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  • Title: EXAM.IE - HOME
    Descriptive info: .. HOME.. EXAM TECHNIQUE.. THE EXAM DAY.. BOOKS.. TERMS & CONDITIONS.. Privacy Policy.. EXAM.. IE.. Welcome to EXAMINATION.. IE the Irish website for advertising for Online Degrees, Online Courses, Schools, Education, Teaching, Tutors, Examinations other Educational needs in Ireland.. The Irish Leaving Certificate Examinations, also.. referred to as the 'Leaving Cert'.. is a final examination in Irish secondary schools.. It takes a minimum of two years to prepare for, but an optional transition y.. ear means that for these students it is sat three years after the Junior Certificate Examination.. The Irish leaving certificate is taken before entering university in Ireland.. Apart from online  ...   grades any of the u.. niversities in the Republic of Ireland; eg Dublin City University, National University of Ireland, University College Cork, University College Dublin, National University of Ireland, Galway, The National University of Ireland, Maynooth, University of Limerick, University of Dublin Trinity College, Dublin.. As well as state run colleges, there are now also many other privately run colleges in Ireland, as well as tutors for specific skills such as learning English and other special educational needs.. This website has been set up to show educational advertising for online degrees, online courses, schools, educational colleges, examinations and further education in Ireland in general..

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    Descriptive info: Exam Technique.. Preparation.. 1) Plan a Revision Strategy.. If you read your lecture notes this is not very efficient, You need to develop aide memoires, cues that will remind you of facts.. Figure and places, also remember principles rather than just bare facts, so that the principles of how something works or how to do something will come back to your brain.. You need to do more than just read, make up mnemonics and write summaries , find the key facts or issues and write them down, solve problems if your exams are problem based summative assessments.. 2) Have a revision plan.. Have a good revision plan, and stick to it and try and make it interesting, not just one subject at a time or one subject a day, as this is  ...   effectively.. 3) Do old exam papers for practice.. Old exam papers for Leaving Certificate in Ireland are on the.. www.. Examinations.. ie.. website, free of charge.. Work through the exam papers.. You need to work through past papers to help your chances of doing well in an exam.. Make sure also that you do the past papers in the correct allotted time.. 4) Guess What Questions May Come Up Again.. There are always some questions that come up again and again each year, sometimes in a slightly different sort of way or with a different emphasis.. It s up to you to try and guess what these might be from looking at the past exam papers.. 5) If you can t do the past papers ask your teachers or tutors for help..

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    Descriptive info: On The Exam Day.. Plan Your Time Very Carefully.. Scan through the paper before you start writing.. , and take a good few minutes before you write while you work out which questions you are going to answer and which order you are going to answer them in.. Plan how much time you are going to spend answering each question.. In doing this you should have a plan of campaign.. Hopefully as you will have also done lots of practice papers before you will have done this before a number of times.. It s Probably Better to Do the Easiest Questions First.. In general it isn t clever to attempt questions on topics that you know most about, if the question is very hard and it is not compulsory it is best avoided even if you know lots about the subject, and you should instead do an easier question.. Work out from the marking scheme which bits of each question it would be most important to answer to get most marks.. Make sure you read the whole question.. as sometimes at the end of the question there are clues as to what the examiner wants.. Time yourself carefully,.. and try and adjust the time spent on a  ...   at a question you can t work out how to answer is a waste of time and it might just be easier to do when you come back to it later.. Always explain your workings so that the examiner understands your logic and use your common sense.. The examiners cannot ask you unreasonable questions and in general, if the question seems unreasonable, it s probably because you have misread it or misunderstood what the examiner is getting at, so try and use your common sense.. If you don t explain how you arrived at an answer and the answer is wrong you will likely get zero marks.. If you explain your working and it is partially correct you may get some credit for this.. If you are nearly out of time do the easiest bits of the remaining questions,.. maximizing your likely marks.. Keep writing until you are told to stop, as your watch or the room clock may be running slightly fast.. Never leave early, just keep checking your answers.. You ll always find something that you ve missed however small, it s inevitable.. Check all you calculations, workings and that you ve read and answered all the questions and explained things properly in all your answers..

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  • Title: EXAM.IE - BOOKS
    Descriptive info: BOOKS FOR EXAM PREPARATION..

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    Descriptive info: Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.. Access to this Site and the use of information contained on it is governed by these terms and conditions set out below.. These terms and conditions are important and are for the protection of both you and us.. Please take the time to read the terms and conditions carefully.. By proceeding further you will be deemed to have accepted them.. Please note that references to "we" means Exam.. ie and our subsidiaries and associates.. Exam.. ie,.. PO Box 1087, Warrington, Cheshire, WA4 9HZ, UK, e-mail.. mail@exam.. This Site is established in the UK although hosted on an Irish Internet Domain in accordance with the laws of England and will be governed by the laws of England and Wales.. When you use the site, you accept that your use of the site and any information on the site, will also be governed by the laws of England and Wales and if any claim or dispute arises from your use of the site or any of the information on it, you agree that the English courts will have exclusive jurisdiction over all such claims or disputes.. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions do not use this site!!.. We have provided the contents of this site for your information only.. The distribution of information on the site may be restricted by local law or regulation in certain jurisdictions.. This information is not intended for distribution to, or use by, any person or entity in any such jurisdiction and persons accessing these pages should inform themselves about and observe any such restrictions.. If you are in any doubt as to whether this Site can be lawfully used by you please do not proceed further.. In particular, our information does not constitute any form of advice, recommendation, representation, endorsement or arrangement by us and is not intended to be relied upon by site users in making (or refraining from making) any specific decisions or consumer choices.. Given that the impact of any information expressed on our site can vary widely based on particular circumstances, you should ALWAYS ALSO seek advice from and follow the advice of other professional advisers and do your own research, and do not rely on the information and advertising contained on this website.. 4.. 1 We take your privacy seriously.. Please read our privacy policy below to see how we deal with this information.. 5.. Links.. 1 Our site does include details on, or links through to, information or products provided by other websites.. We do not control the accuracy or completeness of that information.. You take full responsibility for using that information and verifying its accuracy and appropriateness and for any decision to use, purchase, or refrain from using or purchasing any of the other services or products mentioned on a linked site.. If you do use or purchase products or services from another website please read their contract carefully before deciding to use their products and services.. Remember, your contract for those products or services will be with them, not us.. 2 When you use other websites, any personal information you give them will be dealt with in line with their privacy polices, not ours, so please read the privacy policies of each and every such website before using them!.. 3 Some of the links included on our site are advertising or affiliated links.. These are links which take you directly or indirectly to a financial product provider and which may result in us receiving a fee or commission as a consequence of you clicking through to their site or purchasing a product from them.. 4 You are welcome to link to our site if you comply with the terms set out in this section and all applicable laws.. Any site or service that links to our site:.. 4.. 1 May link only to our homepage unless we have given you our prior written consent;.. 2 Must not in any way imply that we are endorsing it or its products or services;.. 3 Must not misrepresent its relationship with us or present false information about us;.. 4 Must not be a site or service that infringes  ...   any of these provisions is deemed invalid, void or unenforceable that provision will be deemed severable from the rest and will not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions.. 2 These terms shall be governed by the laws of.. England.. and any dispute will be resolved exclusively in the courts of England.. We have given the information on the Site in good faith.. We have taken the information from trade and other sources believed to be reliable.. Although we have made all reasonable efforts to ensure that all of the information on the Site is accurate at the time of inclusion, we do not represent that this is the case and it should not be relied upon as such.. Please note that we may update or alter the information on this Site at any time without giving notice of the alterations.. Any opinions and estimates expressed reflect our judgement at the date given and are also subject to change without notice.. Accordingly you agree not to hold us responsible for any inaccuracies or omissions.. If you do not understand or if you have any queries on any of the information on the Site, we recommend that you consult a professional adviser or other relevant expert or professional.. 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The information in this Site may be updated from time to time and may at times be out of date.. We accept no responsibility for keeping the information in this Site up to date or liability for any failure to do so.. Copyright in the Site and the information set out on it belongs to us and may not be copied, transmitted or reproduced without our prior consent.. Copyright Notices.. (i).. Main copyright notices.. Save where otherwise specified the contents of all the pages contained in this Site are Exam.. Reproduction of part or all of the contents of the pages in any form is prohibited other than in accordance with the following permissions.. You may make an electronically stored, transient copy of these pages of this Site for the exclusive purpose of personal on-line viewing.. (ii).. Assertion of moral rights.. Save where otherwise specified the author(s) of the literary and artistic works set out in the Pages contained in this Site has/have asserted his/her/their moral rights to be identified as the author of those works.. Their identities are set out in the pages of the Site containing their works.. (iii).. Licence to copy to paper hard disk or diskette for personal use.. You may print or download to disk the contents of the pages of this Site (other than those excepted from this licence under clause (iii) above) for the purpose of private study.. However, you may only make one copy thereof.. (iv).. General exclusions from licence.. This licence to copy does not permit incorporation of the material or any part of it in any other work or publication, whether in hard copy or electronic or any other form.. In particular (but without limitation) no part of this Site may be distributed or copied for any commercial purpose.. No part of this Site may be reproduced on or transmitted to or stored in any other web site or other form of electronic retrieval system.. Date 22nd October 2011..

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  • Title: EXAM.IE - Privacy Policy
    Descriptive info: PRIVACY POLICY.. 1.. This site is owned and operated by Exam.. 2.. How to contact us.. If you have any queries about this site or our privacy policy, please contact us at.. , PO Box.. 1087.. ,.. Warrington.. Cheshire.. , WA4 9HZ.. 3.. The Information we collect and how we use it.. We do not collect your personal information when you enter or use our site including.. IP addresses and Cookies.. Our site contains advertising with links to third party websites that are not subject to this privacy policy.. Read our Terms and Conditions for further information on these links.. We strongly recommend that you read the privacy policy of any such websites that you visit..  ...   will not hold us responsible for any breach of security unless this is due to our negligence or willful default.. Changes.. This policy is effective from 12th May 2012.. We may, from time to time make changes to this privacy policy to reflect any changes to our privacy practices in accordance with changes to legislation, best practice or website enhancements.. We will let you know what these changes are by posting them to this page, but it is your responsibility as a user to make sure that you are aware of them, by checking for any changes on a regular basis.. Changes will become effective as soon as they are posted.. Effective as of 12th May 2012..

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