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  • Title: F2 Centre
    Descriptive info: .. home.. about.. introduction.. the past.. the present.. challenges for the future.. conclusion.. regeneration timeline.. fatima masterplan :: key features.. 8 great expectations :: a landmark and unique social regeneration plan.. news.. events.. Forever Young Chorus, Finglas.. President Michael D.. Higgins visits F2 Centre.. Rialto Open Day :: F2 Centre :: Saturday, 9 April.. facilities.. bookings :: hire.. education training.. outdoor pitch.. multi-purpose room.. sports hall.. arts studio.. publications.. programmes.. fatima groups united.. fatima groups united autumn programme 2011.. Get Active, Get Creative, Get Fit, Get Learning!.. fatima children s day care centre.. rialto youth project.. fatima homework club.. fatima youth initiative (fyi).. contact fyi.. how we work.. what do we offer?.. why come here?.. fatima health initiative (fhi).. contact fhi.. fatima digital community project (dcp).. contact dcp.. courses.. rialto learning community.. logic model.. literature review.. baseline research for the development of rialto.. services audit.. area profile.. rialto residents forum.. enterprise.. C C Family Butcher.. Reidy s Cabs.. Cafe Togo @F2.. Fatima Community Launderette.. calendar.. links.. contact and locate us.. internal link.. F2 Centre.. A gateway to learn, create, grow and thrive.. View our Facilities.. Booking Enquiries.. The.. Flash Player.. and.. a browser with Javascript support.. are needed.. The F2 Centre and Enterprise Management Board was established in June 2010 as the successor to the Fatima Regeneration Board.. The Regeneration Board had been responsible since 2001 for overseeing the physical, social and economic regeneration of Fatima Mansions.. With the physical project largely complete and substantial progress achieved in relation to improving the social conditions of local  ...   was great value for money!.. Cafe Togo@F2.. The Café, which is being operated by the F2 Centre here in Fatima/Herberton in partnership with the Café Togo chain provides a great selection of hot food, drinks and snacks in a relaxed setting with free wifi! Events and private functions also catered for.. Catering prices and options for events held in the F2 Centre can be.. downloaded here.. Read more about Café Togo@F2 here.. Sign up for our Café s Daily Specials here!.. DFI AGM 2012.. Click image for more.. Previous Events & Updates.. Higgins visits the F2 Centre.. Fatima Groups United Autumn 2011 Programme.. FGU Fatima Summer Festival 26 29 July 2011.. Are You for Real? 22 24 June 2011.. Café Togo@F2 catering prices options.. Make a booking/Rent Rooms.. Rialto Residents Forum.. New: 2 Day (Saturdays) Courses.. Rialto Open Day, 9 April 2011.. International Women s Day Event in the F2 Centre, 8th March.. Fatima/Dolphin Walking Group.. Publications Page Updated | Fatima Enterprise Strategy.. A Spectacle of Defiance + Hope.. NALA Graduation.. Beginner Computer Classes January 2011!.. You Tube.. Forever Young Chorus, Finglas at the F2.. Flickr!.. Flickr Gallery.. Updated June 2012 | Minister Joan Burton visits F2 Centre.. Facebook.. Visit our page on Facebook!.. Follow F2 and Check-in!.. Follow us on Twitter!.. @F2Centre.. Check into F2!.. Check into Café Togo@F2!.. Café Togo @F2.. Receive our Cafe s Daily Specials!.. Email Address :.. join our mailing list.. Email Address.. Close.. Click Map for directions!.. 3 Reuben Plaza.. Rialto.. Dublin 8.. tel.. (01) 471 6700.. Loc8 Code NP5-29-WD7..

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  • Title: the past | F2 Centre
    Descriptive info: Fatima Mansions was built in the post-war period as part of Dublin City Council’s inner city housing renewal programme.. For the first three decades, the residents of Fatima were relatively settled and part of the typical working class community of the inner city area.. In the seventies and early nineteen-eighties, however, the downsizing and closure of many local industries, which were a significant source of employment to residents, had a detrimental and destablising effect.. Problems of chronic unemployment were further compounded when heroin and other drugs began to flood inner city communities.. Throughout the seventies and eighties social conditions in Fatima Mansions began to steadily deteriorate.. The Housing Surrender Grant, which encouraged  ...   the community.. By the early eighties, Fatima had become one of the most notorious local authority flat complexes in Dublin, even in Ireland.. It was synonymous with the worst social conditions of deprivation and disadvantage, chronic levels of early school leaving and unemployment, a magnet for anti-social behaviour, drug dealing and associated criminality.. In response to the above, Dublin City Council invested in a substantial refurbishment of the flat complex in the late nineteen-eighties at a significant cost for the time of £5 million pounds.. In the absence of any measures to address the social problems of families living in the scheme, however, the improvements were quickly undermined and the complex deteriorated further..

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  • Title: the present | F2 Centre
    Descriptive info: With community morale at an all-time low, Fatima Groups United was established in 1995 as a representative body for the residents.. FGU commissioned consultation and research to document the scale of the problems facing the community.. In launching this document entitled ‘Making Fatima a Better Place to Live’ in 1998, the President of Ireland, Mary McAleese, exhorted the community to take the lead in making real change happen.. The community took this message on board and in 2000 FGU produced its landmark visionary document ‘11 Acres 10 Steps’ which became a benchmark for policy and planning.. In response to this, Dublin City Council produced its masterplan policy document, ‘Regeneration Next Generation’, which was officially launched by An Taoiseach Bertie Ahern in Feburary 2001.. The Fatima Regeneration Board was formally established in July 2001, with Finbarr Flood appointed as independent chairperson.. Following a comprehensive consultation process with the community, agreement in relation to an overall Masterplan was reached under the auspices of the Fatima Regeneration Board.. Following this, planning permission was secured for Phase One of the project and the demolition of the first five of the fourteen blocks commenced in August 2003.. Proposals for the use of a Public Private Partnership approach whereby a developer finances the regeneration process in return for title to part of the site were put forward by Dublin City Council at this time.. Following careful consideration the  ...   local families to achieve the maximum improvements in their quality of life and prospects arising from the regeneration process.. Planning permission for Phase Two was granted in March 2006 and construction started immediately following the demolition of the remaining blocks of the old complex.. The developer completed the first of the 395 market rate units at the beginning of 2008 and the balance of social housing and community facilities came on stream between April and June 2009.. The overall scheme will be completed by the end of 2009, with the exception of twenty-six market rate units, which will now be completed at a later date.. The transformation of the former flat complex into a modern and attractive mixed tenure scheme has been completed over a six year period.. Former residents of the old complex are now living in clean, energy efficient dwellings with central heating and generous gardens and balcony spaces.. Community projects, which for years had to make do in converted ground floor flats, can now provide their services in a purpose-built state-of-the-art Community Centre and Creche facility.. A wide range of creative and innovative programmes and initiatives have been rolled out in parallel with the physical regeneration programme which have served to lift the expectations and aspirations of young people and adults alike.. An all-weather pitch has also been provided and residents have accesss to swim- ming and leisure facilities..

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  • Title: challenges for the future | F2 Centre
    Descriptive info: The regeneration of Fatima Mansions is testament to the vision of a local authority to work in a new radical form of partnership with residents and the public and private sectors to deliver an innovative model of urban renewal.. It also reflects the determination of a community to strive to get what it needs to secure the future of its residents.. While this process has not been without its challenges, it has shown what can be achieved through a partnership approach where stakeholders are prepared to engage with their counterparts in a spirit of constructive dialogue and compromise.. The recent economic downturn has presented significant challenges to all parties concerned and while the completion of the project reflects an important and historic milestone, there remain considerable threats to the project’s long-term sustainability.. In view of this, the then Fatima Regeneration Board commissioned  ...   measures to generate revenue streams to sustain facilities and programmes:.. • The winding down of the Fatima Regeneration Board and the establishment of a new Board structure to ensure the long-term sustainability of the regeneration.. • The implementation of the Fatima Regeneration Board’s Five Year Enterprise Strategy to promote economic development.. • The management of the Community Centre and associated facilities.. • The management of twelve apartments being granted in part-fulfilment of the Social Regeneration Plan dividend as a means of generating long-term income.. • The creation of a Charitable Trust to channel the surpluses from revenue generated through enterprise and related activities into social programmes.. • The continued roll-out of innovative social programmes to identified need.. • The promotion of social integration and cohesion between the existing and new residents living in the new scheme and with the wider Rialto area..

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  • Title: conclusion | F2 Centre
    Descriptive info: The regeneration of Fatima Mansions has shown that it is possible to transform a beleagured community into a beacon of hope for others to emulate and follow.. While limitations in the use of Public Private Partnerships as a vehicle for delivering urban regeneration have emerged in recent times, this project has shown that under the right circumstances radical change is possible..

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  • Title: regeneration timeline | F2 Centre
    Descriptive info: The following are the key milestones in the regeneration of Fatima Mansions:.. 1998.. The President of Ireland, Mary McAleese launches ‘Making Fatima a Better Place to Live’ (FGU).. 2000.. FGU publishes ‘Eleven Acres Ten Steps’ A brief from the community of Fatima Mansions to the public representatives, planners, developers and service providers tasked with the regeneration of the housing estate.. 2001.. Dublin City Council publishes its Masterplan policy Document ‘Regeneration Next Generation’.. The Masterplan Framework for the Regeneration of Fatima Mansions is agreed and the Fatima Regeneration Board is formally established.. 2002.. Fatima residents are relocated within the complex to facilitate the demolition process.. 2003.. The demolition of the  ...   developer, Maplewood Elliott to commence construction of Phase One under the terms of a Public Private Partnership.. 2005.. The first resident is presented with the key to their new home by the Lord Mayor, President McAleese launches the Social Regeneration Plan ‘8 Great Expectations’.. 2006.. The remainder of the site is demolished as Phase Two commences.. 2008.. First phase of market rate accommodation is launched.. 2009.. Social housing and community facilities are completed and launched by President McAleese.. 2010.. The Fatima Herberton physical regeneration is completed.. F2 Centre Enterprise Management Board, the successor structure to the Fatima Regeneration Board is established to ensure the long-term sustainability of the scheme..

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  • Title: fatima masterplan :: key features | F2 Centre
    Descriptive info: The physical masterplan for the regeneration of Fatima Mansions include the following key elements:.. 150 Public Housing Units for existing qualifying tenants.. 70 Affordable Dwellings to be marketed under the Affordable Social Housing Scheme.. 394 Market Rate Two-bedroom and Three-bedroom Apartments.. A €9m Neighbourhood Centre to accommodate community services and recreational facilities.. A purpose-built Creche to accommodate up to 75 full-time places.. An  ...   aerobic studio and other facilities.. 3,448 Square Metres of Retail Units.. 500 Square Metres of Community Enterprise Units.. In addition to these measures, local residents were provided with the opportunity to purchase their new homes at a special Super Affordable rate.. A special dispensation was also put in place for residents who chose to purchase their dwellings under the National Tenant Purchase Scheme..

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  • Title: 8 great expectations :: a landmark and unique social regeneration plan | F2 Centre
    Descriptive info: A unique feature of the regeneration of Fatima is the equal emphasis that has been given to the social and physical regeneration of this community.. A five-year Social Regeneration Plan was been produced to complement the physical regeneration programme.. This visionary and ambitious Plan contained thirty-seven areas for action across eight key themes which are viewed as integral to supporting the existing population into the future and promoting the integration of the regenerated community with the wider Rialto area.. The eight themes were as follows:.. 1.. Creating a Safe Sustainable Community.. 2.. Education.. 3.. Health Wellbeing.. 4.. Enterprise Training Employment.. 5.. Arts Culture.. 6.. Sports Recreation.. 7.. Environment.. 8.. Planning Design of Community Facilities.. The Social Regeneration Plan has been funded in part by a dividend from the Public Private Partnership with the remainder coming from other public and private sources, including The Atlantic Philanthropies and the Irish Youth Foundation.. The Plan has been rolled out in parallel with the physical regeneration from 2005 to 2009.. An independent review of the implementation of the Plan was undertaken by Owen Keenan in 2008 which highlighted many of the following achievements and outcomes to which the Social Regeneration Plan contributed during the review period:.. • The stabilisation of the community leading to real improvements in the overall quality of life of residents through the addressing of anti-social behaviour and related issues by means of a progressive partnership between the community, Dublin City  ...   provision of a range of community programmes and alternative therapies by the Fatima Health Initiative;.. • The development of a a Community Health Strategy entitled Community Health, Community Wealth arising from a Participatory Research and Action Programme;.. • The establishment of the Rialto Community Health Forum to link residents’ health needs to emerging Primary Care services;.. • The employment of local people in real and sustainable employment including the provision of apprenticeships, both with the developer’s sub-contractors and with Dublin City Council; General Operative positions both on site as part of the physical redevelopment and within Dublin City Council;.. • and employment in operating and sustaining the new community facilities.. This employment has played a vital role in breaking the cycle of disadvantage and has enabled young people and the long-term unemployed to look forward to a brighter future;.. • The development of a range of environmental initiatives involving children and young people;.. • The staging of community festivals and arts events with large participation levels featuring residents of all ages.. While the implementation of the Social Regeneration Plan has led to considerable gains for local residents in terms of their capacity and aspirations for a better quality of life, Keenan concluded that much remains to be done to consign the legacy of disadvantage to the past and that while the physical regeneration process may be nearly complete, social regeneration will require continued commitment and support over the coming years..

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  • Title: news | F2 Centre
    Descriptive info: News Events.. Events in F2.. Categories.. Blurb.. (1).. (5)..

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  • Title: events | F2 Centre
    Descriptive info: Forever Young Chorus, Finglas | May 2012.. Are YOU for Real?.. Written by Patricia McCann.. Directed by Therese Benson Ryan.. See photos on our Flickr page.. On Saturday 9th April the F2 Centre in Herberton will host a family-oriented event to showcase the work of local projects and organisations based in Rialto.. This event will run from 11.. 00am to 3.. 00pm and will provide an opportunity for residents of allages living in Rialto to see what’s going on in their community and to get involved.. Community groups, recreational and sports clubs of all shapes and sizes will be present to provide information and demonstrations on the day.. Click on the flyer above to read more!.. And so we re offering this simple phrase.. To kids from one to ninety-two.. Although its been said in many, many ways.. Merry Merry Christmas to you!.. A.. nd so it is with Christmas cheer that Fatima Homework Club.. would like to you invite to you  ...   to somewhere beautiful and be back by 1pm!.. A leisurely walk with like-minded people with a free cup of tea/coffee scone at the end!.. Dress appropriately!.. If interested and wish to know more, please contact Colm, Fatima Youth Initiative (01) 453 9225 or Edel, Rialto Community Health Forum (01) 471 6723.. Birds of Ireland.. A Talk and Slide Show.. by Eric Dempsey.. F2 Centre, Tuesday, 30 November 2010 at 8pm.. Eric Dempsey.. is one of Ireland s leading ornithologists and a regular panelist on RTE s Mooney Show.. Eric will be signing copies of his new book.. The Complete Field Guide to Ireland s Birds.. on the night.. This event is free but donations are welcome in aid of Pet Watch and The Marie Healy Animal Sanctuary.. For further information, call Helen Burke on 086 815 0968.. This event has been organised by Rialto Environment Group, F2 Centre Enterprise Management Board, Rialto Community Network, Reuben Residents Group and Community Action Network.. Share.. |..

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  • Title: Forever Young Chorus, Finglas | F2 Centre
    Descriptive info: For anyone that couldn t attend on the day, here s a video of the Forever Young Chorus, a group of seniors from Finglas who perform hits made famous by bands such as Blondie, Coldplay, The Kinks, Abba, Bob Dylan, The Talking Heads etc.. , at a Coffee Morning in the F2 Centre on the 18th of May 2012.. The event organised by students of the Care of the Older Person  ...   visit to the F2 Centre.. The Forever Young Chorus was established in 2007 and is managed and funded by the.. City of Dublin VEC Adult Education Service.. It is a singing group created by and for older people.. Inspired by America’s.. Young at Heart.. group, Forever Young adapts a similar unconventional approach to music in that it opts for developing and performing covers of rock, punk and other modern pop songs..

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