, local media and magazines to enhance your learning experience.. Course Goals.. Certificate of English fluency based on your final level completed and length of study.. Exams.. EDI General English exams are internationally recognized and are considered one of the leading indicators for English proficiency.. Duration.. 1 - 51 Weeks.. Students may enrol weekly onto the General English Programmes.. Each level of General English is approximately 4 weeks long.. Tuition Hours: Morning or Afternoon.. Students may study for as many levels as required.. The minimum course length is 2 week.. Requirements.. Students will take a written and oral placement test on the first day to determine English level Students tested at Beginner or Intermediate levels (levels A0 to C1) will be placed in General English first and then if they wish they can progress onto Exam Preparation courses (IELTS / Cambridge).. Start  ...   (with 16-week, 8-week and 1-week holiday period respectively).. You are also able to personalise the programme to meet your individual goals and intensify your learning course.. An English Academic Year English Programme includes:.. Full-time course minimum 26 weeks with 15 hours/week daytime tuition - (30 hours/ week option available);.. Learning materials including English textbook;.. Orientation Programme run by Director of Studies and Student Support Members (multilingual student support available).. Support in arranging PPS Number, opening bank account, visiting GNIB, permanent accommodation search Course completion Certificate;.. Student activities (local and abroad trips, cultural events, cinema at school sessions, night outs, students' gatherings, visits to museums, galleries, parks, games and a lot more, as described in our Student Life guide).. Opportunity to get involved in college activities (mentoring).. EDI examination fees included.. Modes of Study:.. Flexy Study:.. Morning / Afternoon.. Non-Flexy Study:.. Afternoon.. Lessons held from:.. Morning:.. 9:00am - 1:00pm.. Afternoon:.. 2:00pm - 6:00pm.. Additional services available:.. Accommodation is available with a host family, hostel or in our student residences.. Airport pick-up (one-way or return).. Health Insurance arrangements.. Come to study with us!.. If you wish to enquire further please email us at.. enquiries@ecmcollege.. ie.. and we would be delighted to help with you..

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  • Title: ECM College :: Exam Preparation
    Descriptive info: | Exam Preparation.. Exam Preparation.. Cambridge ESOL Examination.. The Cambridge ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) examinations are known and recognised by universities, employers and national education authorities throughout the world.. A wide range of exams are being offered for each stage of language ability.. Every year more than one million people take Cambridge ESOL exams in order to improve their employment prospects, seek further education, prepare themselves to travel or live abroad, or because they want an internationally recognised certificate showing the level they have attained in the English language.. Cambridge examinations can be arranged at the convenient time -.. Cambridge ESOL Examination dates.. Certificate of  ...   First Certificate in English (FCE).. Cambridge English: First, commonly known as First Certificate in English (FCE), is a popular upper-intermediate English exam.. It shows that a learner is becoming skilled in English and has the ability to start working in an English speaking environment.. Certificate in Advanced English (CAE).. Cambridge English: Advanced (known as Certificate in Advanced English - CAE) is a high-level language qualification in English for demanding professional and academic situations.. IELTS — English for International Opportunity.. Educational institutions, along with employers and government immigration agencies, require proof of English language skills as part of their recruitment or admittance procedures.. Increasingly, these organisations are using IELTS..

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  • Title: ECM College :: Other Language - Spanish
    Descriptive info: Ohter Languages.. | Spanish.. Other Languages - Spanish.. Spanish is the most widely spoken of the Roman languages, both in terms of number of speakers and the number of countries in which it is the dominant language.. Did you know that both question and exclamation marks in Spanish appear in the beginning or the middle of sentences? Learn that and much more at ECM College having "mucha diversion" !.. Our foreign language lecturers are native speakers, that during classes cover not only language skills like Reading, Listening , Writing and Use of Grammar, but also develop you speaking skills and encourage you to use it in everyday situations.. And the ECM College itself with the multicultural atmosphere and its student gathered from all over the world will give you an opportunity for a language exchange and gaining a remarkable international experience.. Learning aids and the language lab are also available for all our foreign languages students.. Class day and time.. Starting week.. Fee.. Spanish Level 1.. Tuesdays 6:30pm - 8:30pm or Thursdays 6:30pm - 8:30pm.. Feb 6th 2012 or Apr 23rd 2012.. € 250.. 00.. Spanish Level 2.. Tuesdays 6:30pm - 8:30pm.. Feb 6th 2012.. Spanish Level 3.. Thursdays 6:30pm - 8:30pm..  ...   geography), understands the basic grammar structures and is able to use them, communicates with the environment using simple sentences.. Level 4.. Intermediate level – designed for students proceeding from lower intermediate level.. Student can understand the main ideas of complex text on various topics, can develop a regular interaction with native speakers and produce clear, detailed text on a wide range of subjects.. Level 5.. Higher Intermediate Level- applies to students with a high understanding of complex texts, ability to express themselves fluently and spontaneously.. Student will be able to use a language for academic, social and professional purposes.. Level 6.. Advanced level - students on this level will understand with ease majority of what they hear or read, summarise information from different spoken and written sources, create arguments, express themselves in a confident, fluent way.. Our foreign language courses last 10 weeks per level with 2 hour/week.. DISCOUNTS AND PROMOTIONS:.. 20% off if you continue to study on a next level.. 10% off if you bring a friend.. 20% off if you already are a student of ECM College on any different programme.. 20% off if you book two language courses together.. discounts cannot be combined, only one type of discount applies..

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  • Title: ECM College :: Other Languages - Italian
    Descriptive info: Other Languages.. | Italian.. Other Languages - Italian.. Have you ever wonder why Italian language sounds so melodic? Almost all Italian words end in a vowel which decides over their high musical quality.. Known of its romantic and expressive character, Italian is a language of Dante, Michael Angelo or Benigni.. Discover the simple and enjoyable way to learn Italian!.. Along with the enrolment to a standard full-price course you will receive a Collins Pocket Italian Dictionary.. Italian Level 1.. Italian Level 2.. Italian Level 3.. Italian Level 4.. Italian Level 5.. Italian Level 6..

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  • Title: ECM College :: Other Languages - French
    Descriptive info: | French.. Other Languages - French.. French, the official language in over 30 countries, with over 400 million both native and second language speakers is a second most frequently learnt language in the world after English.. It is said that everything sounds better in French, so study with ECM College and get ready  ...   passion et l'esprit !.. Along with the enrolment to a standard full-price course you will receive a Collins Pocket French Dictionary.. French Level 1.. Mondays 6:30pm - 8:30pm.. French Level 2.. French Level 3.. French Level 4.. French Level 5.. French Level 6.. *On bank holidays, Monday classes will be postponed to Friday..

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  • Title: ECM College :: Other Languages - German
    Descriptive info: | German.. Other Languages - German.. Did you know that every 10th book in the world is published in German? A language of Goethe and Heine, a key one in European Union.. Discover the simple and enjoyable way to learn German with ECM College!.. Along with the enrolment to a standard full-price course you will receive a Collins Pocket German Dictionary.. Adittional one-to-one conversation.. German Level 1.. € 35.. German Level 2.. German Level 3.. German Level 4.. Apr 29th 2012.. German Level 5.. German Level 6..

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  • Title: ECM College :: Other Language - Portuguese
    Descriptive info: Other Language.. | Portuguese.. Other Languages - Portuguese.. The most melodic and soft of Latin languages.. And with the growing Brazilian community in Dublin, nowadays Brazilian Portuguese can be hear around every corner.. Discover the simple and enjoyable way to learn Brazilian Portuguese with ECM College and  ...   churrascaria !.. Along with the enrolment to a standard full-price course you will receive a Collins Pocket Portuguese Dictionary.. Portuguese Level 1.. Portuguese Level 2.. Portuguese Level 3.. Portuguese Level 4.. Portuguese Level 5.. Portuguese Level 6.. *On bank holidays, Monday classes will be postponed to Friday..

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  • Title: ECM College :: Other Languages - Chinese
    Descriptive info: | Chinese.. Foreign Languages - Chinese.. Considered "the language of the future" Chinese is a new trend in language studies around the world.. With its 13 main regional varieties and the main one- Mandarin, Chinese is spoken by approximately 1.. 3 billion of people all over the world! Learn Chinese with ECM College and add a great value to your curriculum.. Chinese Level 1.. Chinese Level 2.. Chinese  ...   for students with elementary level of language and those progressing from Absolute Beginners level.. 20% off if you continue to study on a next level;.. 10% off if you bring a friend;.. 20% off if you already are a student of ECM College on any different programme;.. 20% off if you book two language courses together;.. Discounts cannot be combined with other promotions, only one type of discount applies..

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  • Title: ECM College :: Diploma in Project Management
    Descriptive info: Evening Courses.. | Diploma in Project Management.. Diploma in Project Management.. Project management is the discipline of planning, organising and managing a company's resources in such a way that projects are successfully completed within budget constraints, specified deadlines, and of the highest possible quality.. Course Description.. This course aims to develop students' knowledge and understanding of the role of project management in organisations.. The unit explores the tools employed in robust project management, including techniques for planning, monitoring and controlling complex projects, and the role of computing in this process.. Who is the course for?.. The Diploma in Project Management course is designed both for absolute beginners as well as established management professionals seeking to enhance practical skills in  ...   Allocation.. Monitoring & Information Systems.. Project Control.. Project Auditing.. Project Termination.. Diploma in Project Management.. Qualifications.. ECM Certificate – Project Management Foundation (on completion of Part 1).. ECM Diploma in Project Management (on completion of Part 1 & Part 2).. Timetable.. Course Title.. Starting date.. ECM Diploma in Project Management(12-week course/ 36 hours).. 20-Mar-12.. Tue 6:15pm - 9:15pm.. € 850.. Part 1: ECM Project Management Foundation (3-week course/ 9 hours).. € 290.. Part 2:ECM Project Management Development (9-week course/ 27 hours).. 10-Apr-12.. € 580.. ECM Diploma in Project Management (12-week course/ 36 hours).. 11-Sep-12.. Part 2: ECM Project Management Development (9-week course/ 27 hours).. 02-Oct-12.. Assessment.. Assignment – Digital Marketing Plan.. Minimum attendance required: 70%.. Entry Requirements.. No entry requirements..

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