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  • Title: Irish Building Control Institute - Home
    Descriptive info: .. The IBCI is the specialist institute for professional practitioners in building control in Ireland.. It was founded to provide a national forum for those engaged in the implementation and administration of the Building Control Act.. Font size:.. Default.. |.. Large.. Internet.. IBCI only.. Home.. Officers.. Conferences.. Newsletters.. Links.. Contact Us.. Our aims are:.. - To promote a high standard in the practice of building control in Ireland,.. - To coordinate professional  ...   To encourage and contribute to the development of education on building control with a special emphasis on the organisation of relevant discussions and lectures,.. - To promote better communications between persons engaged in building control and between those persons and the public through publications, exhibitions and other means,.. - To represent the interests of Irish building control in the European Union and to communicate with other bodies of common interest throughout the world..

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  • Title: IBCI - Officers
    Descriptive info: President:.. Philip O'Brien.. Treasurer:.. Tom Johnson.. Membership Secretary:.. Pat O'Donnell.. Council Members:.. Gavin Cullen - Johnny MacGettigan - Bernadette McArdle.. Joe Moynahan - Kevin Sheridan..

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  • Title: IBCI - Conferences
    Descriptive info: Conference Documentation.. The IBCI Annual Conference is the main forum for building control in Ireland.. It provides an opportunity for local authority staff, civil servants and those engaged in private practice to come together to discuss topical issues affecting the design and construction of buildings.. A programme of presentations in conjunction with a trade show helps participants gain a greater understanding of relevant topics and update their knowledge of changes in building regulations and the associated legislation.. To view the documentation from previous conferences, choose from the links below.. 10.. 20.. 30.. All.. Year.. ID.. Author.. Title.. 2012.. 2012-00.. IBCI.. IBCI Conference Brochure 2012.. 2012-01.. Aidan O'Connor.. Developments in Building Control Legislation.. 2012-02.. Chris Barry.. REVIEW OF TGD B.. 2012-03.. Jamie Goggins.. Sustainability and Embodied.. Energy (and Carbon) in Buildings.. 2012-04.. Brian Swan.. A sample-based approach to applying for a Disability Access Certificate.. 2012-05.. Michael Mohan.. Disability Access Certificates - Designer s Perspective Part M 2010.. 2012-06.. Anne Goggin.. Siting, Design and Installation of OSWWTS: Limerick s Experience.. 2012-07.. Rory McShane.. BS 9991:2011 Fire safety in the design, management and use of residential buildings.. 2012-08.. Neil Murphy.. Building for Everyone: A Universal Design.. Approach.. 2012-09.. Martin Davidson.. Fire Safety Engineering Techniques in Historic Buildings.. 2011.. 2011-00.. IBCI Conference Brochure 2011.. 2011-01.. 2011-02.. Stephanie Long.. Building Control and Radon.. 2011-03.. Eoin O'Herlihy.. BUILDING REGULATIONS (PART M AMENDMENT).. 2011-04a.. Martin Ryan.. DAC Reports.. 2011-04b.. Possible DAC Format.. 2011-05.. Paddy Mullen.. Disability Access Certificates.. 2011-06.. Jay Stuart.. Sustainable Development and Renewable Energy.. 2011-07.. Fire Safety Design of Residential Buildings - Current Practice and Future Trends.. 2011-08.. Neil Murphy.. Universal Design and Building For Everyone - A Universal Design approach.. 2011-09.. Brendan Mulligan.. The Role of the Engineer in Building Control,egistration and Certification.. 2010.. 2010-00.. IBCI Conference Brochure 2010.. 2010-01.. Cian O Lionain.. 2010-02.. Billy Moore.. On-site Wastewater Management.. 2010-03.. Dawson Stelfox.. Can Old Buildings Be Green Buildings.. 2010-04.. Disability  ...   Making Building Control Work.. 2008-06.. Joe Boyle.. Pyrites the Building Control Experience.. 2008-07.. Neil Cooper.. Robust Details.. 2007.. 2007-00.. IBCI Conference Brochure 2007.. 2007-01.. Building Control Bill 2005.. 2007-02.. Kevin O'Rourke.. DEAP for Building Regulations Compliance.. 2007-03.. Trevor Martin.. Engineers of Opportunity or Architects of Misfortune.. 2007-04.. EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive.. 2007-05.. David Smith.. Recent Trends in Building Regulations in England and Wales and the work of the CEBC.. 2007-06.. Colin Barden.. Recent Trends in Fire Safety Design of Houses and Apartments.. 2007-07.. Sarah Neary.. Review of Part M.. 2006.. 2006-00.. IBCI Conference Brochure 2006.. 2006-01.. Michael McCarthy.. 2006-02.. Fionnuala Rogerson.. Disability Access Certificates Part M.. 2006-03.. Gerry Wardell.. Part L Energy Management Certification - Rating of Buildings.. 2006-04.. John A McCarthy.. Provisions for Fire Safety Certificates.. 2006-05.. Kevin Sheridan.. Registration of Construction Professional Titles.. 2006-06.. Chris Dilworth.. Sound Insulation Testing in Dwellings.. 2006-07.. Sue Bush.. The Scottish Experience.. 2005.. 2005-00.. IBCI Conference Brochure 2005.. 2005-01.. Sean Hogan.. A Review of Fire Regulation Issues.. 2005-02.. Mary Van Lieshout.. Achieving Accessibility for People with Disabilities in Ireland.. 2005-03.. Building Control a Time of Change.. 2005-04.. Mogens Peter Sundbøll.. Building Control in Denmark.. 2005-05.. Nancy Callaghan.. Building Control Legislative and Regulatory Framework.. 2005-06.. Paula Rice.. Introduction to Energy Labelling of Buildings.. 2005-07.. New Developments in On-site Wastewater Mangement.. 2005-08.. Andrew Macilwraith.. Progressive Collapse.. 2004.. 2004-00.. IBCI Conference Brochure 2004.. 2003.. 2003-00.. IBCI Conference Brochure 2003.. 2003-01.. Olav Ø.. Berge.. Building control in Norway and the Norwegian regulatory system.. 2003-02.. Chris Sanders.. Climate Change and the Built Environment.. 2003-03.. Conor Taafe.. Defects Associated with Ventilation Insulation Drainage.. 2003-04.. Energy Performance Directive.. 2003-05.. KingSpan.. Insulation.. 2003-06.. Patrick Minogue.. Regulation for Energy Efficiency Part L (Dwellings) 2002.. 2003-07.. Noel McKenna.. Technical Guidance Document F Ventilation 2002.. The opinions expressed in these documents are those of the authors.. and do not necessarily reflect the positions or policies of the IBCI..

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  • Title: IBCI - Newsletters
    Descriptive info: The IBCI News reports on building control issues and attempts to be both informative and helpful to our members.. We call on our members to help us achieve that goal.. If you would like to contribute an article or comment on its content please contact the Institute using the details on the Contact page.. You can download previous  ...   1.. Issue 2.. Issue 3.. Issue 4.. Issue 5.. Issue 6.. Issue 7.. Issue 8.. Issue 9.. Volume 3.. Issue 2.. Download entire archive.. (1.. 5MB).. Think before you print.. The documents provided here remain the property of the author at all times.. and may not be copied without the written consent of the author and the IBCI..

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  • Title: IBCI - Links
    Descriptive info: Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government.. List of Local Authorities.. Consortium of European Building Control.. Building Control Northern Ireland.. Scottish Association of Building Standards Managers.. Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland.. The Society of Chartered Surveyors.. Engineers Ireland..

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  • Title: IBCI - Contact Us
    Descriptive info: Contact Us.. Postal Address:.. The Irish Building Control Institute.. PO Box 3667,.. Ballsbridge,.. Dublin 4,.. Republic of Ireland.. E-mail:.. Contact the Institute by e-mail..

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