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  • Title: The Irish Academy of Rhythmic Gymnastics - Home
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Classes.. Camps.. Adult Classes.. Events.. About Us.. Our Team.. Hall Hire.. Contact Us.. Joomla 2.. 5 Slideshow.. created by users based.. hosting reviews.. hosing guide and ratings.. The best.. web hosting reviews.. updated with new hosting providers.. HostGator Reviews.. ratings and coupon codes.. Summer Camp 2012.. We are delighted to announce the opening of registration to our.. Dance and Gymnastics summer camp.. Featuring 2 outstanding teachers:.. ***************************************************.. Kristina Rangelova.. - Our head coach, world champion Olympic medalist.. AND.. Athanasios Routianidis.. - Our guest teacher, a.. Bolshoi.. balletmaster, who will be teaching Ballet technique and different character dancing.. Your girl(s) will enjoy a full week(s) of fun and excitement, with high level of dance and gymnastics classes.. ****Check out our Early Bird Registration Discount****.. ****Discount for multipul weeks booking****.. ****Discount for siblings****.. Attachments:.. Summer Camp Reg Form.. [ ].. 918 Kb.. Read more.. Kristina Rangelova – Head Coach.. A.. world champion.. in the 2005 Rhythmic Gymnastics wold championship with a.. Bronze.. medal from the 2004 Olympic games in Athens, Greece, Kristina Rangelova, now a qualified rhythmic gymnastics coach, has joined the Irish Academy of Rhythmic Gymnastics where she will bring her knowledge and experience from elite competitive training and  ...   or ribbon.. News.. We have opened the registration to our.. , that includes dancing lessons, gymnastics training and lots of fun games, arts and crafts, cooking, story time and more.. Looking for a place to hold your classes?.. Our facilities are just what you were looking for!.. For very competitive prices we offer 2 fantastic areas.. Read More.. We have now a variety of different classes for adults:.. Ballet for Beginners.. and.. Ballet for Improvers.. ,.. Zumba.. and lunch time.. Pilates.. !.. Checkout our new.. section or.. contact us.. for more information.. Upcoming Events.. JUL.. 09.. Summer Camp - Week 2.. 07.. 2012 - 13.. 2012.. 16.. Summer Camp - Week 3.. 2012 - 20.. 23.. Summer Camp - Week 4.. 2012 - 27.. 27.. Olympics Games.. Location.. The Irish Academy of Rhythmic Gymnastics.. Whitestown Drive, Unit W2.. Tallaght Business Park, Dublin 24.. T: +353833218000 | E: This email address is being protected from spambots.. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Registered with Gymnastics Ireland.. Copyright © 2012 The Irish Academy of Rhythmic Gymnastics.. All Rights Reserved.. Caitriona Brocklebank.. Baby RG.. RG for Beginners.. Advanced RG.. Ballet for Adults.. Zumba.. Kick Boxing.. Joomla Free Templates.. designed by.. Website Hosting..

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  • Title: Classes
    Descriptive info: Class List.. Baby Rhythmic Gymnastics.. Day.. Time.. Sat.. 09:15-10:00.. Mon, Wed, Fri.. 15:15-16:00.. Rhythmic Gymnastics Beginners.. 10:00-12:00.. 16:00-18:00.. Rhythmic Gymnastics Advanced.. Sat, Sun.. 12:00-17:00.. 17:30-20:30.. Price List.. Hours per week.. Cost per Hour.. Total Cost.. 1 Hour per week.. € 9.. 00.. 2 Hours per week.. € 7.. 50.. € 15.. 4 Hours per week.. € 6.. 25.. € 25.. 6 Hours per week.. € 5.. 33.. € 32.. 10 Hours per week.. € 4.. € 45.. 16 Hours per week.. € 3.. 75.. € 60.. 19 Hours per week.. 53.. € 67..

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  • Title: The Irish Academy of Rhythmic Gymnastics - Camps
    Descriptive info: Every school break, the IARG holds a camp for our gymnasts and dancers.. These camps are open to anyone that wishes to have a go with rhythmic gymnastics, ballet and lot's of fun time with the our.. excellent teacher.. Pls check our event calendar or this section for up coming camps..

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  • Title: Adult Classes
    Descriptive info: Adult Classes.. Adult Ballet.. Teacher.. Tue.. 19:30-20:30.. Ballet Studio.. Tue, Thu.. 18:00-19:30.. Big Hall..

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  • Title: Events
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  • Title: The Irish Academy of Rhythmic Gymnastics - About Us
    Descriptive info: The Irish Academy of Rhythmic Gymnastics (IARG) provides high level training in Rhythmic Gymnastics (RG) on a recreational and.. competitive.. level.. We are the only dedicated club of.. Rhythmic Gymnastics.. in South Dublin/North Wicklow district and we aim to promote this sport not only as an after school activity, but to also to introduce it into primary and secondary schools’ curriculum.. We offer a variety of lessons, in different areas of RG development : Ballet, Pilates/Conditioning, Composition.. What is Rhythmic Gymnastics?.. Behind the flawless beauty of this sport lies a complex combination of high criteria and firm requirements as to the content of the routines, the degrees of difficulty involved, the technique of handling the apparatus and overall body control.. There are two types of competition: Individuals and Groups - both are Olympic disciplines.. Competitive rhythmic gymnastics began in the 1940s in the Soviet Union.. The FIG formally recognized this discipline in 1961.. The first World Championships for individual rhythmic gymnasts was held in 1963 in Budapest.. Group competitions were introduced later, in 1967 in Copenhagen, Denmark.. The 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles, was the first time hat Rhythmic gymnastics was added with an Individual All-Around competition.. In the past decade rhythmic gymnastics has become increasingly popular in Ireland and you can find more and more clubs that offer training in this discipline.. Hand Apparatus:.. Rope.. The rope may be of hemp or synthetic material.. Its length is in proportion to the size of the gymnast.. Instead of a handle, each end of the rope terminates in a knot.. The technical elements can be performed with the rope open or folded, held  ...   is ideal for rolling and rotating the apparatus on the floor or on different parts of the body as well as for passing over or through it.. Ball.. The ball may be made of rubber or synthetic material.. Its diameter is between 18 and 20 centimetres, and its minimum weight is 400 grams.. The ball is the only apparatus that can never be held physically but only balanced on a part of the body or rolled over it.. The result is a perfect symbiosis and a more sensuous relationship between body and apparatus.. The spectacular, forceful throws are in neat contrast with the softness and precision of the catches.. Clubs.. The clubs may be made of wood or synthetic material.. Their length is between 40 and 50 centimetres.. Each club weighs 150 grams.. Clubs are hand games! The gymnasts perform mills, rotations, circles, throws, and many asymmetric movements in combination with various fundamental body movements.. Club handling requires rhythmic work, psychomotor coordination, and clockwork precision.. Clubs are especially popular with ambidextrous gymnasts.. Ribbon.. The stick has a 1 cm diameter and a length from 50 to 60 centimetres.. It is usually made of wood, bamboo, plastic or fibre-glass.. Most often the ribbon is made of satin or a similar material without starch.. Its maximum weight is 35 grams, its width from 4 to 6 centimetres, and its length 6 meters at the minimum.. This flexible, long, and light apparatus shapes patterns in space.. Its aerial movements carve forms and images.. The elements are performed in various amplitudes and rhythms.. Snakes, spirals and throws represent the main elements in the use of the ribbon..

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  • Title: The Irish Academy of Rhythmic Gymnastics - Our Team
    Descriptive info: Bronze medal from the 2004 Olympic games in Athens, Greece.. ,Kristina Rangelova, now a qualified rhythmic gymnastics coach, has joined the Irish Academy of Rhythmic Gymnastics where she will be bringing her knowledge and experience from elite competitive training and education.. Bolshoi Balletmaster.. Athanasios Routianidis has started his dancing career in the early age of 10 in his hometown Thessaloniki.. When he was 15 he joined the Thomas Gkountis Dance School, where he majored in classical Russian Ballet technique.. At the age of 18 he started studying in the Professional Ballet school of the Municipality of Thessaloniki, majoring in Classical Ballet, Repertoire, Modern Dance and Contemporary, but a year later he has received  ...   Repertoire, pas de deux, Folk Dance and Actors skill along with Historical dances.. In 2011 he has graduated from the University of the Bolshoi Ballet Academy in the specialty pedagogue degree of Balletmaster.. BA MA ARAD RTS ISTD DDI NCEF.. Caitríona is a fully quallified ballet teacher holding registered teacher status with the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD), London.. She also holds the DDI, Diploma in Dance Instruction in Modern Theatre Jazz with the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD), London.. Caitríona is also a fully qualified fitness instructor and received 1st class honours, with the highest marks in Ireland, in the National Certificate in Exercise and Health Fitness (University of Limerick)..

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  • Title: The Irish Academy of Rhythmic Gymnastics - Hall Hire
    Descriptive info: Our facilities are just what you were looking for.. For very competitive prices we offer 2 areas:.. The Big Hall.. - 43'x49' (13.. 2mx15m) of full fitted carpet, with ceiling between 20' to 25' (6m to 7m) ceiling.. The Studio area.. – 18'x25' (5.. 5mx7.. 5m) of laminate floor, with a  ...   have a separate dressing room, coffee area and waiting room with optional CCTV to view the activity in the hall.. Please.. to inquire regarding available slots to hire.. We are now taking reservations for classes that start in September.. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots.. Text or Call: +353833218000..

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  • Title: Contact Us
    Descriptive info: Please send us your query and we will contact you as soon as we can.. Your name.. Your E-mail address.. Subject.. *Phone Number.. *Your Message.. Email a copy of this message to your own address.. *Mandatory fields..

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  • Title: The Irish Academy of Rhythmic Gymnastics - Kristina Rangelova
    Descriptive info: Awards.. National Champions 1999-2009.. Gold 14 medals.. Silver 10 medals.. Bronze 10 medals.. World Championship, Japan 2009.. Place: 4th, 7th.. World Championship, Baku, Azerbaijan 2005.. Gold - 1 medal.. Place: 4th, 4th.. Olympic Games, Athens, Greece 2004.. Bronze - 1 medal.. World Championship, Budapest, Hungary 2003.. Silver - 3 medals.. European Championship, Riesa, Germany 2003.. Gold - 1 medal (Individual).. Silver - 2 medals (Group).. International Championship, Austria 2002.. Gold 1 medal (1st place).. International Championship, Bratislava 2001.. Olympic Games, Sydney 2000.. Place 7th (Group).. European Championship Budapest 1999.. Silver 2 medals (Group)..

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  • Title: The Irish Academy of Rhythmic Gymnastics - Athanasios Routianidis
    Descriptive info: PERFORMING EXPERIENCE-AWARDS-BALLET COMPANIES.. 2001.. Royal Academy of Dance - Advanced level.. 2002.. Greek National Students' Ballet Competition:.. Gold medal.. 2003.. Finalist at the Eurovision Competition for young dancers (Greece):.. top 3 place.. 2004.. Hellas International Dance Competition:.. Bronze Medal.. in Classical Ballet Repertoire, and.. Silver Medal.. in contemporary dance.. 2005.. top 2 place.. Moscow International Ballet Competition:.. Semi-Finalist.. 2006/7..  ...   Competition: Silver Medal in Classical ballet Repertoire.. 2007/8.. Russian National Ballet (Renaissance) of I.. Anuchin.. 2008.. Arabesque International ballet competition.. 2009.. New York International Ballet Competition.. ( Pas de deux competition with coaches).. 2010.. Sibiu International Ballet competition (Romania):.. Semifinalist.. 2011.. Performing In Chicago with Dmanagement Dance Agency.. 2012.. Performing with the Ballet Clasique de Paris as a Solist..

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