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  • Title: James Gallagher | Just some random stuff from me
    Descriptive info: .. James Gallagher.. Just some random stuff from me.. Menu.. Good data management.. July 5, 2012.. by.. James.. 0 comments.. Tweet.. The project I m working for currently is about data in the context of a regulatory framework.. As part of that I come across interesting articles from time to time.. While the industry domain is insurance there s some good stuff in here about data.. Have a look at the.. presentations.. over on the.. BCS.. org.. (British Computer Society).. Data Management Specialist Group.. subsite.. Dean Buckner s is particularly interesting.. Haven t had a chance to listen to the audio yet, just ran through the presentation.. There are some key points in there about what you should focus on and also the idea of materiality i.. e.. what s actually important.. Even having a think about the materiality of your data is a useful exercise.. It may even be a useful challenge for you to ask yourself: Is the data I think is important really important.. Could we crowdsource a financial institution?.. June 25, 2012.. So this is a bit off the wall I ll admit but I ll throw it out there anyway.. If you want to call it crazy, do :) I ve deliberately not analysed this in depth as just throwing the.. idea.. around is making me smile.. We know banks here in Ireland are basically fucked and as both the effective owners  ...   to reach the website for this, so here it is:.. Mahon Tribunal Report (PDF 56Mb).. Older posts.. Home.. About.. Comments.. Joe Lee.. on.. Review of iPhone App Image to Text OCR.. Kona Dr.. Good Review.. Lmcpcun on.. Senorando on.. Tags.. 3g.. 2009.. ageing.. Beirut.. bicycle.. bike.. Blog.. civil_service.. condition.. context.. cooking.. creativity.. cycling.. digiweb.. dublin.. economy.. food.. Galway.. government.. home.. human.. humour.. inefficiency.. internet.. iphone.. ireland.. Lebanon.. microsoft.. networking.. perl.. politics.. pondering.. review.. roscommon.. social.. startups.. tech.. techludd.. technation.. technology.. travel.. wastage.. web.. wondering.. xtracycle.. Archives.. Select Month.. July 2012 (1).. June 2012 (1).. March 2012 (1).. January 2012 (5).. December 2011 (1).. July 2011 (1).. February 2011 (1).. November 2010 (1).. April 2010 (3).. March 2010 (3).. January 2010 (3).. December 2009 (1).. October 2009 (1).. September 2009 (3).. August 2009 (3).. July 2009 (1).. March 2009 (5).. February 2009 (4).. December 2008 (1).. November 2008 (3).. October 2008 (4).. September 2008 (1).. August 2008 (4).. July 2008 (1).. June 2008 (4).. May 2008 (1).. April 2008 (3).. March 2008 (2).. February 2008 (2).. January 2008 (7).. December 2007 (3).. September 2007 (7).. August 2007 (1).. June 2007 (6).. May 2007 (12).. April 2007 (5).. March 2007 (9).. February 2007 (2).. January 2007 (2).. November 2006 (2).. October 2006 (103).. Back to Top.. Social.. Twitter.. Facebook.. Google+.. Flickr.. Pinterest.. Foursquare.. LinkedIn.. RSS Feed.. RSS Comments.. 2012 James Gallagher.. //.. Proudly powered by.. WordPress.. Theme: Pohutukawa by.. Elmastudio..

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  • Title: Good data management | James Gallagher
    Descriptive info: Posted by.. 35 year old guy living in Galway and working in Dublin, Ireland.. Interested in gadgets and tech with some strange tastes in Music!.. Category:.. Technology.. Tags:.. data.. work.. Previous Post..

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  • Title: Could we crowdsource a financial institution? | James Gallagher
    Descriptive info: The.. Credit Union Act 1997.. has:.. Conditions for registration as a credit union.. 6.. —(1) A society may be registered under this Act as a credit union if the Registrar is satisfied that each of the following conditions is fulfilled—.. (.. a.. ) the society is formed for the objects specified in.. paragraphs (a).. to.. (c).. of.. subsection (2).. and for no other purposes beyond those specified in.. paragraphs (d).. (g).. of that subsection;.. b.. ) admission to membership of the society is restricted to persons each of whom has, in relation to all the other members, at least one of the common bonds specified in.. subsection (3).. ;.. c.. ) it has at least 15 members who are of full age;.. d.. ) its rules comply with.. section 13.. e.. ) the place which under those rules is, or is to be, the society s registered office is in the State;.. f.. ) if registered, it will participate in a savings protection scheme approved under.. section 46.. (1).. ; and.. g.. ) it has in force (or will have in force if registered) such a policy of insurance as is required by.. section 47.. (2) The objects referred to in.. subsection (1)(a).. are—.. ) the promotion of thrift among its members by the accumulation of their savings;.. ) the creation of sources of credit for the mutual benefit of its members at a fair and reasonable rate of interest;.. ) the use and control of members savings for their mutual benefit;.. ) the training and education of its members in the wise use of money;.. ) the education of its members in their economic, social and cultural well-being as members of the community;.. ) the improvement of the well-being and spirit of the members community; and.. ) subject to.. section 48.. , the provision to its members of such additional services as are for their mutual benefit.. (3) The common bonds referred to in.. subsection (1)(b).. ) following a particular occupation;.. ) residing  ...   the qualification required for admission to membership stated in those rules if he is a member of the same household as, and is a member of the family of, another person who is a member of the credit union and who has a direct common bond with those other members.. A Common Bond in the case of an online community is a little more interesting but perhaps can be established.. Let s face it; there s surely.. the improvement of the well-being and spirit of the members community.. in abundance.. How would it operate? I just see this as something very basic:.. Somewhere for your salary to be paid.. Somewhere to pay your bills from.. Somewhere to manage your cash.. Somewhere to get cash.. Somewhere to put cash.. Irish League of Credit Unions.. talk about.. payment services (i.. EFT) via a CUSO.. for sending and receiving payments and eventually extending to debit cards.. Most of the features you need for banking domestically and abroad.. Your back office doesn t need to be particularly sophisticated to support any of that.. In fact, with a lightweight accounting setup at the back you could actually do proper APIs for the multitude of budgeting and cash management services out there instead of the crappy, rigid, archaic, half-arsedly implemented export offerings currently.. Yes, the topics of data privacy and security are significant but there are people, willing and able, out there (a big assumption perhaps).. With a lightweight implementation like this you then have the problem of branch coverage.. Something which is probably an issue with credit unions today.. I d wonder if the deals AIB and NIB have with An Post are prohibitively expensive?.. I ve left off a discussion on lending from this as that needs to be carefully handled.. Of course, that closes off revenue generation for running costs and dividends which you have to think about.. Regulation and compliance does tend to cost money.. Anyway, just letting that loose from my head.. Interests.. Next Post..

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  • Title: Mahon Tribunal Report | James Gallagher
    Descriptive info: Mahon Tribunal Report..

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  • Title: James Gallagher | Just some random stuff from me | Page 2
    Descriptive info: Android foray: Arnova 8 G2.. January 26, 2012.. I have been threatening to get a tablet for awhile.. Of course, as one might expect, an iPad has been the object of desire.. This remains the case but not because I see this Android experience as a failure.. Using a tablet has proven the tablet form factor for me.. Even though I m pecking this out on a soft keyboard which leaves a lot to be desired.. Part of that s probably due to the compromises that brought this €175 price tag.. I accept that.. The smart text that accompanies my typing just doesn t seem as smart as on iOS which is down to UX design.. It s good but just not there yet.. As an example, typing this I miss the space bar a lot and would expect that to be handled but it isn t.. There s a good blog post by.. Benjamin Tseng.. doing the rounds on Twitter today (.. actually it was ages ago as I ve been slow to get this finished.. ).. It talks about text and cursor selection positioning on Android versus iOS where the author prefers Android but I m just not finding that same  ...   I needed to discuss it a bit further because it really is a great little app that I think might be quite under rated.. When I first went looking for OCR apps I was looking to solve a rather annoying little problem: I ve been working with Sharepoint Workflows at work and I wanted to document the rules that I was creating.. I thought this would be as easy as a copy/paste of the rules from Sharepoint Designer where I was creating them.. Alas, no.. You can t select the text of the rules in the workflow wizard.. So I decided to look for an elaborate technical solution rather than type them out by hand.. Why aren t retail stores making more of an effort to sell?.. January 15, 2012.. I ve been in a couple of retail outlets over the past few days and am taken aback by how little effort is put into either selling or upselling.. I m taken aback because we here so much about recessionary times and how hard the retail sector has been hit.. This is a bit of a long post as I m going through the scenarios.. Here s what I m talking about:.. Newer posts..

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  • Title: About | James Gallagher
    Descriptive info: I m 32 and living in Galway, Ireland.. Rant on.. @jamesgallagher.. I have strong interests in cycling advocacy and tech.. I do love my gadgets so the infrequent blogging tends to get dominated with shiny things.. Day to day, twitter is a good place to find me.. I can also be found at:.. flickr.. com/photos/ciotog.. facebook.. com/jamesgallagher.. ie..

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  • Title: Review of iPhone App Image to Text OCR | James Gallagher
    Descriptive info: I must admit, I m not a great typist.. So here s what the rules look like:.. As you can see this is just a photo from my phone here s the output from the app:.. If Description is not empty.. and Functional Area is not empty.. and Expected Business Benefit is not empty.. and Metrics is not empty.. and Priority is not empty.. and Complexity is not empty.. and Estimate is greater than 0.. and Resource Requirement is not empty.. tlHllillffiJiil.. and Resources is not empty.. and Enhancement Type is not empty.. Set Variable: allFieldsPopulated to Yes.. onal Branch.. ImageToText.. I was damn impressed with that and that s how the app ended up getting promoted onto my home screen.. The next test of it was capturing a quote from the Steve Jobs biography (hard copy version) which I thought was rather good and I felt says a lot about the direction a number of product based companies take.. It s split over two pages in the book and this is how they turned out:.. Here s how the text turned out:.. ;,^.. ,_/-,ml-.. r r^iiT" i v.. wpy 11 weu.. i ney totally didn t get it.. I have my own theory about why decline happens at companies like.. IBM or Microsoft.. The company does a great job, innovates and be-.. comes a monopoly or close to it in some held, and then the quality oC.. and.. the product becomes less important.. The company starts valuing the.. great salesmen, because they're the ones who  ...   where a simple app design decision came into play and made life so easy: The app integrates with Evernote when you select an image from the gallery you re asked where to send it; Mail or Evernote.. A sync later and the image plus the parsed text is in Evernote.. From there you re able to view the image and edit the text.. With the Steve Jobs quote above I had two notes in Evernote which I just merged and pasted the final text of together.. Of course, it doesn t work in every situation.. Here s an image which came through quite poorly (image quality was poor enough to start with):.. Security policy loaded: Safety net fo.. Col t i ng mpo_po I i cy _ In It for Sandbox.. Security policy loaded: Seat be It sandbox policy (Sandb.. calling mpo__pol lcy_lnlt for Quarantine.. Security policy loaded: Quarantine policy (Quarantine).. Copyright (c) 1982, 1986, 1989, 1991, 1993.. The Regents of the University of California, fl.. NRC Framework successfully Initialized.. using 16384 buffer headers and 18248 clust.. IORPIC: Version 8x28 vectors 64:87.. RCPI: System State tS8 S3 S4 S51 (S3).. PFH64 (36 cpu) Bxf18888888, 8xf8888888.. 10 buffer.. This app is excellent, I often come across text that isn t a readily usable electronic format i.. it s on paper or it s displayed on a screen from which it can t be selected and copied from.. It s also free!.. Reviews.. app.. buy.. ocr.. recommended.. http://twitter.. com/thiswayup.. Thanks for recommendation! Ive just also found out about textGrabber..

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  • Title: Kona Dr. Good Review | James Gallagher
    Descriptive info: July 25, 2011.. 13 comments.. I ve had this bike (.. official product page.. ) since December 2010 so I think I have had enough time cycling it to be able to post a review.. My Beloved Kona Dr.. Good, kitted out for the commute.. Prior to riding this bike I d been on a.. Free Radicalised.. ,.. Electra Townie.. which is a fantastic bike (currently sitting in the shed disassembled from the house move in February).. However it seemed too heavy for the daily commute when I wasn t using it as my primary transport any longer.. I m lucky to have a great LBS (Local Bike Shop, in case you re wondering what that oft used TLA is) in.. Moycullen Bike Works.. who don t push you when you go in for a chat.. Garry.. (MBW) was initially suggesting the.. Norco XFR 4.. (as he also rides a Norco XFR among other bikes) which appealed with the relaxed frame and front suspension.. I was considering the front suspension due to my wrists being painful for several weeks after a tumble on my older Raleigh hybrid and the roads along the route from Moycullen to Dangan (Galway) being in such a shocking state of disrepair.. Eric.. (MBW) also had a Kona 2011 catalogue and knows of my interest in.. internal hubs.. as he did the wonderful conversion on my Electra Townie.. That was it, the Dr Good was perfect for me as soon as I saw it in there; internal hub, front disc brake and rear roller brake on a relaxed frame.. Depending on the Sterling exchange rate you ll pay about €700 for it (that s the price I paid).. The struts fixing the rack to the frame, re-using supplied mounting clips to affix to the rack itself.. Six months on, it remains the perfect bike for me.. I ve made three modifcations to the bike; replaced the.. handlebar stem.. , added a rear pannier rack and mudguards.. The rack and mudguards are obvious, it s a commuting bike in wet and mucky West of Ireland.. Fitting the rack and mudguards weren t entirely straightforward.. The rack has struts which are supposed to screw onto the frame but weren t an exact fit.. This meant a bit of fiddling to find a way to attach them but got the job done in the end.. The front mudguard was difficult to fit due to the disc brake.. Mudguard struts affixed high on the front fork.. Replacement Handlebar Stem.. The disc brake calliper assembly mounts on the forks where the mudguard struts would normally go.. So, I had to mount the struts higher on the fork meaning taking a hacksaw to the struts.. I d recommend, on reflection, buying a mudguard that doesn t have mounting struts but secures to the top of the fork solely.. The stem replacement is less obvious and relates to my preference to sit as upright as possible on a bike.. The factory stem is non-adjustable so your handlebars will always be in a fixed location, relative to where you sit, at a fixed height.. I bought a replacement stem which supports a variable angle of adjustment for about €35.. It took about 5-10 minutes to fit to the bike.. Riding the bike is a joy, it s light and the internal hub gears are perfect for urban cycling.. The wheels are 700 x 32 so there s a nice balance between grip and lower rolling resistance.. I m perfectly happy with the stock tyres (.. Continental CityRIDE 700x32C.. ) which stand up to commuting just fine.. I haven t had too many punctures (around 5 in 7 months of cycling, covering ~1300km) and anyone who knows the Galway City streets, knows they are in poor repair and frequently littered with broken glass.. The handlebars supplied (.. Handplant Bar.. ) are reminiscent of a cruiser and extremely comfortable.. The only maintenance I ve had to do on the bike (aside from oiling the chain and punctures) is:.. Push the rear wheel back in the dropouts as the chain stretched out.. Adjust the tension on the rear brake cable as it stretched.. Adjust the gear cable again due to stretching.. Replace the rear tube (see the next paragraph).. There is one significant issue that I did encounter though.. It occurred in the past week as it happens and was when I found myself needing to do a roadside tube replacement on the rear wheel.. With an internally geared hub you have a cable connected to the wheel hub.. Shimano 7 speed.. hub with a roller brake (it s a drum brake) fitted you have another cable connected (on the opposite side of the hub to the gear cable) see the images on this.. Inter 7 product page.. and you should  ...   The only tools I needed were a spanner for the fastening nut and a hacksaw to trim the excess off the strut.. I lined everything up when fitting it and used the hacksaw to mark the strut where I wanted to cut.. Removed everything and then cut through if you do something similar, don t try to cut the strut while it s still mounted on the bike.. It seems convenient but is a bad idea.. I m not 100% happy with the result on the front I ve hit the front of my shoe against the struts a couple of times but they do the job of keeping mud off me well.. If I was doing it again then I d look at a different type of fender I think.. I like the look of http://www.. aspx?ModelID=25796 as they look easier to fit but I don t know if they would fit the Dr.. Good well.. Thanks for your very detailed reply!.. I ve read mixed comments on the type of fenders you would rather use, mostly due to the fact that they cover much less of the wheel than the SKS Bluemels or similar.. I was planning on buying Bluemels, see if they fit like you attached them, or try to bend the left-side struts so they don t get in the way of the brake (I ve since asked on a French cycling forum and have been showed pictures of successful creative bending of this particular product).. Egindinm.. I would expect a quick release on the front wheel on a bike at this price.. For me this is a real problem as I have to transport my bike in the cargo compartment of my station wagon.. Well, I understand your criticism based on your needs, but the fact that the bike has no quick-release on any part (seat post or wheels) was actually positive from my point of view: I use my bike in an urban environment, and even though I try never to leave it unguarded for too long, it sometimes has to spend the day attached somewhere in the street.. Having no quick release means I can be a little more confident the seat or front wheel won t be missing when I come back at the end of the day.. A quick follow-up on our recent exchange: based on the advice of my LBS, I ve chosen SKS Chromoplastics that I attached in exactly the same way you did.. They ve been doing pretty fine for the first few rainy days.. I wouldn t agree with that as I just see quick release as a security issue.. I would also wonder if you would have an issue with the force generated by the disc brake and the ability of a quick release rod to withstand that force.. But I can see how loading and unloading the bike would be a pain.. Have you looked at a bike carrier for your car might be more convenient in the long term?.. That s excellent to hear.. Despite my annoyance at the less than neat result, I can t fault them for keeping the street water off me.. It has been really wet here in Galway this year and the roads are in a poorer state (yay, massive recession!) but I m not getting muck or grit flying up at me.. Senorando.. Hey James, thanks for your review.. It was instrumental in my decision to pick one up this week.. Put a rack and fenders on right away; will wait to make a determination on things like stem and saddle.. Ride on!.. Excellent, I hope you enjoy riding it.. I think it s a great commuter and I m happily using it pretty much every work day.. Lmcpcun.. Hi James.. Love your review.. I m actually from Galway, but living in Canada, so I know the commute you are making.. I recently broke the frame on my Norco vfr 2 (with internal 8speed nexus).. Norco are offering me the new vfr with non-internal gears.. My LBS is offering credit so I am looking at other models.. My question is how do you find the 7 speed? I found (on my Norco) that I ran out of gears when going down any decent hill.. Do you have any similar issues with the kona?.. Thanks.. Paul.. Hey Paul, hope you re enjoying Canada? As regards the 7 speed, you re going to run into the same issue and likely quicker than with the 8 speed.. The 8 speed has a higher gear ratio in 8th which will let you push it a bit more :) It s rare enough that I get to spin out on mine I must admit but I guess you ll have more open roads to do so in Canada..

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  • Title: 3g | James Gallagher
    Descriptive info: Tag:.. Ah no Android, you re grand thanks.. November 11, 2010.. This is probably best described as a partially informed review of Android.. I m a techie who uses a lot of Apple products so I m coming from using a MacBook and iPhone 3GS daily.. I generally keep  ...   3G Router.. April 6, 2010.. 4 comments.. My recent posts have been showing off the scenery we find around us in our new home.. The downside of all those fantastic hills turned out to be a lack of line-of-sight for Airwire.. ie service.. So I m going to use..

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  • Title: 2009 | James Gallagher
    Descriptive info: FreeRadicalised Electra Townie 2009.. December 29, 2009.. This was my big cycling project of the year and truly was fun.. I m debating putting an internal gear hub on it in 2010 but currently being advised against it.. Well worth reading the set of posts I did recently..

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  • Title: ageing | James Gallagher
    Descriptive info: Creativity, lack of.. June 25, 2008.. 2 comments..

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