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  • Title: I Am An Artist
    Descriptive info: .. ABOUT US.. |.. CONTACT US.. TERMS CONDITIONS.. "Bad weather at sea".. Project Ideas.. For Teachers.. Weblinks.. A MULTIMEDIA RESOURCE SUPPORTING.. VISUAL ARTS IN PRIMARY SCHOOLS..

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  • Title: I Am An Artist : About Us
    Descriptive info: home page.. /.. about us.. What is I AM AN ARTIST?.. I AM AN ARTIST is a visual arts initiative aimed at primary school children.. It comprises 30 short TV programmes (each 6 minutes in length) and an interactive website with factsheets, weblinks and interactive games on a wide range of visual arts topics.. Who has written the content in I AM AN ARTIST?.. The content for I AM AN ARTIST has been created in consultation with Irish teachers.. I AM  ...   curriculum recently introduced in Ireland.. Who has developed I AM AN ARTIST?.. I AM AN ARTIST is part of a collaborative project between RTÉ and the National Centre for Technology in Education (an agency of the Department of Education and Science).. This collaborative project is entitled IMMERSE - Innovative Multimedia Educational Resources for Students and Educators.. It has set out to develop innovative, interactive, curriculum-relevant resources for students and teachers in the Irish education system.. For more information, visit:.. www.. ncte.. ie/immerse..

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  • Title: I Am An Artist : Contact Us
    Descriptive info: contact us.. Online Form.. To get in touch with us, please complete the form below and press the Send button.. Your feedback is most welcome.. Name.. E-mail Address.. Comments.. Postal Details.. National Centre for Technology in Education, NCTE.. Dublin City University, Dublin 9, Ireland.. Tel: + 353 1 700 8200.. Fax: + 353 1 700 8210..

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  • Title: I Am An Artist : Terms & Conditions
    Descriptive info: terms & conditions.. It is important to read these terms and conditions carefully.. Your use of I AM AN ARTIST constitutes your agreement to these terms.. If you do not agree to these terms you should not use the site or download materials from it.. You should review this document occasionally to stay informed of any changes.. Content on I AM AN ARTIST.. Content on this website is drawn from a wide range of sources - some of it in the form of external links and some through home-produced material.. It should be viewed as general information and not by way of specific recommendation or advice.. Before taking any action or decision based on I AM AN ARTIST content you should always seek professional guidance.. I AM AN ARTIST does not accept responsibility for the views, advice and recommendations on the website.. Consequently, we shall not be liable for any claims, losses, injuries, penalties, damages, costs or expenses arising from the use of the I AM AN ARTIST or its content.. In addition, we cannot guarantee that the website is free from viruses or other hardware or software contamination, or that the site is compatible with any computer system, browser or software.. All content is for personal use and the  ...   websites.. I AM AN ARTIST has no control over, and cannot be held responsible for, the content or privacy policies of these sites.. Should you encounter unsuitable material on any of these linked sites you should email info@scoilnet.. ie immediately.. As Web addresses sometimes change, we cannot guarantee that a link that has been included on our site will always be accurate, current or available at the time of your request.. Copyright.. The content on this site is protected by copyright under Irish and European law.. Every effort has been made to trace the copyright holders of all the images used on this site.. In the few instances where we have not been able to do so, we would be happy to correct this upon notification.. Users must not reproduce, download, store in any medium, distribute, transmit, or retransmit or manipulate any image contained in this website.. The reproduction of material for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.. Material within the linked sites outside of I AM AN ARTIST may also have copyright restrictions and this should be checked on these websites should you plan to use their content in any way.. Legal Jurisdiction.. The courts of Ireland shall have exclusive jurisdiction in relation to any dispute arising from this website..

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  • Title: I Am An Artist : Paint & Colour
    Descriptive info: paint colour.. "Do you like using red paint or yellow pencils, pink tissue paper or orange cardboard? Explore the many ways you can make art using all these colours and materials.. ".. Look Respond.. Artists make paintings about places, about people's lives and about what they imagine.. Take a look at some.. Can You?.. Mix and play with paint?.. Paint from observation?..

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  • Title: I Am An Artist : Clay
    Descriptive info: clay.. "Clay is wonderful to work with.. You just never know what you'll find in it! Have you ever tried? Look around here to see what you can do.. ".. Look Respond.. What will you find in a ball of clay?.. Have a look and see what others have found.. Can You?.. Pinch a Pot?.. Coil a Pot?.. Work with a slab?..

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  • Title: I Am An Artist : Fabric & Fibre
    Descriptive info: fabric & fibre.. Where are the fabrics in your world? You wear some, you sit on some, you sleep on some.. Why not explore what you can do with different fabrics and fibres!.. Look & Respond.. Fabrics and fibres can be used in lots of ways.. Take a look here at how some people have made art with them.. Tie and Dye.. Make a Loom?.. Make a Flour Batik Wall Hanging?.. Make a Silk Painting?..

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  • Title: I Am An Artist : Drawing
    Descriptive info: drawing.. "Each of us has our own private pictures in our mind s eye.. Only you can see these pictures and only you can draw them.. What do you think drawing is? What pictures have you drawn? Look around this page and discover a little more about drawing.. Artists learn to look really closely at things and they practice their drawing using different materials.. Have a look.. Look for lines?.. Play with lines?..

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  • Title: I Am An Artist : Construction
    Descriptive info: construction.. "Think of all the constructions that surround you everyday.. furniture, houses, roads, bridges, trees, sculptures and lots, lots more.. Look around here and find ideas for things to build.. Perhaps these pictures will inspire you to construct something.. Work like Construction Artists?.. Make 2D Constructions..

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  • Title: I Am An Artist : Print
    Descriptive info: print.. "Print is all around us, everywhere we go, everywhere we look.. There are lots of ways to print, look here to see how you can make prints!".. Artists make prints about lots of things and they use many different techniques.. Make a monoprint?.. Print with marbling ink?..

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  • Title: I Am An Artist : Gallery
    Descriptive info: gallery.. IMAGE OF THE WEEK.. Bad Weather at Sea.. Thank you to Mountshannon school in Co.. Clare for sending in this picture.. Does it look like the weather is bad? I wonder who that is standing on the pier?.. The Cliffs of Moher.. Fiachra Ó Súilleabháin is in 5th class and he drew this picture on the computer.. Would you like to draw a picture about  ...   this picture on his computer.. Snorkelling.. Mountshannon school in Co.. Clare also sent in this lovely picture.. Have you ever gone snorkelling in the sea? What do you think you would see?.. Have you made something in clay or painted a lovely picture or constructed something fabulous?.. If you want your artwork featured in the Gallery,.. for more details.. We look forward to hearing from you!..

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    Archived pages: 114