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  • Title: East Limerick Children's Services
    Descriptive info: .. East Limerick Children s Services.. Home.. Our Guiding Principles.. Service Overview.. Early Intervention.. Referral Process.. Early Intervention Specialist.. Occupational Therapy.. Social Work.. Speech and Language Therapy.. Physiotherapy.. Paedatric Link Worker.. Psychology Early Intervention.. School Age.. Psychology / Connections.. Play n Learn Preschool.. Community Nursing.. Find / Contact Us.. Contact Us.. Location Map.. Latest News.. Service Documents.. Referral Form.. Service Specification.. Service Information Pack.. Consent Form.. Links.. Calendar.. Birth 6 years.. Early Intervention Service.. 6 18 Years.. Preschool.. Top of Page.. Copyright 2011.. East Limerick Child Services.. All Rights Reserved.. Managed by.. Web Management Ireland.. Log in..

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  • Title: Our Guiding Principles
    Descriptive info: You are here:.. / Our Guiding Principles.. Mission Statement:.. The mission of the East Limerick Children’s Services is to provide appropriate assessment / intervention to all children who have been diagnosed with a disability.. Our professional therapists strive to provide services to children in the least restrictive environment thus enabling them to learn new skills and improve the quality of life for them and their families.. With our holistic approach, focusing on the whole child, we are better able to provide personalized intervention.. We achieve our mission by keeping up with new developments in the field of assessment / intervention education and using research based techniques to help clients and their families.. We strive to help children and their families take the next steps on their journey.. We will endevour tp provide services that reflect our core values continues to be a priority for us as we expand and develop our services.. Services are planned, developed and delivered so that they:.. Reflect the individual needs and choices of Clients and their  ...   the rights of the Child.. We are also guided by our Safety Statement.. ELCS-DOC-Safety-Statement.. pdf.. Overriding all our principles are our core values of:.. Service, Respect, Excellence, Collaboration, Justice and Creativity.. News.. Play n’ Learn Preschool.. The Play n Learn preschool is open Monday Thursday 9.. 00 12.. 30.. To find out more about this services please contact reception on 061-603400 or online at reception@eastlimerick.. ie.. Social Work Clinics.. Social Work clinics are periodically run to assist and support families.. To find out when these clinics are being run please contact reception on 061-603400 or online at reception@eastlimerick.. The next scheduled Social Work (Parent Drop In Clinic) is on Monday 13th February for Early Intervention Children.. For avalable times please contact reception.. Psychology: Drop in clinics.. Clinics are offered at regular intervals with the team psychologists.. to check available dates and/or to make appointments please contact our reception on 061-603400 or online at reception@eastlimerick.. More News.. Upcoming Events.. July 24, 2012.. Handwriting Gym summer camps (Group 2).. More Info.. View All Events..

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  • Title: Services Overview
    Descriptive info: / Services Overview.. Services Overview.. The role of the East Limerick Children Service is to offer a specialist health related service, providing assessment, diagnosis and intervention within the East Limerick Catchment Area to Children Aged (birth – 18 years) with.. (a) Complex primary physical, sensory (hearing or vision), or intellectual disabilities, AND.. (b) Requiring input from two or more disciplines within a specialist interdisciplinary team.. We have 2 specialist interdisciplinary teams, as follows:.. Early Intervention (Birth – 6 Years).. School Age (6 – 18 years).. All services are delivered in a combination of Centre based, Home, School, Preschool etc.. , as appropriate.. East Limerick Children’s Services also provides Community Nursing  ...   to care, this will incorporate nursing assessments, planning interventions and evaluation of care.. Maintaining the optimal health status, enabling the child/ adolescent to reach his/her full potential through health care, health promotion and education.. Working in partnership with parents and the East Limerick Children Services Interdisciplinary team members involved with your child.. Also, in East Limerick is the Play n’ Learn preschool which provides an early learning stimulation programme for children in the mid-west area.. Our pre-school caters for children between the ages of 3-6 years, presenting with learning, medical or physical difficulties.. We endeavour to provide a service which incorporates learning through play in a safe and secure environment..

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  • Title: Early Intervention Service
    Descriptive info: / Early Intervention Service.. The Birth 6 Years or Early Intervention Team work within the principles of ‘early support’ offering a multi-disciplinary assessment of children, with actual or potential developmental difficulties, to determine the nature and extent of a child’s problems.. Depending on the findings of the assessment, ongoing treatment  ...   by referral to other agencies in response to your child’s needs.. The team consists of the the following clinical specialisms: Speech and Language, Physiotherapy, Social Work, Early Intervention, Psychology, Occupational Therapy and Community Nursing.. For more information regarding these individual please see Service Overview or contact our services on 061-603400..

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  • Title: Referral Process
    Descriptive info: / Referral Process.. The following is the standard referral form for all Child Development Teams within the Mid-West Region.. Child Development Team Referral Form..

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  • Title: Early Intervention Specialist
    Descriptive info: / Early Intervention Specialist.. The Early Intervention Specialist (EIS) is a teacher with training in early education; with a holistic view across all the developmental domains.. The EIS assesses and plans mainly through standardised developmental programmes such as Carolina Curriculum, TPBA, Portage etc The EIS works as part of the Early Intervention team, participating in the cycle of assessment, planning and intervention.. The EIS advocates child centred learning that fits within the child’s natural environments (home,school,preschool) and endeavours to establish a partnership with parents and preschool/school staff which incorporates relevant interventions identified by team members.. The EIS will also assist the child and family with transitions to preschool and school, supporting families and school  ...   assessing the child’s needs in both the one-on-one, early childhood service/school and home environments.. In the school setting, the EIS will participate with all relevant parties (parents, school staff, fellow team members etc…) to help to develop an Individualized Development/ Education Program (IDP,IEP) for each child.. The IDP/IEP sets personalized goals for the child and is tailored to that child s individual abilities and needs.. The EIS provides intervention through the use of individual programmes or peer groups to promote social communication/interaction facilitated with other team members such as the Speech and Language therapist, physiotherapist etc….. On the ELCS team, the EIS’s are trained in portage, PECS, ABA, TEACCH, NAS EarlyBird parent training programmes..

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  • Title: Occupational Therapy
    Descriptive info: / Occupational Therapy.. Occupational Therapists (OTs) work with people of all ages who have a variety of needs which may include physical disabilities, emotional and behavioral problems, psychiatric conditions and intellectual disabilities.. Occupational Therapy promotes and restores independence, health and wellbeing through the use of purposeful everyday activities.. Occupational Therapists examine each individual’s skills and needs in areas of self-care, productivity and leisure while also examining environmental factors.. Pediatric Occupational Therapists work with children  ...   independence when performing his/her daily tasks, for example self-care may include dressing, productivity may relate to school and leisure may relate to their play skills.. Occupational therapy promotes change, skill development, understanding of the child’s strengths and needs, compensates for disability, educates and supports the child, their family and carers.. Occupational Therapy uses purposeful activity as a means of assessment and treatment.. Assessment and treatment will vary according to the needs of the child..

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  • Title: Social Work
    Descriptive info: / Social Work.. At East Limerick Children Services we provide social work services to cater for your child’s and your family’s needs – social, emotional, educational, early intervention and therapeutic needs – through offering services grounded in a collaborative and holistic approach.. Areas of social work services.. Counselling:.. supporting parents to care for their child, e.. g.. post diagnostic support, loss and bereavement.. Parenting education and support – individual and group based:.. supporting parents in caring for their child helping her in reaching her full potential.. Advice Clinics:..  ...   as a family.. Assessments.. :.. Assessment of Need, Social Work Family Assessment, Transdisciplinary Play Based Assessments (0-6 team).. Provision of information.. child development, parenting queries and psycho-social education.. Information and referral:.. to appropriate respite services and other community based services.. Group intervention:.. groups for your child or your family with specific focus and purpose; please enquire about current groups being offered in East Limerick Children Services.. Collaboration.. with HSE Child Protection and Welfare Services.. Advocacy:.. supporting you to know about and to obtain entitlements and rights for service access..

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  • Title: Speech and Language Therapy
    Descriptive info: / Speech and Language Therapy..

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  • Title: Physiotherapy
    Descriptive info: / Physiotherapy.. Paediatric physiotherapists are chartered physiotherapists who are qualified to the highest standard and are governed by a professional code of practice.. All chartered paediatric physiotherapists are highly skilled and experienced in the assessment and treatment of children in order to help them to achieve their optimal physical development.. Because Children are not small adults these therapists encourage children to move to the best of their abilities through play and age appropriate fun and instruction.. Paediatric physiotherapy is holistic in nature treating the whole child, not just the body in isolation.. Following an initial assessment of the child s general development and specific physical difficulty, the therapist will discuss with the parent the  ...   both the child and the carers/parents.. Whatever techniques are used in therapy, enthusiastic parental involvement at home is essential for optimal long-term results.. The paediatric physiotherapist can be both a guide and support.. They give advice on how to include regular massage, play and other exercises into a child s daily life, aiming to enhance their overall well-being and quality of life.. They also offer suggestions on appropriate footwear, toys, home and school furniture and where necessary special equipment.. Early intervention is vital and many problems which may only become increasingly apparent as your child grows up can be effectively minimised or prevented by starting treatment early, even as early as during their baby years..

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  • Title: Paedatric Link Worker
    Descriptive info: / Paedatric Link Worker.. The PLW is the first point of contact for families of children 0-6 years entering the service with developmental delay, very low birth weight or at risk of developmental delay.. The PLW offers support to the families and will guide them through the initial maze of  ...   by phone.. Pre-screenings/case histories are taken and follow up support is offered via phone of home visits and continues until the early intervention team have completed the assessment phase.. Additional services offered include sourcing information and /or assisting with team services/processes, support services, entitlements/benefits, support around appointments and specialist information..

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