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  • Title: jamessugrue.ie | Java, Eclipse, Mobile and Technology Trends
    Descriptive info: .. jamessugrue.. ie.. Java, Eclipse, Mobile and Technology Trends.. Design Patterns.. Software Development.. Mobile.. Books.. Contact.. About Me.. Read More.. My Apps.. My Publications.. The Solution to the iPhone 3GS Self Restart Issue.. If your iPhone3GS has been mysteriously restarting itself since you upgraded to iOS5, then the following steps should help you get out of trouble with the phone.. It s worked for me twice: 1- Remove the SIM card from your mobile 2- Enable the (3G cellular Data) 3- Add the SIM card again.. 4- Now.. it will working fine.. Also you can Disable the (3G [.. ].. by.. James.. on.. April 12, 2012.. in.. Design Patterns Uncovered: The Bridge Pattern.. Today s pattern is the Bridge pattern, which allows you to vary both the implementation and the abstraction by placing both in seperate class hierachies.. Bridge in the Real World The display of different image formats on different operating systems is a good example of the Bridge pattern.. You might have different image abstractions for both [.. October 1, 2011.. Design.. Design Patterns Uncovered: The Builder Pattern.. Today s pattern is the Builder pattern,which allows for dynamic creation of objects based upon interchangable algorithms.. Builder in the Real World The purpose of the builder pattern is to separate the construction of a complex object from its representation.. so that the same construction process can create different representation.. An example of this is happy [.. September 30, 2011.. Design Patterns Uncovered: The State Pattern.. Today s pattern is the State pattern, which allows objects to behave in different ways depending on internal state.. State is used when you need a class to behave differently, such as performing slightly different computations, based on some arguments  ...   quite an abstract concept.. One example [.. September 27, 2011.. Design Patterns Uncovered: The Singleton Pattern.. The next pattern in our series is the Singleton pattern.. Singleton is probably the most infamous pattern, as it s use causes a divide in the development community- some say it belongs, others say it s against object-orientation.. Singletons in the Real World In the real world singletons represent anything that is unique, so in theory, every [.. September 26, 2011.. Design Patterns Uncovered: The Template Method Pattern.. Today s pattern is the Template Method pattern, which defines a stub for an algorithm, deferring some implementation steps to subclasses.. Template in the Real World The Template Method pattern is used when two or more implementations of a similar algorithm exist.. In the real world templates are used all the time: for architectural plans, and [.. Getting To Grips With the Equinox Console.. When developing Eclipse RCP applications, sometimes you ll find that your plug-in s capabilities don t seem to available.. The Equinox OSGi console is one of the most useful tools to inspect the state of all the plug-ins in a running application.. This article gives a brief introduction to the console, and how it can be used to [.. July 20, 2011.. Eclipse.. ,.. Design Patterns Uncovered: The Strategy Pattern.. Having focussed on the two factory patterns over the last week, today we ll take a look at the Strategy Pattern, a useful pattern in changing algorithm implementations at runtime, without causing tight coupling.. Strategy in the Real World To explain the strategy in the real world, let s take the example of a software developer.. If [.. July 19, 2011.. Follow.. @dzonejames.. on Twitter.. © 2012 James Sugrue..

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  • Title: jamessugrue.ie | Category Archive | Software Development
    Descriptive info: Archive | Software Development.. RSS feed for this section.. Leave a comment.. Continue Reading.. Design Patterns Uncovered: The Mediator Pattern.. Today s pattern is the Mediator pattern, used to handle complex communications between related objects, helping with decoupling of those objects.. Mediator in the Real World An airport control tower is an excellent example of the mediator pattern.. The tower looks after who can take off and land all communications are done from the airplane [.. Maintaining Your Value In the Software Industry.. July 18, 2011.. These days it can be tough to find the job you want as a software developer, either because the lack of opportunities out there, or facing huge competition in the process.. In this article, I d like to offer some tips that might help you to maintain your value as a software developer.. All of these [.. Why Do I Break The Rules? And Who Can Stop Me?.. July 17, 2011.. I ve been developing software for quite a few years now and I notice that sometimes I break the rules, those best practices that I know are right to follow.. With so many blogs, books and articles covering the best way to develop software, the temptation to do your own thing still can take over [.. Deadlines Revealed: The Truth About How We Make It Across The Line.. July 16, 2011.. Even though all software developers have the best of intentions, sometime we have to bend the rules a bit in order to make deadlines.. In  ...   the Real World The concept of a decorator is that it adds additional attributes to an object dynamically.. A real world example of this would be a picture frame.. The picture is our object, which has it s [.. Design Patterns Uncovered: The Proxy Pattern.. July 13, 2011.. Today s pattern is the Proxy pattern, another simple but effective pattern that helps with controlling use and access of resources.. Proxy in the Real World A Proxy can also be defined as a surrogate.. In the real work a cheque or credit card is a proxy for what is in our bank account.. It can [.. An Introduction To Cassandra: The Data Model.. I m fairly new to the whole NoSQL game, and one thing I keep hearing is how great Cassandra is.. Built by Facebook and open sourced in 2008, Cassandra is probably the most popular NoSQL implementation: A massively scalable, decentralized, structured data store.. Cassandra takes it s distribution features from Dynamo and the data model from BigTable.. Before we look [.. Making the Good Programmer Better.. June 30, 2011.. One of the hardest questions to answer in our industry surrounds the issue of what qualities differentiate a good programmer from the rest? I just read Eran Galperin s What makes a good programmer? post on the subject today, and thought that I would share my list of those essential skills and traits that I would look [.. 1.. 2.. 3.. Next.. Search.. Categories.. Agile.. (1).. (2).. (20).. (5).. (4).. (3).. (23)..

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  • Title: jamessugrue.ie | Category Archive | Mobile
    Descriptive info: Archive | Mobile.. Debugging Android: Using DDMS To Look Under The Hood.. July 14, 2011.. While working on an Android application recently, I ran into some problems, and was finding it difficult to work out what was actually going on in the emulator.. As I m using Appcelerator for my app development, I didn t have the luxury of using the built in  ...   Mobile Applications.. May 30, 2011.. So you know exactly what you want your mobile application to do, but you re not sure how to design the screens.. Usually, there s an app out there that s done something similar.. I found two great sites that provide screenshots of popular mobile applications, providing ideas for everything from splash screens to profile pages, lists to [..

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  • Title: jamessugrue.ie | Contact James
    Descriptive info: Contact James.. Name.. Email.. Message.. Send a copy of this email to yourself.. If you want to submit this form, do not enter anything in this field..

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  • Title: jamessugrue.ie | About James
    Descriptive info: About James.. In my day job, I m based in Cork, Ireland, working as a technical lead on a next generation tool suite using based on Eclipse.. This means that I get to use Java everyday, and a selection of the best Eclipse technologies, from EMF to GEF to Xtext.. DZone.. For the last three years I ve been editor over at.. JavaLobby.. EclipseZone.. You’ll find all my articles, opinions, tutorials and Refcardz on the.. DZone.. network, as well as here on.. You ll find a rundown of all my Refcardz on my.. publications.. page.. As editor on.. , I ve been quite involved in the.. Eclipse.. community.. My main code contribution has been to ECF, where I started off.. TweetHub.. – an RCP Twitter  ...   been nominated for E.. clipse Community Awards.. over the last three years because of my work with EclipseZone.. Mobile Development.. I ve been working on a suite of applications aimed at the Irish secondary school market.. These apps give students access to past exam papers on their phone.. There are two apps available now Paper Mate Leaving Certificate and Paper Mate Junior Certificate, both for the iPhone.. Android and iPad versions will be available very soon.. Take a look at.. my apps.. page to find out more.. I use.. Appcelerator.. for all my iOS app development.. You can follow me around on Twitter under.. View Comments (0).. Submit A Comment.. No comments yet.. Leave a Reply.. Click here to cancel reply.. Name.. (Required).. Email.. Website.. Comment..

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  • Title: jamessugrue.ie | My Publications
    Descriptive info: My Refcard Collection.. You ll see most of my articles and tutorials here and in.. JavaLobby.. I have also written the following collection of.. Refcardz.. : six page cheatsheets covering core technical topics, available to download for free from DZone.. I ve covered a nice range of topics, from Eclipse development to UML, Java GUI development to HTML5, and some developer tool references.. Getting Started With Apache Ant.. Apache Ant has been around for a long time, but that doesn t mean that it s not still relevant.. This card provides a concise reference for the main Ant tasks you ll need for Java development.. Getting Started With Java GUI Development.. This card takes a slightly different approach to usual refcardz.. Rather than focusing on one technology, this card shows you how to create Java GUIs using either Swing or SWT.. For any developer just getting into GUI development, this could be the card you ve been waiting for.. Eclipse Plug-in Development.. Creating plug-ins for Eclipse is my favourite way to go about rapid development.. The Eclipse platform consists of many plug-ins, which are bundles of code that provide some functionality to the entire system.. Plug-ins contribute functionality to the system by implementing pre-defined extension points.. You can provide extension points in your own plug-in to allow other plug-ins to extend your functionality.. This card will give you all the initial information you need to understand how to create your own plug-ins.. Eclipse Rich Client Platform.. To really get the best out of developing for Eclipse you need to understand how the rich client platform works.. The Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP) provides a foundation for  ...   models drive software development.. This refcard will get you started with the Eclipse Modeling Framework, showing you how to generate a model, understand Ecore and much more.. Getting Started With UML.. For a long time, I felt that UML was one of the biggest omissions for the Refcardz catalogue.. So I finally decided that I should get the card together.. As with all Refcardz, my aim was to have a concise, easy to use reference to have close at hand.. The card goes through all the main diagram types specified in UML.. HTML5: New Standards in Web Interactivity.. While the specification isn t complete yet, a lot of the features can be used in the latest versions of web browsers.. If you re unfamiliar with what s involved, take a look through the card and you ll see that it is the biggest evolution of browsers since we moved from text based to including images.. The standout feature of HTML5 is the Canvas element.. The API looks pretty compehensive, covering a whole lot of graphic operations.. Two parts of the specification that I think are really useful are the Geolocation API and the storage options.. WebMatrix: Advanced Web Development Made Simple.. WebMatrix is a free lightweight web development tool from Microsoft that requires no registration to download.. It is a powerful, task-focused tool that is designed to make it really easy to create, customize and publish websites based on open source technologies like Drupal, Joomla, and DotNetNuke.. There s no need to build a web application from scratch when WebMatrix integrates and streamlines the database and web server setup, allowing developers to just get the job done..

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  • Title: The Solution to the iPhone 3GS Self Restart Issue | jamessugrue.ie
    Descriptive info: It s worked for me twice:.. 1- Remove the.. SIM.. card from your mobile.. 2-.. Enable.. the (.. 3G.. cellular Data.. ).. 3- Add the.. card again.. 4-.. Now.. Also you can.. Disable.. the (3G cellular Data).. See the full thread at :.. https://discussions.. apple.. com/thread/3525102?start=0 tstart=0.. Subscribe.. Subscribe to our e-mail newsletter to receive updates.. Related Posts:.. Effective Teamworking With Eclipse: Highlighting Local Changes.. Reduce Workspace Noise in Eclipse Using Working Sets.. Deadlines Without Downtime: The Curse of Software Development..

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  • Title: jamessugrue.ie | Author Archives
    Descriptive info: Archive by Author.. 5..

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  • Title: Design Patterns Uncovered: The Bridge Pattern | jamessugrue.ie
    Descriptive info: Bridge in the Real World.. The display of different image formats on different operating systems is a good example of the Bridge pattern.. You might have different image abstractions for both jpeg and png images.. The image structure is the same across all operating systems, but the how it s viewed (the implementation) is different on each OS.. This is the type of decoupling that the Bridge pattern allows.. Design Patterns Refcard.. For a great overview of the most popular design patterns, DZone s.. is the best place to start.. The Bridge Pattern.. The Bridge pattern is known as a.. structural.. pattern, as it s used to form large object structures across many disparate objects.. The definition of Bridge provided in the original Gang of Four book on Design Patterns states:.. Decouple an abstraction from its implementation so that the two can vary independently.. Let s take a look at the diagram definition before we go into more detail.. The.. Abstraction.. defines the abstraction, and maintains the reference to the implementor.. RefinedAbstraction.. provides an extension to the Abstraction, usually adding extra methods that provide different ways of getting at the same functionality.. Implementor.. interface defines an interface for the implementation classes (the.. ConcreateImplementor.. classes).. RefinedAbstractions are implemented in terms of the abstraction, and not that implementation interface.. This means that the implementation details are hidden from the client.. The pattern is similar to the Adapter pattern, except the Bridge pattern separates the interface from implementation.. Would I Use This Pattern?.. The Bridge pattern should be used when both the class as well as what it does vary often.. The bridge pattern can also be thought of as two layers of abstraction.. When the abstractions  ...   Philips:.. //Concrete Implementor public class Sony implements TV { public void on() { //Sony specific on } public void off() { //Sony specific off } public void tuneChannel(int channel); { //Sony specific tuneChannel } } //Concrete Implementor public class Philips implements TV { public void on() { //Philips specific on } public void off() { //Philips specific off } public void tuneChannel(int channel); { //Philips specific tuneChannel } }.. These classes deal with the specific implementations of the TV from each vendor.. Now, we create a remote control abstraction to control the TV:.. //Abstraction public abstract class RemoteControl { private TV implementor; public void on() { implementor.. on(); } public void off() { implementor.. off(); } public void setChannel(int channel) { implementor.. tuneChannel(channel); } }.. As the remote control holds a reference to the TV, it can delegates the methods through to the interface.. But what is we want a more specific remote control one that has the + / buttons for moving through the channels? All we need to do is extend our RemoteControl abstraction to contain these concepts:.. //Refined abstraction public class ConcreteRemote extends RemoteControl { private int currentChannel; public void nextChannel() { currentChannel++; setChannel(currentChannel); } public void prevChannel() { currentChannel--; setChannel(currentChannel); } }.. Watch Out for the Downsides.. One of the major drawbacks of this pattern is that, in providing flexibility, it increases complexity.. There s also possible performance issues with the indirection of messages the abstraction needs to pass messages along to the implementator for the operation to get executed.. Find Out More.. The classic.. Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object Oriented Software.. For more practical Java examples:.. Head First Design Patterns.. The Solution to the iPhone 3GS Self Restart Issue..

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  • Title: jamessugrue.ie | Category Archive | Design
    Descriptive info: Archive | Design..

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  • Title: Design Patterns Uncovered: The Builder Pattern | jamessugrue.ie
    Descriptive info: Builder in the Real World.. The purpose of the builder pattern is to separate the construction of a complex object from its representation.. An example of this is happy meals at a fast food restaurant.. The happy meal typically consists of a hamburger, fries, coke and toy.. No matter whether you choose different burgers/drinks, the construction of the kids meal follows the same process.. The Builder Pattern.. The Builder is a.. creational.. pattern it s used to construct objects such that they can be decoupled from the implementing system.. The definition of Builder provided in the original Gang of Four book on Design Patterns states:.. Allows for object level access control by acting as a pass through entity or a placeholder object.. Builder.. provides an interface for creating the parts that make up a.. Product.. , and.. ConcreteBuilder.. provides an implementation of this interface.. ConcreteBuilder.. keep track of the representation it creates, provides a way to get the result (.. ) as well as constructing the product.. Director.. constructs the object through the Builder s interface.. Product.. is the object, usually complex, that we are constructing.. This would include all the classes that define what we are constructing.. The builder pattern will typically use other creational patterns to get products built (e.. g.. Prototype or Singleton) and will often build a composite.. This pattern is used when object creation algorithms should be decoupled from the system, and multiple representations of creation algorithms are required..  ...   one for kids, one for adults:.. public class KidsMealBuilder extends MealBuilder { public void buildDrink() { // add drinks to the meal } public void buildMain() { // add main part of the meal } public void buildDessert() { // add dessert part to the meal } public Meal getMeal() { return meal; } } public class AdultMealBuilder extends MealBuilder { public void buildDrink() { // add drinks to the meal } public void buildMain() { // add main part of the meal } public void buildDessert() { // add dessert part to the meal } public Meal getMeal() { return meal; } }.. In order to kick off the build process, we have a director:.. // Director public class MealDirector { public Meal createMeal(MealBuilder builder) { builder.. buildDrink(); builder.. buildMain(); builder.. buildDessert(); return builder.. getMeal(); } }.. And finally we have a client to run all of this:.. // Integration with overal application public class Main { public static void main(String[] args) { MealDirector director = new MealDirector(); MealBuilder builder = null; if (isKid) builder = new KidsMealBuilder(); } else { builder = new AdultMealBuilder(); } Meal meal = director.. createMeal(mealBuilder); } }.. There s not many downsides that I see to the builder.. The decoupling is useful, but the switch statements necessary when using the pattern on it s own aren t very appealing.. As with all patterns, it adds complexity when used in the wrong places.. Design Patterns Uncovered: The Bridge Pattern..

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