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  • Title: Eamonn Heuston Chartered Accountant - Newbridge, Kildare. Accounting, Tax Services, Financial Advice
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Services.. Information.. Financial News.. Contact Us.. Complimentary.. Initial Consultation!.. Contact Us:.. 085-7551419.. info@eamonnheuston.. ie.. Accountancy.. Taxation.. Financial Advice.. Complimentary initial consultation!.. Contact us:.. Contact us for a Complimentary Initial Consultation!.. We offer a full range of.. Accounting, Tax Related Financial Services.. for businesses individuals in the Kildare area.. Based in Newbridge, Co.. Kildare.. , Eamonn Heuston is an experienced Chartered Accountant covering Kildare county as well as surrounding counties.. We provide professional, efficient and personal service at very competitive rates.. Our focus is on small to medium sized businesses.. in all industrial sectors, providing an all-encompassing accountancy and taxation service to his client base.. We also  ...   Nov 12 05:00 independent.. Tough Budget could damage fragile consumer spending.. House prices fall as property register takes guesswork out of buying.. 26 Nov 12 11:32 independent.. See more financial news.. Eamonn Heuston is an.. Associate of Chartered Accountants Ireland.. Eamonn Heuston is an Associate of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland.. Our Services.. Business Startups.. Bookkeeping Services.. Annual Financial Statements.. Personal Taxation.. Corporate Taxation.. Consultancy Services.. Personal Financial Planning.. 5 College Farm View, Newbridge, Co.. Kildare.. phone.. : 085-7551419.. email.. :.. Information:.. Pensions PRSA.. Sole Trader or Ltd Company?.. Latest Financial News.. 2011 Eamonn Heuston ACA Chartered Accountant, Newbridge, Co.. Kildare 085-7551419.. web design by.. tribtec..

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  • Title: Eamonn Heuston Accountant, Kildare. Bookkeeping, Tax, Consultancy & Financial Planning Services
    Descriptive info: We provide many services for businesses and individuals, focusing on accounting and book-keeping solutions for soletraders and audit-exempt companies, as well as VAT/payroll and personal taxation returns.. We also provide consultancy services.. You have found your product or service and now you need to decide how to initiate your plans.. This phase can be critical to the long term growth and profit management of your business.. Key decisions include.. :.. limited company or sole trader.. company registration and filings.. registration for VAT/PAYE and Corporation/Income Tax.. business funding and financial budgets including cashflow analysis.. grant applications.. audit exempt or full financial statements.. recognising allowable tax deductions.. Enlist the support of an an experienced practitioner to navigate you through the initial minefields and let you concentrate on your business.. We offer a complete professional accounting service to small and medium sized businesses.. The level of service required, will depend on the level of your own in-house accounting resources.. Services provided include:.. Preparation of daybooks from incomplete records.. Vat, Payroll and Relevant Contracts taxation services.. Monthly and quarterly management accounts.. Advice on manual or computerized records.. Annual statements of account include a profit and loss account and balance sheet.. In addition a cash flow statement may also be included.. A limited company must submit annual accounts each year to the companies registration office no later than 28 days after the company's annual return date.. However exemptions now exist to certain companies who meet certain criteria.. In addition company and sole trader tax returns, will need to include most of the primary financial date from the annual accounts.. See.. page for further details on tax submissions.. A wide range of backup is provided to meet the needs of  ...   small medium sized businesses maintain a set of management accounts updated on a quarterly basis.. This allows for a quarterly analysis assessment of the performance of the business.. By having a set of management accounts completed the business owner can verify that the business is moving in the right direction.. If the management accounts reveal a deviation from the financial plan (budget), then action can be taken to address the issue.. Business plans will include a financial plan for the business for the first number of years of operation.. Usually, there is heavy revision required for the financial plan after the first year of operation.. In addition, each year should see the setting of business goals and objectives.. These business objectives should be translated into a financial plan or budget.. The budget is then used as a business measurement tool during the year.. Frequently, the most successful business are driven by innovative individuals whose primary background is non-financial.. Their talents can be diverted from these areas through the complexities of maintaining the cashflow and administrative issues.. Backup support can alleviate these worries and allow the business to develop and prosper.. As a business has developed the focus can often change for the owner to retirement/sucession issues, or how to liquidate cash from an asset rich business.. This is an extremely important area for any individual or business and requires long-term planning for the best results.. To avail of any of our services or to find out more information, please contact us.. Contact us about.. our services.. Useful Information Links.. Pensions / PRSA.. Enterprise Format (Sole Trader v Ltd Company).. Tax Rates, Credits & Reliefs.. Popular Forms for Personal Tax.. Popular Forms for Business Self Assessment..

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  • Title: Eamonn Heuston Accountant, Kildare. General Information & links
    Descriptive info: Information on Personal Corporate Taxation.. Pensions PRSA.. Should I be a sole trader or a limited company?.. Useful Links.. Revenue.. ie 2011 Budget Summary.. Budget Summary 2011.. (pdf).. Government Resources.. The Revenue Commissioners -.. www.. revenue.. The Department of Finance -.. finance.. gov.. BASIS: Business Access to State  ...   appealcommissioners.. Tax.. The Irish Taxation Institute -.. taxireland.. TaxWorld Ltd.. taxworld.. See our.. taxation guide.. for more lniks information for businesses individuals.. Business.. Revenue information for.. Business Self Assessment.. Revenue Guide to Starting in Business:.. IT48 - Starting in Business.. Personal.. Personal Tax.. Contact us for.. more information..

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  • Title: News from Eamonn Heuston Accountant - Accountancy & Tax Services, Newbridge, Kildare
    Descriptive info: Latest Financial Headlines.. Personal Finance.. NEXT week's Budget risks further damaging already fragile consumer spending, an expert has warned.. Read more.. HOUSE prices fell last month in a move that reverses rises in the previous three months.. Commuters and shoppers warned about gang skimming bank cards at ticket machines.. Commuters and Christmas shoppers are being targeted by a criminal gang skimming bank cards at ticket vending machines.. 26 Nov 12 10:38 independent.. Seven things that have grown cheaper since austerity began.. Wednesday is the second anniversary of Ireland's 85bn bailout deal.. It's been one cutback after another since then, and there's more to come in December's Budget.. 25 Nov 12 05:00 independent.. Global Business & Finance.. Sweet dreams of retail success.. In 2002, Margaret Lynch, Geraldine O?Connor and Celine Hayes-English, cofounders of Couverture Desserts, watched as flood water swept through their premises destroying everything i.. 27 Nov 12 00:34 Irish Times.. Singaporeans 'unemotional'.. We all know that money can?t  ...   market after Audi, M.. China trip for Irish educators.. Last week, a group of 26 educators, principals and deputy principals from across Ireland embarked on a week-long fact-finding trip in China to experience the teaching and learning.. Irish Business & Finance.. DUNNES Stores chief Margaret Heffernan has clashed with NAMA over a bid to wind up the company.. She says NAMA will be held responsible for the very significant losses h.. SIPTU rejects DAA's proposals to resolve pension row.. SIPTU has rejected the Dublin Airport Authority's latest proposal aimed at resolving the company's pension dispute.. Tech sector gains most as salary rises pick up pace.. SALARIES are rising again and at a much faster rate than previously during the great recession, according to new data published by the Central Statistics Office.. Garda fraud squad gets Farrell emails as NAMA ends probe.. NAMA has begun handing over emails discovered during its biggest ever internal investigation to the garda fraud squad..

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  • Title: Contact Eamonn Heuston, Accountant, Newbridge Kildare. Accounting and Tax Services
    Descriptive info: Contact us.. If you would like to arrange a.. complimentary initial consultation.. or for more information about our services, please contact us.. Contact Details.. Eamonn Heuston ACA.. If you find any links that no longer work or you experience any other problems with our website, please send the details to.. webmaster@eamonnheuston.. and we will attend to it as soon as possible.. Your Name.. Your Phone number.. Your E-mail Address.. Your Company (if applicable).. How can we help? Please enter your enquiry.. Please include either your phone number or email address so we can respond to your enquiry..

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  • Title: Eamonn Heuston Accountant, Kildare. Information on Taxation for businesses & individuals
    Descriptive info: Tax Rates, Credits Reliefs.. for 2010 2011.. including Health Dental Expenses Rent Relief claim forms.. Popular Forms for Business.. Self Assessment.. including Pay File Tax Return forms, Tax Registration forms.. The links below provide a wide range of information and guides for businesses and individuals.. It is hoped these will provide further clarity on a range of issues.. Personal Taxation.. The links below provide a information for individuals and PAYE Tax Payers.. General Information.. Tax Rates, Credits Reliefs for the current year (Revenue.. ie).. Understanding Tax Credits Reliefs.. (pdf).. Understanding PRSI Health Levy.. Understanding Income Tax Income Levy.. PAYE for Employees (Revenue.. How to Calculate your Tax (Revenue.. Tax Relief.. There are a wide range of reliefs to which an individual is entitled, such as rent relief, medical expenses.. More information can be found on revenue.. ie:.. Are you Entitled to Tax Relief?.. Personal Reliefs Exemptions.. Guide to Claiming Medical Expenses Relief.. Rent Tax Credit.. Income Tax for People with Disabilities.. These links provide a guideline to some of the reliefs available, however a full review  ...   You can also.. use your mobile phone.. to track correspondence, claim certain tax credits and request certain PAYE forms and leaflets.. About PAYE Anytime.. Visit PAYE Anytime website.. Tax is one of the key obligations for any business.. These links provide information for business owners.. ITI Guide to Understanding Tax for Small Businesses.. P35 End Year Returns.. Employee Related Tax.. Employers Guide to PAYE (Revenue.. ie).. Summary of PRSI Classes (Welfare.. Employers Guide to Benefit in Kind.. Completing Form P45.. VAT.. About VAT.. : Section on Revenue.. ie with detailed information, rates, forms leaflets.. VAT for Small Businesses.. : a guide to VAT from the Revenue Commissioners.. Audits.. Revenue Audits (BASIS.. Penalties (BASIS.. Financial Reporting (BASIS.. Capital Corporation Taxes.. ie provides information, forms and leaflets on their website:.. Captial Gains Tax.. Captial Acquisitions Tax.. Corporation Tax.. Revenue Online Service (ROS).. ROS is Revenue s secure interactive internet-based facility that allows businesses to perform many services online, such as file returns and make payments, calculate their tax and claim repayments.. About ROS.. Visit ROS website.. our tax services..

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  • Title: Eamonn Heuston Accountant, Kildare. Information on Pensions and PRSAs
    Descriptive info: There are a number of different terminologies related to the operations of pension payments.. These can cause confusion.. In addition there are varying limits which an individual is eligible to contribute depending on age and personal income levels.. A brief synopsis is attached below but further information can be provided by.. contacting us directly.. Personal Retirement Savings Account (PRSA).. A PRSA is a long-term personal retirement account introduced by the Pensions Act, 2002.. It is designed to enable people, especially those with no pension provision, to save for retirement in a flexible manner.. A PRSA is a contract between an individual and a PRSA provider in the form of an investment account.. Subject to age-based limits, tax relief will be given for contributions to a PRSA.. Tax relief on contributions.. 1.. Contributions paid into a PRSA will benefit from tax relief at an individual s marginal income tax rate.. There will also be relief from PRSI and the health levy for employees.. Where PRSA contributions are deducted by an employer, the net pay arrangement will apply.. Details of this tax relief.. 2.. The maximum annual tax-deductible contributions are based on a percentage of the individual s net relevant earnings.. The allowable percentages rise with age.. Members of an occupational pension scheme or of a statutory pension scheme may pay AVC PRSA contributions.. Separate rules apply to such contributions see paragraph 6.. 1 Relief is allowed against relevant earnings, i.. e.. earnings from a trade, profession, office or employment.. Earnings as a proprietary director or proprietary employee of an investment company are not relevant earnings.. Net relevant earnings are relevant earnings less losses, capital allowances and certain payments which reduce a person s income for tax purposes such as tax effective covenants.. 2 The  ...   (ARF) subject to a minimum investment in an Approved Minimum Retirement Fund (AMRF),.. withdraw the balance in cash subject to a minimum investment in an AMRF,.. invest the balance in an annuity.. 11.. The ability to invest in an ARF is subject to the individual having a guaranteed pension or annuity from another source of at least 12,700 a year for life.. If this is not the case, 63,500 or the balance in the PRSA fund if less, must be transferred to an AMRF or used to purchase an annuity payable immediately.. The capital in the AMRF cannot be withdrawn until the individual reaches the age of 75.. 12.. Similarly, the ability to withdraw the balance in the PRSA fund in cash is subject to the individual having a guaranteed pension or annuity from another source of at least 12,700 a year for life.. If this is not the case, 63,500, or the balance in the PRSA fund if less, must be transferred to an AMRF or used to purchase an annuity payable immediately.. 13.. Where the PRSA is used as an AVC vehicle (see paragraph 6 above), the maximum lump sum and pension must be in line with the occupational pension scheme rules.. 14.. There is no tax charge where the balance is transferred to an ARF.. Instead any withdrawals from the ARF will be subject to PAYE at the marginal rate of tax for the year in which the withdrawal is made.. Taxation of Benefits.. 15.. PAYE will apply to all annuities and other withdrawals from a PRSA other than:.. a tax free lump sum [25% of the fund],.. a transfer to an ARF/AMRF,.. or.. a transfer to another PRSA, to an occupational pension scheme or to a statutory scheme.. your pension..

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  • Title: Eamonn Heuston Accountant, Kildare. Should I remain a sole trader or become a Ltd company?
    Descriptive info: Legal Format of Enterprise:.. Should I remain a sole trader or become a limited company?.. The starting point in the decision to incorporate for any sole trader is to review whether the profits of the business are higher than the amount of money you draw personally from the business.. If the profits are not surplus to personal requirements, you should park the idea until they are.. By incorporating a company, a sole trader can avail of limited liability , which means that shareholders can insulate their financial position from that of the company.. However, limited liability will not protect directors in cases of reckless trading, negligence and fraud.. Changing your status to limited liability should be contingent on a number of factors including anticipated profits (or losses), the type of business, liability protection and pension preferences.. If your company s profits are set to be particularly good, it could make sense to incorporate.. For example, if a sole trader records a profit of 100,000, this will automatically be taxed in their own name at 42 per cent plus PRSI and levies.. However, if the 100,000 trading profit arose within a company, corporation tax of 12.. 5 per cent would be payable on the income.. The benefit of the lower corporate tax rate will result in more surpluses to be channelled back into the business.. If  ...   as your personal assets are not exposed by claims made against the business.. Pension funding can also be a factor for setting up a company.. In general, directors who own at least 5 per cent of the company can avail of a much higher level of pension funding, using company contributions, and the company can take a full deduction for these amounts in its accounts.. Sole traders must fund their own pensions and they have limited tax relief for pension contributions made to their own personal scheme based on a percentage of earnings and the age of the person.. Owner managers should recognise that incorporated status brings with it a plethora of regulations, stipulations and additional costs.. Compliance, setting up a company and liquidation bring charges that are not incurred if you re a sole trader and directors responsibilities are increasing.. The onus is on the company directors to make timely annual returns, keep proper books of account, deal with environmental legalities, health and safety, and employees legislation, and a failure to do so is considered a serious offence.. In conclusion, assess the financial health of your business before making a decision.. Knowing where your business is going will help you make an informed decision about what is best for you.. for more information and advice.. Read online article.. here.. Contact us for more financial advice..

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