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  • Title: Citizen Keane
    Descriptive info: .. RSS.. Contact Us.. About Us.. Home.. Citizen Keane.. UnCut.. 01.. 12.. 2010.. Anti-Spin Zone.. Welcome to to Citizen Keane.. Straight between the eyes not between the lines.. You re now entering the Anti-Spin Zone.. Read all about it.. by Eamon Keane.. | Filed Under.. Header.. |.. Leave a Comment.. 30.. 10.. 2011.. Michael D Higgins Beyond The I.. ‘And a great unity.. brings a peace.. with all creation.. defiled.. no longer.. by the I’.. - - Beyond The I by Michael D.. Higgins.. The Wests Awake as Micheal D.. Higgins heads for the Aras.. The Statesman beat the Salesman as Sean Gallagher was shown the door by the Irish electorate.. However Micheal D.. owes a debt to the people of Dublin.. As we watched the results come in Dublin led the way to get The Saw Doctors favourite politician home.. Micheal D is the Statesman, Gallagher the Salesman.. Higgins is a man who understands what it is to put the interest of a country above your own.. Yes they all have egos but you sensed with Higgins that he had a wider picture of things.. He didn’t make rash promises, content instead to stand on his own record.. Sean Gallagher came like a medicine man to a Wild West town.. This slick salesman promised that with just one dose of the Gallagher Elixir we could all have jobs.. That the President doesn’t create jobs didn’t matter, it was all about the line of patter.. People were desperate and bought the Salesman’s rap.. For Gallagher though last week was the Death of A Salesman.. The man who sold Smart Homes in the boom wasn’t smart enough to handle a TV show.. Now his team are saying that he lacked the experience to respond to Martin McGuiness’s intervention on the Frontline.. They ignore though the substance of the issue — FF man Gallagher was not credible and was no more ‘Independent’ than Bertie Ahern.. Crucially we see from postal votes cast before the TV debate that Gallagher was miles ahead.. The RTE Red C Recall poll showed however that 28% of voters had switched preference in the final week.. Half of them deserted Sean Gallagher and most went to Micheal D.. Why?.. The poll showed that the most important factor for voters was honesty and integrity.. Jobs and economy were not rated as highly.. The people believe Michael D has integrity and his humanitarian record is testament to that.. They don t like fellas who talk about envelopes or have cut off a working woman on an RTE Radio show.. In Micheal D’s poem ‘Beyond The I’ he talks of a ‘great unity.. ’ With his victory he has brought this broken nation that very quality.. Could you imagine if Gallagher had won? This country would be split down the middle between those who feared a return to the Cowen days and those who saw Gallagher as Mr Self Help for the nation.. The ‘I’ in Micheal D ‘s poem is the selfish part of Ireland that almost killed this country.. It is the greed of the Celtic Tiger s epitomised by the old me fein Fianna Fail.. Michael D is the opposite of that type.. He is a poet, a man who has fought for human rights, a man who doesn’t need smooth sales talk to convince you he is right.. A man who Gallagher rather pathetically tried to portray as too old at 70 years of age.. During this election we had Gallagher The Karate Kid as he demonstrated his martial arts skills for reporters.. Then we had Gallagher of Riverdance fame as he did his Sean Nos dancing.. The implication all the time was that Sean was the dynamic young leader while Micheal D hobbled around.. That was an insult to Higgins and to an elder generation who reared us and gave their all for this country.. In the end Gallagher wilted under more pressure than Dana s car tyre.. And his blow out was a good thing for this country.. In another poem ‘Toes’ dedicated to his son, Michael D writes of how he has received the ‘frail hope of belief recovered.. ’ With today’s result the man from the West has given us that same precious gift.. News.. 21.. Enda Kenny s New Clothes.. Emperor Enda.. Really he couldn’t have written a better script.. Managed to lose the 2007 election and so avoid the worst economic catastrophe in Irish history.. Then he appeared to an electorate who, like long suffering innocent prisoners, would have signed anything for escape.. However despite giving him their vote the public are now questioning the Emperor’s new clothes.. The Emperor looked pretty good for a while.. Built up Fine Gael, then with the Obama and Queen visits, he brillantly caught the mood of the nation.. He gave a traumatised people both a sedative and feel good factor all at once.. Not a bad thing to have a mood stabiliser while recuperating.. But while Enda campaigned in Poetry is it okay to continue to govern solely in Prozac?.. This calming strategy was backed up by the creation of ‘Enda the President.. ’ Hell, he even took Obama’s speech.. This latter day Ronald Regan hangs out with our sporting heroes and unites the electorate with that good old homespun feel.. Except the drug is beginning to wear off.. And like the patients in psychiatrist Oliver Sacks book ‘Awakenings’ who wake up after years of deep sleep, they are questioning what they have been sold.. This awakening has been triggered by one simple fact.. It is slowly seeping into the mass consciousness that FG is in fact FF.. The economic policies are identical with one exception- Brian Lenihan took responsibility for his decisions.. I’m sure he would have smiled wryly on hearing the Troika praising the Government last Thursday.. Is there a single thing the Coalition have done that was not set in motion or agreed to by Lenihan? Despite the spin we know the cuts in interest rates for our ‘Bailout’ came solely from the Greek crisis.. Now the public are awakening.. For how long can Enda blame FF and yet accept praise for what amounts to Lenihan’s decisions?.. Enda’s poetry was evident in the FG election manifesto.. No easy payments to Anglo and bondholders would be burned.. Yet, though clearly not part of the agreed deal with the Troika, you are still paying off the senior bondholders.. Enda and Co are bowing to Europe in the hope of a better deal.. Maybe time will prove them right.. Another manifesto promise was mortgage interest relief.. What happened to that ? You see Enda and Co.. honour their commitments to the EU –IMF but you? Well, you’re a bit down the list.. The other FG similarity with FF is in the area of transparency.. Enda Kenny promised us a new era of openness.. It was precisely a lack of transparency which allowed developments like Priory Hall to arise.. It also allowed institutions like Anglo Irish Bank to flourish without proper regulation or oversight.. Read more.. 07.. 08.. David Norris -The Hypocrisy Of It All.. So we’ll all sleep better tonight right? The Gay is out of the Presidential race.. Norris had to be watched.. I mean nine years ago wasn’t he promoting the view that young fellas were fair game for oul fellas? That was the subtext of the attacks on him.. But Norris never said this.. It didn’t matter though, just get him to deny it.. What if we subjected straight men to the same scrutiny about what they think and say? Did you ever hear the crude bar room jokes like’ if they’re old to enough to bleed’ old enough to.. that were spoken about young girls? What about the men who see nothing wrong with watching young girls, some who are victims of trafficking, lap dancing in nite clubs? What about the lads who have sex with them on the sun holiday? Just where is the line?.. Rape, domestic violence and harassment of women continues on a daily basis.. Double standards of morality apply, but hey at least the Gay is out of the Presidential race.. Norris wrote a clemency letter on Oireachtais notepaper for a gay lover who’d been convicted of statutory rape.. That was wrong and was rightly condemned.. But a TD or Minister appealing directly to a judge on behalf of some double rapist who ‘ came from a good family’ is okay? No need to resign there.. Labour TD Kathleen Lynch, subsequently promoted to Minister, sent such a letter directly to a judge on behalf of one Trevor Casey in 2008.. Casey had raped two girls aged 14 and 16 as they lay in their beds.. Same goes for FF’s Tony Killeen whose office sought clemency for a convicted paedophile (though Killeen said he didn’t sign the letter).. Both Lynch and Killeen were promoted as Ministers.. Hypocrisy.. 2 Comments.. 02.. Davd Norris -Time To Go For Your Own Sake.. Is it time to say goodbye? Senator David Norris needs to consider letting go of running for the Presidency of Ireland.. Letting go and getting on with the rest of his life.. Letting go before every part of that life is destroyed.. The Senator is now in a far bigger battle than that race.. Like it or not he is battling for his personal reputation.. Independent TD Finian McGrath has withdrawn as Norris’s political organiser.. Key members of his team have resigned.. Barely a third of his Oireacthais supporters came out in his favour.. I find it hard to see him getting the twenty votes necessary to be nominated.. Given that it is  ...   got emotional.. I haven’t done that since Bobby Ewing reappeared in the shower scene in Dallas.. All week some of my normally sensible female friends appeared to have lost it.. They abandoned normal speech patterns and discourse.. ‘The Dress’ dominated discussions.. ‘Kate s weight’ also featured highly.. Maybe they were secretly programming me for the wedding.. Remember how we forced women to became soccer experts during our World Cup exploits? This was their revenge as I was an expert wedding matters even before the broadcast.. I actually wasn’t going to watch it.. I was meant to be writing a political critique today.. So you can’t really blame me for switching on the TV can you? And I was instantly hooked.. There are compelling reasons for my conversion.. First off this was theatre at its purest best.. It even had a balcony scene.. And a happy ever after kiss.. Normally it is the Catholic Church who do the best show business.. When it comes to theatre and spectacle they have few peers.. Now it was the Monarchy’s turn.. And they didn’t disappoint.. Entertainment.. 03.. Lowry, O Brien and the Tribunal Part2.. ‘There are known knowns.. There are known unknowns.. But there are also unknown unknowns.. The Land of Known Unkowns.. Donald Rumsfeld famous quote about the Iraq War could have been written about the Moriarty Tribunal Report.. There are things we know we know.. There are things we know we might never know fully about and things we don’t know we don’t know.. With me?.. The Report has been described as giving light to the greatest scandal in Irish Political Life.. Michael Lowry and Denis O’Brien however see it as an expensive trawl which has unfairly wrecked their reputations.. What are the ‘known knowns’- the things we can be sure happened? We know that Denis O’Brien’s ESAT/Telenor consortium won the mobile phone licence.. We know that suspicions were raised about the granting of the licence.. It is clear that a $50,000 donation from O Brien’s partner company Telenor was sent to Fine Gael.. Now to the ‘known unknown’.. Why would a Norwegian Company take an interest in FG? The cheque was eventually rejected by FG and ended up back in ESAT’s Office.. Denis O’Brien points out that he made donations to all parties as did many other businessmen.. We know that Lowry was the Minister with responsibility for the licence bids.. The Department Secretary General John Loughrey was insistent at the time that protocols be followed in relation to contact with bidders:‘ one to one or social outings were to be avoided.. A ‘known known’ is that Lowry ignored this in his contacts with Denis O’Brien.. Lowry also contacted members of the overseeing Project Group to see if a winner had been found.. In one meeting Moriarty says that some members were surprised that Lowry was aware of draft rankings for the licence bidders.. The Tribunal has also contended that Lowry rode rough shot and pushed the Project Group to making a decision with indecent haste.. Lowry denies this and O’Brien makes the valid point that the process was delivered on schedule.. Another ‘known known’ is that international expert Professor Michael Anderson backs them up.. So we come to the first major ‘known unknown.. ’ Why did Lowry intervene like he did? He says it was simply to expedite matters and that he had a right as a Minister.. 24.. Lowry, O Brien and the Tribunal -Part 1.. Welcome to Planet Lowry.. It’s been some trip.. This star is now in the same orbit as Planet Bertie and Planet CJ.. You see Michael Lowry, Bertie Ahern and CJ Haughey have one distinguishing feature.. All three have a complete inability to admit they ever did anything wrong Equally any problem is always someone else’s fault.. Just listen back to Lowry’s interview with Sean O Rourke on RTE.. The Tipperary man has spent the last two days blaming the Tribunal Judge.. “Deeply hurtful and offensive” and ‘’Chinese torture’’ was his assessment.. Even if the Judge got everything wrong – and the evidence suggests otherwise – Lowry still behaved in ways that could only damage himself and others.. But like Bert and Co its another case of blame the messenger.. Remember how Bertie felt a Tribunal judge had it in for him? So did C J Haughey who lumped the media into the offending pack for good measure.. 22.. Performance Eamon Keane,Noel O Grady Live at Bewleys Cafe 7.. 45pm Thursday 24th.. 12.. When Enda Meets Angela Who Has the Cojones?.. What a week.. Perhaps we needed the euphoria of a new beginning in the Dail.. Enda deserves his day in the sun.. But when it dies down what do we have? A parliament that is effectively neutered by IMF -EU deal.. Bottom line is Merkel and Co want Corporation Tax Reduction or harmonisation in return for any interest rate reduction in the deal.. When Kenny talks of an overwhelming mandate Merkel won t be too bothered.. She is more worried about her mandate back home.. Anyways remember the 1st Lisbon Treaty vote? We gave a mandate against it and Europe ignored it, until we gave the right mandate.. So we have a colorful Dail and it provides good copy for the hacks.. But we are like ants running around as the big footprint of Europe hovers over us.. We could play poker though.. The paradox is that the only way to save ourselves is to threaten to destroy ourselves.. We tell Europe that we cannot pay.. We say we will default.. The contagion effect for Spain, Portugal, Italy and German banks would be massive.. ECB may threaten to pull out of supporting our banks, if we put the fear into them.. EU and IMF may say fine but you won t have money from us to pay your state salaries and so on.. And this is where the good Poker players will win.. Call the bluff, go the distance.. Watch how the markets treat the Euro.. However, is there a will to play poker? FG are committed to the European project.. Me, I m committed to the Survival project.. And we are finished if they persist with the terms of the current deal.. Joan Burton gives way for Dads Army.. Dad s Army, with the women making the tea and looking after the children.. That s one way of looking at our new Coalition Cabinet.. Do you remember the BBC series, which featured the.. well-intentioned.. lads fighting to defend their country during the Second World War? Most of them were in their twilight years.. Just like Captain Enda and his men.. The average age of this new Coalition is 55.. In Bertie s time it was 49.. What the two cabinets have in common, though, is that they are dominated by the mature male.. Admittedly Leo the Lip Varadkar and Simon Le Bon Coveney are in there as well.. This should keep the Tweenie Twitterati happy.. There are two women in the cabinet.. Joan Burton and Francis Fitzgerald have been assigned to the caring portfolios of Social Protection and Children respectively.. Fianna Fail did the same trick when they moved Mary Hanafin to Welfare.. She had previously proved a very capable Education Minister.. So is this a case of jobs for the boys, or d oul lads?.. The Art of Foreplay-Enda and Eamo.. Four more days of foreplay.. And a weekend consummation.. It has to be done.. Then back to work.. Especially in a partnership which has to last for five years.. A s Labour and Fine Gael jump into bed, we are watching an elaborate mating ritual which is more about show than performance.. Moreover it will be rendered impotent by events outside their control.. There will no honey moon when stepmother Angela Merkel demands the dowry.. Still we all like to play the Guessing Game so here is what will happen in the Coalition Negotiations.. First off there is all the usual tough talk coming from ‘ well placed sources’.. Ignore it.. There will be leaks a plenty about sticking points and talk of ‘no compromise’.. We may even have a bit of table thumping and all the better if we have a walk out.. But you see these boyos have waited years to be in power.. As I predicted weeks ago Coalition was always going to happen.. They won’t blow it now.. Now the negotiations are really about two things.. Giving out the Goodies and trying to get a unified front for Europe.. When it comes to sharing the spoils there is a pecking order in each party.. It is based on loyalty and seniority.. Enda Kenny told me he wouldn’t give out Ministries on that basis.. He may not have a choice.. Don’t forget the rebels coup last year.. Those who helped him see it off will want good Ministries.. Ministries that let them have money and power.. That will be important come next Election time.. Once Kenny has dealt with that internal problem he has Gilmore to face.. Next Page.. Follow Citizen Keane!.. The Latest.. Categories.. (3).. (1).. (30).. Archives.. Select Month.. October 2011 (2).. August 2011 (3).. June 2011 (1).. May 2011 (1).. April 2011 (2).. March 2011 (6).. February 2011 (6).. January 2011 (8).. December 2010 (5).. Anti-Spin Control Panel.. Log in.. Register.. Entries.. Comments.. Citizen Keane Site.. Citizen Keane Posts.. by.. Eamon Keane.. is licensed under a.. Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.. 0 Unported License.. Based on a work at.. www.. citizenkeane.. ie.. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at.. http://www.. ie/.. Powered by.. WordPress.. | Copyright 2012.. | All Rights Reserved.. | Design by.. KyleTech.. Contact..

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    Descriptive info: Your comments or questions for Citizen Keane are welcome.. *.. (denotes required field).. Name:.. E-Mail Address:.. Subject:.. Message:.. CAPTCHA Code:.. Fast Secure Contact Form.. Comments are closed..

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  • Title: About Us : Citizen Keane
    Descriptive info: Hi I m Eamon Keane.. I ve worked as broadcaster in RTE, Newstalk and 4FM.. I also write music and have an album Hang The Moon out.. I believe in getting to the truth of things and if something is wrong in exposing it.. There s a price for that but we will keep on kicking.. I set this up so I can give you my opinions, a bit of inside knowledge  ...   which we believe will be unique for Ireland.. I m writing things I couldn t always say on air.. This will be an Anti-Spin zone.. Let me know what you think as I d be interested in your.. feedback.. If you ve got a story you think needs to be exposed get in touch.. I m also writing a book on the last five years in Ireland if you have any opinions..

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  • Title: Michael D Higgins – Beyond The I : Citizen Keane
    Descriptive info: 10.. 30.. You must be.. logged in.. to post a comment..

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  • Title: News : Citizen Keane
    Descriptive info: 21.. 08.. 07.. 02.. 06.. 05.. 31.. 04.. 03.. 24.. 22.. 27.. Brian Lenihan.. ‘I’m sorry Eamon, it ‘s been so hard.. ’ Brian Lenihan the architect of NAMA, the Bank Guarantee and three of the harshest budgets in our history breaks down in front of me.. He wipes the tears from his eyes.. We are standing in the count centre at Coolmine in West Dublin.. The man who still battles cancer, the man who found himself thrust into the Perfect Economic Storm has done it.. Secured the final and fourth seat in the predominantly working class constituency of Dublin West against all the odds.. As the constituency  ...   did his election result mean to them? ‘‘Oh God it means an awful lot.. I spoke to my wife ’ Lenihan voice breaks as the tears come.. ‘Of course to break the national trend and hold a seat here just give me a moment this is a huge working class constituency so it’s an incredible achievement to secure a vote.. After all the hard decisions we had to make it’s a tremendous tribute to secure.. re-election.. under those circumstances ’ His voice trails.. I ask him does he want to take a moment.. Suddenly we are surrounded by cameras and reporters and his face is fixed strong again..

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  • Title: Enda Kenny’s New Clothes : Citizen Keane
    Descriptive info: FG’s response? Well there was.. theirwatered-downCorporate.. Donations Bill.. With their big electoral war chest, they have been repeatedly called upon to publish a list of donors and the exact amounts given to the party.. To date, they haven’t done so.. At the moment the Garda Commissioner is considering a report from CAB on the Moriarty Tribunal’s findings.. The Tribunal found that Michael Lowry passed on classified information on the competition for the states second mobile phone licence to Denis O’Brien.. Both deny this.. The Commissioner will of course not be influenced by anyone.. Still here is a simple question an outsider might ask: how is it that when it came to calls for Lowry’s resignation – in the wake of the Tribunal’s damming findings- Enda Kenny the Taoiseach of the country was found to be curiously silent?.. Now contrast that silence with the zeal with which FG are pushing a Constitutional Amendment that will allow Oireachtais members to appoint people to go into your home if they deem an investigation so warrants.. What’s the difference?.. Credit is however due to Kenny and Alan Shatter for tackling the closed shop that is the legal profession.. Shatter can also point out the fact that he rose to the defence of the  ...   what have this administration just done? It undermines the good work Enda did in breaking the mould with some of his Seanad appointments.. Let’s also consider the issue of pay.. I remember criticising Brian Lenihan for breaking pay guidelines for senior civil servants.. What has Enda Kenny just done in relation to the pay rate for his own Special Adviser Mark Keneally, who previously worked for Michael Lowry? Yes, broken his own Governments limits.. In fact 14 advisors have benefitted from these special exemptions.. Sound familiar?.. Then there was Enda’s promise to publish Budget plans for the next three years.. This has now been pushed out until after the Presidential election.. None of these things on their own will cause too much fuss.. And the backroom boys know that.. They will though be worried about Gay Mitchell’s low election rating.. Bertie, for a while had the X factor and could lift all boats around him.. Can Enda?.. Emperor Enda was our Ronald Regan.. This works fine in the initial crisis phase.. He and Noonan deserve credit for giving an air of stability.. But when we deconstruct the spin and examine what they have actually done, then something more is demanded.. Something more than the well crafted, constructed, Emperor Enda..

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  • Title: David Norris -The Hypocrisy Of It All : Citizen Keane
    Descriptive info: I know Kathleen and she is a decent hard working politician who made an insensitive mistake.. But FG Minister Leo Vardaker said this week that politicians appealing in this manner was ’normal.. ’ Normal except for The Gay.. Hypocrisy is writ all over this story.. David Norris wasn’t allowed address Galway County council on the casting vote of a FG councillor.. Enda Kenny who bravely saw off the Church had to be careful that one gay man might actually win the people over and beat his candidate.. Norris was blocked at every opportunity.. Almost half of the people in Joe Duffy’s Liveline poll still wanted the right to vote for Norris despite this weeks revelations.. Heartening that the Irish People saw something more in all of this.. But sometimes giving the punter a vote is a dangerous thing isn’t it? Sure didn’t they have to get them to vote twice for the Lisbon Treaty after they got it wrong the first time.. I was asked on BBC Radio this week if there was a corrosion of democracy in Ireland.. Ashamed I answered ‘yes ‘.. For his own sake I wrote that he should withdraw.. Now that he has we can see his crimes clearly.. David Norris is guilty alright.. Guilty of letting his emotion for a lover blind him to the right and due empathy for the victim.. Guilty of letting his ego tell him that he knew best in terms of what to reveal and when, at a time when he needed to listen to others.. Guilty of lacking the canny political spin doctoring that the Big Boyos have.. The Big Boyos showed mercy for one of their own Emmet Stagg, when he was found in the Phoenix Park in dubious circumstances.. The Big Boyos also acknowledged back in 1998 that the requirements to stand for the President should change.. But they didn’t change them precisely because of the threat of Independents like Norris.. David Norris’s get out of jail letter became the Establishments get out of jail card.. Norris is out of the race because of apparent concern for the welfare of children and high standards  ...   great at marvelling about how wonderfully democratic we are, how we live in a modern and fair society.. Reality check WE DON T.. I don t carry a torch for any of the candidates but it is a disgrace that David Norris was effectively refused permission by our elected representatives to be offered to an electorate as a real offering and one it looks like they wanted.. Shame on you politicians -all of you.. We should all send a mail to Mr Kenny expressing our embarrassment at being labelled a democracy.. We should also be silent if asked to help the new Libyan rulers set up their political institutions.. If Mr Gadaffi comes knocking for support.. Well we now have much more in common with him.. Peter Barrins.. on 09.. 11.. I read in today s Sunday Independent that Norris is going to re-enter the Presidential election I hope this is accruate.. In my opinion Norris should have stood his ground and rather than backing away from the issues he should have faced into them.. He did not act illegally or maliciously his motivation was born of goodness, care and decency, even if it was misguided.. If we all stopped caring about people and turned our back on them because they did something wrong it would be a pretty harsh world Finian McGrath take note! Clearly there were vested interests trying to sabotage his campaign but I suspect it had more to do with his strong poll ratings than his sexual orientation or perhaps I m being naive?.. I have heard Finian McGrath speaking a number of times in recent weeks about this election I think his lack of consistency and failure to stand by Norris shows his wheeler dealer political ethos.. At this stage I think Fianna Fail could do a lot worse than give Norris the support he needs to be nominated.. And yes, without a doubt, the method of candidate selection needs to be radically changed because it is very far from open or democratic.. Sure every citizen can vote, but if they cannot vote for a candidate they want then it is not democratic..

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  • Title: Davd Norris -Time To Go For Your Own Sake : Citizen Keane
    Descriptive info: The real issue here goes back to the attempt to link David Norris with pedophilia and pederasts.. Context as Eoghan Harris said yesterday is everything.. In an age of heightened awareness about child protection any suggestion of being soft or ambiguous on this issue is fatal.. By writing a letter for someone he loved who was convicted of the statutory rape of a fifteen year old boy David Norris left himself open to attack.. So the net of innuendo slowly strangles David Norris’s campaign.. The subtext is that he somehow approves of what his former partner did.. This is without foundation but Norris needed to nail that and fast.. He didn’t.. Like the Helen.. Lucey-Burke.. story the Senator and his team were caught in a world that moved far quicker than they did.. You can argue that he should stay  ...   but did he also let his ego take over? By that I mean there are times in life when you have to listen, when you have to accept that your judgement about something may not be right.. I don’t know what advice he got but it was either wrong or else he ignored it.. And that is the fatal flaw.. He might think that a fourteen year old letter shouldn’t be of political consequence but a good adviser would have told him it was.. So Senator Norris needs to step back.. Look at what is at stake here and listen to someone he really trusts.. And then make the decision that is right for him.. Hold a press conference and be up front with the Irish people.. Whatever the decision is I hope for him that he makes the right call..

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  • Title: Amy Winehouse-Better To Live Than Be Embalmed In Legend : Citizen Keane
    Descriptive info: At the time of her death Amy’s ‘worth ‘ was 6 million pound sterling.. And that is how she was measured.. A s a commodity not as a human being.. You see Amy died because she never knew her true worth.. If she did she wouldn’t have needed the drink and drugs or the abusive relationship.. Many in Ireland will understand what it is like to live with an addict.. The dreaded fear that the one you love has fallen again.. Can you imagine the phone call that Amy’s father Mitch got last Saturday? He would have waited for it day after day, night after night.. They say Mitch had already written her obituary so he knew.. He had tried everything to get her off drink and drugs.. The life pain he will now go through was expressed in one word in the family statement :‘bereft.. ’ In time some  ...   have no self esteem they really can be a killer.. When will we accept that this rock star myth is bullshit? A myth that is perpetuated by the media.. They eulogise Amy now and cry tears of hypocritical pity.. Yet the more Amy shot drugs up the more their sales went up.. She became Reality TV at it’s very worst.. We watched episode by episode of a slow tortured fall into death.. For those who go and visit the graves of Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix, do they ever think that maybe it’s better to have genius live than to be embalmed in the myth of legend?.. Now what are we left with? Another ’ legend’ is created as the vultures cash in.. Though he was of a different musical genre, Elton John expresses the real truth of Amy’s life :.. ‘Your candle burned out long before your legend ever did’..

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