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  • Title: Hearing Awareness Week 2011
    Descriptive info: .. Skip to Content.. Jump to Main Navigation and Login.. Jump to additional Information.. Search, View and Navigation.. Home.. What kinds of hearing problems are there?.. How do I know I may have a hearing problem?.. Getting Your Hearing Tested Professionally.. Hearing Awareness Week Mobile Unit.. How loud is Loud? And what can I do to protect my hearing?.. How MP3 players can affect your hearing?.. An Interview with Doctor Nina Byrnes.. Contact Us.. ONLINE HEARING TEST.. MEDIA COVERAGE.. Hearing Awareness Week 2011.. Hearing Awareness Week.. 2011.. launched this week with a media-packed event hosted by legendary singer Daniel O’ Donnell.. Daniel entertained his many fans  ...   on hearing loss and he is a great ambassador for the issue of hearing loss.. As part of the Launch, the mobile hearing clinic kicked off its nationwide tour from Belfast and it will visit many destinations providing free hearing screenings this month.. Hearing Awareness Week research conducted by Hidden Hearing revealed that the volume of the television is one of the first signs of hearing loss.. Pictured here launching Hearing Awareness Week 2011.. is Daniel O’ Donnell and Dr Nina Byrnes, Medical Consultant with Hidden Hearing.. Additional Information.. Polls.. Do you worry about hearing loss?.. Yes, sometimes.. No, not at all.. Results.. Managed by.. Fota Graphics..

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  • Title: Hearing Awareness Week 2011 - What kinds of hearing problems are there?
    Descriptive info: Noise.. - Over time, exposure to loud noise causes irreversible damage to the tiny hair cells in the cochlea.. Although a hearing aid can help, natural hearing cannot be restored.. Most people are well aware that loud sounds cause damage, however, some everyday sounds are loud enough to be harmful.. Hearing loss with age.. - Whilst this is usual amongst older people, younger people can also experience hearing difficulties.. The effect is that sounds and speech can become muffled, they can be heard but not understood.. Do not suffer in silence – get it checked by a professional audiologist.. Take action by using the free phone line on.. 1800 882 884.. or emailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots.. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Hearing and babies.. - If you have a concern about your child, seek professional advice by contacting your local GP.. Ringing in the ears.. - This is called  ...   should not attempt to remove wax yourself – it could damage your ear.. Your doctor can easily remove a wax build up on a regular GP visit.. Medical causes.. - Hearing loss may be caused by wax build up or the onset of Meniere’s disease, an inner ear condition that can cause dizziness and tinnitus.. Both should be treated by a GP and, if symptoms persist, consult a Hearing Aid Audiologist.. Temporary Hearing Loss.. - You may experience hearing loss after a severe cold or an airplane journey and although you should recover, it is advisable to seek professional advice if symptoms persist or you are concerned.. If you are concerned about your hearing, wax or tinnitus, please contact the care line on 1800 882 884, email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots.. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or write to Hearing Awareness Week, Unit E, Building 6500, Airport Business Park, Cork..

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  • Title: Hearing Awareness Week 2011 - How do I know I may have a hearing problem?
    Descriptive info: There are a number of self-tests you can do as an indication of hearing loss to help you decide if you need a proper test with a qualified hearing audiologist.. Why not try them and see how you get on.. Just ask yourself.. - Do you ever have to ask people to speak up, or find yourself turning up the TV that little bit louder? If so, it’s possible that it is your hearing that needs some attention.. Carry out our little self test below, as an indicator.. Simply answering yes to two or more of these questions will  ...   can also give you a basic indication of your hearing.. If you hear the tones clearly, you probably have good hearing.. If you can’t hear one or more of the tones clearly then you may have a hearing loss and should seek a professional test.. To request a test by post simply call.. 1800 882 884,.. email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots.. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or write to.. Hearing Awareness Week, Unit E, Building 6500, Airport Business Park, Cork.. and your free one minute hearing test will be posted to you..

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  • Title: Hearing Awareness Week 2011 - Getting Your Hearing Tested Professionally
    Descriptive info: More About Getting Your Hearing Tested Professionally.. A regular hearing check up once a year is recommended by audiologists and tests are free of charge, so it costs you nothing to be sure about your hearing.. There are a number of routes you can take – simply ask your local GP for your nearest recommended audiologist, or contact.. Hidden Hearing.. What if I have wax?.. - If you suspect you may have wax in your ears, simply ask your GP to check your ears and remove any wax prior to a hearing check up.. Does a hearing test hurt?.. - No, a hearing test does not  ...   if I have to get hearing aids - don't they look terrible?.. - This is no longer the case – there is a whole new generation of aids, some which are tiny and barely noticeable.. Some look really sporty in vibrant colours – next time you are out, check out people around you and you’ll notice that quite a lot of people wear aids.. You help someone else while you help yourself.. - For each hearing test carried out as a result of Hearing Awareness Week 2011, Hidden Hearing will make a donation to the Irish Deaf Society to help develop better services for Ireland’s deaf community..

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  • Title: Hearing Awareness Week 2011 - Hearing Awareness Week Mobile Unit
    Descriptive info: The Hearing Awareness Week mobile hearing clinic will tour the country offering free hearing screening tests to all who visit.. The state-of-the-art mobile hearing clinic will be offering on the spot hearing tests by a qualified audiologist.. Tests are free of charge and no appointment is necessary.. The mobile hearing clinic features testing equipment which can pinpoint exactly what frequencies you are missing and how it affects you in work situations, in the home or socially.. The unit will be located at six popular shopping centres around the country throughout the week.. If we are not coming to a centre near you, simply call Hearing Awareness Week on.. to find your local clinic.. Free hearing tests can also be scheduled with any one of Hidden Hearing’s 60+ branches and clinics nationwide..  ...   questions.. Those worried about doing damage to their hearing with an Ipod/MP3 earphones.. Why not bring along your Mp3/Ipod and have it checked with a sound level meter to see just how high you’ve be listening to your music or chat to hearing expert with any of your concerns.. Those who have a hearing aid already, but are unsure if it’s functioning to it’s full potential.. Those who already have hearing aids, can pop along to their aids checked to make sure they are working properly.. The mobile unit features a new technology called speech mapping which checks hearing aids for people already fitted to ensure they are working correctly and that they are getting maximum benefit from their aids.. For a full listing of current Mobile Unit locations,.. click here..

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  • Title: Hearing Awareness Week 2011 - How loud is Loud? And what can I do to protect my hearing?
    Descriptive info: How loud is Loud?.. If you can’t talk to people about 2 metres away without shouting because of background noise, this is an indication that the surrounding noise levels are too loud.. If you’ve been to a club or concert and found that you cannot hear properly for a few hours afterwards, or if you experience ringing in your ears, that is a sign that the sound was loud enough to damage your ears.. If the level of the sound hurts your ears – take care by leaving.. Prolonged exposure to over 80 dBs can damage your hearing.. Here is an indication of noise levels.. 20 dB = Quiet room at night.. 110 dB = Pneumatic drill nearby.. 40 dB = Quiet sitting room.. 130 dB = Airplane taking-off 100m away.. 60 dB = Ordinary spoken conversation.. 140 dB = Threshold at which noise is painful.. 80 dB = Shouting.. What can I do to protect my hearing?.. Listening to loud music, is it really bad for my hearing?.. - Young people are prone to damaging their hearing through exposure to loud noise, especially in  ...   music.. Wear ear plugs if you can.. Keep your MP3 player that little bit lower.. Remember the.. 60/60 golden rule.. and keep the volume of your device to 60 per cent of the maximum and be sure to limit exposure to more than 60 minutes a day.. See special section on ipods.. Work is noisy, what can I do about this?.. - Companies are legally obliged to ensure that exposure to noise in the workplace is kept to the lowest level reasonably practicable and that workers are protected in noisy work environments.. Those who are concerned about work noise levels can find out more about their rights on the Health and Safety Authority’s website,.. www.. hsa.. ie.. How can I protect my children’s hearing?.. - Beware of loud toys such as guns and electronic toys which can produce loud sounds if they are held near a child’s head.. Keep an eye by limiting the amount of time they spend in noisy environments.. Does wearing ear plugs really help?.. - Yes.. Disposable and reusable earplugs which expand to fit the ear are available through pharmacies nationwide..

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  • Title: Hearing Awareness Week 2011 - How MP3 players can affect your hearing?
    Descriptive info: 51% of MP3 Users are damaging their Hearing!.. Ireland’s MP3 generation are facing premature hearing damage, survey results for Hearing Awareness Week reveal.. A survey conducted on behalf of Hidden Hearing found that:.. 51% of MP3 users are listening to their MP3 players at dangerously high volume levels (above 89 decibels (db)) for up to two hours a day.. 1 in 5 people are blasting their ears with sound levels of 100db or more – the equivalent of hearing a pneumatic drill 10 feet away.. 11% of people listening to MP3 players and 35% of people attending gigs and concerts say they have experienced ringing in their ears or dull hearing signalling that damage to their hearing may have begun.. 40% of market leading MP3 players tested reach sound levels over 100db – listening at this volume can cause damage to your hearing after just 30 minutes.. Some MP3 players reached a maximum volume of 115db which is the equivalent sound level of a jet plane taking off and should not be listened to for more than 30 seconds.. 24% of people surveyed listen to their MP3 player between 1 and 2 hours a day.. 1% say they listen to their MP3 player for over eight hours a day.. Hidden Hearing’s survey findings support a recent European Commission review, which confirmed that listening to personal music players at high volumes over a sustained period of time can lead to permanent hearing damage.. The European Commission says that it could be common place in 2020 to see one in ten 30 years olds wearing a hearing device as a result of listening to personal music players too loudly.. Dr.. Mark Hamilton.. (A E Dr, DJ and Presenter of RTE Shows ‘How Long Will You Live’ and the new series ‘Health of the Nation’).. and.. Julie Feeney, 2010 Meteor Award and Choice Music Prize nominee.. today launched the national Hearing Awareness Week campaign to raise awareness of the potential threats to your hearing and to encourage people to Love Your Ears – take care of your hearing.. The national campaign will hit the road this week, with Hidden Hearing’s mobile clinic roadshow visiting.. Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick and Belfast.. With almost 1 in 6 people in Ireland experiencing hearing difficulties and many  ...   Barra.. The Irish singer wowed fans as she played a silent disco style gig at Hearing Awareness Week’s.. ‘The Music Box’.. venue.. Singing behind sound proof glass, passersby could see Julie perform but they experienced what it would be like if they lost their hearing as they couldn’t hear the performance unless they used the wireless headphones provided.. Julie Feeney said,.. “Music is my life; I couldn’t imagine the world without it.. It pains me to think of the damage loud music can do to your hearing, especially with your MP3 player set too loud.. There are so many people who do it every day without realising it.. Music is a joy that you don't want to miss when you're older.. Please mind your ears; they are so precious!”.. Hearing experts recommend the 60/60 Rule to protect your hearing – that’s listen to your MP3/ personal music device through headphones for a maximum of 60 minutes at 60% of the volume.. 68% of people surveyed thought they listened to their MP3 at volumes at or below 60% of the maximum volume, however, upon testing the volume of MP3 players, the survey showed people were actually listening at dangerously high levels.. Those surveyed were asked if they would follow the 60/60 Rule.. The survey found:.. 59% would reduce the volume of their MP3 player.. 37% would reduce the time they listened to their MP3 player each day.. Commenting on the research, Hidden Hearing audiologist Keith Ross said,.. “This latest research shows a very worrying trend amongst MP3 users.. As a result of years of listening to personal music devices at very loud volumes, we are seeing a huge increase in the number of people sometimes as young as 30 suffering from hearing loss which you might expect a person aged over 70 to have.. Our advice is to take care of your hearing and if you or your family or friends suspect you have a hearing loss to get your hearing checked today.. Hearing tests are free at Hidden Hearing’s branches or mobile hearing clinic.. ”.. Case Studies.. Hidden Hearing audiologist Keith Ross highlights a number of case studies which demonstrate the different ways people are damaging their hearing through personal music devices and shares his advice on protecting your hearing..

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  • Title: Hearing Awareness Week 2011 - An Interview with Doctor Mark Hamilton
    Descriptive info: Dr Nina Byrnes, Medical Consultant, Hidden Hearing talks to HearingAwarenessWeek.. ie website visitors about hearing loss.. On Hearing Loss.. 1.. Byrnes.. Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for our website visitors.. Can you tell us a little about your background?.. I have been working full-time as a GP since 2005.. I am a partner in Oakwood Medical Clinic, a new doctor's surgery in Castleknock, Dublin.. When I’m not in practice I’m also involved in teaching Trinity medical students.. I present the RTE health show ‘Health of the Nation’ and write the health column ‘Medical Matters’ in the Sunday Business Post Agenda magazine.. This year I began working with Hidden Hearing as their Medical Liaison Officer.. In my work as a GP I see that hearing loss and untreated hearing loss are significant issues.. My role with the company is to promote better hearing health.. 2.. Is hearing loss an inevitable part of the ageing process?.. The accepted figure for people with hearing loss in Ireland is 1 in 6.. However, as people get older, say over the age of 60, hearing loss typically affects 1 in 3 people, so it is a very common problem.. However, with modern digital hearing aids, hearing loss can be easily addressed.. Researchers have found that digital hearing aids offered people a 40% improvement in hearing and quality of life.. My advice is if you suspect you may have a hearing loss, go to your GP or book a free hearing test at any one of over sixty Hidden Hearing branches and clinics nationwide.. While hearing loss may be more likely as you‘re older, suffering from it should not be inevitable.. 3.. What are the most common causes of hearing loss in older people?.. Hearing loss can often be caused by a blockage in the outer or middle ear, or both, which could be caused by an infection or wax build up or other factors.. This type of hearing loss can be temporary in nature and in some cases may be treated medically or surgically.. If the hearing loss is Presbycusis, also known as age-related hearing loss, there is a problem in the inner ear or auditory nerve, which affects the hair cells that detect soft, high-pitched sounds, so it can be very difficult to hear speech clearly, especially when there is competing background noise.. This type of loss is permanent; however it can usually be addressed with hearing aids.. In this case the first step on the road to better hearing is to take a hearing test to determine the type and level of hearing loss you have.. 4.. Is hearing loss progressive?.. Yes in some cases hearing loss can get worse over time.. This type of hearing loss can be caused by a number of factors.. The majority of progressive hearing loss is passed on genetically.. Noise-induced hearing loss can also be progressive, with continued exposure to loud noise.. However, all forms of hearing loss can have a negative effect if left untreated.. Untreated hearing loss can affect the brain’s ability to remember common everyday sounds.. Once hearing has started to  ...   place a great strain on them and people can even stop socialising and start to become isolated.. As hearing loss usually develops over time, its often family and friends who first notice the hearing loss and therefore can play a key role in encouraging people to take a hearing test.. Testing.. 7.. How can one arrange a hearing test?.. You can arrange to have a free hearing test at any one of Hidden Hearing’s 60 hearing centres nationwide or call free on 1800 882 884 or visiting www.. hiddenhearing.. ie for further information.. 8.. How much does a hearing test cost?.. A no obligation hearing test with Hidden Hearing is entirely free.. A hearing test takes approximately one hour and includes questions on your medical history, an examination of your ears, a speech mapping test and expert advice.. A full hearing test report will be sent to participants' GPs.. Hidden Hearing recommends that a friend or family member accompanies you to the hearing test and consultation.. 9.. Can a hearing test be done at home?.. Yes, you can arrange to have a free hearing test in the privacy of your own home by calling free on 1800 882 884.. On Hearing Aids.. 10.. Can you give a brief description of how a modern hearing aid works?.. The new generation of modern hearing aids use computer processing and multidirectional microphones to pick out speech from a noisy environment, so the important speech element is filtered back to the wearer.. And if you are using two hearing aids, both devices communicate with each other in real time, so they adapt in sync to the noise environment.. To improve people’s experience of using mobile phones, TVs, radios and other audio and entertainment devices, some new digital hearing aids can even connect wirelessly to these devices so you have a seamless hearing experience.. Things have certainly moved on for the best.. 11.. Is a hearing aid easy to use?.. Yes, hearing aids are extremely easy to use.. At Hidden Hearing, the audiologist will assist in choosing the right hearing aid to suit the customer’s lifestyle and will guide them through how the hearing aid operates.. Hidden Hearing also provides an outstanding aftercare service which includes a five year warranty, a 90 day money back guarantee and free batteries for life.. Two follow up visits are included to ensure that the customer is comfortable and happy with the hearing aid and that the device is fine-tuned to suit their every day life.. 12.. How visible is a hearing aid device?.. Hearing aids can differ in size and appearance.. Often negative perceptions of hearing aids are fueled by memories of older, analogue hearing aids.. The new digital hearing aids are so much more technologically advanced and discreet; they are often invisible to other people.. ‘In The Ear’ hearing aids are the most popular style recommended by Hidden Hearing.. These hearing aids are custom made for each patient.. An impression of the inside of your ear is taken by the Audiologist to ensure that the shell of the hearing aid is made to exactly match the contours of your ear..

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  • Title: Hearing Awareness Week 2011 - Contact Us
    Descriptive info: If you are worried about your hearing, would like more information, or have your hearing tested, simply.. Freephone.. Email.. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots.. Write to.. Hearing Awareness Week,.. 1st Floor, Unit E, Building 6500,.. Airport Business Park,.. Cork.. Web.. hearingawarenessweek.. For further information on profound hearing loss, your rights and services contact:.. Write to.. The Irish Deaf Society,.. 30 Blessington Street,.. Dublin 7.. deaf.. ie..

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  • Title: Hearing Awareness Week 2011 - Online Hearing Test
    Descriptive info: Online Hearing Test.. Take the test, and see if you may benefit from using hearing aids.. This automated test will generate a hearing score on completion.. Many factors can impact on your score,.. including the age/speed of your PC and the quality of your earphones, sound, etc.. For an accurate hearing test result/diagnosis, you should contact a hearing care professional.. Please note that an online hearing test is just a guide and may not be accurate - it is always advisable to visit a hearing professional for an accurate hearing test..

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  • Title: Hearing Awareness Week Media Coverage
    Descriptive info: PRESS CLIPPINGS 2011.. Press Clippings 2010.. Digital Media 2010.. Press Clippings 2011.. It’s important that the issues around hearing loss are highlighted nationally - below is the media coverage so far around Hearing Awareness Week.. Attachments:.. Clondalkin Gazette 31.. 03.. 2011.. pdf.. 207 Kb.. Donegal Post 30.. 105 Kb.. Dundalk Democrat 18.. 205 Kb.. Evening Herald 21.. 426 Kb.. Finn Valley Post 24.. 96 Kb.. Galway Independent 09.. 135 Kb.. Irish Daily Mail 24.. 194 Kb.. Irish Daily Mirror 22.. 109 Kb.. Irish Daily Star 22.. 1902 Kb.. Irish Daily Star Chic 19.. 225 Kb.. Irish Examiner Feelgood 18.. 2070 Kb.. Irish Independent 23.. 1901 Kb.. Irish Medical  ...   Kb.. Kilkenny Advertiser 04.. 286 Kb.. Killarney Advertiser 04.. 190 Kb.. Letterkenny Post 24.. 97 Kb.. Meath Chronicle 12.. Metro Herald 22.. 124 Kb.. Northside People East 30.. 81 Kb.. Offaly Express 30.. 129 Kb.. Southern Star 02.. 04.. 74 Kb.. Southside People 30.. 76 Kb.. Southside People18.. 173 Kb.. The Argus 09.. 152 Kb.. The Irish News 21.. 1966 Kb.. The Irish Sun 22.. The Irish Times Health Plus 22.. 3172 Kb.. Waterford News Star 08.. 215 Kb.. Waterford Today 09.. 154 Kb.. Westmeath Independent 12.. 238 Kb.. Westmeath Independent 26.. 378 Kb.. Wicklow Times North Edition 08.. 185 Kb.. Wicklow Times South Edition 08.. 183 Kb..

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