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  • Title: I-CANDO
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. About.. Courses.. Trainer.. Testimonials.. Contact.. Purchase.. I-CANDO Learning.. I-CANDO Learning unveils an exciting NEW Digital Skills Programme.. The I-CANDO Digital Skills programme offers 60 hours of online, interactive, guided learning to help you learn all the skills needed to get the most from everyday technology as it relates to music, photos, videos and living online.. Login.. Phone:.. 1850 88 58 58.. I-CANDO.. , Digital Depot, Thomas Street, Dublin 8 Email:.. info@i-cando.. ie.. Privacy Policy.. © I-CANDO LEARNING Ltd 2009..

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  • Title: I-CANDO Learning
    Descriptive info: I-CANDO Learning.. "helping you learn new things.. ”.. I-CANDO Learning Ltd.. is an innovative learning company dedicated to “helping you learn new things”.. We use a variety of methods – online, books, video and classroom learning – to help our customers achieve the learning outcomes that they desire.. We believe that anyone can learn anything as long as they are taught in the right way and in a way that is suitable to them.. Official Online Partner..

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  • Title: I-CANDO Digital Skills Programme
    Descriptive info: I-CANDO Digital Skills Programme.. The I-CANDO Digital Skills Programme introduces candidates to the basics of the new digital technologies and helps candidates learn in a fun, practical and safe way.. The learning modules include:.. Getting Started.. Getting Online.. Music.. Photo.. Video.. Social Surf.. WebShare.. I-CANDO Computer: Getting Started helps Candidates learn how to start the computer and recognise the different hardware parts such as monitors, keyboards, the mouse and printers.. Candidates also learn about some of the basic language and terminology of computers.. In this module candidates learn how to organise their files by creating, copying and pasting or deleting files and folders.. Candidates shall also learn some basic computer skills to setup, edit, format and print documents.. Cost.. €.. 49.. Entire suite (7 modules = 60 hours of training):.. €249.. Normal price: €349.. I-CANDO Computer: Getting Online introduces Candidates to the Internet and the World Wide Web (WWW), and helps them search for information, and even make an online purchase.. Candidates shall also be able to use e-mail and be able to communicate by creating, sending, receiving and replying to messages.. They will also learn how to make a Skype call online.. Finally, Candidates will learn how to stay safe online from viruses and spam and how to protect their personal information as well as implement parental controls for children.. I-CANDO Music helps Candidates manage and organise their digital music collection.. In the Module Candidates learn how to setup and start and their digital media device*, to play music, and to work with computer software to add to and maintain their music collection.. The Candidate shall also be able to synchronize their music collection with music software, and adjust the different digital media device functions and settings.. The Candidate shall be able to transfer music files from CD with full song and artist details.. The Candidate shall also be able to organise and backup their music collection, as well as being able to search, select and purchase songs from an online music store.. I-CANDO Photo provides Candidates with the skills and know-how to manage and organize their digital photo collection.. Candidates learn how to setup and use their digital camera*, to take simple shots and be able to adjust the digital  ...   Available in January 2010.. I-CANDO SocialSurf provides Candidates with the skills and know-how to browse, surf and search the World Wide Web (WWW) safely, and to ensure their own privacy.. Candidates shall also learn about various threats such as viruses, and malicious software, as well as appreciating the precautions which are necessary when participating in virtual communities, or when buying goods online.. Candidates shall learn about content filtering and content control, and the security features to help maintain and protect safety and privacy.. I-CanDo SocialSurf™ Candidates shall also learn about the concepts of personal identity on the Internet, what a personal profile is, how online groups are organised and setup, and what measures are required to safeguard their privacy.. Candidates shall learn many of the common features of social networking sites, such as catching up with friends, sharing the latest news, posting photos, organising events, and uploading videos, as well as blogging or micro-blogging using mobile phones.. Candidates shall also understand the concept of unsolicited email, and know how to deal with SPAM, and other inappropriate content.. Candidates should also recognise the copyright laws relating to the Internet, and other regulations about social networking.. I-CANDO WebShare provides Candidates with the skills and know-how to use tools and applications to create CD’s or DVD’s from their computer, to play files on a range of devices, to backup their precious digital content, as well as learning to upload and share their files or photos, and collaborate online.. Candidates shall learn about memory and capacity as it relates to digital media files, they shall recognise the different hardware used for storage purposes, or for portability, and how memory and capacity can impact on their computer.. Candidates shall also be able to ‘burn’ CD's and DVD's for safekeeping of their content and for ease of access and use.. Candidates shall learn how to upload photos, sound files and video files and then share their digital media outputs using different web applications, and on social networks.. Candidates shall learn about various common terms used such as: Blu-ray, high definition, and DRM.. Candidates shall recognise security considerations in order to safely share their digital media content, and also recognise copyright laws relating to the Internet, and other regulations..

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  • Title: Trainer
    Descriptive info: Find a Trainer.. For more information on becoming a certified trainer for the I-CANDO Digital Skills Programme, please fill in the form or contact us at: +353 1 4893604.. Registered trainers will receive a discount on bulk purchases.. Trainers will be included on our Map of Training Providers.. Call us now on.. for more details.. Fields marked with * are required.. First Name.. *.. Last Name.. Title.. Organisation.. Website.. Address.. Town.. County.. Country.. Email.. Mobile.. Tel.. No.. of licenses.. Subject.. Message.. Send a copy of this message to yourself.. Please enter the following security code:.. Not readable? Change text..

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  • Title: Testimonials
    Descriptive info: Testimonials.. Purchased directly online:.. “.. I am on the site learning all morning when I should be doing other things, I am delighted with it, so easy,step by step teaching me as if i am in a classroom.. It has paid its way all ready, especially been able to do it at home anytime is brilliant.. I will be recommending it to everyone.. Feedback from a class with Literacy issues:.. I was very interested in the layout and the learning styles used, especially when asked to do a task and the options available, very user friendly.. I like it, the programs are very nicely done, very easy to use”.. I liked the program, it was very well laid out and easy to use.. ”.. “I found it to be very comprehensive, detailed and helpful and it was very easy to use.. Feedback from an Employment Trainer:.. I can’t believe how easy it was to access and use the I-CANDO modules.. I’m a bit of a technophobe and I was a little afraid of the different function / buttons on our digital  ...   there is always something new to learn.. Waterford Chamber Skillnet are very interested in running this suite of modules for the network.. - Trish Breen – Waterford Chamber Skillnet Manager Trainer.. Feedback from a VEC.. “As an educator it can be difficult to find engaging material which is easily understood by a wide range of students in terms of age and technical experience.. I-Cando offers a user friendly approach with the support of audio, text and clear visuals and demos to inform by demonstration rather than theory.. -.. Sarah Carroll Kelly, Head of Media Department, Stillorgan VEC.. Feedback from Low Basic Skills trainer.. “The I-CANDO course we see as an ideal pre-cursor to ECDL.. We have found that people with low basic skills or literacy issues find it simple to use and engaging.. These are often people who want to learn skills but don't want to do an exam.. They can do it at home in privacy which is a big issue for people with low literacy.. They love how simple it is and love the product.. Sinead Mellet, Clare Campus Skillnet..

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  • Title: Contact
    Descriptive info: Contact.. Digital Depot,.. Roe Lane,.. The Digital Hub,.. Thomas Street,.. Dublin 8,.. Ireland.. E-mail:.. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots.. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Telephone:.. 1850 88 58 58.. or + 353 1 4893604..

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  • Title: Purchase Online
    Descriptive info: Purchase over the phone:.. Call 1850 88 58 58.. Purchase Online.. Entire suite (7 modules).. 249.. 00.. [Product Details.. ].. Quantity:.. 0 ) qty_el.. value--;return false;" />.. I-CANDO Music.. I-CANDO Photo.. I-CANDO SocialSurf.. I-CANDO Video.. I-CANDO WebShare.. Start.. Prev.. 1.. Next.. End.. Display #.. 5.. 10.. 15.. 20.. 25.. 30.. 50.. Results 1 - 8 of 8..

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  • Title: Social Surf
    Descriptive info: Social Surf..

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  • Title: Photo
    Descriptive info: Photo..

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  • Title: Getting Online
    Descriptive info: Getting Online..

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  • Title: Video
    Descriptive info: Video..

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