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  • Title: IBCA - Irish Breakfast Cereal Association
    Descriptive info: .. Site Search.. Home.. About Us.. Why Breakfast?.. Cereal Industry Information.. News.. Contact Us.. Welcome to the Irish Breakfast Cereal Assocation.. Breakfast Week.. Find out more about 'Back to Breakfast 2011'.. IBCA reduces salt in cereals by 48%.. Learn about the IBCA's salt reduction inititaitves.. Benefits of Breakfast Cereals.. Find out about the benefits of breakfast cereal.. Who are we?.. The Irish  ...   a number of Breakfast Cereal companies in the Republic.. Its members include Flahavans, Kellogg s and Nestle Cereals.. More Facts & Figures.. Irish Breakfast Cereal Association, 2012.. IBCA is a business sector within.. IBEC.. Confederation House, 84/86 Lower Baggot Street, Dublin 2; Tel: (01) 605 1500; Fax: (01) 638 1500.. Help.. |.. Site Map.. Text only.. IBCA is a business sector within IBEC..

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  • Title: IBCA - Irish Breakfast Cereal Association
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  • Title: IBCA | About Us / About the IBCA
    Descriptive info: About the IBCA.. European Connections.. Web links.. The Irish Breakfast Cereal Association (IBCA) was established in 1992 in order to represent the interests of the Irish breakfast cereal and oat milling industry at both National and European level.. Our members include Flahavan s, Kellogg s, and Nestle Cereals.. The IBCA is affiliated with the Food and Drink Industry Ireland (FDII) and the Irish Business and Employers Confederation (IBEC).. IBCA members employ 200 people across the Republic of Ireland, and had  ...   and breakfast cereals in order to enhance the understanding of the sector s contribution among all stakeholders, in particular within the areas of nutrition and health.. The IBCA has much knowledge and expertise about the role of breakfast and breakfast cereals in consumers diets and their contribution to health.. The IBCA is therefore uniquely placed to convey this knowledge and expertise to all stakeholders, in order to help promote healthier diets and lifestyles.. Click above to contact the IBCA team..

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  • Title: IBCA | Why Breakfast / Important Role of Breakfast Cereals
    Descriptive info: Important Role of Breakfast Cereals.. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and breakfast cereals offer the most nutrient dense and lowest fat choice at breakfast time.. Eating breakfast has been shown to be beneficial for both body and mind in several ways.. Those who eat a cereal-based breakfast (.. including.. pre-sweetened cereals), have a lower BMI than those who skip breakfast or choose an alternative breakfast option.. 1.. Breakfast cereals are the most nutrient-dense, tasty, convenient and typically lowest calorie breakfast options.. It has been proven in many studies that those who eat breakfast have a lower body mass index (BMI) than those who skip breakfast.. Below are some interesting facts relating to breakfast cereals.. Eating breakfast contributes to cognitive performance and improves concentration.. Breakfast cereals supply.. one quarter.. of  ...   of Vitamin D, B-Vitamins and minerals including zinc and iron.. Breakfast cereals are also an important source of calcium both through the product itself and the addition of milk tot he cereal.. Recent studies by the Irish Universities nutrition Alliance has also shown that breakfast cereals provide Irish teens with 11% of their daily fibre requirements.. In a time when obesity levels are increasing dramatically breakfast cereals can help play a part in finding a solution to the obesity crisis.. dela Hunty, A.. Ashwell, M (2006) Are people who eat breakfast cereals regularly slimmer than those who don t?.. Nutrition Bulletin, Vol 32, No 2.. June 2007.. Click above for more information on the importance of breakfast.. Micronutrient Benefits of Breakfast.. Find out more about the added nutrient benefits of consuming breakfast cereals..

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  • Title: IBCA | Cereal Industry Information / Our Positions
    Descriptive info: Our Positions.. Sugar.. Salt.. Fortification.. Labelling.. Advertising and Marketing.. Children's Advertising.. Acrylamide.. The breakfast cereal industry in Ireland has been to the forefront of product innovation and reformulation for many years.. Breakfast cereal manufacturers have led the way in areas such as labelling, fortification and reformulation.. This continues to be the case today as the cereals industry recognises its role in helping to improve the diets of  ...   IBCA members continue to provide important news on nutrition and the role of breakfast cereals in a balanced diet, which is key to ensuring that healthier food choices are made for the entire family.. Please click on the relevant link on the toolbar opposite to find out more about the initiatives undertaken by IBCA members to help consumers enjoy their products in a healthy and responsible manner..

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  • Title: IBCA | News and Events / IBCA News
    Descriptive info: IBCA News.. Press releases archive.. CEEREAL - The European Breakfast Cereal Association - each year run a breakfast week.. The aim of this breakfast week is to spread the message that breakfast is and should be an essential part of everyone s day and secondly, that breakfast cereal is the ideal healthy, natural morning meal to deliver the nutrients and energy we all need to start the day.. For more information.. click here.. For more information on general food industry issues,.. to read the latest edition of the Food and Drink Industry Ireland (FDII) Focus..

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  • Title: IBCA | Contact us / Contact Details
    Descriptive info: Contact Details.. Shane Dempsey.. IBCA Secretary.. Phone: + 353 1 605 1599.. Fax: + 353 1 638 1599.. Miranda Hunter-Nolan.. Administrative and Executive Support.. Phone: + 353 1 605 1573.. Fax: + 353 1 638 1573..

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  • Title: IBCA | Breakfast Week 2011 / Breakfast Week 2011
    Descriptive info: Breakfast Week 2011.. Press release - 21/03/2011.. Video - Back to Breakfast.. Photo gallery.. The inaugural Irish Breakfast Cereal Association (IBCA) Breakfast Week takes place between March 21st and 25th.. The campaign entitled.. 'Back to Breakfast'.. aims to do the following:.. promote breakfast as one of the most important meals of the day for consumers.. highlight the benefits of breakfast consumption.. identify issues/challenges around breakfast consumption.. review breakfast consumption patterns in Ireland.. explore links between breakfast consumption and overall health.. The IBCA will be partnering with the Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute (INDI) during Breakfast Week 2011 to spread the importance of breakfast message.. 'Back to Breakfast  ...   be the master of ceremonies and the event will begin at 10.. 15am with a light breakfast.. Prof.. Albert Flynn of IUNA will present new research findings around breakfast consumption during the course of the morning.. Ms.. Margot Brennan of the INDI will also outline the importance breakfast to a balanced diet.. Anyone interested in attending the event should contact Thomas Burke on firstname.. lastname@ibec.. ie or at 01-6051688.. The IBCA will also be running a promotion on the Hector Breakfast Show on 2FM during the course of Breakfast Week.. Listeners will have the opportunity to win a breakfast hamper and an end of week grand prize..

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  • Title: IBCA | News and Events / Press releases archive
    Descriptive info: IBCA members reduce salt content in cereals by 48%.. The members of the Irish Breakfast Cereal Association have reduced the salt content of their products by an average of 48% since the inception of their salt reduction initiative in 1998.. Click on the press release below for more information.. IBCA Salt Reduction Press Release - Oct 2011.. pdf.. - 38 Kbytes..

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  • Title: IBCA | Site Documents / Copyright
    Descriptive info: Copyright.. The contents of this site are the copyright of the Irish Breakfast Cereal Association.. It has been developed for information purposes only.. While every care is taken to ensure the accuracy of information published/available, liability for error, omission or misrepresentation is not accepted..

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  • Title: IBCA | Site Documents / Help
    Descriptive info: What can I look for in Search?.. Nearly all documents are available for search.. Search or Advanced Search?.. Entering one or more terms in the basic search box that appears at the top of most of the pages will search the entire FDII web site.. If you want to search for a particular phrase, it is best to enclose the phrase in inverted commas - eg, Industry Development.. For more information on searching, see below.. Advanced Search.. Advanced Search allows more refined searches by enabling you to apply search limits (Date range, Title, Title and Body).. The 'Sort by' display options.. - Sort by Relevance - arranges the results according to the frequency of occurrence of the search terms used.. This can be useful if a lot of articles are returned in a search.. - Sort by Date - means  ...   the words will retrieve documents with all of the words specified.. (e.. g choosing this option and typing.. Industry Development.. will return contain documents that contain.. both.. the words.. Industry.. and.. Development.. ).. Choosing Any of the words will retrieve documents with any of the words specified.. g.. choosing this option and typing.. will return contain documents that contain the words.. or.. Choosing The exact phrase will retrieve documents with the phrase specified.. You do not have to enclose your phrase with quotes.. will return documents with the phrase.. Other Operators.. You can use * to find document that have the partial word specified.. (ie.. polic* will return documents that have.. policy, policies, politics.. etc).. Adobe Acrobat.. Many of the documents on this site are in PDF format.. These can be viewed with Acrobat Reader which may be downloaded free-of-charge..

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