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  • Title: FADA
    Descriptive info: .. Welcome.. About.. FADA.. Objectives of FADA.. Past events.. Peak Resources.. Links.. Contact Us.. Join FADA.. Pay for Membership or make a donation.. Subscribe to regular newsletter.. Current Projects.. Bia Linn (community garden).. Community Food Initiative.. CSA.. The Aims of the Community Food Initiative.. GIY Newbridge.. GIY Upcoming Meetings.. NOOOOBY Food Coop with a twist.. NOOOBY Items available this month.. Transition Town Newbridge.. Inspiration.. Media.. Community farming.. Drive easy.. Food preservation.. Happiness.. Holidays.. IEA backs peak energy.. Local farmers anticipate crisis.. Make your own yogurt.. No more World of Tomorrow.. Phosphates.. Sourdough.. Sprouts.. Straw bale building.. Stuff that lasts.. Victory Gardens.. Wild Food.. Wind power.. Winter preparations.. Events.. Change is happening – our choice is between a future we want and one which happens to us.. FADA is a voluntary non-profit organisation committed to building a resilient sustainable community to meet the challenges of climate change,.. peak oil.. and.. economic crisis.. Be the change you want to see.. FADA is made up of individuals from a wide range of backgrounds, ages, political and religious points of view, from home keepers to engineers, gardeners to community workers.. All learning and contributing to the collective goal of how to make our communities resilient.. Our primary focus is not campaigning.. against.. things, but rather on  ...   -.. Transition Initiatives dedicate themselves to sharing their successes, failures, insights and connections at the various scales across the Transition network, so as to more widely build up a collective body of experience.. Contribute your brilliance.. We need good listeners, gardeners, people who like to make and fix everything, good parties, discussions, energy engineers, inspiring art and music, builders, planners, project managers, community builders.. In short we need your input however small or large to work together to vision, plan and act addressing the challenges and opportunities presented to us in this time of great change.. Bring your passion and make that your contribution – if there isn’t a project working here in Newbridge you are passionate about, create one!!.. The times we find our selves in need an unprecedented coming together of the broad diversity of society.. We dedicate ourselves to ensuring that the decision making processes and our working groups embody principles of openness and inclusion.. If you are interested in becoming involved in any of the projects or ideas you find on this website or have some of your own contact us at.. info@fada.. ie.. Newbridge Transition Town.. Upcoming Events.. No events.. Search for:.. www.. FADA.. Charlotte House, Charlotte Street, Newbridge, Co.. Kildare.. email:.. Steering Group.. |.. Members Area..

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  • Title: FADA » About
    Descriptive info: Transition Towns..

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  • Title: FADA » FADA
    Descriptive info: FADA is part of a rapidly emerging international grass-roots response to these most pressing challenges faced by our community, our nation and our globe.. On these islands, FADA is connected to the Transition Towns movement, with over 12 towns/communities coming on board in Ireland, and almost 100 towns/villages/cities in Britain (see.. transitionnetwork.. org.. ).. FADA was established in June 2006 by a group of volunteers, the majority of whom are from the County Kildare region and who were motivated to act by a concern for the twin issues of Peak Oil and Climate Change and their implications on our community..

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  • Title: FADA » Objectives of FADA
    Descriptive info: The Objectives of FADA are:.. To organize for and to provide to local communities and individuals, training and education courses, public lectures, seminars, discussion forums, conferences and other events in relation to advancing environmental sustainability in Kildare.. To collect and make available to local communities, research data, information, and educational material relating to environmental sustainability.. To develop and make available to local communities and individuals tools, techniques and material resources relevant to advancing environmental sustainability.. To support and promote the alleviation of fuel poverty.. To advise and assist households and businesses in becoming more energy-efficient.. To support and promote the local production of food and the consumption of locally produced food.. To support and promote the development of community gardens and  ...   and work in a more sustainable way.. To enhance social inclusion by involving socially marginalised groups in the activities of the Company.. To foster working relationships with local statutory agencies and voluntary and community organisations.. To become self-financing through sponsorship, membership and funding as a community development group with a sustainability/environmental focus.. To rekindle Community Spirit by connecting various community groups.. To develop working relationships with local statutory bodies.. To develop working relationships local commercial groups and businesses.. To develop working relationships with local community groups.. To foster links with like-minded groups both within Ireland and around the world.. To support and promote the Transition Towns movement and in particular the attaining of Transition Town Status by towns in the region..

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  • Title: FADA » Past events
    Descriptive info: October 2006:.. we organised an Energy Fair, which featured booths on solar power, wind power, home heating, insulation and other practical solutions for homeowners in a time of rising energy rates and a faltering economy.. The event also featured expert speakers, including:.. • Duncan Stewart, architect and host of Ireland’s television programme “Eco Eye.. ”.. • Jim Power, Irish economist and activist.. • Declan Meally of Sustainable Energy Ireland.. • Siobhan Higgs of the Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas, Ireland.. • Michael Layden, energy consultant and wind power expert.. December 2006:.. FADA hosted a talk on composting and recycling at the Newbridge Parish Centre.. Representatives of the Mountmellick Environmental Group (MEG) spoke about their group and offered practical advice on waste management in the home, and talked about how to get schools and students involved in local recycling projects.. January 2007:.. FADA hosted a talk by public relations expert Marty Whelan on how to use the media and publicise issues.. February 2007:.. We began running a weekly column in the Kildare Nationalist newspaper.. The column deals with a wide variety of issues: how to preserve food, make sprouts, find edible wild food, make yogurt and sourdough, conserve power and build community, as well as broader topics like peak energy, climate change and what the future might hold.. March 2007:.. FADA member Herman Geissel talked about Irish bog-lands, an important habitat for plants and wildlife, and their current threatened status.. April 2007:.. FADA, together with Newbridge Concerned Residents (NCR) and Newbridge Community Development (NCD), organised a General Election debate with seven candidates of the South Kildare area.. FADA’s segment of the questions focused on food and energy localisation.. April 2007:.. Local farmers Angela Nolan and Liam Ryan spoke about how farmer s markets operate and what would need to be done to organise one.. May 2007:.. FADA members Mary Ash and P.. J.. Dooley gave talked about how community groups like FADA can obtain funding.. November 2007:.. FADA hosted a lecture from Irish television celebrity and economic expert Eddie Hobbs at the Ryston Auditorium in Newbridge.. The long-time consumer advocate talked to the public about peak oil, the global economy and what might happen next.. December 2007:.. FADA organised a number of public Christmas cooking courses with Newbridge Chef William Crowley.. Crowley shared tips and advocated seasonal produce from farmer’s markets, and showed how to make delicious and healthy dishes from fresh, basic ingredients.. January 2008:..  ...   apply for grants.. Dr.. Jean Fletcher and Adrian Geissel also gave presentations, on the advantages and difficulties of solar panels and wood pellet boilers.. July 2008:.. FADA members attended Transition Town training in Dublin, and hosted a workshop to train others.. Sixteen area people attended – some of whom, before the year was over, would found Transition Town Kildare.. The Transition Town movement has long been allied with FADA, and began around the same time in Kinsale, Ireland.. Kildare is now Ireland’s second official Transition Town, a network of communities that has spread to over a dozen nations around the world.. Transition Town Kildare has been off to a great start, hosting talks by peak oil experts as well as Food and Horticulture Minister Trevor Sergeant.. November 2008:.. FADA hosted a community Halloween festival, the Feile na Samhna, which was a major success.. Hundreds of people attended the event, which included stalls, talks, workshops and theatre.. Davie Phillip spoke to attendees about how communities can power down; Theresa Carter explained Transition Towns, and Brian Kaller spoke about peak oil and the world s future.. Local theatre students enacted skits they had written themselves about life in a post-peak world, children enjoyed a puppet theatre, and young filmmakers showed a series of short films about the area.. Local organizations like Future Forests, the Steiner School and the South Kildare Beekeepers hosted booths, and craftsman hosted workshops for adults and children on making wormeries, baskets, and other home crafts.. Finally, teenagers presented their interviews with local elders, to describe what life was like in earlier eras.. March 2009:.. FADA members hosted a permaculture course in Castledermot, County Kildare, presented by certified permaculture teacher Graham Strouts.. We helped plan a productive forest garden on the property of FADA member Kate Park.. May 2009:.. After months of trying to obtain a space in town for a community garden, FADA acquired a space behind the Newbridge Town Hall.. FADA members received the keys to the lot May 12 and began adding garden beds, water barrels and other amenities at the end of that month.. The space will be used to give local residents an opportunity to grow their own vegetables.. July 2009:.. The community garden, named “Bia Linn” , opens to the public.. October 2009:.. A Benefit Concert by Newbridge s own, Luka Bloom, in aid of Féile na Samhna was held.. October 31st 2009.. : Feile na Samhna - 2nd Community Street Festival..

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  • Title: FADA » Peak Resources
    Descriptive info: Peak Oil.. Oil is a finite, non-renewable resource, so the volumes of oil being pumped out of the ground will therefore eventually reach a maximum and then inevitably decline.. This has already happened in many individual countries, including the US-which once was the world s foremost oil-producing nation.. The global maximum may already have been reached in 2008; in any case, it will almost certainly arrive in the near future.. In a nutshell, peak oil is not about running out of oil, it is about running out of cheap oil.. It is the historic moment when the world shifts from harvesting the low-hanging fruit of high-quality petroleum to having to drill for smaller deposits in inconvenient places, or to using low-quality substitutes like tar sands, that have horrible environmental impacts and are very expensive to produce.. Over the past few decades, the ready availability of cheap oil has fuelled the growth of industrial economies.. All the key elements of our society - transportation, manufacturing, food production, medical systems, heating and air conditioning, construction - are highly dependent on oil.. According to the Hirsch Report, prepared for the US Government in 2005:.. The peaking of world oil production presents the US and the world with an unprecedented risk management problem.. As peaking is approached, liquid fuel prices and price volatility will increase dramatically and, without timely mitigation, the economic, social and political costs will be unprecedented.. Viable mitigation options exist on both the supply and demand sides, but to have substantial impact, they must be initiated more than a decade in advance of peaking.. (Peaking of World Oil Production: Impacts, Mitigation Risk Management, Robert Hirsch, SAIC.. ).. Technology is often heralded as the panacea for fossil fuel depletion.. However, a careful review of technological solutions indicates their immaturity; their disastrous environmental consequences; or their inability to supply energy on the scale we are accustomed to.. We could wait for technology or government to solve the problem for us (a rather high risk option) or we could take the matter into our own hands.. Many schemes are being put in place in place to respond to the challenge of peak oil at the global and national levels.. These responses can be read.. here.. Transition Initiatives are part of this response, at the local, community level.. The Transition Movement believes that is up to us in  ...   greatest material abundance in human history.. It is no happenstance that so many peaks are occurring together.. All are causally related by way of the historic reality that, for the past 200 years, cheap, abundant energy from fossil fuels has driven technological invention, increases in total and per-capita resource extraction and consumption (including food production), and population growth.. We are enmeshed in a classic self-reinforcing feedback loop:.. Fossil fuel extraction.. more available energy.. - increased extraction of other resources, and production of food and other goods.. population growth.. higher energy demand.. - more fossil fuel extraction (and so on).. Fact: growth in population and consumption cannot continue unabated on a finite planet.. If the increased availability of cheap energy has historically enabled unprecedented growth in rates of the extraction of other resources, then the coincidence of peak oil with the peaking and decline of many other resources is entirely predictable.. Moreover, as the availability of energy resources peaks, this will also affect various parameters of social welfare:.. Per-capita consumption levels.. Economic growth.. Easy, cheap, quick mobility.. Technological change and invention.. Political stability.. All of these are clearly related to the availability of energy and other critical resources.. Once we accept that energy, fresh water, and food will become less freely available over next few decades, it is hard to escape the conclusion that, while the 20th century saw the greatest and most rapid expansion of the scale, scope, and complexity of human societies in history, the 21st will see contraction and simplification.. The only real question then is whether societies will contract and simplify intelligently or in an uncontrolled, chaotic fashion.. Addressing the economic, social, and political problems ensuing from the looming peaks requires an enormous collective effort.. That effort must educate and motivate people at a massive scale, and the motivation must come from a positive vision of a future worth striving toward.. Most of the peaks that are before us cannot be avoided, but there are many things we can do to navigate down and around them so as to enhance human sanity, security, and happiness.. The Transition Movement provides a model and process for this, through unlocking the creative genius of our communities, and working together to collectively begin the great task of navigating a soft landing down from the peaks.. The Impossible Hamster.. Short fun film on Infinite Growth..

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  • Title: FADA » Links
    Descriptive info: Newbridge Local Links.. Newbridge Shopper.. : An excellent site with a lot of information about Newbridge.. It includes updates on political issues in Newbridge as well as overviews of events taking place in the town.. The website also has sections on recycling and car pooling.. Definetelly worth a look!.. Peak Oil and Energy.. WEBSITES.. Energy Bulletin.. : A great clearinghouse of peak oil and climate change information.. ASPO.. : The Association for the Study of Peak Oil is one of the most recognised and most quoted sources of information for Peak Oil.. The Oil Drum.. : The best site for detailed peak oil analyses from scientists.. Post Carbon Institute.. : News site for post-carbon world.. Life After the Oil Crash.. : Another collection of peak oil essays.. Power Switch.. Worldchanging.. : a site focused on entrepreneurial solutions to peak oil and climate change.. Future Shock- End of the Oil Age: An excellent documentary by RTÉ s Chief Economic Correspondent, George Lee, exploring the implications of peak oil for Ireland.. You can view the documentary at.. http://www.. rte.. ie/tv/futureshock/av_20070618.. html.. zone5.. : Graham Strouts was the main speaker at the Newbridge Energy Forum.. He is the coordinator of the Practical Sustainability course at Kinsale Further Education College.. Interesting articles on Peak Oil and Permaculture.. transitionclture.. : Rob Hopkins was Graham Strout s predecessor at Kinsale.. He is now doing a PhD in Energy Descent in England.. His site is highly informative and accessible on all issues pertaining to Peak Oil and localisation.. Global Public Media.. : Excellent source of interviews, video and audio about peak oil and climate change.. Wolf at the Door.. : An impassioned collection of peak oil news and essays.. Peak Oil Hong Kong.. : This is one of the many sites that monitor news about peak oil and present relevant reports.. It has a particular focus on how peak oil will affect Hong Kong.. BOOKS.. The Long Emergency – A dire but eloquent description of the coming decades, by James Howard Kunstler.. The Party’s Over – A good overview of peak oil by scholar Richard Heinberg.. Half Gone – A look at both peak oil and climate change by former oil-industry geologist Jeremy Leggett.. Localisation.. Willits Economic Localisation Project.. : Willits has been the inspiration for localisation groups in Ireland in general and FADA in particular.. This site is well worth a visit to see a successful project and its methods.. The Relocalisation Network.. : This site illustrates the phenomenal swell of localisation initiatives operating all over the globe.. The Powerdown Community Project.. : This is a part of the sustainable.. ie  ...   economics, alternative energies, food, art and philosophy/spirituality.. Official open space technology website.. Other Open Space information pages:.. http://en.. wikipedia.. org/wiki/Open_Space_Technology.. openspaceworld.. org/.. chriscorrigan.. com/wiki/pmwiki.. php?n=Main.. OpenSpaceTechnology.. Community Solutions.. : US web site about organizing local communities.. Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency.. Sustainable Energy Ireland.. : The official Irish organisation promoting sustainable energy.. There is a lot of information explaining renewable energy and giving energy efficiency tips.. SEI is also the administrator for the Greener Homes Scheme (grants for certain types of renewable energy systems).. They are a good source of information and can provide lists of suppliers, auditors or anything else you might recuire related to sustainable energy.. Telephone: SEI s Renewable Energy Information Office: 023 42193 (They are happy to post you information if you wish).. Website:.. sei.. (information on the Greener Homes Scheme can be found under the Grants section).. Centre for Alternative Technology.. : This is a most informative and accessible site with fact sheets on many forms of renewable energy and several other issues.. There is also a lot of information on DIY systems.. Other.. FEASTA.. : The Foundation for the Economics of Sustainability is involved in some very interesting projects investigating and promoting the economic, cultural and environmental characteristics of a truly sustainable society.. Cultivate.. : The Cultivate Centre in Dublin is a tryly unique place with many interesting activities going on.. Their objective is to respond to energy vulnerability and climate change by providing access to the knowledge and tools to cultivate sustainable lifestyles and resilient communities.. The Centre organises some very interesting courses, hosts lectures and runs an excellent shop with environmentally-friendly products.. Walnut Books.. : This is a Cork-based independent specialist green book store.. All tittles can also be ordered through their excellent website.. They offer a variety of titles on Permaculture, organic food and gardening - sustainable design, energy and living.. Check out what your.. carbon footprint.. is, which parameters affect it and what you can do to change it!.. The Household Cyclopedia.. is a book of general knowledge printed in 1881.. It was scanned and reproduced as a website by Matthew Spong, in 1998.. Stop Climate Chaos Campaign.. : This is a coalition of civil society organisations campaigning to ensure Ireland plays its part in preventing runaway climate change.. How money works and Local Exchange Trading Systems : �.. transaction.. net/money/.. Grist.. : US web site for ecological news.. Friends of the Earth Ireland.. The Ecologist Magazine.. : A UK based publication with very interesting articles and researchers on a variety of well known and not-so-well-known environmental issues.. They also offer a mail newsletter for free..

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  • Title: FADA » Contact Us
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    Descriptive info: If you would like to join FADA please complete the online form below or download a.. PDF of the membership form.. , fill it in and return to FADA.. My Fieldset.. Yes, I would like to become a FADA.. Supporter.. Active Member.. Your Name.. (required).. Address.. Phone Numbers.. Email.. (valid email required).. Please let us know about your particular areas of interest or of any skills that you would make available to FADA.. Please fill in the letters you see in the image.. cforms.. contact form by delicious:days..

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  • Title: FADA » Pay for Membership or make a donation
    Descriptive info: You can pay for your membership online.. uses paypal to handle online payments.. Paypal accepts all major credit cards.. When you click one of the buttons below, you will be redirected to the paypal website where you can make your paymant.. If you would prefer to not pay online, you can pay by cheque made payable to FADA and send to FADA, c/o Charlotte House, Charlotte Street, Newbridge, Co  ...   Secretary or Treasurer at any of our Members Meetings.. FADA Active Member Payment.. FADA Supporter Payment €50.. 00.. Make a donation to FADA.. You can donate any amount you wish to.. All donations are welcome.. If you require a written acknowledgement of your donation, please email.. You may also use this button to pay for any of our events, courses or workshops.. Simply note which event you are paying for..

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    Descriptive info: If you would like to receive a copy of our regular newsletter including regular updates on.. meetings, events organised by.. FADA.. and other news, please.. send us a mail by clicking here..

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