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  • Title: Walk In Baths for seniors and disabled - EasyBath.ie
    Descriptive info: .. About Us.. Purchase process.. Contact Us.. Get a free brochure.. Extras.. Walk in baths.. Walk- In Bathtubs are specific products to provide independent, safe and comfortable bathing with no stress.. Bathing is a daily routine, human need and very important part of our life, therefore walk- in bathtubs were designed for an Aging Population ( including disabled people) and those with disabilities due to injuries to meet these needs.. They offer easy transfers in and out of the tub through  ...   of a traditional bath, removing the fear of slipping or tripping.. Easy Bath.. walk- in bathtubs.. are modern designed and will fit almost everywhere so elderly people find them to be the most enjoyable and practical products they ever had.. They are complete bathing systems dedicated for.. disabled/elderly.. needs.. Turn Your bathroom into a real spa, start enjoy relaxation and independence with the best in hydrotherapy products and much more with Easy Bath Walk- In Bathtubs.. Copyright EasyBath '2011.. All rights reserved..

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  • Title: Walk in Baths, Showers - elegance - EasyBath.ie
    Descriptive info: Rubin Walk-in bath.. The Rubin Walk-in bath was designed to provide safe and comfortable bathing for disabled and elderly.. Easy access to the bath with a side-opening door is the perfect alternative to the traditional baths in a small bathrooms.. The Rubin Walk-in bath is a deep soaking bath which has a slip-resistant surface.. The Rubin is smaller than a traditional bath so will fit in most bathrooms..

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  • Title: Walk in Baths, Showers - sensation - EasyBath.ie
    Descriptive info: Sapphire Walk-in bath.. Sapphire is a practical and comfortable bathtub solution for people with disabilities that allows them to rediscover the pleasure and relaxation of taking a bath.. The unique design of the Sapphire bathtub means for people with disabilities taking a bath much more convenient and easier than ever before.. The Sapphire bathtub looks great in any bathroom.. An additional advantage of the bathtub is the possibility for the customers to  ...   allows disabled people easy and stress-free access to the bathtub, minimizing their effort in taking a bath.. One of the biggest advantage of this bathtub is the low water consumption during each bath.. A revolutionary solution with a movable seat means that people with disabilities can move more comfortably while taking a relaxing bath.. Specially designed and contoured movable seat removes all fears of harmful movements by disabled people while taking a bath..

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  • Title: Walk in Baths, Showers - modern - EasyBath.ie
    Descriptive info: Opal Walk-in bath.. Innovative design ensures an efficient and highly functional bath.. Designed of Opal Walk- in bath provides absolutely convenience, specially contoured seat provides the maximum comfort during bathing.. The elegant appearance attracts the attention of every customer.. Barrier-free bathtub meets the expectations of every senior person.. Designed  ...   pride of any bathroom.. Equipped with excellent overflow trap and a water drainage pipe, which can be set up in any direction allowing for easy and efficient removal of waste.. Great and affordable price, beautiful in appearance and very functional this bath will meet everyone s expectations in any bathroom..

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  • Title: Walk in Baths, Showers - comfort - EasyBath.ie
    Descriptive info: Walk - in Showers.. Walk in showers also known as low or level access showers can be a cost effective alternative for those who struggle to use a conventional bathtub.. Low and level access showers are not only safer to use, but those with mobility problems will find them a lot easier to use  ...   elderly and disabled.. Level access shower trays are more suited to the elderly and those with moderate mobility problems whereas wheelchair users would benefit from a surface mounted shower tray with an integrated ramp for easy access.. Walk-in showers available sizes:.. 800x800x35 (mm).. 900x900x35 (mm).. 1000x900x35 (mm).. 1000x1000x35(mm).. 1200x900x35 (mm).. 1500x700x35 (mm).. 1200x1200x35 (mm)..

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  • Title: Walk in Baths, Showers - About Us - EasyBath.ie
    Descriptive info: as the company name suggests helps people bath safely.. Our Walk-in Baths and Easy Access shower trays are produced to the highest safety and quality standards, independence, ensuring comfort.. The tubs are.. hand made.. from insulated fibre glass to provide a warm comfortable enclosure for the user and can be cleaned easily.. All Walk-in Baths will fit in your small and cosy bathroom, also provides the perfect alternative to a traditional bath.. Walk-in bathtubs have become popular safety amenities.. The tubs are designed to reduce the risk of falling while bathing for the elderly and those with physical conditions that make bathing difficult or a safety risk.. The sides of a walk-in tub are much higher than those of a traditional bathtub/shower combination to prevent water leakage from the top of the tub.. Walk-in tubs frequently have  ...   installed and make life easier and more convenient.. We are also social services approved, which means we can install walk-in baths in care homes and nursing homes, giving residents more independence and freedom.. We will assess your bathroom and your mobility needs to find the right Walk-in Bath for you and your home.. We will install your new bath and leave your bathroom clean and tidy.. Our goal is to make bathing safer and more independent for people with disabilities and reduced mobility through illness or age.. Why choose our walk-in baths? It is simple:.. Easy access for the disabled and elderly.. Social services approved.. Installed by skilled craftsmen.. Full design and installation service.. Reduce risk of slipping.. Easier for those with mobility problems to enter/exit a walk in bath.. Can allow the user to retain the freedom/independence..

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  • Title: Walk in Baths, Showers - Purchase process - EasyBath.ie
    Descriptive info: Contact.. Easy Bath.. by phone or email ,You can also fill the online form.. In home free consultation with one of our Bathing consultant is also available before purchase.. We can help You to choose the best Walk-in bath or Easy Access shower tray to meet Your needs.. We offer full installation service provided with the highest standard, we will leave Your new bathroom clean and ready to use.. Order confirmation and the invoice detailing the products will be sent by e-mail or fax.. We confirm each order by telephone and e-mail within 24 hours.. Delivery terms.. Goods shipment is done  ...   please ensure that the product is not damaged during transport, if yes please make the report and confirm with a delivery man.. Our company is not liable for delays caused by the faults of third parties involved in the process of product delivery.. Purchase warranty.. All products supplied by us are guaranteed against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship.. Terms and Conditions apply.. Our products are covered by a 3-year warranty.. If there are any queries regarding the warranty of our products or hidden defects please contact our sales department by sending an email.. sales@easybath.. ie.. or at (+353) 857 614 725..

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  • Title: Walk in Baths, Showers - Contact Us - EasyBath.ie
    Descriptive info: If You would like further information about any of the items featured on this website contact Easy Bath today to find out more about specialist bathroom products fitting for the elderly, physically disabled and those with limited mobility.. Our experienced staff are available by telephone or e-mail.. (+353) 857614725.. or use our online enquiry form on the right hand side.. Title:.. Please Select.. Ms.. Mr.. Mrs.. Miss.. Dr.. First name:.. *.. Last name:.. Phone number:.. E-mail address:.. Address:.. Town or City:.. County/Post Code:.. Which product are you interested in? :.. Rubin.. Saphire.. Opal.. Walk-in Showers.. Message..

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  • Title: Walk in Baths, Showers - Get a free brochure - EasyBath.ie
    Descriptive info: Please complete the contact form below to order Your Free Easy Bath Brochure.. Delivery address.. Phone number:.. E-mail address:.. Fields marked with.. are required..

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  • Title: Walk in Baths, Showers - Extras - EasyBath.ie
    Descriptive info: If You wish to have Your.. bath in different colours.. instead a standard white You can contact us for more details.. Bathtubs come with a comfortable.. hydromassage system.. installed and are considered as an upgrade version of our basic offer.. A gentle stream of warm air jets in the base of the bath allows to massage You, encouraging blood circulation and decreasing inflammation.. In about 10-15 minutes you can enjoy the ben.. efits of a relaxing massage, without the hassle of expense, inconvenience.. and time.. You will feel reinvigorated, refreshed and relaxed.. It is perfect for you if you have  ...   with stress management techniques.. It can untie physical knots, clear your head and rele.. ase stress and tension that is most caused by the day to day things in your hectic, harried life.. The benefits are numerous with hydro-massage.. It creates awareness of the body, reduces your anxiety levels, gives you a sense of well-being, improves your ability to monitor stress signals, gives you a feeling of peace of mind, it also helps to alleviate discomfort caused by pregnancy, provides you with a relaxed state of mental alertness, helps treat athletic or job related injuries, tension related headaches and post-operative rehabilitation..

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