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  • Title: Irish Association of Behaviour Support - Home
    Descriptive info: .. Irish Association of Behaviour Support.. Home.. What is Behaviour Support (PBS)?.. Resources.. Families.. Systems change.. Events.. Links.. Website undergoing renovation.. We can add you to our mailing list:.. Name.. *.. First.. Last.. Email.. What is your interest in behaviour support?.. Submit.. Create a.. free website.. with.. Weebly..

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  • Title: What is Behaviour Support (PBS)? - Irish Association of Behaviour Support
    Descriptive info: What is Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)?.. PBS is finding out what someone is communicating through their difficult behaviour and using this information to reduce the behaviour and improve the quality of life of the person and those around them.. To do this, an approach called.. Applied Behaviour Analysis.. (ABA).. is employed to change behaviour in meaningful ways.. Practitioners collaborate with the people who care most about the person showing difficult behaviour, so that the person can develop their potential within their family and local community.. The  ...   often used in the areas of intellectual disability, autism spectrum disorders, brain injury and teenage challenging behaviour.. The effectiveness of Positive Behaviour Support sometimes relies on.. systems change.. The aim of this website is to provide an information and networking point for people who are interested in Positive Behaviour Support in Ireland and abroad.. There will be an emphasis on providing access to practical resources, examples of PBS in action, access to relevant research and publications and related conferences and training in Ireland and the UK..

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  • Title: Resources - Irish Association of Behaviour Support
    Descriptive info: Practical resources:.. Online courses and PBS assessment templates.. Behaviour Assessment Forms.. Behavioural Assessment - template.. Behaviour Support Plan - writing guide.. template.. Quarterly Progress Report - template.. Generic ABC Form.. KIPBS training modules.. Click here to access detailed information on PBS from the Kansas Institute of.. PBS (KIPBS) online modules:.. 1.. Positive Behaviour Support (PBS).. 2.. Person-Centered Planning(PCP).. 3.. Introduction to Applied Behaviour Analysis.. 4.. Measurement and Design.. 5.. Person-Centered and Wraparound Planning.. 6.. Functional Behaviour Assessment.. 7.. Designing Positive Behaviour Support Plans.. 8.. Multi-component Intervention Strategies.. 9.. Emotional and Behavioural Health.. 10.. Systems Change.. Suggested Reading list.. International Journal of Positive Behavioural Interventions..  ...   M.. McCracken, M.. (2007).. An evaluation of positive behavioural support for people with very severe challenging behaviours in community-based settings.. Journal of Intellectual Disabilities,11(3), 281-301.. MacDonald, A.. , Hume, L.. , McGill, P.. (2010) The use of multi-element behaviour support planning with a man with severe learning disabilities and challenging behaviours.. British Journal of Learning Disabilities, 38(4), 280-285.. McClean, Brian; Grey, Ian.. Carr, Alan [Ed]; O'Reilly, Gary [Ed]; Walsh, Patricia Noonan [Ed]; McEvoy, John [Ed].. Modifying challenging behaviour and planning positive supports.. The handbook of intellectual disability and clinical psychology practice.. (pp.. 643-684).. New York, Routledge/Taylor Francis.. Photo used under Creative Commons from.. neil conway..

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  • Title: Families - Irish Association of Behaviour Support
    Descriptive info: *This webpage is under construction.. Link to external discussion board for parents of children with an autism spectrum disorder.. Links to examples of PBS plans.. mikebaird..

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  • Title: Systems change - Irish Association of Behaviour Support
    Descriptive info: What is a System?.. This information is adapted from.. the Kansas Institute of Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) "Systems Change" Online Modules.. (see Resources on menu above for a direct link to the modules):.. A system refers to an interdependent group of people or elements that form a whole.. Systems can be a small team, including professionals who work with persons with developmental disabilities, family members, carers, friends, or other professionals.. Agencies exist within larger systems (e.. g.. , Intellectual Disability, Mental Health, Child Welfare).. Decisions made by people within systems at a local and national level are just as important as the decisions made within an individual's team since local and national policies and practices can affect an individual's services and supports.. The PBS team is a small system of individuals who meet on behalf of a person with challenging behaviors.. It is often composed of the person at the heart of the intervention, family, friends, service providers, and community members.. Many systems issues can increase or decrease the likelihood a PBS plan will be successful.. In fact, even the most technically accurate PBS plan will fail if the team does not consider systems level issues.. Building  ...   in which resources are managed and how staff members are trained are examples of systems issues.. Effective PBS plans for sustainability by considering what types of staffing interventions might be needed in times of crisis.. Placement breakdown, staff stress and staff turn-over can be prevented or ameliorated if an agency-level plan for reorganizing staffing patterns and resources is developed to support staff adequately.. Spending more resources to reinforce staff members are currently place can in the long run decrease the money spent hiring and training new staff during crises.. The ".. individual systems level.. " and ".. agency systems level.. " exist within the context of broader state and national contexts.. The field of intellectual disability has its own local and national set of funding mechanisms, policies, and expectations.. The same is true of mental health, child welfare, and education.. These ".. broader systems.. " influence how services are provided and can have an impact on communication across agencies.. Systems Change sample literature.. Perry J.. , Felce D.. , Allen D.. Meek A.. (2011) Resettlement outcomes for people with severe challenging behaviour moving from institutional to community living.. Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities, 24(1), 1-17..

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  • Title: Events - Irish Association of Behaviour Support
    Descriptive info: Conferences and training.. IABA (Institute of Applied Behaviour Analysis) training in the UK, 2012.. Brochure.. Online meetings.. * under construction.. 4nitsirk..

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  • Title: Links - Irish Association of Behaviour Support
    Descriptive info: The Challenging Behaviour Foundation Website.. A UK based organisation founded by a parent providing a lot of reading material on the subject of.. challenging behaviour.. ,.. Inclusion Ireland.. Inclusion Ireland.. campaigns for changes.. in services and legislation that will improve the quality of life and participation of people with an intellectual disability in Irish Society.. In addition to this central role, Inclusion Ireland: promotes advocacy, provides an information and advice service, organises seminars and conferences on intellectual disability.. Active Support.. ".. Person-centred Active Support" is a way of helping people with learning disabilities.. engage in meaningful activity and relationships.. as active participants.. Instead of doing things for or to people, it involves working with people to enable them to take part in all the activities of everyday life, no matter how disabled they are.. P.. E.. A.. T.. is a parent led charity based in Northern Ireland.. It seeks to promote the science of.. for helping children with Autism.. The PEAT Simple Steps program is an innovative Multimedia Parent Support package which has been designed and  ...   system that encompasses input from a multidisciplinary team, and involves the whole family as well as the individual.. The centre is committed to contributing to research and existing literature in the field of Applied Behaviour Analysis.. Lowarousaldotcom.. Youtube videos illustrating the.. low arousal approach.. to responding to challenging behaviour.. Studio III is the company that produced these clips.. Do2learn.. provides thousands of pages of social skills and behavioral regulation activities and guidance, learning songs and games, communication cards, academic material, and transition guides for employment and life skills.. Circles Network.. Circles Network is a UK based organisation developing its work throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.. The focus is to.. build inclusive communities.. on the foundations of justice, advocacy, empowerment.. The Centre for Social and Emotional Foundations in Early Learning (CSEFEL) Preschool Training Modules.. Promoting Social and Emotional Competence: These modules.. are useful in addressing the social-emotional needs of and competence in young children.. Teaching Learners with Multiple Needs.. Resources and ideas for teachers of learners with severe, profound, intensive, significant, complex or multiple special needs..

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