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  • Title: i-drive.ie | South Dublin & Wicklow Driving School - Driving Lessons | Affordable Lessons
    Descriptive info: .. ABOUT I-DRIVE.. BENEFITS & PRICE.. METHOD.. LINKS.. CONTACT.. REVIEWS.. About i-drive:.. i-drive is an independently run driving school and was established with the intention of delivering a better quality of driving lesson to the customer.. For this reason i-drive has gained an excellent reputation due to its A.. D.. I.. qualified, professional and patient instructor and his exceptional pass rate.. The school operates in the Dublin South area and also extends to incorporate North Wicklow.. Steven, your driving  ...   for a pre-test you can call today! He will also cover test routes in these areas in his comprehensive pre-test lessons.. Special Offer.. Lessons now only 30 euro.. To Order: Tel: 087-2662763.. Or send us an email: info@i-drive.. ie.. Testimonial.. Former Student: Sarah Peterson - Cabinteely.. I passed my test first time thanks to steven, he is such a great instructor and such a nice guy.. I highly recommend him.. i-drive.. ie Copyright 2010.. Designed by -.. nevTECH.. com..

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  • Title: Benefits | Cheep Driving Lessons Dublin
    Descriptive info: The prices below relate to an hour-long lesson:.. 1 Lesson: €30.. 5 Lessons: €135.. 10 Lessons: €270.. 12 Lessons: €320.. Order Now!.. The main benefits of this school are:.. Excellent first time pass rate.. Pre-test specialist.. Dual-controlled car.. Fully qualified A.. patient instructor.. Complete beginners and nervous pupils  ...   of lessons).. Open 7 days with early morning and late evening lessons available.. Strictly one pupil in car per lesson guaranteed.. School car available to hire for test.. Free door to door service.. Gift vouchers available.. 10% insurance discount available for students who take ten or more lessons..

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  • Title: Method | How to ensure that you pass the driving test and drive safely
    Descriptive info: Lesson Methodology:.. Be careful at all times and maintain your concentration.. One in three new drivers is involved in an accident in their first two years of driving.. They are twice as likely to be involved in accidents as other road users.. Develop a good attitude on the road.. Use your brain as well as your eyes, ears, hands and feet.. Maintain a high level of observation, looking in your mirrors often and looking over your shoulder when changing lanes or, pulling out, turning or on roundabouts.. Read the roadway ahead, long distance, medium distance and immediate.. Learn to detect hazards and potential hazards.. Think ahead..  ...   and Position.. Use Systematic Vehicle Control - correct position on road, correct speed and correct gear.. Always maintain the correct speed.. Leave enough margin for error, either your error or that of others.. Be aware of traffic signals, road signs and markings.. Use your car controls properly i.. e.. steering, brakes, clutch, gears, accelerator etc.. Maintain the correct road position.. Signal your intentions early.. Maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front.. Remember: 'Only a fool breaks the two second rule'! In dry conditions allow two second of time between the car in front and your car.. Double that in wet weather or poor road conditions..

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  • Title: Links | Useful Links for Drivers Theory Test - RSA
    Descriptive info: Useful Links:.. Road Safety Authority.. Driver Theory Test.. : For online or bookings or apply by.. phone by calling: 1890 606 106.. Driver Test.. : For online or bookings or or you can book.. a driving test by phoning the RSA on: 1890 40 60 40..

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  • Title: Contact | Order Cheap and Affordable Driving Lessons Online
    Descriptive info: Contact Us.. i-drive is always open for communication on whatever questions you may have.. So in case you do have questions or want to make a booking just go ahead and complete the form below to let us know.. Usually we respond within 24 hours.. Full Name:.. E-mail:.. Phone:.. Start Date:.. 1.. 2..  ...   13.. 14.. 15.. 16.. 17.. 18.. 19.. 20.. 21.. 22.. 23.. 24.. 25.. 26.. 27.. 28.. 29.. 30.. 31.. 2012.. 2013.. 2014.. 2015.. 2016.. 2017.. 2018.. 2019.. 2020.. 2021.. 2022.. Lessons:.. None.. 10">> 10.. Found Us:.. Please Select.. 11811.. Golden Pages Book.. Goldenpages Online.. Leaflets & Flyers.. Repeat Customer.. Friend.. Internet Search.. Other.. Message:..

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  • Title: Reviews | What formar students had to say about the success they have had with i-drive
    Descriptive info: Reviews from former students.. I passed my test first time thanks to steven, he is such a great instructor and such a sound bloke.. Steven is a brilliant instructor! He helped me so much.. All the help he gave me was fantastic!!! Thanks Steven!!!.. Steven is the definition of an instructor, he's cool, relaxed etc, without steve-o's help i dont think i would have passed, i'd recommend him to anyone, top bloke.. I now drive with safety,competence and confidence thanks to I-DRIVE.. i-drives method of teaching is clear and Stevens calm,patient and positive approach facilitates learning.. I found the feedback at the end of each lesson with the focus on the key points of the lesson really useful.. Stevens clarity and illustrated handouts on the key points accelarated my learning, my driving and confidence improved over a short time.. Steven is an expertly trained, highly qualfied instructor and an effective communicator eg.. i mastered reversing around the corner in one lesson ditto with parrallel parking.. Of note to parents with young adults who are impulsive and who have poor attention, I-DRIVEs approach would be useful.. Steven is constantly monitoring and filtering the driving situation for the learner where necessary  ...   Steven's patience and great instruction helped me pass second time.. He also adds a bit of humour to the lessons which helped me relax.. Thank you Steven!.. I would definitely recommend taking lessons with Steven.. His is very patient and made me feel at ease straight away.. Steven's knowledge is up to date and he explains things clearly.. As I was a nervous pupil I really thought I was going to find it difficult to learn to drive.. Thanks to Steven and i-drive it wasn't hard at all.. He has a very good way with people and explains everything extremely clearly.. I was over the moon when I passed my test and i'm very grateful I chose i-drive.. Steven has been a fantastic instructor and I would highly recommend him.. He is highly dedictated and without his patience and his ability I would not have passed my driving test.. His personal and professional approach to his teaching really made me feel at ease when driving.. Excellent teacher, knows how to get the information across and tells you how to improve your driving to be able to pass the driving test.. Enjoyed the lessons very much.. Good sense of humour too..

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