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  • Title: Edgewater College: Front Line Management
    Descriptive info: Frontline Management Courses.. ILM Award in Front Line Management.. The Award is a concise qualification, which gives an introduction to the basic skills, knowledge and understanding required by today’s front line manager.. The mandatory unit “Solving problems and making decisions” is designed to develop practical techniques for tackling managerial problems and making decisions from gathering and interpreting information through to the effective communication of outcomes.. Course Structure.. The course can be offered over 5 full days(35 hours) or 12 evening classes(36 Hours).. The skills developed and acquired through successful attainment of the award will help candidates become highly effective and learn how to identify and focus on the activities that give the greatest returns.. ILM Certificate in Front Line Management.. The ILM Level 3 Certificate in Front Line Management provides a comprehensive programme that builds and broadens the skills and knowledge gained in the Award in Front Line Management.. In the Certificate organisational change is explored, giving participants a deeper understanding of this critical workplace issue and providing them with  ...   at this level will allow candidates become highly effective and learn how to identify and focus on the activities that give the greatest returns.. ILM Diploma in Front Line Management.. The ILM Diploma will provide candidates with a very comprehensive range of management skills and knowledge which will allow them to perform at the optimum level required by a front line manager.. This qualification builds on the award and certificate and the additional mandatory units cover business communication, writing for business and making presentations.. Creativity and innovation in the workplace feature together with gathering data and information analysis.. The minimum class hours for the Diploma course are 220 hours, the course may be offered over 36 days(252 hours ) or 7 blocks of 5 days(245 hours).. The skills developed through this course will ensure candidates become well prepared for effective performance and, will equip them with a unique range of problem solving and motivational tools that are required from a modern Front Line Manager.. FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT peter@edgewater.. ie..

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  • Title: Edgewater College: Team Leadership
    Descriptive info: Team Leadership Courses.. ILM Award in Team Leadership.. The Award is a concise qualification designed to give learners a basic knowledge of the various roles, functions and responsibilities of a team leader and the limits of their authority and accountability.. The mandatory unit “Developing yourself as a team leader” is a good starting point for team/cell leaders who are new to their roles or for aspiring leaders who wish to gain a solid understanding of the principles and practicalities of team leading.. The course can be offered over 4 full days (28 hours) or 8 evening classes(24 Hours).. The skills developed and acquired through successful attainment of the award will help candidates become highly effective and learn how to identify and focus on team leadership activities that give both them and their teams greatest returns.. ILM Certificate in Team Leadership.. The ILM Certificate in Team Leading programme comprehensively covers the full range of responsibilities of the team/group leader or  ...   skills to become more effective team leaders and allow them to motivate their team to a high level of performance.. Corporate Programme Portfolio.. The Corporate Training Portfolio of courses is designed with an adaptive and flexible approach and will suit all types of businesses and specific client needs.. Al of the courses are thought provoking, inspiring, hands-on and above all fun.. They will increase management and employee productivity through effective team work and communication.. The courses will feed staff creativity and help them enhance or update previously acquired skills.. The organisation and/or business will benefit from their renewed enthusiasm and focus as we take them through a process of self discovery and personal development.. Our consultants and trainers are passionate about problem based learning theory and apply innovative training techniques and discussion forums and active role play.. Generally we offer 3 day(18 hour certified programmes but we can also tailor these courses to suit individual and/or company needs and availability..

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  • Title: Edgewater College: Aviation English Overview
    Descriptive info: LATEST NEWS.. Edgewater College is approved and listed in the ICAO ATD.. __________________________________.. We are.. pleased to confirm the approval of the EDGEWATER COLLEGE English language proficiency test by the Irish Aviation Authority.. The test, which is carried out following best practice for testing, meets the ICAO, EASA and JAA requirements.. It involves two examiners and one candidate and is also videoed, with the video being kept on file.. It is our intention to have the test approved in other countries by the local aviation authorities upon request.. Click HERE to view our approval certificate.. Click HERE for an outline of the test.. Aviation English Courses:.. For over 20 years our.. highly trained staff.. of aviation professionals and English language teachers have worked together to offer.. high quality short and long-term courses.. for aviation professionals, both on our premises and at airline or company training centres.. Staff at Edgewater College have conducted courses worldwide, which were.. tailored to specific requirements.. All of our aviation English courses use materials, which have been developed by Edgewater College's aviation and English teaching professionals to meet the new ICAO requirements.. The faculty is a combination of experienced language teachers and aviation professionals.. Some of them are pilots with many hours of commercial short and long haul  ...   Aviation brochure.. We offer a portfolio of programmes to the Aviation English market including:.. Aviation English Teacher Training.. Teacher Training for Aviation Professionals.. Aviation English Training for Teaching Professionals.. Aviation English Blended Learning.. Aviation English for Pilots.. Technical English for Pilots.. Aviation English for Cabin Crew.. English for Air Traffic Controllers.. English for Ground Staff.. EdgeAIR Technical English for Aviation maintenance Engineers (TEAMe).. A380 OIS Familiarisation Course.. English for Ground Staff.. Pilot English for Type ratings (PETS).. Type rating language Familiarisation for Aviation Technicians (FATs).. Pilot English for Aviation Course (PEAC).. Aviation English for Ab Initio Pilots (AEAP).. Aviation English Proficiency Training and Testing.. Immersion Aviation English Programme (Ireland only).. Junior Aviation English Language programmes *.. Click HERE for more information.. *.. Along with a range of other services.. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON OUR AVIATION ONLINE PROGRAMME.. MARCO POLO SINO-EUROPEAN AVIATION TRAINING SOLUTIONS.. Edgewater College is a participant member of the Marco Polo Sino European Aviation Training Solutions.. We are delighted to announce that our CEO has been elected as co-chairperson of the Marco Polo Sino European Aviation Training Solutions.. Click HERE to view clip of Edgewater College CEO Mr Finian Connolly being interviewed at the Zhuhai Airshow in China in November 2008.. * All courses are subject to numbers..

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  • Title: Edgewater College: Aviation English Courses
    Descriptive info: The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) proposed new guidelines for the management of alertness in commercial airlines on 30th August 2011.. These guidelines will allow airlines to work outside national prescriptive regulations if the airline can prove that it is safe to do so.. As proof, regulators will expect to find that the airline has implemented a robust, science based, Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS).. Edgewater College in association with Aloft Aviation Consulting.. are announcing a major training Program directed at developing and maintaining FRMS systems - designed for Operators and Regulators - commencing in early 2012.. Together we will offer a range of services and training courses that guides any organisation through the FRMS process, which may be adopted as individual stand-alone elements or as a complete FRMS implementation service.. contact us NOW for more information!!.. For More information on THE ALOFT GROUP.. PLEASE CLICK HERE.. Click here for infomation on becoming a Pilot at Atlantic Flight Centre in Cork.. We are pleased to confirm the approval of the EDGEWATER COLLEGE English language proficiency test by the Irish Aviation Authority.. Aviation English Courses at Edgewater College.. Click HERE to download our Aviation English brochure.. Teacher Training for Aviation Professionals.. A comprehensive 120 hour general English teacher training course covering:.. • ELT methodology.. • Language awareness.. • Teaching skills.. PLUS.. A 30 hour aviation-specific refresher course covering:.. • Aviation English materials development and design.. • ICAO English language planning.. • Test assessment.. This course introduces aviation English to the ab initio pilot and assists the trainee in preparing for ICAO level 4.. It offers broad overviews of the terms and technical information related to flying and develops the trainees language acquisition skills to help them understand the new material being taught and apply it throughout their training.. Areas covered through language teaching include;.. The aircraft.. Phases of flight.. Principles of flight.. Airport overview.. The Cockpit.. The Cabin.. Aircraft systems.. Engines.. Meteorology.. Human Factors.. Navigation.. Aircraft Performance and Mass and Balance.. Flight Planning.. VFR (visual) flying and communication.. IFR flying and communication.. Standard Phraseology.. Maps and Airport charts.. Emergencies.. Operational Procedures and Air Law.. Aviation English Blended Learning.. Training downtime is a serious concern for aviation professionals trying to attain.. ICAO level 4.. Our experienced language teachers and aviation experts have.. developed an innovative approach which maximises exposure to aviation.. English, reducing the need for downtime by combining general and aviation specific.. multimedia with the support of traditional classroom learning.. Aviation English for Pilots.. This innovative programme combines Edgewater College’s extensive aviation.. specific knowledge with DynEd’s award winning multimedia software.. Aviation English for Pilots has a groundbreaking speech recognition.. system and a comprehensive records management system.. Course Contents.. • Pre-flight.. • Departure.. • Climb, cruise and descent.. • Approach and landing.. • Taxi, shutdown and post-flight.. • Case studies.. Technical English for Pilots.. A 50 hour programme based on an actual airline flight.. Combines classroom learning with Aviation English Multimedia.. • Standardised ATC phraseology.. • Aircraft parts and their functions.. • Crew duties and procedures.. • Navigation.. • Meteorology.. • Theory of flight.. • Flight safety.. Edgewater college also offers customised courses focusing on specific areas of interest to aviation professionals.. All programmes are available for one-to-one students or for larger closed groups.. Pilot English for Type Ratings (PETS).. PETs is designed to provide the learner with an interactive and job specific set of language acquisition tools to help them succeed in type rating training and beyond.. The course provides the trainee with the opportunity to control the language in the classroom and then extend this language through job specific simulations and role plays.. The Language focus of each unit is embedded within operational situations.. These situations require technical English knowledge as well as general ability in the language.. PETs develops the trainees English language ability in communicating in the field of aircraft operation, radiotelephony, inter cockpit/ cabin communication.. The course also develops the trainee s ability to receive and process information given as oral presentations in English.. This  ...   is an interactive computer based training course aimed at pilots who are at or above ICAO level 4.. PEAC is a situational based course that takes the user from the ramp at start-up to the ramp at shutdown.. PEAC focuses on listening and speaking skills with skimming and scanning of texts and replicates actual language situations through normal and abnormal situations based in the cockpit.. With edgeAIR s innovative PAGE learning system, the user experiences a more rapid increase in language acquisition when compared to a traditional language syllabus.. Language situations based on.. The Aircraft.. Airport Procedures.. Cross Crew Communications.. Passenger Announcements.. Aircraft systems Engines.. ATC Communications.. Non-Normal Emergency.. Aviation English for Cabin Crew.. Edgewater college offers a certificate in English proficiency for Cabin.. Crew covering the following areas.. • Communication strategies.. • Cockpit/cabin communication.. • Passenger announcements.. • Emergency procedures.. • Cultural studies.. • Conflict management.. English for Air Traffic Controllers.. • ICAO R/T phraseology.. • Dealing with miscommunications.. • Customer service English.. • Basic telephone skills.. • Making announcements.. EdgeAIR Technical English for Aviation Maintenance Engineers (TEAMe).. EDGEAIR Technical English for Aviation Maintenance Engineers (TEAMe).. Edgeairs technical English Language for Aviation Computer Based Training (CBT) is designed to provide the learner with an interactive and job specific set of language acquisition tools to help them reach ICAO level 4 and beyond.. The Language focus of each unit embedded within operational situations, including:.. Work Packs.. These are introduced and developed through:.. Text Reconstruction.. Listening and Writing.. Listening and Speaking, Exercises in Pronunciation.. Vocabulary Presentation and Exercises.. Reading Comprehension and Text/Chart Analysis.. Information Inquiry.. Listening Comprehension with/without Video.. Grammar Presentation and Exercises.. Terminology Trainer.. A380 OIS Familiarisation Course.. Focuses specifically on helping non-native speaker pilots to effectively navigate,.. use and understand the new Onboard Information System prior to type rating.. Reduces training downtime by combining multimedia elements with tutorials.. OIS language specific assignments and several face-to-face modules taught by.. Aviation experts.. Adaptable to all Airbus types.. Junior Aviation English Course.. Edgewater College offer junior aviation programmes for aspiring aviation English professionals.. This course combines general English with aviation English.. It is ideal for students currently studying to become a pilot, ATC or similar.. Students will attend daily classes at the college given by aviation professionals.. There will be a strong focus on pronunciation and ICAO standards.. Students will stay with an Irish host family which will help improve their English language skills.. Click HERE for more information on our Junior Aviation Programmes.. Dangerous Goods Training for Flight Crew Members Operations Staff.. In accordance with ICAO (International Civil Aviation Authority) and IATA (International Air Transport Association) Category 10 (Flight Crew members and loadplanners) requirements, Edgewater College offer a 1 day dangerous goods training course.. This course can be an addition to any of the above listed courses.. Our instructor ha.. s.. more than 40 years experience in airline management, dispatch and training in Ireland, UK, Africa, Middle and Far East, our Dangerous Goods instructor (all categories) is approved by Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) and Civil Aviation Authority UK (CAA).. Holding FAA Dispatcher Ground Instructor (Advanced) and Dispatcher Certificates, he is principal author ICAO Doc 7192-AN/857 Dispatcher Training Syllabus, and is also registered as Aviation Security Instructor by the Irish Department of Transport.. For more information on the course content, instructor, certification etc click HERE.. Courses for Airline Personnel.. Certificate in First Line Management.. Certificate in Team Leading.. Award in Customer Awareness.. Award in Enterprise Awareness.. Award in Personal Development.. The above courses are approved by City Guilds/ILM (Institute of Leadership Management).. Immersion Aviation English Programme (Ireland Only).. Suitable for individuals and closed groups.. Tailored to meet the client needs, this programme combines general and aviation English.. Students will be immersed in an English speaking environment to enhance their language learning experience.. For a personalised quotation, please contact Edgewater College Head Office in Ireland.. Other services offered by Edgewater College.. • Aviation English needs analysis.. • Aviation material design.. • Teacher recruitment.. • Aviation personnel placement.. • Consultancy with PR/Media specialist..

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  • Title: Edgewater College: Junior Aviation Courses
    Descriptive info: Click HERE for more information on our Junior Aviation English Course.. Junior Aviation English Courses.. With over 20 years experience in teaching Aviation English to Aviation Professionals worldwide, Edgewater College offer junior Aviation English programmes for aspiring aviation professionals.. A combination of General and Aviation English, this programme promises to improve the communicative competence of each individual.. Suitable for a broad range of aviation professionals - including aspiring pilots, air traffic controllers, engineers etc.. Participants will experience living with a traditional Irish host family to further enhance their language learning experience.. WHAT'S INCLUDED IN THE COURSE?.. Airport Transfers to/from Dublin Airport.. Placement test.. Induction presentation (including welcome pack).. Familiarisation tour of town (includes a guided walking tour).. Daily General  ...   shop.. ELP Style test approved by IAA (Irish Aviation Authority).. Certificate on completion.. Click HERE to view a sample 2 week time-table.. Click HERE for more information on the course.. (1,2,3,4 week courses available).. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.. Here's what some of our past students have said:.. The sessions were very interesting and appropriate.. They were well prepared with a claer focus.. I would not change anything about the course.. - Luca Vestonali.. The course was very good, I found it very useful and I learned a lot.. I would have liked some more pair or crew work and more focus on the crash reports because they were very interesting.. - Alessandro Bellini.. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.. STUDENTS CAN AVAIL OF OUR ONLINE AVIATION ENGLISH PROGRAMME..

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  • Title: Edgewater College: Aviation English for Pilots - Demo
    Descriptive info: TEFL Course.. Teacher Refresher.. Edgewater Kazakhstan.. Aviation English for Pilots: Demo..

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  • Title: Edgewater College: Comenius Grant
    Descriptive info: Comenius Grant.. For more information on our.. Comenius Funded Teacher Refresher Courses.. click.. here.. Belgium/Flemish Community.. EPOS vzw.. National Agency for Lifelong Learning.. Koning Albert II-laan 15.. B-1015 Brussel.. Tel : +32 (0)2/553.. 98.. 67.. Fax : +32 (0)2/553.. 80.. E-mail:.. info@epos-vlaanderen.. be.. Website:.. www.. epos-vlaanderen.. Belgium/German speaking Community.. Agentur für Europäische Bildungsprogramme VoG.. Gospert 1.. B-4700 Eupen.. Tel :.. (32) 87 596300.. Fax : (32) 87 556474.. edgar.. hungs@dgov.. Website :.. dglive.. be/agentur.. Cyprus.. Foundation for the management of European Lifelong Learning Programmes.. Prodromou and Demetracopoulou, 2.. CY-1090 Nicosia.. Tel (357) 22800893.. Fax (357) 22800941.. llp.. org.. cy.. Denmark.. Ciríus - Agency for information about education and training in Denmark.. Fiolstraede 44.. DK-1171 Copenhagen K.. Tel : (45) 33.. 95.. 70.. 00.. Fax : (45) 33.. 01.. cirius@ciriusmail.. dk.. ciriusonline.. Finland.. Centre for International Mobility (CIMO).. Säästöpankinranta 2A (POB 343).. FI-00531 Helsinki.. Tel.. : (358) 207 868 500.. Fax : (358) 207 868 601.. http://www.. cimo.. fi.. ,.. leonardodavinci.. Germany.. Nationale Agentur für EU-Bildungsprogramme in Schulbereich, Pädagogischer Austauschdienst der KMK.. Lennéstraße 6.. D-53113 Bonn.. Tel : (49) 228 501 0.. Fax : (49) 228 501 259.. pad.. spielkamp@kmk.. kmk.. org/pad/home.. htm.. Hungary.. Tempus Public Foundation.. Lónyay utca 31 - H-1093 Budapest.. postal address : POB 508 - H-1438 Budapest.. : (36) 1 237 13 00.. Fax : (36) 1 239 13 29.. gabriella.. kemeny@tpf.. hu.. Website.. tka.. tpf.. hu,.. studyinhungary.. Ireland.. Léargas the Exchange Bureau.. 189, Parnell Street,.. IE- Dublin 1.. : (353) 1 8731411.. Fax.. : (353) 1 8731316.. lifelonglearnin@leargas.. Latvia.. Akadëmisko programmu agentüra - APA.. Blaumana iela 28.. LV-1011 Riga.. : (371) 728 01 38.. : (371) 728 01 08.. apa@apa.. lv.. apa.. Lithuania.. Education Exchanges Support Foundation.. Gelezinio Vilko str.. 12.. LT-01112 Vilnius.. Tel : (370) 5 261 0592 / 5 249 7134.. Fax : (370) 5 249 7137 / 7141.. info@smpf.. lt.. smpf.. lt/webukas/index.. php?id=58.. Malta.. European Union Programmes Unit - EUPU.. 36, Old Mint Street.. MT-Valletta VLT 12.. Tel : (356) 25586114.. Fax : (356) 25586139.. eupu@gov.. mt.. leonardomalta.. com/index.. Norway.. Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Higher Education - Senter for Internasjonalisering av hojere utdanning - SIU.. Vaskerelven 39 (POBox 7800 - N-5014 Bergen).. N-5020 Bergen.. Tel : (47) 55 30 88 00.. Fax : (47) 55 30 88 01.. siu@siu.. no.. siu.. no/llp.. Romania.. National Agency for Community Programmes in the Field of Education and Vocational Training.. 133,  ...   Tel : (359) 2 91 550 10.. Fax : (359) 2 91 550 49.. hrdc@hrdc.. bg.. hrdc.. Czech Republic.. National Agency for European Educational Programmes - Centre for International Services.. Senovazne namesti 24.. CZ-110 00 Praha 1.. naep.. cz.. Estonia.. Centre for Educational Programmes, Archimedes Foundation.. Koidula 13A.. EE-10125 Tallinn.. Tel : (372) 696 24 10.. Fax : (372) 696 24 26.. rait@archimedes.. ee.. archimedes.. ee/hkk.. France.. Agence Europe Education Formation France.. 25, Quai des Chartrons.. F - 33080 Bordeaux.. Tel : (33) 5 56 00 94 00.. Fax : (33) 5 56 00 94 81.. contact@2e2f.. fr.. europe-education-formation.. fr.. Greece.. Greek State Scholarship's Foundation I.. K.. Y.. 1, Makri D.. Areopagitou St,.. GR-11742 Athens.. iky.. gr/socrates/index.. html.. Iceland.. Landskrifstofa Menntaáætlunar Evrópusambandsins.. Neshagi 16.. IS- 107 Reykjavik.. : (354) 525 43 11.. : (354) 525 58 50.. lme@hi.. is.. lme.. Italy.. Agenzia Scuola - AS.. I - 50122 FIRENZE.. : (39) 055 238 03 48.. : (39) 055 238 03 43.. agenziallp@indire.. it.. programmallp.. Liechtenstein.. Agentur für Internationale Bildungsangelegenheiten.. Postplatz 2, Postfach 22.. LI-9494 Schaan.. : (423) 236 7221.. : (423) 236 7219.. leonardo@llv.. li.. aiba.. llv.. li.. Luxembourg.. Agence pour le Programme Européen d'Apprentissage Tout au Long de la Vie.. 34, avenue de la Porte Neuve.. L-2227 Luxembourg.. Tel : (352) 478 52 90.. Fax : (352) 24 18 84.. anefore.. lu.. Netherlands.. National Agency For Lifelong learning.. Kortenaerkade 11.. NL-2518 AX ’s-Gravenhage.. na-lll.. nl.. Portugal.. Agencia Nacional do Programma Aprendizagem ao Longo da Vida.. Av.. Infante Santo, n 2 - piso 1.. PT-1350-178 Lisboa.. Tel : (351) 21 3944760.. Fax : (351) 21 3944737.. agencianacional@socleo.. pt.. proalv.. Poland.. Fundacja Rozwoju Systemu Edukacji.. Polska Narodowa Agencja Programu Mlodziez w dzialaniu.. Ul.. Mokotowska 43.. PL – 00 551 Warsaw.. Tel: +48-22-622.. 37.. 06.. Fax: +48-22-622.. 08.. youth@youth.. pl.. mlodziez.. Slovakia.. SAAIC - National Agency of the Lifelong Learning Programme.. Staré grunty 52.. SK-842 44 Bratislava.. Tel : (421) 2 654 289 11.. Fax : (421) 2 654 244 83.. llp@saaic.. sk.. saaic.. sk/llp.. Spain.. Organismo Autonomo Programas Educativos Europeos (OAPEE).. Paseo del Prado, 28 - 1 planta.. 28014 Madrid.. Tel : (34) 91 506.. 56.. 85.. Fax : (34) 91 506.. 89.. oapee@oapee.. es.. oapee.. Turkey.. The Centre for EU Education and Youth Programmes.. Huseyin Rahmi Sokak N 2, Cankaya.. TR-06680 Ankara.. : (90) 312 409 6000.. Fax : (90) 312 409 6009.. bilgi@ua.. gov.. tr.. ua..

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  • Title: Edgewater College: Exam Preparation - CAE
    Descriptive info: Exam Prepa.. ration.. About CAE.. is an exam for advanced users of English.. This exam is aimed at people who can use written and spoken English for most professional and social purposes.. It is widely recognised for work or study purposes.. How do I know if this is the right exam for me?.. Can you.. use English in an effective way for business or study?.. use English confidently and flexibly?.. produce well-structured, clear pieces of writing on complex issues?.. If you answered yes to the above, then CAE is the right exam for you.. What will  ...   CAE is truly international,.. recognised around the world.. for business and study purposes.. hundreds of employers, universities and government departments officially recognise CAE as a qualification in advanced English.. passing CAE gives you the confidence to take on the.. Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE).. What is the CAE test format?.. The test is divided into five sections:.. Reading.. - 75 minutes.. Writing.. - 2 or 3 tasks , 120 minutes.. English in Use.. - 6 tasks with 80 questions - 90 minutes.. Listening.. - 45 minutes.. Speaking.. - interview, normally with another candidate, 15 minutes..

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  • Title: Edgewater College: Exam Preparation - CPE
    Descriptive info: About CPE:.. is Cambridge ESOL's most advanced exam.. It is aimed at people who use English for professional or study purposes.. use English to advise on, or talk about complex or sensitive issues?.. understand the finer points of documents, correspondence and reports?.. If you answered yes to the above, then CPE is the right exam for you.. What will CPE do for you?.. Benefits to taking  ...   the exam again.. CPE is truly international,.. hundreds of employers, universities and government departments officially recognise CPE as proof of proficiency in English.. CPE's.. 'Can Do' skills.. give you the confidence to use English in real situations.. What is the CPE test format?.. Reading -.. 1 hour 30 minutes.. - 2 hours.. - 1 hour 30 minutes.. - interview, normally with another candidate, 15 - 20 minutes..

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  • Title: Edgewater College: Exam Preparation - IELTS
    Descriptive info: About IELTS:.. is the International English Language Testing System which tests English proficiency across the globe.. Conducting one million tests globally, IELTS is the world’s most popular English testing system.. IELTS is recognized by more than 6000 institutions across 120 countries.. Want to study in college or university where the instruction is through English?.. Want to work for a professional body?.. Travel and work throughout the world?.. If you answered yes to any of the above then the IELTS exam is the exam for you.. IELTS is recognised by universities and employers in many countries.. It is also recognised by professional bodies, immigration authorities and other government agencies.. What will IELTS do for you?.. Taking an IELTS test will help to open doors to international  ...   writing and speaking, in a way that is relevant to the real world.. IELTS is used as proof of your language ability for immigration purposes.. What is the IELTS test format?.. The IELTS test has four parts – Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.. You must do all four parts to receive an IELTS result.. The total test time is 2 hours and 45 minutes.. IELTS is available in two test formats:.. Academic or General Training.. All candidates take the same Listening and Speaking modules but different Reading and Writing modules.. Listening, Reading and Writing must be completed in one day.. Depending on your test centre, the Speaking test may be offered on the same day or up to a week before or after the other parts..

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  • Title: Edgewater College: Exam Preparation - TOEIC
    Descriptive info: About TOEIC:.. The.. tests directly measure the ability of nonnative speakers of English to listen, read, speak and write in English in the global workplace.. The TOEIC test is used by over 9,000 organizations around the globe in more than 90 countries to assess English proficiency in the workplace.. If you work or want to work for a large organisation, particularly in Asia, then the TOEIC test will be useful to you.. What will TOEIC do for you?.. The TOIEC test is suitable for various types of beginner to advanced level learners and is generally used as a decision-making tool by:.. Corporations.. Higher Education.. Private  ...   Section 1 - Listening Comprehension.. A variety of recorded statements, questions and short conversations in English.. You will answer 100 questions based on what you hear.. You will have 45 minutes to complete this section.. This section comprises of 4 parts:.. Parts.. Topic.. No.. of Questions.. Part 1.. Photographs.. 10.. Part 2.. Question-response.. 30.. Part 3.. Conversations.. Part 4.. Talks.. Section 2 - Reading.. A variety of recorded statements, questions and short conversations in English.. You will have 45 minutes to complete this section.. This section comprises of 3 parts:.. Part 5.. Incomplete Sentences.. 40.. Part 6.. Text Completion.. 12.. Part 7.. Reading Comprehension.. 48..

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