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  • Title: Home | Eagle Air Conditioning | Ireland's Leading Supplier Of Air Conditioning Systems
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Products.. Cost Saving.. Services.. Contact.. Welcome To Our Website.. Eagle Air Conditioning Ltd is a well-established Air Conditioning company with over 20 years’ experience in the installation and Maintenance of Air Conditioning Equipment.. We offer a broad portfolio of products from multiple VRF Systems to split systems.. We have worked with consultants from design stages to end users to ensure our customers get the best system to suit their own specific needs.. Working in conjunction with our suppliers we provide a professional service for the installation and maintenance of all Air Conditioning systems specialising in Mitsubishi, Daiken, Toshiba LG Systems, although other brands can be installed at a  ...   providing Air Conditioning solutions for all applications including Computer (Comms) Rooms, Restaurants, Offices, Hotels, Shops etc.. Our services and products include air conditioning, ventilation, and renewable energy products.. Renewable energy products not only benefit the environment, but are more efficient to run and will result in lower energy bills in the long run.. Our skilled teams are trained to the very highest standards and are supported by FAS, Institute of Refrigeration Ireland and our key supplies who provide technical training and support.. We are fully insured, C2 Registered and Health Safety Compliant.. Free Survey and Quotation - all Areas Covered.. 2012 Eagle Air Conditioning |.. |.. Sitemap.. Terms Of Service..

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  • Title: Products | Eagle Air Conditioning | Ireland's Leading Supplier Of Air Conditioning Systems
    Descriptive info: Our Products.. Eagle Air Conditioning is F Gas registered in line with F Gas Legislation with came into force in July 2007.. The main principle is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the containment and prevention of emissions; phase out of these gases is not generally a requirement of the Regulation except for some specified uses.. Some of the products we offer.. M Series.. Designed to heat or cool small to medium sized applications, the new R410A M Series range provides a versatile, yet affordable air conditioning solution.. Quick to install, this newly designed, attractive range offers the perfect way to ensure a comfortable environment with the minimum of disruption.. Mr Slim.. Suitable to heat or cool a huge variety of applications, the Mr Slim range  ...   Flow) applications.. The efficiency of City Multi is second to none, and the new R410A range offers a substantial increase in energy efficiency and corresponding EER/COP ratings.. Lossnay.. Developed and refined over the past 30 years, the Lossnay system has perfected the recovery of waste energy.. The units reduce overall energy costs by extracting stale air and then recovering the heating or cooling energy to either warm or cool incoming fresh air.. Controls.. The need for control is paramount in order to optimise the performance of any air conditioning system and minimise its running costs.. Mitsubishi Electric offer a wide range of control options from simple hand held controllers to web based systems, designed to do just this.. Our Suppliers.. Contact Us now.. for a free quotation..

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  • Title: Cost Savings | Eagle Air Conditioning | Ireland's Leading Supplier Of Air Conditioning Systems
    Descriptive info: Energy Cost Saving Tips.. Renewable Technologies.. Eagle Air Conditioning Ltd provides reliable and easy to use air conditioning units that improve productivity and create a pleasant environment.. We provide comfort heat pump units for all commercial and domestic properties, and also offer a full maintenance contract following installation so that your unit(s) continues to run effectively and efficiently,.. Our promise is to deliver customised air conditioning solutions that are right for your environment and your budget, helping you create a more comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.. If you are unsure as to what you require, our experts are on hand to talk you through your Air conditioning project from product selection to installation and product training.. R22 Phase Out.. From 1st January 2010, The Production of the Refrigerant Gas R22 will be discontinued.. By the year 2015 it will be totally illegal to work on a R22 system,  ...   cables from your current R22 system (which is often the most expensive part of new AC Installations because of labour costs) and simply replacing both the indoor and outdoor units with modern 410A Inverter units, after the pipes have been chemically flushed.. Newer units are also up to 70% cheaper to run than R22 systems.. In a recent survey 65% of people who Retro-Fitted there company’s AC systems in 2007, covered the full cost of the Retro-Fit within 2 years because of the reduction of energy bills, then constantly saved more money thereafter with cheaper electricity bills compared to the old R22 system they were using.. We strongly recommend upgrading your R22 system as soon as possible instead of letting your old system run until a fatal failure occurs, and inevitably contaminating the pipe-work, rendering it useless, and unable to use it for a Retro Fitting purpose..

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  • Title: Services | Eagle Air Conditioning | Ireland's Leading Supplier Of Air Conditioning Systems
    Descriptive info: Our Services.. Air Conditioning Contractors.. We work with all types of business from small to very large, providing one shop and office air conditioning.. Projects have included large department stores, factory floors, small retail stores, restaurants, hotels, as well as specialised systems for industry and IT rooms.. We offer maintenance contracts on all the products we install.. Our services and products include air conditioning, heat recovery ventilation and renewable energy products.. All our products and services are supplied by professionally trained staffs, who are experts in the area.. Air Conditioning Maintenance.. Proper Maintenance is an essential element of the lifespan of your air conditioning unit.. Proper maintenance can add years to your system, while keeping running costs at minimum at all times.. Eagle Air Conditioning Ltd offer competitive maintenance  ...   all air conditioning products that we install.. We can also quote for maintenance on systems we have not worked on previously.. We maintain air conditioning units throughout all of Ireland.. Air Conditioning Repairs.. Here at Eagle Air Conditioning we offer a full repair service on all systems and units that we install.. All of the units we install come with a guarantee so please ask about this when you are enquiring about our services.. Our team can repair systems throughout all of Ireland so please call today for a free quotation.. Recent Projects.. Some of recent projects include.. Forever 21 Jervis Street Shopping Centre.. Morten Stadium - Santry.. HSE- St Vincents Hospital.. Boots Blanchardstown.. Central Bank - Dundrum.. Bank of Ireland -.. PTSB Blanchardstown.. Shires City West.. Portwest Retail..

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  • Title: Contact Us | Eagle Air Conditioning | Ireland's Leading Supplier Of Air Conditioning Systems
    Descriptive info: Contact Eagle Air Conditioning.. Thank you for visiting our website, we are always happy to hear feedback and answer your enquiries.. Below you can find our contact details and a contact / order enquiry form.. Eagle Air Conditioning.. 71 Mt Prospect Drive,.. Clontarf,.. Dublin 3,.. Co.. Dublin.. P:.. 01)8334435.. M:.. (087)2210700.. E:.. info@eagleair.. ie.. Name.. *.. Company.. Email.. Phone.. Subject.. Comments..

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  • Title: Sitemap | Eagle Air Conditioning | Ireland's Leading Supplier Of Air Conditioning Systems
    Descriptive info: To help you navigate our website, please find our sitemap below:.. Privacy / TOS..

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  • Title: Privacy - TOS | Eagle Air Conditioning | Ireland's Leading Supplier Of Air Conditioning Systems
    Descriptive info: Privacy - Terms of Service.. By visiting our website, www.. eagleair.. ie and it's subdirectories you agree to the following terms and conditions and privacy policy.. Privacy Policy.. Eagle Air Conditioning will never knowingly pass on details transmitted through this website, by phone, email, post, fax or in person to unauthorised third parties.. In addition to contact you openly make with Eagle Air Conditioning, we would like you to note that we also record visitor activity on our website in the form of anonymous data collection which helps us to improve our website and identify potential problems.. Under normal circumstances, it is impossible to track an IP address and other information collected to an individual or organisation unless criminal activity occurs on our website.. In such a case, we must pass on details to third legal parties, policing organisations in Ireland or worldwide, or to compile our own legal claims.. Within our privacy policy, we pledge to act within the Data Protection Acts (1988 onwards) under Irish law.. Any breaches reported to us will be investigated appropriately and if necessary, we will contact relevant government and legal bodies.. Please report all complaints and concerns in writing to:.. E-mail:.. Website Terms Of Service.. When you use this website you agree to abide to civil, commercial, intellectual property, communications and liable laws which apply in the Republic of Ireland, regardless of your location.. Failure to do so may result in legal action in an Irish court and possible extradition for offences against the state.. In addition to these laws, accessible via this link http://www.. irishstatutebook.. ie/, and our privacy policy we wish to reaffirm the following rights:.. Terms and Conditions for accessing this website.. 1.. By using this site you agree to be legally bound by these terms and conditions.. If you do not agree to be legally bound by all the following terms you should not access and/or use our website or communicate in any way with the server hosting this website, namely, eagleair.. ie / eagleairconditioning.. 2.. Henceforth in this legal declaration, you the website user, or associated parties will be known as either you or the client.. We, Eagle Air Conditioning will be known as We , Us or Our Company , our general or individual assets will be addressed by the prefix Our.. 3.. You agree that we reserve the right to change these, or any, terms and conditions, content and/or declarations without prior notification, and changes made come into immediate effect upon being presented here.. When such  ...   voluntary access basis without any representations or any kind of warranty whether express, implied or statutory of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement, compatibility, security and accuracy.. Our company will not be liable for any damages, including consequential damages, or any damages arising from the loss of use, interruption of trade, financial loss or damages, whether in contract, negligence or other tortious action, arising from or in connection with the use of our website.. We refuse to accept any responsibility for the failure and/or actions of third parties, and content and communication interception which may occasionally occur using our website or associated services.. Third Party Content.. Any third party content hosted or otherwise presented on our website is copyright of it's respective owners.. We do not accept liability for any loss or damage in transmission of such content and in turn do not accept any liability for how content may be misused by our websites users.. If you notice any third party, unauthorised content displayed on our website or otherwise communicated or transmitted by our company, please contact us (details available in our privacy policy).. Third Party Sites/Links.. Our company not responsible for the availability or content of any third party websites or material accessed through the our website.. We purposely do not monitor third party content available through third party websites and/or links as a disclaimer of liability for such content.. Our company does not endorse, and shall not be held responsible for any content, advertising, products, services or information on or available from third party sites.. Third party sites linked through our website are not covered by our terms of service, and hence you must review their policies appropriately.. Disclaimer Of Liability For Legal Declarations.. If any provisions of these terms and conditions are found to be illegal, outdated, less legally preferable in a legal action or otherwise unenforceable by reason of the laws of any state or country in which these terms are intended to be effective, then to the extent and within the jurisdiction in which that term is illegal, invalid or unenforceable, it shall be severed and deleted from these terms and the remaining terms shall survive, remain in full force and effect.. We refuse to accept liability for parties who do not make us openly aware of faults and later deny such observations in legal action - Access our website at your own, sole risk and liability without exception.. These terms shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Ireland..

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