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  • Title: Food Flow Advisers ltd National food safety specialists, Food Safety & HACCP systems, Hygiene
    Descriptive info: .. Homepage.. Food Safety News.. sale.. About Us.. Videos.. Gallery.. Training.. Contact Food Flow.. Food Flow Advisers.. making theory a working reality.. Food Flow Advisers is the place to come for help in managing all your food safety requirements.. Food Flow Advisers deals with the Catering,Retail, Hospitality, Industrial Catering and Medical facilities in all parts of Ireland.. Our team can help you implement H.. A.. C.. P.. or other Food Safety Management Systems tailored to suit your companies individual needs.. No job is too big or too small.. These systems help ensure the highest standards of Food Hygiene and Food safety within your organisation.. Contact us now for more information.. info@foodflow.. ie.. or contact Joe on 0876747615.. SALE NOW ON CHECK IT OUT HERE.. Food Flow Advisers also offer training in all aspects of Food Safety.. to food workers throughout the country.. This includes Food Allergen Awareness training, Induction hygiene training, Primary food Hygiene  ...   of Food Flow Advisors is 903498.. FOOD SAFETY INSPECTIONS,AUDITING AND MENTORING.. A vital part of any businesses Food Safety System is having the business checked on a regular basis to ensure all steps are being taken to ensure customer safety.. Food Flow Advisers Ltd.. offers an inspection and mentoring service to help food businesses to keep their food safety systems active and effective.. Auditing and Inspections can be arranged for any size of business.. Investing in this service has the potential to save a food business its reputation and has major financial benefits.. Call for details or e-mail.. Check out our blog on.. http://foodflowadvisers.. wordpress.. com/.. 2012 Food Safety and HACCP courses are organised on a demand basis.. contact Joe on 087 6747615 now.. Joe McHugh is proud to be a member of the Food Safety Professionals Association.. Kinturk, Ballyheane , Co.. Mayo |.. Phone:.. 094 9030537/087 6747615 |.. Email:.. design by www.. 24..

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  • Title: Food safety news
    Descriptive info: Check out the latest offering from the efsa ( European Food Safety Authority).. The efsa now have a video series entitled Understanding science.. The series includes short video presentations on Campylobacter, Salmonella, GM foods etc.. Well worth a visit.. The FSPA Food Safety Assurance Award.. scheme.. is now entering its second year and now the FSPA is expanding its auditor base as well as the number of premises interested in achieving the standard.. It is a challenge for a business to achieve the required standard but well worth the effort as food safety is priceless.. Jamie s new fight pink slime.. Jamie Oliver is at it again in the states.. This time he is challenging the Beef Industry to come clean on pink slime.. What is pink slime? According to the Daily It is made by grinding together connective tissue and beef scraps normally destined for dog food and rendering, BPI s Lean Beef Trimmings are then treated with ammonia hydroxide, a process that kills pathogens such as salmonella and E.. coli.. The resulting pinkish substance is later blended into traditional ground beef and hamburger patties.. Many people feel that this is not truly meat as it does not have the same properties as muscle meat tissue.. After Jamie highlighted the practice many of the processing plants were closed down causing hundreds of job losses.. In some states the local Governors appeared on TV to back the process saying the product was indeed safe for human consumption.. About 70% of minced meat on the market in the U.. S.. contains the pink slime as a filler or extender.. What are your thoughts on it?.. Over 90 per cent of campylobacter outbreaks at catering venues in 2011 linked to undercooked chicken liver pate.. The U.. K.. Health Protection Agency revealed new statistics showing that over 90 per cent of outbreaks of.. Campylobacter.. food poisoning at catering venues in 2011 were linked to chicken liver pate consumption.. a total of 18 outbreaks of.. infection in England this year, 443 people became unwell and one person was hospitalised.. Interestingly they state that livers from poultry present a high risk of Campylobacter contamination not just on the outside of the liver but also throughout the liver itself.. If the livers are not thoroughly cooked some viable bacteria may remain.. The HPA report continues Fourteen outbreaks occurred in catering venues and 13 of these were linked to chicken or duck liver pate.. The outbreaks occurred across England and seven were linked to wedding receptions at hotels, banqueting venues or public houses and six were associated with catering at other functions such as hotels, clubs and restaurants.. HPA  ...   in spicy sprouts.. Some observers said that if these products were irradiated that it would solve the problem.. There in lies another discussion.. The Raw Milk debate is heating up.. W.. e all know that milk is a super-food and is very nutritious.. Many people think that we should not pasteurize milk as it takes some of the flavour and sweetness of the milk away.. Others say that pasteurisation removes the imunnity boosting properties of milk.. They say raw milk is good for fighting skin irritations, allergies etc.. In 1987 in the US the FDA required milk to be pasteurised.. Before that date raw milk accounted for up to 25% of food and waterborne illnesses, now dairy has dropped to 1% and of that 70% is caused by raw milk or raw milk cheese.. According to a press release form the Kansas State Department of Agriculture, since 2007; there have been three outbreaks of disease associated with consumption of raw milk in Kansas.. In October 2007, 68 people became ill due to consuming cheese made from raw milk at a Kansas community celebration.. Laboratory tests confirmed the cause of this outbreak to be campylobacteriosis an intestinal bacterial infection.. In a separate outbreak in 2007, unpasteurized milk purchased from a single dairy was also implicated as the source of illness for 25 persons due to campylobacteriosis.. More recently, reported in January 2012, 18 people became ill in an outbreak of campylobacteriosis associated with consumption of raw milk from a dairy in south central Kansas.. Retail sales of raw milk are not allowed in Kansas; however, on farm sales are according to Real Raw Milk Facts.. Outbreaks.. ; 23 raw dairy outbreaks with 300 illnesses, no deaths (20 fluid raw milk, 2 aged raw milk cheese).. ; 2 pasteurized dairy outbreak with 39 illnesses, no deaths.. ; 1 pasteurized Mexican-style cheese sporadic illness, no deaths.. ; 2 queso fresco Mexican-style cheese outbreak with 67 illnesses, no deaths.. ; 3 sporadic illnesses and hospitalizations from illegal Mexican-style cheese, no deaths.. Recalls.. ; 14 raw dairy (7 fluid raw milk, 7 aged raw milk cheese).. ; 7 queso fresco Mexican-style cheese.. ; 8 pasteurized (non-queso fresco) cheese.. ; 4 dairy product recalls due to inadequate pasteurization.. What is your position ?.. Pictured at the recent unveiling of the Food Safety Professionals Association parchment is Joe McHugh who is one of the trainers on the FSPA trainers panel offering food safety, HACCP and Food hygiene programmes throught the FSPA QA centre.. The FSPA has agreed its QA prodcdures with FETAC and offers programmes leading to FETAC awards at levels 4 5 on the National Framework of qualifications..

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  • Title: SALE NOW ON
    Descriptive info: Spring sale on refresher food safety training.. Food flow Advisers acknowledges the difficult trading conditions being experienced by many food businesses at the moment.. It is vital that food safety does not suffer as a result of poor practices or untrained staff, as such has set up a special offer on food safety training.. The offer is to carry out an onsite inspection of the food  ...   safety training programme for 4 hours.. The inspection and training are carried out on the same day.. The inspection will highlight strengths and weaknesses of the current Food Safety Management System in place.. The refresher food safety training programme will cover topics such as Personal Hygiene, Cold chain maintenance, Allergen control, temperature control, food safety hazards and controls, HACCP.. For details contact Joe on 0876747615 or e-mail..

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  • Title: About Food Flow Advisers ltd Food Safety Specialists Ireland Dealing In Food Hygiene, Food Safety & HACCP
    Descriptive info: Services.. Code of Practice.. Joe McHugh pictured right is the MD of Food Flow Advisers ltd and welcomes you to foodflow.. Food Flow Advisers ltd.. was set up in June 2000 with the stated aim of helping all types of food businesses to set up Food Safety Management systems based on the principles of HACCP.. These Food Safety Management systems will be tailored to each individual business needs on a bespoke basis.. One size does not fit all Food  ...   staff know what they should be doing to ensure customer safety.. The services that Food Flow advisers ltd offer cover a wide variety of food businesses such as the Hospitality sector, Industrial Catering sector, Retail sector, restaurants, pubs serving food, creches, nursing homes etc.. As you browse through the services we offer you will see what an invaluable partner that Food Flow Advisers ltd could be to your business.. Check out our blog.. We look forward to hearing from you!..

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  • Title: Food Safety Videos Food Flow Advisers Ltd, Handwashing
    Descriptive info: Temperature control.. Food Safety tips for the home.. Handwashing is a vital tool in preventing food poisoning and diseases.. The technique shown here is recognised by the World Health Organisation.. It has been slowed down so that food workers can see the detail involved..

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  • Title: Gallery
    Descriptive info: Albums..

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  • Title: NATIONAL Training in Food Safety,Food Hygiene, HACCP by Food Flow Advisers Ltd
    Descriptive info: Induction training.. EHOA Primary Food Hygiene.. Management/supervisor.. Course schedule.. If any business is to succeed then it must ensure that all members of staff are adequately trained to fulfill their roles effectively.. Food Safety training is a vital component for any food business.. If training is to be effective then it must be planned and not instituted as a knee jerk reaction when there is a problem.. recently at a seminar of the Food Safety Professionals Association Dr Patrick Wall (guest speaker and former head of the Food Safety Authority of Ireland ) said food outbreaks don't just happen, they are as a result of bad management.. Food hygiene and safety  ...   well trained and professional staff will ensure the safety and reputation of your business.. Food Flow advisers ltd currently offers the following training programmes,.. Induction food hygiene training.. The Environmental Health Officers Association's Primary Food Hygiene course.. The Management of Food Hygiene programme.. Food Allergen awareness workshop.. To book a place on a programme please e-mail.. or.. Food Flow Advisers Limited's approved training programmes and trainers have been placed o the FAS/EI National register of trainers.. The registration number of Food Flow Advisors is 903498 and the resistration is valid until 10/03/2012.. Please check out our proposed training dates for January -February 2011.. The dates are listed under the course schedule link..

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  • Title: Contact Food Flow Advisers ltd for all your food safety needs.
    Descriptive info: Links.. Feedback form.. Name:*.. Phone:*.. Message:*..

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  • Title: Services of Food Flow Advisers Ltd, Training, mentoring, HACCP Food Hygiene, Food Safety
    Descriptive info: Food Flow Advisers ltd Services.. Food Flow advisers ltd offer food businesses a wide range of services that can help the business ensure that they are compliant with current Irish and European legislation.. Food Flow advisers ltd, aim to be a partner with the food business allowing the business to retain control over their food Safety Management whilst building a strong foundation within the business for food safety.. Services offered include.. Bespoke Food Safety Management Systems based on the principles of H.. It is a legal requirment under EU 852/2004 that allfood businesses operate a food safety management system based on the principles of H.. P Food Flow asvisers Ltd help you comply with legislation by setting upo and guiding your management team  ...   food safety and food hygiene at all levels from induction through operative to management level.. Staff training is often seen as a cost rather than as an investment.. Trained workers can save your company thousands every year.. Remember an untrained worker could be the bigest hazard in your operation.. See our.. training page.. for more details.. Auditing services.. Food safety inspection and mentoring services.. Both auditing and the food safety inspection and mentoring service are a vital too for any business to ensure complaince and alsoto ensure that your Food Safety Management systemis as good as you think it is.. Any system is only as strong as its weakest link.. What is your weak link? Do you Know?.. For more information please e-mail..

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  • Title: Food Flow Advisers ltd Code of Practice
    Descriptive info: Food Flow Advisers Ltd Code of Practice.. All employees or sub contractors of Food Flow Advisers ltd will at all times act in a professional manner, with honesty and competence and strive to achieve the highest standards.. All employees or subcontractors will at all times uphold the law relating to their duties and responsibilities.. All work undertaken will be contracted.. the scope qand content of all work will be agreed between the participating parties.. Terms will be agreed between the parties prior to the commencement of work.. Changes to the contract will only be made with the agreement of both parties.. All information gleaned during business meetings will remain strictly confidential between the business and Food Flow Advisers ltd(save becoming public record  ...   compromised for political oe commercial consideration, or by any improper pressure whatsoever.. Allpersons acting for or on behalf of Food Flow Advisers ltd.. will act in an hoest and diligent fashionand will remain impartial in all situations.. All people acting for or on behalf of Food Flow Advisers ltd.. will uphold the principles of equality of work or in the work /training environment regardless of gender, marital status, sexual orientation, creed, colour, race or ethnicity, religion, disablement or nationality.. Food Flow AdvisersLtd and all its employees subcontractors will strive for improvement on a continual basis through continual professional developement.. Food Flow Advisers ltd, welcome any constructive comment from its clients and will give these comments due regard in relation to continuous improvement..

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  • Title: Using an Insertion probe to test if food is cooked
    Descriptive info: Temperature control plays a vital part in ensuring food safety.. Knowing how to use a probe thermometer is a procedure every food worker should know.. see the video for instructions on how to correctly use an insertion probe thermometer..

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