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  • Title: Home - i-Sec - Building Energy Rating Assessors
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Profile.. Energy Services.. Green Build Advisory Report.. Plumbing Electrical Drawings.. Developer s Green Build Report.. Alternative Renewable Energy.. Energy Audits.. Bill Analysis/Energy Procurement.. Energy Monitoring Targeting.. Air-tightness Testing.. Thermal Imaging Surveys.. Building Services Engineering.. Projects.. Education.. Healthcare.. Commercial/Retail.. Historical.. Leisure.. Residential.. Careers.. News.. Contact Us.. Energy Environmental Services.. We provide a diverse range of energy and environmental services to public and private clients in education, healthcare, industrial, commercial, residential, retail, leisure and hotel sectors.. In a tough economic period with escalating energy prices, we are helping businesses and home-owners to minimise their energy costs.. We offer a comprehensive range of engineering services to our clients in the public and private sectors.. Our environmentally sustainable design solutions integrate the latest technological advancements in renewable and low energy  ...   clients with the optimum consultancy advice to achieve both mandatory requirements and aspirations.. By identifying and targeting areas of energy waste in new and existing buildings we can help achieve dramatic savings in energy costs.. Latest News.. St.. Bricin s College, Belturbet, Co.. Cavan.. Apr 20, 2012.. i-sec.. have recently completed the design and project management of a new energy efficiency lighting system in St.. Bricin’s College in Belturbet, Co.. The project comprised a complete re-wire of the lighting services and the installation of new energy efficient light fittings and controls.. More.. Bernard Smith.. Cavan Office.. Unit 7, Churchview Square.. ,.. Co.. Telephone:.. +353 (0) 49 4371474.. email:.. info@bernardsmith.. ie.. Dublin Office.. 27 Mellowes Quay, Ushers Quay.. Dublin 8.. +353 (01) 878 0409.. i-sec Limited.. Copyright 2012 i-Sec..

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  • Title: Energy Services - i-Sec - Building Energy Rating Assessors
    Descriptive info: As qualified and experienced building services engineers,.. i-sec.. offer a distinct advantage over many other energy consultants in that the area where most energy savings are achievable is normally related to the mechanical and electrical services, which is our area of expertise.. Our engineers understand how  ...   operating efficiencies and to minimise waste energy.. We are constantly attending training programs, expositions and seminars in order to keep up-to-date with the latest advances in technologies so that we can assess all energy saving options available to our client and conclude with the most suitable one..

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  • Title: Profile - i-Sec - Building Energy Rating Assessors
    Descriptive info: (Innovative Sustainable Energy Consultants) are a professional engineering consultancy firm of qualified Mechanical and Electrical Building Services Engineers and Energy Consultants.. The company was established by Bernard Smith in 2007.. Bernard is a Chartered Engineer with over 12 years experience in building services design.. The company's primary objective is to deliver a high quality, efficient and professional service whilst providing practical, innovative and  ...   and understanding of mechanical and electrical building services systems allows us to identify areas where significant energy costs can be achieved.. seek to develop and maintain long term relationships with our Clients by the level and quality of service that we provide.. To date our client list includes town and county councils, government agencies, boards of management, committees, architects, developers and many private clients..

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  • Title: Green Build Advisory Report - i-Sec - Building Energy Rating Assessors
    Descriptive info: Includes Provisional BER and Building Regulations Compliance Check.. Whether you are thinking of constructing a new building or renovating or extending an existing one, i-sec can offer you advice on how best to energy proof your investment, saving you money in the long run.. Our Green Build Advisory Report is a customised report detailing the most suitable materials and services to be used during construction in order to achieve compliance with the current building regulations, to meet the client’s expectations and to achieve the client’s target building energy rating (BER), e.. g.. A1, A2, A3, etc.. As part of this service we carry out a feasibility study to determine the most suitable and cost effective heating system and other renewable energy technologies to suit the particular building and obtain quotes for the supply  ...   services to be employed.. We recommend that clients speak to us before issuing tender documents to builders for pricing as the changes to the most recent building regulations now require increased levels of insulation and renewable energy technologies which can have a significant effect on the build cost and may also affect the layout and construction of the building, e.. A heat pump may be required to achieve compliance.. Heat pumps operate far more efficiently with underfloor heating as opposed to conventional radiators.. The building regulations require increased insulation levels when underfloor heating is installed when the builder needs to be made aware of.. A precast concrete slab first floor may be more suitable than a timber joist floor to accommodate the underfloor heating.. Again this will add a considerable cost to the build..

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  • Title: Plumbing & Electrical Drawings & Specifications - i-Sec - Building Energy Rating Assessors
    Descriptive info: Plumbing Electrical Drawings Specifications.. Building or renovating a house is an expensive and stressful process and clients need assurance that their house will meet their needs and expectations when completed.. i-sec’s.. qualified building services engineers can produce detailed plumbing and electrical services tender drawings and specifications which can be issued to builders at tender stage or separately to a number of plumbing and electrical contractors.. Clients can rest assured that all contractors are pricing like-for-like, that the services will be designed and installed to current standards and that the services will be installed to provide the optimum layouts.. In addition, we will design the services to cater for forthcoming advances in technology and to provide optimum flexibility in the operation and extension of current systems.. Following discussions and agreement with the client  ...   systems – conventional boiler, biomass boiler, heat pumps, stoves, fire inserts.. Heating distribution – underfloor heating, radiators.. Heating Cooling – air-conditioning.. Water services – gravity, boosted, rain water harvesting.. Ventilation – natural, mechanical ventilation heat recovery (MVHR), demand control ventilation (DCV).. Gas services – cooking, fires, barbeque.. Renewable energy technologies – biomass, heat pumps, solar energy.. Electrical Services.. General services – socket outlets, power points.. Telecommunications – computer, internet and phone network.. Home automation system – multi-room sound and audio, motorised window and blinds, mood lighting, heating control, motorised gates.. Security systems – CCTV, intruder alarm, motorised gates, gate intercom.. Lighting – Mood lighting, feature lighting, facade lighting.. Life and property protection system – fire detection and alarm, carbon monoxide detection, gas detection.. Renewable energy technologies –Wind turbines, photovoltaic (PV) panels, hydro generators..

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  • Title: Developer's Green Build Advisory Report - i-Sec - Building Energy Rating Assessors
    Descriptive info: Developer s Green Build Advisory Report.. provide advice and guidance to developers who are considering new energy efficient housing developments or upgrades to existing housing stock.. As people are becoming more and more aware of the necessity for low energy bills and improved thermal comfort, developers now believe that offering A-rated dwellings is the only initiative worth pursuing.. With heating fuel prices continuing to rise and the introduction of carbon tax on fossil fuels, people are  ...   and comfortable living, compared to a B, C or D rated house.. i-sec will work with developers and their design team to achieve the best possible energy rating for each house in the development.. Our Green Build Advisory Report is a customised report detailing the most suitable materials and services to be used during construction in order to achieve compliance with the current building regulations and to achieve the client’s target building energy rating (BER), e..

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  • Title: Alternative & Renewable Energy Feasibility Studies - i-Sec - Building Energy Rating Assessors
    Descriptive info: Alternative Renewable Energy Feasibility Studies.. Our feasibility studies involve examining a particular building with the primary objective of minimising energy usage.. Having studied the building in detail, a schedule of potential energy saving solutions is prepared.. Each solution is then analysed in detail to determine it’s suitability for the particular application.. This service is offered on  ...   compiled for our client, outlining the energy saving solutions most suited.. With each solution we provide an initial investment cost for the supply and installation of the system, projected annually running costs, estimated payback period and annual maintenance and servicing cost.. The report is an easy to follow document and relevant only to the building in question..

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  • Title: Energy Audits - i-Sec - Building Energy Rating Assessors
    Descriptive info: An energy audit is one of the most cost effective steps a building owner can take in order to reduce energy costs.. The cost of an audit can quickly be recouped having implemented some or all of the recommendations that our audit report offers.. We provide energy audit services on commercial and industrial buildings where savings of 10 – 30% on energy bills are typically achievable with payback periods of less than 6 years.. Our audits are carried out by experienced and qualified  ...   audit will focus on the areas where significant savings can be achieved, which is normally relating to the mechanical, electrical and process plant services.. As part of our energy audit service, we provide our clients with our findings and recommendations report for their specific building.. The report is an easy to follow document and relevant only to the building surveyed.. Included in the report is a capital investment cost, an estimated payback period and an annual maintenance and servicing cost for each recommendation..

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  • Title: Bill Analysis & Energy Procurement - i-Sec - Building Energy Rating Assessors
    Descriptive info: Bill Analysis Energy Procurement.. Savings for up to 15% can be achieved by shopping around and negotiating prices with energy companies.. Often businesses are not on the most suitable tariff structure and do not have the time or resources to spend discussing and comparing energy costs with multiple energy suppliers.. examine your energy bills, determine your annual energy usage and tender your energy costs with a number of energy supply companies in order to procure the best available value for our clients..

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  • Title: Energy Monitoring & Targeting - i-Sec - Building Energy Rating Assessors
    Descriptive info: Continuous monitoring of energy use is an extremely effective tool in identifying and targeting energy waste.. Monitoring is carried out by installing meters on the electricity, gas, oil and/or water supplies and recording the consumption through each meter.. The data from each meter is transmitted to a receiver on site which continuously records the information.. The load profiles from each meter can then be examined over a period (typically 1 – 4 weeks) which allows the  ...   the following:.. Identifying peak and low consumption which may lead to shifting of operations to a later or earlier time of the day to benefit from a cheaper energy tariff, e.. electricity.. Identifying abnormal and unexpected consumption outside operating hours, e.. heating, pumps, lighting or plant running due to faulty controls or time settings, leaking water pipes or urinal flushing, etc.. We can save Clients up to 20% by providing an Energy Monitoring and Targeting service..

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  • Title: Air-tightness Testing - i-Sec - Building Energy Rating Assessors
    Descriptive info: An Air Pressure Test is now mandatory on all new dwellings, where planning permission has been applied for on and after 1st July 2008.. The purpose of the test is to ensure that new buildings are constructed to the highest standards and that leaks in the building envelope are avoided.. The test involves a technician installing a blower door (powerful fan) into a sealed frame fitted in one of the buildings external doors.. The fan pulls air out of the house, lowering  ...   openings in the building envelope.. The technician may use a smoke pencil to detect air leaks.. Windows, doors, attic hatches and service penetrations are the areas where most leaks exist.. The Building Regulations set maximum limits on the amount of air infiltration a house is permitted.. Following the test, the technician will walk the building with the builder and point out areas where sealing needs to be carried out.. The technician will then issue a report detailing the results of the test..

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