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    Descriptive info: .. E-MOTION MEDIA, Web Design Development Company, Galway Malta.. Home.. Who we are.. WHO WE ARE AFTER HOURS.. What we do.. WEB DESIGN DEVELOPMENT.. SEO OPTIMISATION.. CUSTOM FACEBOOK FAN PAGES APLICATIONS.. SOCIAL MEDIA INTEGRATION.. E-COMMERCE SOLUTIONS.. How we work.. What we've made.. How to catch us.. About Us.. Contact Us.. Tell us about your project.. Let’s work together, shall we?.. Web Design / Web Development.. Brochure Website.. B2B, B2C Website.. E-Commerce Website.. E-Commerce Solutions.. SEO Optimisation.. Facebook Fan Pages Aplications.. FACEBOOK 1.. JOOMLA, WORDPRESS, DRUPAL, MAGENTO.. Few words about us.. We hate VOLKSWAGENISM.. Do you know what volkswagenism is? It’s the lack of style; it’s universalism pushed to the edge of its endurance; it’s mental communism; cliche paid for in big money, the Irish home construction industry.. Link.. 1.. 2.. 3.. Berlin Nightlife.. eu.. 01 Mar 2012.. Moja Malta.. com.. 01 Feb  ...   2011.. Arrow Conferencing.. 18 Apr 2011.. PDDT.. info.. 11 Apr 2011.. Galway Thai Boxing.. 29 May 2010.. Flamenco Galway.. Dublin/Waterford/Cork/L.. Galway NightLife.. 14 Jul 2009.. Galway Weddings.. Galway Fashion.. Ard Mhuire.. Galway Second Hand.. Galway History.. Flemings Seafood.. Westend Dental.. Golf Ireland.. 14 Feb 2009.. GIPA org.. pl.. 19 Jan 2009.. Galway Nails.. Package includes:.. Website Design Development.. Up to 5 web pages *.. Search Engine Optimisation.. Website Tracking Analysis.. Website Hosting.. 3 Email Accounts.. Only €399.. b2b, b2c Website.. Up to 15 web pages *.. 10 Email Accounts.. Only €599.. Shopping Cart Integration.. Payment Processor Integration.. Support for PayPal, WorldPay etc.. From €999.. FACEBOOK Fan Pages.. Based on HTML or CMS Solution.. Twitter/Youtube integration.. Forum, Blog, Poll, Gallery ect.. Shopping Cart, Payment Processors.. From €199.. Portfolio.. SiteMap.. Dark.. Light.. color1.. color2.. color3.. color4.. color5.. color6.. E-MOTION MEDIA.. 2011 © All rights reserved..

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  • Title: who we are | E-MOTION MEDIA, Web Design & Development Company, Galway & Malta
    Descriptive info: Who we are.. A+.. R.. A-.. who we are.. We’re a.. group.. of young, creative and independent.. people.. , with more years of.. experience.. in our specialities than the Republic of Ireland’s independence has lasted.. We’ve been gaining this.. all over the.. world.. ; in Ireland, USA, Germany, Poland, Spain, Russia, Ukraine and UK.. Among us, there are graphic designers, filmmakers, newspaper editors, animators, marketing.. specialists.. , copywriters, photographers, media and manipulation.. , authors of books and many more.. We’re working for small, medium and big companies, political and non-government.. organizations.. , foundations and community.. in Ireland and abroad.. We work for anyone we like.. Ever since the Internet became available to an average  ...   the beginning though as our heads are full of ideas and ways to make them come true.. We’re only warming up.. Are we an Irish.. ? We are a.. 100%.. Irish.. company.. we’re.. paying.. our.. taxes.. here, our.. insurance.. , we have our.. homes.. here.. We’re.. living.. here with our.. families.. drinking Guinness,.. enjoying Irish traditional music, culture, history, legends and, just like most of the island’s inhabitants,.. not able to make a simple sentence in Irish.. The Internet unites the.. , brings friends closer and helps enemies make up.. It allows.. to express opinions and do.. anywhere, without national restrictions.. Our.. and multiculturalism will let you do.. with anyone you wish.. итальянская мебель..

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  • Title: after hours | E-MOTION MEDIA, Web Design & Development Company, Galway & Malta
    Descriptive info: WHO WE ARE AFTER HOURS.. after hours.. Every one of us has different interests; we make up a sort of a pot of cultures, experiences and expectations.. The girls are most of all beautiful.. They are.. great.. cooks, dancers, they write.. good.. articles and poetry, they can fight our demons.. They are simply.. and we would all.. give.. lives.. for them.. That’s what we have in common – loyalty.. Guys, like big boys, must have their toys.. One is forever running with a candid camera and peeps at human.. He’s writing a book on the impact of globalization and the Internet on the awareness of an individual.. It might turn into a PhD work yet.. That’s why he came to Ireland in the first place.. A separate piece is going to be on why the Irish.. don’t.. a shit about it all.. Another one of us is a teaser.. He tries to irritate.. and checks their reactions.. He claims that.. show their real personalities through their emotions.. They demonstrate their roots and lose their conventions.. It’s him who started the saying "Although I know everything about you, I still want to talk you".. He’s a.. friend.. There’s another one.. He thinks all that surrounds us is MAYA.. It’s all theatre.. Religion, politics, Gaelic football or golf,  ...   in another room watching telly while our team sweats over the.. board.. Once, we even.. to get a draw.. There’s one more.. He’s our leader.. He inspires us.. He.. outside the laws of physics.. He can see the past and the future like we see the present.. He shows us the true sense of existence.. It’s no joke.. He’s proved to us that we can.. only so much.. If we decide to go for more and more, we might go crazy.. He’s making sure we kep our balance.. Everything has its right.. time.. We’re all old.. souls.. We’ve been through it all many a.. This is one of the last trips.. Perhaps even the last one.. Don’t be surprised that we’re not excited by tackiness, shitty books and stupid ideas.. We travel all over Ireland.. We explore its every nook and crannie.. We’ve been to many places more than once.. We do 30,000 kilometres a year to discover this corner of the world, so full of mystery and wonderful history.. We love jazz, blues, clubbing,.. old hard rock, Irish music, folk, even classical.. We also enjoy.. restaurant service; Chinese, Indian, Mexican, Mediterranean, Arabian (especially Syrian) cuisines, French wine and cheeses, Polish vodka and sausage, Russian dumplings, Greek fish, Jewish carp, Hungarian stew and Bavarian pork knuckle..

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  • Title: what we do | E-MOTION MEDIA, Web Design & Development Company, Galway & Malta
    Descriptive info: What we do.. what we do.. You’d better ask what we.. do; it’ll be easier to.. answer.. Every one of us is richly experienced in many areas.. Among us, there is a programmer, graphic.. design.. er, film maker, newspaper editor, animator,.. marketing.. specialist.. , copywriter, photographer, media and manipulation.. , book author, poet, beautician, dancer, boxer, swimmer and ex-commando.. Missing anyone? We also have an ex-priest.. We’re like real sons of Galway.. We have years of experience with.. companies.. in various fields; we’ve been observing their development and how their needs were changing as they were expanding.. We know how.. evolve and how their needs change on the Internet.. We’re capable of predicting what you.. expect.. First and foremost, we.. and.. carry.. out Internet.. websites..  ...   do those for.. free.. , because a better.. is one in which we have a better.. That’s right, we always.. remain.. egoists.. If you have an.. interesting.. idea, but.. now how to go about it, you’ve come to the right place.. We’ll be able to help you in many ways.. We’ll advise you what techniques to use best and how to choose the cheapest ones; which ones will come up to your expectations; what.. operations will be most effective.. We’ll.. and devise.. strategies on the Internet and.. them out.. If your project proves to be worthy, if you’re an.. customer,.. we’ll.. show you our.. World where anything is possible.. World where we turn your ideas into reality.. The only limit can be your imagination… and budget..

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  • Title: WEB DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT | E-MOTION MEDIA, Web Design & Development Company, Galway & Malta
    Descriptive info: WEB DESIGN DEVELOPMENT.. Affordable Web Design.. At E-MOTION, we are in the.. of making your.. more successful.. We do that by creating eye catching, user.. friendly.. search.. engine.. web.. sites.. that meet your.. goals and leave you with a.. professional.. affordable.. that your.. customers.. will return to.. again.. We'll.. bring.. you years of.. , plus the creativity you need to set your.. apart.. team.. excell in.. online.. and can help.. your.. to the next level.. Search Engine Friendly Web Design.. Your.. need to be able  ...   the benefit of being on the internet.. Your site needs.. marketing, also known as.. optimization.. E-MOTION produce.. that make sure you are easy to.. on the.. Professional Web Design.. Our process is simple and.. Our conversation with you and your.. will help us.. learn.. about your.. and your.. requirements.. We'll take that.. knowledge.. , your.. and add to it our.. skills and.. of doing.. to help increase your visibility and improve your.. presence.. There is an active, attentive audience already.. ing for your products and service..

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  • Title: SEO OPTIMISATION | E-MOTION MEDIA, Web Design & Development Company, Galway & Malta
    Descriptive info: SEO OPTIMISATION.. Your customers need to be able to find you on the.. site.. needs.. friendly.. s that make sure you are easy to find on the.. Our work normally includes most, if not all, of the following activities:.. Keyword.. phrase.. re.. description.. design.. Title,.. meta.. keyword.. , and.. optimization tailored to.. Content recommendations and.. optimisation.. to increase relevancy in.. s for target.. s.. HTML code.. and consultation.. Manual.. submission.. Directory.. s and positioning.. Paid.. listings.. and set-up (and ongoing mnagement) of Google AdWords campaigns.. Inbound.. link.. development from related.. s and.. directories to boost.. popularity.. The technical.. :.. Search Engine Optimisation is the process of making sure that your.. is highly ranked and therefore "optimised" for all of the main.. s (which are primarily Google , Yahoo! and Microsoft Live - previously called MSNSearch).. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) ensures that when a user types a key.. into a.. appears high in  ...   your.. for.. s.. It is no longer enough to simply add META tags and do.. to a bunch of.. indexes and directories.. The first step in obtaining significant.. visitor counts is to seek first-page.. It is therefore.. important.. to build a.. -rich.. One of the steps is the proper.. to the.. or.. directory.. (although the importance of "submitting" your.. is becoming less.. as each of the major.. s vie to be the best in their own field).. Unfortunately, Search Engine Optimisation is too often left aside (for a variety of reasons including resource and budgetary constraints) when a.. goes through the process of designing, building and launching their.. It is vitally.. to ensure that you develop a clear Search Engine Optimisation strategy from the start.. This must include a focused.. and key.. approach with Search Engine Optimisation and ranking in mind.. E-MOTION can help you to develop your Search Engine Optimisation strategy..

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  • Title: Custom Facebook Fan Pages & Aplications | E-MOTION MEDIA, Web Design & Development Company, Galway & Malta
    Descriptive info: CUSTOM FACEBOOK FAN PAGES APLICATIONS.. Custom Facebook Fan Pages Aplications.. A Facebook Fan Page is one such feature which has proved to be substantial for.. marketers.. and online firms in order to communicate,.. interact.. and share with their.. fan.. A Fan Page is extremely effective as it is a medium of communication between your.. and its consumers, essentially all.. require target and niche oriented.. activity.. a.. page.. supplies just this!.. Fan Pages are a great way to mix and.. with people who are interested in your.. and its services.. Our customized Fan Page offers:.. User discussions.. Photo  ...   features.. From Facebook.. application.. development.. to Facebook Fan Pages, we have done it all! In.. essence.. a Fan Page.. can be.. deemed.. as a one.. website.. representing.. on the Facebook platform.. It can be used in conjunction with your current online/offline.. or as a standalone entity.. We add life to your Fan Page and customize it to so that the Fan Page is engaging,.. ive and.. user.. friendly but most of all it serves your desired purpose.. FACEBOOK FAN PAGE EXAMPLE 1.. FACEBOOK FAN PAGE EXAMPLE 2.. FACEBOOK FAN PAGE EXAMPLE 3.. FACEBOOK FAN PAGE EXAMPLE 4..

    Original link path: /what-we-do/custom-facebook-fan-pages-a-aplications.html
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  • Title: Social Media Integration | E-MOTION MEDIA, Web Design & Development Company, Galway & Malta
    Descriptive info: SOCIAL MEDIA INTEGRATION.. Social Media Integration.. E-MOTION provides clients with complete.. social.. media.. integration.. Many company can add a.. facebook.. twitter.. , or Linkedin tab to your.. , but is it.. ly integrated?.. We can provide a sophisticated level of.. that improves the user experience and your.. organic.. SEO.. In addition, good.. will improve the amount of.. that.. users.. spend on your.. which also improves.. will also shorten the amount of.. that you have to spend updating your.. By tightly integrating.. blogs.. , your team will spend less.. with.. Social Media Newsroom.. Social.. news.. rooms are a powerful way to proliferate your.. on multiple.. platforms.. In addition, it allows relevant.. from other.. s to populate your.. By providing a two-way.. traffic stream, our.. rooms provide you the client with a powerful.. tool.. The.. room adds rich.. to your.. and does it all in an automated fashion.. The constant updating of.. through the.. room  ...   a way to communicate with you, comment on services and products.. E-MOTION has.. developed.. a number of highly successful.. YouTube Branding.. YouTube can be a great place to place corporate, product or personal videos.. Unfortunately, most companies keep these videos in isolation on YouTube.. We can develop a.. branded.. YouTube.. that also integrates with your other.. Custom Twitter Page.. Twitter is a powerful communications tool.. Like YouTube or Facebook it often operates in isolation.. E-MOTION can develop a.. Twitter.. that enhances your brand image.. In addition, we can integrate your Twitter.. with all other.. platforms, saving you.. and money.. Custom Blog.. Blogs can be an important instrument in.. Unfortunately, even some of today’s most important.. are not.. and lack.. with the other.. E-MOTION can develop.. that tightly integrate with your other.. These.. are.. so that they can be easily updated by the user.. are also.. so that they can maximize their effect on..

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  • Title: E-COMMERCE SOLUTIONS | E-MOTION MEDIA, Web Design & Development Company, Galway & Malta
    Descriptive info: E-COMMERCE SOLUTIONS.. There are many different.. shop.. solution.. s available, at E-MOTION we will work with you to.. the best.. to meet your needs for now and into the future.. Your e-.. commerce.. can be flexible with additional features added overtime e,g.. online.. , customer newsletter, client log in, advertising banners, forum.. We offer a selection of e-.. s, any or all of the following can be included:.. Product.. catalogues.. Stock taking.. facilities.. Ebilling.. Epayment,.. shipping.. distribution.. systems.. Affiliate programs.. Advertisement.. management.. Element.. To.. our more or to discuss your.. use the Contact us.. form..

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  • Title: how we work | E-MOTION MEDIA, Web Design & Development Company, Galway & Malta
    Descriptive info: How we work.. how we work.. We don’t fuck around.. is precious and.. you’re.. paying for it.. We’re expensive and effective mercenaries.. When giving us.. work.. to do, you can be sure you won’t have to wait until we finish another pint of Guinness or return from our holidays.. If we take on a job, we do it conscientiously; you always get 120%.. We often.. day and night for the final effect to exceed our own expectations and to be completed on.. First of all, we want to be proud of it.. This result is your prize for trusting us.. We’re not wasting.. talking nonsense about the weather or the recession.. We hate.. volkswagenism.. Do you  ...   people to.. produce.. his.. ideas.. can’t.. be made to.. another volkswagens.. The key.. question.. is only if we come to an.. agreement.. ; if.. be able to.. convince.. us to take up your.. project.. If we come to an.. understanding.. you’ll.. become a.. member.. of our.. family.. Do know, that.. intellectual and nervous effort.. If.. living in Ireland and putting up with it,.. find it easier.. We carry out our.. s only when they’re fully accepted.. No.. tackiness.. compromise.. Compromise kills.. looking for cheap labour to take care of your.. , we advise you to look for someone else or set up your own business.. Some.. s for to drink beer, it is necessary to build brewery..

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