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  • Title: i-enquire -
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Careers.. Contact.. Services Offered.. Team.. Info 2 go.. About Us.. i-enquire is a registered company in Ireland.. We offer mobile solutions which prove to be effective tools of marketing and ensure return on investments.. If you have an idea that you want developed, or have a specific business requirement,.. contact us.. and and find out how we can help.. Platforms.. Value of Mobile App.. Extraordinary convenience for availability of information to users, customers and clients.. Very easy for people to use tap and touch.. Very efficient mechanism for making information available.. No Internet connection required.. Always on.. Information literally available  ...   information.. No drilling into websites.. Right where the customer is.. Interesting to use.. Visual pages easy and pleasant to use and read.. Attract new customers.. Awareness of the product/service.. Advertise the product/service to a tech savvy audience.. Innovative way to present the business.. Brand recognition.. Instant rapport with customers enquiries, feedback, etc.. Promotion and awareness through the social networks.. Increase revenue.. Present the business in new ways.. iPhone/Android have 80% of the market-focused access to the mobile subscribers.. Enhances the customer experience.. Communication open all the time.. Allows customer instant access.. Constant new awareness of the business.. Copyright 2012 All rights reserved..

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