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  • Title: Welcome
    Descriptive info: .. Bringing Faith to Life.. Augustinian Faith Formation.. Welcome.. 1.. Thinking allowed!.. 2.. Faith?.. 3.. Resources.. 4.. Jesus the Christ.. 5.. Discpleship.. 6.. Evangelisation.. Who are we?.. Why?.. Calendar.. OSA Laity.. St Augustine.. God's Word.. Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil.. For if they fall, one will lift up the other; but woe to one who is alone and falls and does not have another to help.. Again, if two lie together, they keep warm; but how can one keep warm alone?.. (Eccl 4:9 12).. Welcome to the website of the.. BRINGING FAITH TO LIFE.. project, a ministry of the Irish Augustinian Province  ...   near on last year s experience, making adjustments in the light of the evaluation conducted at the end.. A new series of programmes reflection the coming Year of Faith is to be offered.. However, considerable changes have been made in relation to location and delivery.. The biggest change involves the devolution of the delivery to the local community with an individual friar in charge.. We have shortened the day to two morning sessions, finishing at lunch.. The drop down calendar tab has all the details.. For biblical resources, visit.. www.. tarsus.. ie.. For an adjustable flier in.. doc format for BFTL 2012.. click here.. /.. 2012 Kieran J.. O'Mahony.. Contact Me..

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  • Title: 1. Thinking allowed!
    Descriptive info: Hear, O Israel: The LORD is our God, the LORD alone.. You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your might.. Keep these words that I am commanding you today in your heart.. Recite them to your children and talk about them when you are at home and when you are away, when you lie down and when  ...   emblem on your forehead, and write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates.. (Deut 6:4 9).. Day 1: Thinking Allowed.. This day has two goals.. To create a context in which people feel free to ask anything at all they like about the faith (Bernadette Toal and Kieran O'Mahony).. To focus on a particular issue of significance: religion and/or science (Joe Egan and Kieran O'Mahony)..

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  • Title: 2. Faith?
    Descriptive info: Day 2: this day has two goals: to explore faith as a general human experience and to explore the development of faith today.. Session 1 will examine faith as a feature of human experience and specifically as a religious experience (Bernadette Toal and Kieran O'Mahony).. Session 2 will explore the journey of faith, as individuals and as members of the faith community (Jim Corkery and Kieran O'Mahony)..

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  • Title: 3. Resources
    Descriptive info: I appeal to you therefore, brothers and sisters, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship.. Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your minds, so that you may discern what is the will of God what is good and acceptable and perfect.. (Rom 12:1 2).. Day 3 also has two  ...   2.. to examine in particular how to use the Old Testament for prayer.. Session 1 asks why are our resources for faith today and amidst all the resources, we will focus on the Bible and in particular on Lectio Divina, leading to contemplative prayer.. Session 2 will confront an issue for many people today: why do we have the Old Testament readings and how can we use them for personal prayer and spiritual growth..

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  • Title: 4. Jesus the Christ
    Descriptive info: But how are they to call on one in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in one of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone to proclaim him? And how are they to proclaim him unless they are sent? As it is written,  ...   news!.. (Rom 10:14 16).. Day 4 is focused on the person of Jesus Christ.. Again, we will have two approaches, detailed below.. Session 1 will look at what can we say for definite about the historical Jesus (Sean Goan and Kieran O'Mahony).. Session 2 will explore contemporary ways of talking about Jesus (Dermot Lane)..

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  • Title: 5. Discpleship
    Descriptive info: Day 5 follows closes on the previous day on Jesus, but this time the focus will be on discipleship.. Session 1 will ask the question: what did it mean at the time to Jesus to be a disciple - what was it like and what was involved (Sean Goan and Kieran O'Mahony.. Session 2 will ask the same question but for our time: what does it mean.. today.. to be a disciple? (Presenters to be announced)..

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  • Title: 6. Evangelisation
    Descriptive info: Day 6 will take the next logical step: how do we bear witness to the faith in our contemporary culture?.. Session 1 will to back to where we started on day one: what are the challenges to faith and how do we cope? (Presenters to be announced.. ).. Session 2 will talk evangelisation today.. (Presenters to be announced..

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  • Title: Who are we?
    Descriptive info: Committee.. Contact.. What is Apollos, really? Or what is Paul? Servants through whom you came to believe, and each of us in the ministry the Lord gave us.. I planted, Apollos watered, but God caused it to grow.. So neither the one who plants counts for anything, nor the one who waters, but God who causes the growth.. (1 Cor 3:5 8).. Use the drop down menu to explore this section..

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  • Title: Why?
    Descriptive info: Now after John was imprisoned, Jesus went into Galilee and proclaimed the gospel of God.. He said, The time is fulfilled and the kingdom of God is near.. Convert and believe the good news! (Mark 1:14 16).. What we have seen and heard we announce to you too, so that you may have fellowship with us (and indeed our fellowship is with the Father and with his Son Jesus Christ).. Thus we are writing these things so that our joy may be complete.. (1 John 1:3 4).. Background.. First of all, there is energy in the province.. This is found in different ministries and in varied commitments, both individual and community-based.. It is important that this still remaining energy be not dispersed or be allowed to come to nothing.. Secondly, there is an issue of communities living relatively isolated from the province as a whole.. Is there a sense of common identity among us? In the past, the great missionary endeavour in Nigeria provided decades of focus, both in the mission territory itself and at home.. As things stand, we lack such a common project.. Finally, many say the crying need of today in Ireland is adult faith formation.. Many questions arise in people s minds and hearts about the credibility of the faith as such and the credibility of the church as a servant of the Gospel.. We do not serve people adequately if we carry on as if great and significant questions were not being asked.. They will also require innovative and courageous responses.. Carrying on as it not would indeed see us out but would also be grossly irresponsible to present and future generations.. Implementation.. 10..  ...   of faith and practice.. 12.. At the same time, the task force should plan a fuller programme of well-thought out adult faith formation for implementation in our different contexts (pastoral outreach, schools, parishes etc.. This programme should be designed with a built-in flexibility for adaptation to local conditions.. A combination of smaller and large gatherings may prove fruitful.. A three to five year plan would be adequate.. 13.. Details: Use appropriate facilitation both to focus the energy and to review what is being done.. The untapped potential of the new social media should be used to the fullest extent.. Create some kind of fixed and frequent link with the provincial council, so that all are aware of what is happening.. Provide a progress report for the next provincial chapter.. Proposal.. Design and implement a province-wide programme of adult faith formation, based chiefly on careful listening to the concerns of believers and grounded in the rediscovery of the teaching and person of Jesus.. This would be part of our response to the times in which we live.. It would create an environment in which people from different ministries would collaborate, both Augustinians and laity.. The province as a whole would benefit from a shared pastoral project.. Presuppositions.. 7.. The current critical situation must be acknowledged: questions regarding the church (perhaps especially), gospel, Jesus, salvation, prayer, morality and even faith as such.. 8.. Share the Good News , the new national catechetical directory, could be broadly adopted as the inspiration and ideological frame.. 9.. The New Evangelisation is already established as a frame of reference in recent church teaching.. A synthesis of this development could also be adopted as guide and inspiration..

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  • Title: Calendar
    Descriptive info: Photos.. And do this because we know the time, that it is already the hour for us to awake from sleep, for our salvation is now nearer than when we became believers.. (Rom 13:11 12).. PROGRAMME 2012-2013.. Winter.. Thinking Allowed: Questions and challenges to faith today (20 Oct 2012).. What is faith? Faith in what? faith in whom? (27 Oct 2012).. Resources for  ...   was Jesus then? Who is Jesus today? (9 Feb 2013).. Discipleship then? Discipleship today? (16 Feb 2012).. From generation to generation: handing on the faith today.. (23 Feb 2012).. TIMETABLE.. 00 Registration.. 30 First presentation.. 00 Discussion and Q+A.. 00 Refreshments.. 30 Second presentation.. 00 Light lunch.. LOCATIONS.. Cork.. Limerick plus possible Galway.. Dungarvan, Fethard, New Ross.. Finglas and Drogheda.. Orlagh and Ballyboden..

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  • Title: Resources
    Descriptive info: Published.. Church Docs.. Links.. Poster.. To every man whom God has given wealth, and possessions, he has also given him the ability to eat from them, to receive his reward and to find enjoyment in his toil; these things are the gift of God.. (Eccl 5:19)..

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