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  • Title: Irish Home Energy Rating - BER Residental & Commercial Certyficates
    Descriptive info: .. Home page.. About us.. Links.. Contact us.. Search:.. BER Certificates.. BER Residential.. New Building.. Part L Compliance.. BER Commercial.. BER Commercial Certificate.. BER DEC Certificate.. Training.. DEAP D30189 BER Assessor Training Course.. How to apply.. Preferred Entry Criteria.. New & Existing Dwellings Course Details.. Useful Documents.. Registration with SEAI (post training).. DEAP BER Expert Workshop 2012.. SBEM Non Domestic BER Assessor Training Course.. Non Domestic BER Exam Review.. Green Building Course.. Renewable Energy Systems Course.. Consultancy and Research.. Other Services.. Air Tightness Testing.. Thermal Imaging.. Home Energy Retrofit Audit.. Energy Advice.. Retrofit Advice.. SEE CATEGORY FOR IRISH HOUSES AND DOWNLOAD BROCHURE.. Home Page.. We have a team of highly qualified BER Assessors delivering our service nationwide.. 4 Bed Detached / Semi.. 185.. 00.. 3 Bed Detached / Semi.. 165.. 2 Bed House..  ...   When: Module 1: 10th- 14th Sept 2012 (Focusing on Existing Buildings) Module 2: 25th -27th Sept 2012 (Focusing on New Buildings) Exam date: 28th Sept 2012 FE.. When: TBC Where: Dublin HQ Price: 125.. SBEM Non Domestic BER Training Course.. When: 14th 15th August 2012 Where: Dublin HQ Price: 900.. DEAP BER Expert Workshop.. When: TBC Where: Dublin HQ Price: 225.. 00.. Renewable Energy Systems (FETAC N22967).. When: TBC Where: Dublin HQ Price: 495.. BER Certificates.. Training.. BER Assessor Training Course.. DEAP BER Exam Workshop 2012.. Non Domestic BER Assessor Training Course.. Non Domestic BER Assessor Training Workshop.. Other Services.. Newsletter.. Address:.. IDA UNIT 14, Newmarket, Dublin 8.. info@iher.. ie.. Phone:.. +353 1 45 48 300.. Fax:.. +353 1 45 49 797.. Copyright IHER - Irish Home Energy Rating `2012.. All Rights Reserved..

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  • Title: About us - IHER
    Descriptive info: ->.. I.. rish Home Energy Rating (IHER) Energy Services.. was established in 2007 by Michael Hanratty, Bill Sheldrick and Energy Action Limited.. Prior to 2007, the business activities of IHER Energy Services were offered and conducted within a dedicated business unit within the charity Energy Action Limited.. As the scale and scope of the energy rating training and related activities had grown significantly by the end of 2006, it was decided to establish IHER Energy Services Limited as a separate energy consultancy company.. IHER Energy Services is an independent energy consultancy company with a recognised expertise in:.. Training Services:.. developing and delivering training in building energy rating assessment, renewable energy systems and low carbon refurbishment.. BER Surveying and Auditing Services:.. surveying and auditing the energy  ...   Consultancy and Research Services:.. delivering consultancy and research services on the building energy performance of dwellings to clients such as Energy Action for Intelligent Energy Europe projects, SEAI, ESB, The Department of Environment Heritage and Local Government and Dublin City Council.. Our Experience in Field of Energy Auditing and BER Assessment.. IHER Energy Services has been operating as an energy rating consultancy in Ireland for more than 15 years thus we have vast experience compared to almost any other new entrants to this field in Ireland.. IHER Energy Services was one of the first FETAC approved Building Energy Rating trainers in Ireland, and has run over 25 courses since May 2007, training more than 400 BER assessors from across all four provinces in Ireland.. Contact Us..

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  • Title: Links - IHER
    Descriptive info: Energy Action.. ESB.. SEAI.. TABULA Project..

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  • Title: Contact us - IHER
    Descriptive info: Fax: +353 1 45 49 797..

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  • Title: BER Certificates, BER Energy Certs Ireland - IHER
    Descriptive info: A Residential BER Certificate is similar to the energy label for a household electrical appliance like your fridge.. The label has a scale of A-G.. A-rated homes are the most energy efficient and G the least efficient.. A BER is only an indication of the energy performance of a house.. A BER Certificate.. became compulsary for all homes being sold or rented.. Our standard prices for providing BER certificates for existing houses / apartments are as follows:.. *For New Dwellings, please contact IHER Energy Services directly..

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  • Title: BER Residential - IHER
    Descriptive info: What is a BER (Building Energy Rating)?.. A BER Certificate is very similar to the energy label for appliances like a washing machine or a fridge.. A BER cert has a coloured scale from A-G with A1 being the best energy rating score and G the worst.. BER s certificates became compulsory in January 2009, for all new and existing houses, apartments and commercial buildings being rented or sold to prospective tenants and buyers.. As required by the SEAI, all of our surveyors are registered BER assessors.. Who needs a BER?.. The owners of a property being sold or rented in Ireland are obliged to provide the new  ...   apartments.. Each BER certificate is published along with an.. Advisory Report relating to that property.. in the Advisory Report, your BER Assessor will identify what changes could be carried out if you wanted to make your home more energy efficient and increase your rating in the future.. Both documents are required for legal transaction purposes.. How long is a BER cert valid for?.. Once you obtain a BER Certificate for your home it will remain valid for 10 years from the date it is produced but any physical changes to your home that would result in altering its energy efficiency would require a new survey to be carried out..

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  • Title: New Building - IHER
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  • Title: Part L Compliance - IHER
    Descriptive info: *For Part L Compliance consultancy, please contact IHER Energy Services directly..

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  • Title: BER Commercial - IHER
    Descriptive info: Contact us at 01 4548300 and we will provide you with a quotation for your commercial BER certificate..

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  • Title: BER Commercial Certificate - IHER
    Descriptive info: A commercial BER cert indicates a building s energy efficiency performance taking account of energy used for space heating and cooling, water heating, ventilation and lighting and its floor area.. When a non-residential property is built or made available for sale/rent, it is the duty of the owner to provide a Building Energy Rating (BER) Certificate and advisory report to the new buyer or tenant.. Non-residential buildings which  ...   does any non-residential buildings being sold or rented after 1.. January 2009.. Each BER certificate is published along with an Advisory Report relating to that property.. A list of improvements that can be made to improve the energy efficiency of the commercial building will be stated in the accompanying Advisory Report , The new buyers or tenants of the property are under no legal requirement to enact these recommendations..

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  • Title: BER DEC Certificate - IHER
    Descriptive info: What is a Display Energy Certificate(DEC)?.. A Display Energy Certificate (DEC) is required to be displayed in buildings over 1,000m2 currently resided by any public body.. The DEC must be visible to members of the public in an appropriate easy-viewing spot, For example, DEC must be displayed in schools, libraries etc.. This came in to affect as of 1.. This requirement is to serve as motivation for conscientious and environmentally-friendly use of energy within the building by public authorities.. Wh.. o needs a Display Energy Certificate (DEC)?.. Any government enacted agency, authority or  ...   Education institutions.. Energy usage made within the building forms the basis for the DEC and makes a direct comparison to an average level for other buildings of similar occupation.. This is all shown on the actual certificate, which uses the familiar scale of A1-G in terms of primary energy used.. The energy consumed also provides an indication of CO.. 2.. emissions, which is shown on the certificate.. Typical buildings with a related average level of energy use produce an E1 rating.. The layout of the DEC is specified in S.. I.. 666 of 2006..

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