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  • Title: Diamond Engagement Rings and Jewelry - E-Jewels Ireland
    Descriptive info: .. Click on the boxes to enter the site..

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  • Title: E-Jewels
    Descriptive info: Login.. Name.. Pasword.. Home.. Jewellery gallery.. Why E-Jewels.. Diamond guide.. About Us.. How we work.. Contact us.. Your wishlist.. Welcome to E-Jewels.. We are Irish diamond dealers with companies in both.. Antwerp.. Limerick.. that supply diamonds coloured stones.. direct from.. at.. prices.. We do not have a retail presence instead we meet clients by appointment in our private viewing rooms where they can  ...   which they can view our rings at ease.. Whether you are in the.. market for.. a classic solitaire, fancy-shaped diamond or a coloured stone ring.. W.. e can help you.. maximize your purchasing power through our long-standing presence in.. , the world's foremost diamond market.. Email: sharonsstones@e-jewels.. ie contact no.. s (Eire) 00-353-87-1253285 (Antwerp) 00-32-484-972066.. E-JEWELS ltd 2009 Limerick Ireland.. Webdesign by.. Robinwebdesign..

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  • Title: Our jewels
    Descriptive info: Rings.. Bracelets.. Earrings.. Pendants.. Necklaces..

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  • Title: Why E-Jewels
    Descriptive info: Diamonds from Antwerp at Antwerp prices.. Why.. E.. J.. ewels?.. Because E.. -Jewels sources its diamonds directly from.. Antwerp.. the.. World's Diamond Centre.. , we are able to circumvent the traditional diamond distribution channels.. This significantly reduces the large mark-ups associated with a diamond changing hands multiple times before reaching you the customer.. By purchasing from.. E-Jewels.. y.. ou are in fact eliminating all the middlemen and going directly to the source!.. ewels is able to deliver.. unbeatable prices.. , resulting in significant savings passed directly to you, for the following reasons:.. 1.. Access to Antwerp’s Diamond Manufacturing Centre.. We source our diamonds at the manufacturing level.. By having.. direct access.. to such.. goods, we.. minimise the multiple.. times diamonds traditionally change.. hands before they eventually end up in jewelry pieces in retail outlets.. 2.. Low Overheads and Low Expenses.. Because we are a low-cost family-run company.. operating from a private viewing room (and not a retail shop), we do not carry the traditional high expenses  ...   therefore passed on to each and every one of our clients.. Our clients have traditionally come to know about us through.. word of mouth.. and by.. referrals.. from our.. many already existing customers.. The addition of this site to our business model is intended to show who we are, the type of jewellery we can provide and to outline to clients how we operate our business.. 3.. Unmatched Ability to Identify Value.. We are highly experienced in the art of sourcing the right diamond or gemstones for the perfect engagement ring for you and.. within.. the boundaries of your budget.. We do this by focusing on only the most important factors in this selection process.. We will guide you through these factors and advise you step by step on which factors to make sacrifices on and on which factors.. not.. to sacrifice on, according to your wishes, which in turn will deliver the best possible value to you!.. ''She'll love our rings - he'll love our prices''..

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  • Title: Know your diamond
    Descriptive info: How to choose the perfect diamond for you.. We know that purchasing a diamond can seem like an overwhelming task.. With the myriad options in shape, colour, and clarity, how can you be sure you’re buying the right diamond? The following info is a laymans guide to help you understand the 4c’s grading process.. First and foremost it is important to remember that the 4 C's are only a guideline.. Cut.. Cut is the most important of the.. 4C’s.. to understand.. The brilliance of a diamond depends heavily on its cut.. It is essential to its beauty.. Cut refers to the cutting grades of the diamonds proportions, polish and symmetry and each grade is divided into 4 categories:.. Excellent, Very Good, Good and Fair.. A diamond’s cut determines how the diamond shines, how it reflects light and creates that dazzling combination of.. Fire and Ice.. , that amazing sparkle,.. that diamonds are highly prized for.. We at E-Jewels consider a diamond’s cut the most crucial aspect of the quality of a diamond.. A lot of people make the mistake of confusing.. cut.. with the shape of a stone.. Brillant-cut, Oval-cut, Princess-cut,.. this refers to the shape the stone is cut into!.. Colour.. In diamonds the colour charts start with D.. The colours are graded on an alphabetic scale from.. D.. (.. exceptional white /colourless) through to.. Z.. (heavy yellow).. Note.. – there is no colour grade higher than D.. Description.. D-E-F.. These are the top colours in the colour grading scale and are in fact colourless, they are quite rare and this is reflected in their cost, a lot of shops will convince you to buy these colours but they are quite.. costly.. If you are operating within a budget constraint, it means you will have to sacrifice elsewhere, usually on the carat weight which means a smaller stone.. G-H.. These colours are next in line in the colour grading scale.. They are the middle of the range colours, shine white and are therefore the most popular colours on the diamond scale.. They are good.. value for money.. but due to.. recent market changes people are now requesting these colours more and more which means they are starting to rise in price.. I.. These colours have become most popular in recessionary times -Although depending on the individual stone I colours are very close in colour to H's.. So it can look like a H but have the cost of an I.. Which is quite significant price wise!.. Visually to a layperson it would be hard to spot the difference.. These stones are what we at E-Jewels refer to  ...   located, how many there are and how visible it is, it may have little to no impact on the diamond’s ability to reflect light.. Mostly, inclusions are only detected by means of a hand-loupe (eye-glass) with a.. 10x.. magnification.. As most people don’t go around with a hand-loupe in their pocket, we will provide them with a loupe to view their diamond in order to know what clarity grade their stone is.. Clarity Grade.. FL-IF-LC.. Flawless/Internally Flawless.. /Loupe-Clean.. Very rare and.. quite expensive.. VVS1-VVS2.. Very, Very Slightly Included.. Inclusions are difficult to see even under high 10x magnification.. Excellent quality.. Also Expensive.. VS1-VS2.. Very Slightly Included.. Inclusions are.. not.. visible to naked eye.. Reasonable prices.. compared to VVS1 and VVS2.. SI1-SI2.. Slightly Included.. Inclusions visible under magnification and possibly to the naked eye.. *Some SI1's are close to vs 2's in purity.. These stones can be ideal, depending where the inclusions are.. These are.. Value-priced diamonds.. PI1 – PI3.. Heavily to very heavily Included.. Visible to the naked eye.. Not recommended by E-Jewels.. A lot of this quality is sold in New York.. If an inclusion is clearly visible to the.. naked eye.. or if a stone seems to have a.. cloudy.. appearance,.. it is a very bad quality stone and therefore a.. complete.. waste of money.. !.. Aside from carat weight, clarity has the 2nd most impact on a diamond’s selling price.. To give you an idea of how to identify a diamond’s clarity grading system, see the diamond grading chart below.. Carat (weight).. After carefully considering your diamond’s.. cut,.. colour.. and.. clarity.. , it’s time to think about the size, or carat weight, of the diamond.. Carat.. weight.. greatly determines the value of a diamond as well as the overall presentation of the diamond when set in a ring.. The weight of a diamond is measured in carats.. A carat is equal to 0.. 2 grams, or 200 milligrams.. A carat is divided into 100 smaller units called points.. For example, three-quarters of a carat is 0.. 75 points or ¾ carat.. When a diamond cutter is cutting a stone, it is his intention to achieve one of the following target weights; ½ carat, ¾ carat, 1.. 00 1.. 25 carats, 1.. 50 carats, 1.. 75 carats, 2 carats etc.. These are the carat weights that most consumers are familiar with and seek out when shopping for diamonds.. However, diamonds are available in weights that fall between these weights, often for a bargain price.. Diamond scales chart.. :.. The different Diamond shapes:.. Whatever your budget allows,.. ewels.. will assist in finding the right diamond for you!..

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  • Title: About us
    Descriptive info: About E-Jewels.. Jewels.. l.. td.. is a.. family owned.. business specialised in the acquisition of diamonds and precious stones jewellery.. It is run by a father and daughter team,.. Jim.. Sharon Moloney.. who between them have a combined experience of sixty five years in the wholesale diamond business.. We have two companies.. , E-Jewels.. Belgium located in.. ; the capital of the world’s.. Diamond Trading.. Centre.. s and the Irish Branch of.. E-Jewels Ireland.. located in.. Jim.. Moloney -.. Jim’s experience in the Diamond business is forty five years in the making.. At 18, Jim joined Shannon Diamond and Carbide, which later became.. De Beers.. Industrial Diamond Division Ireland.. Ltd.. (now.. Element Six.. ) producing industrial diamonds operating out of their Irish headquarters in Shannon, Co.. Clare.. Having been involved in all aspects of natural diamond production, Jim was requested to re-locate to.. Antwerp's.. diamond market.. to combine with the.. Diamond Trading Company.. (DTC).. buyers, to buy mixed gem and industrial diamond parcels off the market working from.. DTC.. headquarter offices in Antwerp.. De Beers.. Ireland decided to set up a new firm to buy and sell diamonds in.. and Jim was promoted to the position of.. Managing Director.. of.. Debant.. DeB.. eers.. Ant.. werp.. ) which he ran for several years..  ...   diamond.. sorter.. In.. 1989.. , she attended and.. graduated.. from.. diamond classification.. studies at the.. H.. oge.. R.. aad.. voor.. D.. iamant in short.. HRD.. Diamond High Council.. ) the most prestigious diamond certification authority in Europe, the European equivelant to the.. GIA (Gemmolocial Intitute of America).. She learned the business of the.. polished diamond and gemstones.. industry by becoming a.. diamond broker.. for various diamond traders in the Antwerp market.. It was hereby she gained her.. practical.. knowledge.. experience.. of every aspect of the diamond industry.. Over the years on regular visits home, she noticed that a lot of the jewellery available in Ireland was very old-fashioned and quite expensive.. Designs were outdated and totally unsuitable to the tastes of the modern Irish population.. Although in recent years the designs have improved, the prices are still quite high.. The next logical step was to go into the jewellery aspect of the business.. This was several years ago, today Sharon is highly experienced in all matters related to.. jewellery.. design.. production.. , specialising in diamond.. engagement rings,.. wedding rings.. ,.. eternity rings.. fashion.. rings.. Sharon keeps in touch with the latest jewellery designs through regular visits to European diamond centres.. Most importantly - being a woman she knows what other women want!..

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  • Title: How we work
    Descriptive info: ~oOo~.. I’m sure by now you have seen many jewellery sites offering a.. build-your-own-ring.. service.. on-line!.. Whereby you choose a.. stone.. , then you choose a.. setting.. and it shows you an image of what the.. finished ring.. will look like.. it looks great on screen but in reality you have no idea of cut, colour, quality or actual size of the stone, or what the eventual ring will look like on the hand.. Certainly there.. are lots of specs about what it is you are purchasing but unless you are in the trade or in the know, most people don’t understand what it all means and are greatly disappointed when the ring arrives.. These rings are usually mass produced and look it and are not at all as big as they appeared on screen.. You then have to go through the complexities and inconvenience of returning it not to mention getting your refund!.. also offers you a.. service,.. off-line.. The difference is we have various actual settings for you to try on, with some loose stones.. which are separate that we can place into the different ring settings, in order to show you what your ring will look like.. You can select your setting, select your stone, whether it be a diamond or a precious gemstone to suit your criteria and your budget.. We can then have the stone you choose set into the ring (and sized if necessary), which means you can have your ring within 2-3 working days if not sooner.. We also have pre-set rings which are immediately available!.. Alternatively, if you have seen.. a ring, pendant, earring set, or bracelet.. somewhere that your  ...   find one that suits your taste and budget.. Have a look at our Jewellery Gallery, fill out the wish list of the type of jewellery/ring you are most interested in.. *.. It is important to note that we do not keep all these items in Ireland.. *.. and that we bring them in from Antwerp as and when we need them so if you wish to see certain items - by filling in the wish list we can have the rings/pieces you wish to see ready for you when you arrive!.. Make appointment to visit us.. Call/email us to set up an appointment to view our current ring selection.. We have many different styles, as well as the styles you will find in most retail shops, we have many never-before-seen-in-Ireland settings available to show you.. We offer you a.. no-pressure.. , comfortable, friendly, private environment, where couples can sit with ease and pick out a setting, and choose their stone.. We usually spend about one hour each couple.. Come visit us.. During this time we will provide a diamond education whereby we guide you through the.. If you have already spotted a ring somewhere, but it’s a lot more than you intended to spend, bring the details/specs.. with you and a picture and we can design a ring together.. ‘.. At.. ewels.. ,.. we understand how precious and personal your purchase can be.. therefore, our approach includes a private, in-depth consultation, which separates us from your traditional retail.. jeweller.. We devote our time to gain an understanding of what you want, to help craft an exquisite one-of-a-kind piece that will be cherished forever turning your dream into a reality’..

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  • Title: Contact us
    Descriptive info: To contact us please fill out this form with your contact details and your request and we will contact you as soon as possible.. It is helpful that you mention your ringsize when looking for a price quotation.. Alternatively you can contact us.. by phone.. on.. 061 348451.. or.. 0871253285.. or email Sharon at:.. sharonsstones@e-jewels.. ie.. First name.. Last name.. Email.. Phone.. Enquiry..

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  • Title: Untitled Page
    Descriptive info: Your wishlist.. Your wishlist is empty..

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