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  • Title: G-Force :: Home
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. About.. Contact Us.. Guestbook.. News.. GALA Award.. Aims.. Membership.. EGPA2012.. Links.. Twitter.. Welcome to G-Force!.. The offical website of the Garda Gay Lesbian and Bisexual employee resource group, G-Force.. Welcome to G-Force.. ie Email us for membership event details at contact@g-force.. ie - E.. G.. P.. A Survery available on the E.. A link.. 2012 G-Force.. Log In..

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  • Title: G-Force :: Contact Us
    Descriptive info: Links:.. Name.. *.. Email:.. Message..

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  • Title: G-Force :: Guestbook
    Descriptive info: Tell us what you think.. Leave a Reply.. Name:.. Email:.. (Your email will not be publicly displayed.. ).. Please type the letters and numbers shown in the image.. Click the image to see another captcha..

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  • Title: G-Force :: News
    Descriptive info: Archives.. 2012.. May.. May 2, 2012.. An Garda Síochána announced as Employer of the Year at 2010 Gay and Lesbian Awards..

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  • Title: G-Force :: GALA Award
    Descriptive info: Posted by admin on May 2, 2012.. An Garda Síochána was recently announced as Employer of the Year at the annual Gay and Lesbian Awards (GALAS) which took place on September 24th in Dublin.. The GALAS, which are organised by the National Gay and Lesbian Federation (NGLF), honour individuals, media outlets, politicians, employers and community groups who are committed to advancing equality and social acceptance for LGBT Irish people in Ireland.. With over 17,000 Garda and civilian employees, An Garda Síochána has worked closely with the LGBT community in Ireland, in particular to introduce Garda Liaison Officers across the  ...   is a very important recognition of the work that has been done in An Garda Síochána in the last couple of years, largely by G-Force, to support LGB Garda employees, and indirectly LGB members of the public.. In 2010, twelve awards were given to people and organisations from the island of Ireland.. The award winners were chosen by the board of the National Lesbian and Gay Federation.. The other shortlisted organisations in the Employer of the Year category were IBM and Microsoft.. Further information on the awards, including a full list of winners, is available at.. http://www.. galas.. ie/..

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  • Title: G-Force :: Aims
    Descriptive info: The aim of G-force is to provide a confidential support structure for LGB members, both personally and professionally, within An Garda Síochána.. Objectives of G-Force.. To provide a support structure to assist LGB members of An Garda Síochána who may require assistance in dealing with issues arising from their sexual orientation.. To provide a forum for social interaction and peer support for LGB members of An Garda Síochána.. To provide information on internal and external support service providers.. Assist the Garda organisation in its implementation of its Diversity Strategy.. To provide assistance to An Garda Síochána in the development of policy relating to LGB/Diversity issues, if requested.. To  ...   to An Garda Síochána when dealing with its LGB customers in a variety of policing situations, if requested.. To assist Garda LGB Liaison Officers (external liaison officers) in their role, if requested.. To advocate the business value of Diversity.. To assist Garda Human Resource Management in its recruitment function, if requested.. To provide information and support for members experiencing bullying, harassment and/or sexual harassment in the workplace.. Promote equality and understanding within An Garda Síochána.. To liaise with other LGB organisations (including police organisations) to ascertain best practice, nationally and internationally on a range of LGB issues.. Liaise with Staff Associations on areas of concern.. Secure adequate funding..

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  • Title: G-Force :: Membership
    Descriptive info: Full membership of the network is open to all LGB individuals who meet one of the following requirements.. Serving members of the full-time Garda service.. Retired members of An Garda Síochána.. Student Gardaí.. Serving Garda Reserve members.. Serving Civilian staff members of An Garda Síochána.. or.. Anyone who in the opinion of the Executive Committee has a significant relationship with An Garda Síochána and is deserving of full membership.. Full members are voting members.. Associate Membership is open to  ...   non-voting members.. The G-Force Committee will decide on what events are restricted to full members and what events will be open to Full and Associate members.. The need to maintain confidentiality and the primary support function of the group will inform these decisions.. An application for membership shall be made through the Network Secretary on the appropriate form.. The Executive Committee shall decide on the rules for membership and will approve each membership application.. There is currently no membership fee..

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  • Title: G-Force :: EGPA2012
    Descriptive info: An outline of our work in Europe, our past work and conference attendance.. Four Garda members and one member of civilian staff attended at the European Gay Police Association Conferencein Vienna in June.. Gardai presented two of the conference workshops.. Links were built with new police services in Europe and Australia.. Irelands experience in developing a first class support structure was of assistance to many of the countries who are in the early development stages.. It is interesting to note that the Belgian GPA is using the G-Force constitution the basis for its new GPA group.. European Research.. Moving forward cannot happen without knowing where you are and where you want to get to.. With this in mind G-Force members when setting up the group conducted considerable research on the various support structures for LGB police officers  ...   the current European LGB police situation.. 2012 European Gay Police Conference Dublin.. The EGPA requested that G-Force consider holding the 2012 European Gay Police Conference in Dublin.. Having discussed the proposal G-Force have undertaken to hold the conference in Dublin in the last weekend of June 2012.. Plans are at an early stage but already Dublin Castle Conference Centre has been provided, sponsored by the Department of Justice.. The Equality Authority has also expressed an interest in supporting the conference.. The conference given current budgetary constraints will require considerable sponsorship but early indications of support from a variety of state bodies are heartening.. The theme of the conference will be very much business focused, aiming to explore how LGBT progress can support professional policing.. Links to EGPA Website and EGPA members websites (available at.. eurogaycops.. com/.. )..

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  • Title: G-Force :: Login
    Descriptive info: Sign in to G-Force.. User Account.. Username.. Password.. Options.. Remember Me.. Remain logged in to website.. Forgot Your Password?.. If you've forgotten your password, enter your email address below.. We will reset it to a new password, and send the new one to you.. Email Address..

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