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  • Title: i3 Open Water Swim Ireland 2012
    Descriptive info: .. i3 Open Water Swim.. Home.. Location.. Train Prepare.. Events.. FAQ.. About/News.. Shop.. 1/2 MILE SWIM.. The Snamh Beag is the perfect introduction to open water swimming for the whole family.. More info.. 1 MILE SWIM.. If you have a little bit of experience swimming in open water or like to hit the pool a couple.. 5KM SWIM.. Long distance open water swimming is reserved for brave souls….. LITTLE FISH.. If you are not yet 14 and want to get wet we will have just the thing for you.. GROUP CHALLANGE.. The must do open swim corporate challenge  ...   to enter is a sense of adventure, a will to succeed and of course be able to swim.. You can pick your own distance and start time and take to the water with hundreds of other like minded people to experience the amazing sensation of open water swimming.. 2011 RESULTS ONLINE.. HERE.. GET THE LATEST UPDATES ON THE EVENT.. FIND US ON FACEBOOK.. FOLLOW UPDATES ON TWITTER.. Subscribe to the newsletter:.. OK.. i3 SWIM PARTNERS.. Powered by.. RaceDatesPRO.. ie.. - Complex Sport Events Platform.. Terms Conditions.. | Photo Credits:.. Gordon Thompson.. |.. Volunteer Form.. Contact us @.. info@i3swim..

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  • Title: i3 Open Water Swim 2011 - Lough Derg, Ireland
    Descriptive info: Event Location.. Accomodation.. Getting to the Shannon Region.. Discover Killaloe and Ballina.. The University of Limerick Activity Centre is starting point for the i3 Open Water Swim at Lough Derg and is located at 2 Mile Gate, Killaloe, Co.. Clare.. More details.. Here are a selection of the closest places to stay for the i3 Open Water Swim with special offers just  ...   reached by sea and air.. Shannon International Airport lies at the heart of the Region and.. The twin towns of Killaloe and Ballina span the River Shannon at the southern point of Lough Derg.. With a vast array of activities on land and water, historic sites and a bustling nightlife, Killaloe has long been Ireland s secret vacation destination delighting all the family..

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  • Title: Train & Prepare - i3 Open Water Swim
    Descriptive info: Open water swim tips:.. Coach Stephan Teeling Lynch.. Go Tri Coaching.. www.. gotri.. Open water swim tips.. Getting started: Be prepared!!.. 2 x swim hats (ideally silicone).. 2 x goggles- one set of clear goggles and one darker pair, your pair of choice depending on the weather on the day.. Wetsuit + tri suit or under gear-such as a rash vest or compression top.. Body glide or wetsuit friendly creams to help with getting it on and off + around the neck for friction.. Training for open water Triathlons or swims.. RULES:.. Never ever swim alone, if your part of a group operate in a buddy system, choose a partner of equal swim ability, or if you’re not confident enough ask a senior member to swim with you for the first session.. Never ever panic, if you get into trouble at any stage, roll over on to your back tilt your head to the sky and kick your legs gently, put your hands out and scull gently the wetsuit will help keep you afloat, while you re-catch your breath to swim on.. If you get into trouble or difficult, follow the above steps and then raise your arm with a closed fist, the swim instructor or if in a race, support crew will come to you and assist you.. Training:.. When training for open water sessions, do what you do in the pool, don’t change your stroke.. Learn to sight and learn a sight rhythm, a sight rhythm is a routine that you don’t break of looking up for direction; it is different for a lot of swimmers.. Some swimmers like 6 or 12, this can depend also on the weather conditions also but experiment, see what rhythm suits you and stick to it.. With your swim buddy, take turns practicing drafting, and the uglier side of open water racing being swam upon.. On drafting, practice side drafting and drafting on feet.. In training get used to being beat up a bit, find a group or a few friends and practice mass starts to a buoy, practice pulling at each other ( try not to be too mean J, but get used to this, so when it comes to racing there will be no panic attacks).. Training for the beginner.. Racing for the beginner.. Choosing races according to ability-we are lucky to have lots of different races on our racing calendar, that suit beginner athlete’s with weaker swims, for example Carrick on suir or Cahir Tri 3 race.. A lot of races now also carry Tri a Tri races with shorter distances also, so make sure.. Beginner swimmer training starts in the pool, getting things right there will really help with both confidence and open water swimming ability.. Things you will need to be able to do before you can race.. Float!! Practices floating both on your back and on your front.. Remember that your wetsuit will aid you as you float in the open water, but you must be able to float on you back with confidence in the pool, before hitting the open sky views on race morning.. Frontal floating with front scull action, you will need a swim instructor, senor swimmer to demo this to you or alternatively YouTube will give you a good demo.. Sighting practice in the pool, practices sighting by using your water bottles.. Close your eyes, as a pool swimmer you will get used to swimming by the black line on the pool floor, see how many times you can swim a length of the pool be it a 25m or 50m without banging off the lane ropes!!.. In the pool with another beginner triathlete use the lane to practice swimming alongside one another, get used to your stroke being disrupted and getting the odd thump.. Learn to incorporate your sighting and your breathing into the one stroke, (this is the topic of a further review on this site later).. Make sure that before you enter a race you can swim the distance in the pool.. Make the transition from pool swimmer to open water swimmer with the help of a senor swimmer/instructor/open water swim class in a beginner swimmer friendly area.. Snamh beag (800m) Training Program..  ...   water swim in at the begging of the week.. It is a strange feeling for those who have never swam in open water before, the lines at the bottom of the pool have gone, water life and nature combine to make beautiful things to look at and shock the first time open water swimmer.. You will have to decide also if you are using a wetsuit or swimming without one.. Ideally for a first time open water swimmer I would be advising you swim with a wetsuit, as in the case of difficulty you have a certain degree of floatation provided by the wetsuit.. This is something for you to decide and will depend on your level of ability to start with.. Two 30 min swim sessions.. Target 800m/1000m per session.. If you are going to try open water swimming this week, Try and swim from the activity centre.. They will be able to provide visual cover from the peer in case of any trouble or check out.. to see if the Gotri coaching team have a session on that might suit you.. The final session.. J.. Warm up.. 4 x 25m f/c rest= 10 seconds.. 4 x 25m f/c kicks with breast stroke arms.. Main set.. 8 x 50m 1 fast 1 slow off 20 seconds rest.. Cool down.. 100m back crawl or easy swimming.. The big mistake made by most athlete’s is not trusting their training in the run up to a major event, they panic and want to get more training in so they can perform better and end up being tired come race day.. Don’t make the same mistake.. Train Smart: Train Happy.. Time to address what happens if I can’t make a pool session?.. There are huge benefits to cross training for beginner and elite athletes.. Plain and simply put to be a better swimmer you have to swim!! But there are many different exercises that one can do in order to help oneself to reach a goal.. The 4 magic r not so magic exercises for swimmers are the following and can be added into a program once or twice a week or when one is caught for time and can’t make a pool/water based session.. Exercise 1 full stroke exercise.. The chin up/pull up.. This exercise is divided into 2 phases.. Phase one is the pulling up phase to the chinning position.. Phase two is the lowering phase back to starting position.. (Please note, no cheatingJ).. The muscles used in this exercise are majority the same muscles used during the arm cycle of the swim, please also not that to do a chin up correctly one must also engage their core.. Starting off, aim for 3 x 2 reps with 20 seconds rest between sets.. Build on this every 2 weeks.. Exercise 2.. The push up- mid stroke exercise.. Please read and practise the correct technique on all exercises.. Subject lies prone on the floor, legs together, palms on the floor, hands pointed forward and approximately under the shoulders, please keep your back straight, subject pushes up to the up position and returns to the starting position.. How many should I aim to do?.. 3 sets of 5 slow push ups with 20 secs rest between each.. Please do not try to do these with a fast return action; you will miss out on some of the benefits.. Exercise 3.. The tri-cep dips exercise.. This can be done using a chair and with legs extended or bent depending on your ability.. Please have a train professional show you how to do this exercise correctly.. Exercise 4.. Core plank exercise.. This can be done in the extended push up position or on ones elbows.. Take your time to visit a fully qualified gym instructor for demonstrations and do not attempt any of these whilst be injured or without undergoing a full medical check up by a doctor.. Core exercises are hugely important for swimming.. A lot of first time swimmers new to the sport don’t understand just how hard or demanding swimming can be on your core muscle group.. An enjoyable way to work on these is to partake in a Pilate’s class.. Register now for this event!..

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  • Title: Events - i3 Open Water Swim
    Descriptive info: TIMETABLE..

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  • Title: FAQ - i3 Open Water Swim
    Descriptive info: What is the age restriction for this event?.. Participants must be 14 years or over on the day of the event to enter the 1/2 mile swim.. For the 1 mile and 5km swim participants need to be 18 years old or over.. The Little Fish event will cater for 11-13 years olds and the Fun Splash and Dash will be for children between 7-10 years old.. What happens if the race is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances?.. Due to the nature of open water swimming, the i3 Swim may be cancelled/postponed prior to or on the day of the event due to unforeseen circumstances.. If the event cannot be postponed then your full entry fee will be refunded on request – this does not include wetsuit, travel or accommodation costs incurred.. Announcements of any cancellation/postponement will be via text on the mobile number provided on the application form, email, on the i3 Swim website and social media pages, and on local radio stations.. Please make sure you enter a valid mobile and email address on your application.. Start times for the race.. The start times for each event.. 1/2 Mile 10:00am Saturday 17th.. 1 mile 11:30pm Saturday 17th.. 5km 12.. 30 pm Sunday 18th.. Should I wear a wetsuit?.. Wetsuits are not compulsory but can provide extra buoyancy, warmth and may help you swim a little faster.. What type of wetsuit should I wear?.. We recommend you use a well fitted specific wetsuit, wetsuits designed for triathlons would be the best option.. Triathlon wetsuits are made from a more flexible neoprene that allows you to swim normally whilst helping to insulate the body against the colder water.. It is more important that whatever wetsuit you decide  ...   The 1 mile start and finish points are 300 metres apart so there will be no need for transport.. The 5 km swimmers will be transported from the finish line to the start so you will be swimming back to your dry clothes, warm showers and cars which can be parked in Ballina.. Is there a cut-off time on the swim?.. The cut off time for the 1/2 mile swim will be approximately 45 minutes and the 1 mile approximately 80 minutes.. As long as the swimmers are in good shape and making progress we will be flexible on this as we want as many people as possible to complete their goal.. Our water safety team will use their discretion in these cases but saftey will be paramount.. The cut off for the 5km will be 3 hours.. How are support boats distributed throughout the route?.. The boats will be distributed along each course to guide the swimmers around the course and sweep behind each wave to pay close attention to the weaker swimmers.. It is anticipated that at no stage should a swimmer be further than 50km from a kayak or rescue craft.. Have you any tips for hydration before getting in the water?.. Drink and electrolyte drink or energy drink before the race, approx.. 1 litre.. Make sure you have practiced this in training and that it agrees with our stomach and doesn t cause cramps or any other problems.. This varies from person to person so practice is highly recommended to find the right solution.. Will there be safety boats?.. Yes, there will be plenty of safety boats and kayakers in the water for all the swim distances.. For any further queries please.. contact us..

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  • Title: About/News - i3 Open Water Swim
    Descriptive info: Categories.. News.. Press.. Friday, 27th July, 2012.. Special Olympics to partner i3 Swim.. Special Olympics Munster has been selected as the chosen charity for the forthcoming “Immersed in Ireland” (i3) open water swim event which will take place on Lough Derg at Ballina/Killaloe over the weekend of the 16th, 17th and 18th September 2011.. The mass participation event is  ...   more.. Press release 2011.. “Immersed in Ireland” (i3) is a new two day open water swim event which will take place on Lough Derg at Killaloe/Ballina over the weekend of the 16th, 17th and 18th September, 2011.. The mass participation open water swim event, the first of its kind to be held in Ireland, is being organised by Shannon [..

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  • Title: Rocket Science Sports, For Swimmers and Triathletes who want to go Fast
    Descriptive info: Currencies:.. US Dollar.. Euro.. GB Pound.. Canadian Dollar.. Australian Dollar.. Log In.. All Products.. Videos.. Size Charts.. Contact Us.. Featured Products.. Womens Elite Wetsuit.. Super fast and flexible.. 400.. 00.. Real Joe & Jane Tri Bag.. Finally a Triathlete Bag that can hold all your gear and still look cool.. 65.. Mens Rocket Wetsuit.. Do you have  ...   by 20 Beats per Minute.. 200.. Transition Mat.. Look and Race like a Pro.. 15.. Womens Rocket Race Suit.. They don't come faster than the Rocket Racer.. 130.. Mag Loc Wetsuit Technology.. Check out how this unique technology works.. Real Jane Tri Top.. Comfortable, Durable and Stylish.. 55.. Copyright 2012.. i3 Swim Shop.. Rocket Science.. Privacy Notice.. ::..

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  • Title: 1/2 MILE SWIM - i3 Open Water Swim
    Descriptive info: Snamh Beag (1/2 Mile).. The 800m distance is very achievable and easy to train for on your lunch break or even before work or school early in the morning.. You can set your own pace and choose any stroke to take to the crisp clean waters and experience the joy and freedom of Open Water swimming.. Notes:.. This is a wetsuit only event.. The 1/2 mile event will take place on  ...   you can only register online for this event, there will be no registration on the day, places are limited so book early to avaoid dissappointment.. Sign on.. will take place at UL Activity centre and will start at 09:00am please arrive an hour before your start time.. Start time.. 10:30am Saturday 29th.. All competitors will be sent full details by email a week before the event.. Check out of free.. training programmes..

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  • Title: 1 MILE SWIM - i3 Open Water Swim
    Descriptive info: Shannon Mile.. An exciting challenge.. If you have a little bit of experience swimming in open water or like to hit the pool a couple of times and week and are looking for a new exciting challenge then the Shannon mile could be what you are looking for.. As with the “Snamh beag” the swimmers will be set off in waves of swimmers.. Each wave will have swimmers of mixed ability but don t worry with our electronis  ...   on Saturday 29th of September and is open to 16 years old and upwards.. Registration.. you can only register online for this event, there will be no registration on the day.. Places are limited so book early to avoid disappointment.. will take place at the UL Activity centre from 10:00am, please arrive at least an hour before your start time.. From 11.. 30am Saturday 29th.. All competitors will be sent full details by email next week.. 2011 RESULTS ONLINE..

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  • Title: 5KM SWIM - i3 Open Water Swim
    Descriptive info: The Long Swim to Tipperary.. Long distance open water swimming is often seen as an elite pursuit reserved for brave souls who take on the Channel or other big sea swims.. Now is your chance to find out what it is like to take on a swimming endurance challenge with no lanes, no ropes and no walls.. This 5km event follows the flow of the river Shannon from the lake into the canal.. Swimming through the village of Killaloe where spectators will be able to get up close and cheer for their favorite.. The final 100m take competitors across to Tipperary where they will exit the water to a warm cheer.. The 2012  ...   will be made.. The 5km swim will take place on Sunday 30th of September and entrants need to be 18 years old and upwards.. (Exceptions will be made for accomplished swimmers age 16years and older, please email us for more information).. you can only register online for this event and places are limited to 120 so book early to avaoid disappointment.. will take place at the Ballina slipway from 10:00am on Sunday 30th, all swimmers must attend.. a bus will then transfer swimmers to the start at UL Activity Centre.. 12.. 30pm Sunday 30th.. 2011 Results from today s swim.. here.. , or locate a club(link) near you for help with your swimming..

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  • Title: LITTLE FISH - i3 Open Water Swim
    Descriptive info: Little Fish (1/8 Mile).. The Little Fish event is for young swimmers aged 11-14 who want to be part of the i3 swim.. The swimmers will use the same start and finish as the mile swimmers and will cover a distance of 1/8 Mile (200m).. All swimmers will receive a finisher’s medal when they cross the finish line.. You will be able to sign up on the day for this event, registration will be from 10:00am on Saturday 29th with the swim starting at 11:00am.. Registration will cost €5 per swimmer.. This event is wetsuit only and swimmers should be comfortable in open water.. The water will be  ...   at the Ballina outdoor swimming pool at 12:00 on Sunday the 30.. th.. It is open to young swimmers aged 7-10years who can swim 25m.. The swimmers will enter the pool in small groups and swim one full length of the Ballina outdoor pool all participants will receive a medal.. Each swimmer must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for the duration of the event, (they will not have to get in the water).. We will have lifeguards and stewards on duty at the pool to make sure everybody stays safe.. Registration for the race will take place at the pool at 11:30 and entry is Free!!..

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