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  • Title: Home Page
    Descriptive info: .. Jane Mitchell.. Website and Blog.. home.. books.. FAQs.. contact.. blog.. about.. travel.. links.. Fáilte.. Welcome to my website.. Thanks for dropping by.. You'll find plenty here – about me, my books, my other interests, tips for aspiring writers in.. FAQS.. , and a link to my.. blog.. Have a look around.. If you have any questions or comments, feel welcome to.. send me an email.. or drop me a  ...   in 2009.. It has won a number of national and regional awards and has been shortlisted for others.. Take a look at the.. page to find out more, and check back again to see how it's doing.. I’ve just finished writing my next book.. I’ll be putting up a sneak preview and some information about it in a little while, so watch this space!.. ©Jane Mitchell.. Website updated 2012.. Approved by:..

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  • Title: Books
    Descriptive info: Books.. Short Stories..

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  • Title: Frequently Asked Questions
    Descriptive info: Frequently Asked Questions.. Where do you get your ideas?.. Which of your books is your favourite?.. What books did you read when you were young?.. When did you start writing?.. When was your first book published?.. How long does it take you to write a book?.. What advice would you give to anyone who wants to be a writer?.. What qualities do you need to be a successful writer?.. Are your characters based on people you know?.. Do you edit as you go along or wait until you have a complete draft?.. How much money do you make from your work?.. I get asked this all the time, so I put it right at the top.. Every book I’ve written has come out of an event that meant something to me.. It might be something I read, or something someone told me, a place I visited or an experience I had.. At the time, it may not have been a big deal.. I mightn't even notice it to begin with, but soon afterwards, I’d find a story emerging and I’d track it back to a particular event.. Some events are single moments and I know I'll have to write a story, but most of the time, ideas gradually gather together over time, perhaps as my awareness or understanding matures.. Gradually, a story emerges and I work on it to develop it into a book.. In general, I best like whatever book I'm working on, but I think that's because it's occupying my mind and I'm completely caught up in it, so it becomes very important.. When I go back and read some of my earlier books, I get irritated with details and only manage to frustrate myself by thinking of something I could have done better or differently.. Like most writers, I could spend forever changing and adjusting, moving a word here and a sentence there, even an entire plot in some cases, but at some point, I have to say enough is enough.. I need to remind myself that they’ve all come from something important, something personal, to me.. Lots of them! I read anything I could get my hands on, even books for adults that I wasn’t supposed to read.. Some of them were eye-openers, even though I wasn't always sure what was going on.. As a family, we'd troop off to the library every couple of weeks to get our quota of books, which would keep me quiet for a few days.. When we went on summer holidays, my mum would buy half a dozen books for long car journeys and dole them out one at a time to try  ...   years old.. When I was in primary school, I wrote action-packed stories featuring tragic heroines and terrifying dragons, which I illustrated.. I still have one of the copybooks and it’s embarrassing to look at now.. In 1993,.. When Stars Stop Spinning.. was published by Poolbeg Press, Dublin.. It won the 1994 Bisto Book of the Year Award.. A copy of it is buried in a time capsule in the Zen Garden of the Irish Writers’ Centre in the centre of Dublin city.. The capsule will be opened in 2045.. I wonder if I’ll still be alive then?.. That depends on the book and what has inspired me to write it in the first place.. My first book,.. , took twelve weeks to write.. took a great deal longer - several years in fact, although I wasn’t working on it for all of that time.. What advice would I give to anyone who wants to be a writer?.. Write about what you believe in.. Write with passion and energy.. Don’t be afraid to try something new, or something different.. Give your craft time to develop and mature, but keep working on it, and give yourself due credit for working hard.. Always be open to learning something new.. Look at and learn how other writers tackle various subjects, especially difficult or sensitive ones.. Try and work out what it is about your favourite authors that make their books appeal to you.. Don’t be too critical of yourself, but make sure you keep working at your craft.. Writing is like any skill - it needs constant practice to get better so set some time aside and write regularly, every day if possible.. Don’t listen to what other people are saying about your work (except your editor), unless they’re all saying the same thing, then give it a bit of thought…but just a bit.. A desire to create something powerful that speaks to the reader, whether it’s an emotion, a terrific plot, a memorable character.. A belief in yourself.. Endless patience.. Perseverance.. Not really.. I might observse someone using a unique a gesture or a turn of phrase, and might decide to include it.. But it's more important to me that my main characters are strong and realistic, so that the reader can identify with them.. Do you edit as you go along or do you wait until you have a complete draft?.. A bit of both, but I try to write most of the first draft before I start editing or else I spend too much time on re-writes and not enough creating new material.. Not enough to write full-time – but perhaps someday….. Back to Top..

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  • Title: Contact
    Descriptive info: I like to hear from people who have visted my website and blog, who have met me, or who have read my books.. Please feel welcome to.. or, if you prefer, fill in your details below.. I try to answer all correspondence, but can't promise I'll get round to your particular one straightaway.. All  ...   reply).. What country do you live in?.. What age are you? (Choose one).. Please select.. I am under 8 years.. I am between 8 and 10 years.. I am between 11 and 14 years.. I am between 15 and 18 years.. I am over 18 years.. Your Message.. Type your message here:.. form creator..

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  • Title: About writing, publishing and books » Jane's Blog
    Descriptive info: Subscribe to RSS feed.. Search.. Jane s Blog.. About writing, publishing and books.. Home.. Jul.. 04.. Someone wants your views and opinions!.. Arts.. ,.. Books.. Events Activities.. Are you interested in giving your input, suggestions and opinions on the well-being and development of children and young people? If so, there are opportunities out there for you at the moment.. First and foremost (and with an imminent deadline of this coming Friday, 6.. th.. July), the Department of Children and Young People wants your help in developing plans to improve the lives of children and young people over the next five years.. For the first time, one Government department is responsible for all policy on the well-being of children and young people.. The Minister for Children and Youth Affairs wants your views and is launching a nationwide consultation.. You can fill in your views on.. their website.. You don’t even have to answer all the questions—just the ones that interest you!.. And if your interest happens to focus on books and reading for children and young people, the fabulous team at.. Children’s Books Ireland.. is currently developing a new strategic plan for the organisation.. This new plan will map out.. CBI’s aims and activities for the next three years.. They are very keen to hear from a range of organisations and individuals about how they might be able to fulfill of their mission of making books a part of every child s life.. You can complete the.. short survey.. in a matter of minutes.. Please take the time to do so—they need all the feedback they can get.. Tags:.. Children's Books Ireland.. ,.. Department of Children and Youth Arrairs.. Leave comment.. Jun.. 26.. Charming film: Much Better Now.. Other things not about writing.. Websites.. Have a look at this magical and rather beautiful little film about a dull little bookmark and the adventures that come its way.. Brief and wordless, this.. award-winning.. animated film manages to say a lot about believing in dreams, having adventures and seizing opportunities about life, really.. And if you re interested in how it was made, have a look at the process:.. Much Better Now.. salonalpin.. Comments Off.. 22.. Children s Writing Workshop: part 1.. Workshops.. Writing.. Writing Skills.. I recently ran a writing workshop with some very energetic and enthusiastic young writers between 9 and 12 years of age in Balbriggan.. We started by writing cinquains about food.. Cinquains are five line poems with the following pattern:.. The first line is the one word title.. The second line is two describing words.. The third line is three action words.. The fourth line is four words about feelings.. The final line is one word with the same meaning as the first line.. This patterns always appeals to children and they find them easy to write.. Here are examples of some of the results from my young writers.. The illustrated cinquains are by the 11 and 12 year olds, while the typed ones are by younger writers of 9 and 10 years of age.. Brownies.. Gooey warm.. Licking, crunching, enjoying.. I love brownies – yum.. Dessert!.. Noodles.. Delicious, heavenly.. Slurping, swallowing, sucking,.. Noodles are yummy.. Lunch!.. Well done, everyone!.. Balbriggan.. 11.. Read for the World!.. Readings.. I’m taking part in a bid for a new Guinness World Record this coming weekend for ‘the most authors reading consecutively from their work’!.. The Irish Writers’ Centre.. is organising this exciting fund-raising event to help it stay open and maintain its high standard of service.. ‘Read for the World’ will be a marathon public reading not only to set a new world record, but also to promote contemporary Irish writers.. The event will be broadcast live in real time around the world via the internet.. Senator David Norris will open proceedings at 10am (Greenwich Mean Time) on Friday, June 15th and the first reader will be best-selling novelist, John Boyne.. The readings, of 15 minutes each will run for 28 hours, all through the night, culminating at 2pm on Bloomsday, which will add to Dublin’s celebrations and emphasise that the great literary tradition continues unabated in our UNESCO City of Literature.. The current record of 75 is held by the Berlin International Literature Festival.. It is exactly 25 years since the founding of the Irish Writers’ Centre, and 21 years since it opened.. Although it receives modest funding from a multitude of sources, mainly from the Irish Arts Council, the Centre is still in a precarious financial state and could not continue but for the efforts of volunteers and the widespread support of the literature community.. It is hoped that this event will attract sponsorship, promote the Centre’s programmes, and encourage people to become members.. The readings will be open to the public and the worldwide audience can join in too, as the whole event will be streamed live on the.. Irish Writers’ Centre website.. There will be a broad range of texts and tastes, and audience members are invited to stay all night and cheer on the writers reading into the small hours.. My slot is at at the civilised time of 9.. 30am on Saturday morning and I’ll be reading from.. Tune in and listen up to hear me and 110 other Irish writers who will be reading from their works over the entire 28 hour period….. Guinness World Record.. Irish Writers' Centre.. May.. 28.. CBI Book of the Year Awards 2012.. Awards.. The winners of the 22nd CBI Book of the Year Awards were announced today by Fergus Finlay at a special ceremony.. in Wood Quay, Dublin.. Awards were presented for the Book of the Year, the Eilís Dillon Award, the Children’s Choice Awards and the Honour and Judges’ Special Award.. Celine Kiernan was the first author to win both the 2012.. CBI Book of the Year Award.. the.. Children’s Choice Award.. for her novel.. Into the Grey,.. which.. tells the story of identical teenage twins Patrick and Dominic who are forced to move after a fire destroys their family home.. The judges said: “.. this supernatural thriller brings together past and present to explore the complexities of fraternal love and the pain of loss.. “.. At the awards ceremony Celine was presented with her awards trophies and a cheque for €5,000.. Into the Grey.. was also announced as the winner of the.. , judged by eight specially appointed junior juries comprising young people from school and library reading groups around Ireland.. The winner of the.. Eilís Dillon Award.. , valued at €1,000 and awarded to a first time author or illustrator, was Paula Leyden for.. The Butterfly Heart.. Paula’s book reflects much of her own experience growing up in Zambia.. Mark O’Sullivan received the.. Judges’ Special Award.. for.. My Dad is 10 Years Old.. and how it  ...   Laureate na nÓg.. Niamh Sharkey.. 05.. Lots of Children s Book Activities in May.. Conferences.. May is always a busy month for children s book activities in Ireland, and 2012 is no different.. There s a lot happening this month, kicking off next week with the announcement, on Tuesday 8th, of Ireland s new.. Laureate na nÓg.. 2012-2014.. The announcement will be made at about midday by President Michael T.. Higgins.. The 2012.. Children s Books Ireland Annual Conference.. will be held from 19th-20th May.. Always an exciting and packed weekend celebrating the very best in books for young people from home and abroad, this year s conference is entitled.. Weaving a Shared Story.. and it takes place in the National Library of Ireland, Kildare Street.. This year s line-up includes Alexis Deacon, the Emberley family, Éilís Ní Dhuibhne, Chris Judge, Judi Curtin, Sally Nicholls, Nicola Pierce and Alan Early.. Finally, on 28th May, the.. CBI Children s Book of the Year Award.. (formerly that Bisto Children s Book of the Year Awards) will be announced, with the winners chosen from a short-list of 9 books (detailed in an.. earlier posting.. on this blog).. These awards identify, honour and promote excellence in books for young people by Irish authors and illustrators and are eagerly watched by young readers and adults alike.. CBI Children's Book of the Year Award 2012.. Apr.. Children s Poetry Competition just announced!.. Do you know any 8 to 10 year olds who are budding poets? If so,.. Hawk’s Well Theatre.. in Sligo has just announced its.. International Children’s Poet of the Year.. competition for young writers from 8 to 10 years of age.. Poems must be named.. The Cat and the Moon.. and be 5 lines long.. The prize for the winning poet is a specially designed trophy and a free place on Hawk’s Well drama summer camp from Monday 2nd – Friday 6th July 2012.. In addition, the winning poem will be printed and displayed in The Cat and The Moon Shop in Sligo, in the Hawk’s Well Theatre and in the local press.. In addition to a prize for the winning poet, the winning school will get a €100 voucher from Hawk’s Well to put towards their next booking at the theatre.. If you would like to enter the competition, you need to send in a completed.. application form.. to Hawk’s Well Theatre, or email the poem to info@hawkswell.. The competition has a few simple rules:.. You must be between 8 and 10 years of age to enter.. You must write a poem called.. The Cat and the Moon.. You may submit a maximum of three poems to the competition.. The poem you submit must be written by you.. The poem can be in any style or form, and must be 5 lines long.. The competition is open to young poets living anywhere in the world.. The last day for submission of competition entries is 1st June 2012.. Hawk's Well Theatre.. 07.. New writers of children s literature.. Courses.. It s always great to see new people interested in getting into writing for children and young adults.. The publishing industry sets standards almost impossibly high for aspiring writers, has a devastatingly high casualty rate, and a lead-time of several years from purchase of the initial product to final production, sale and distribution, yet its continued health and survival relies on the eagerness, enthusiasm and creativity of new recruits who write and edit and re-write with great dedication and commitment in the hope of cracking the code and getting their hands on that Holy Grail: the publishing contract.. Such commitment and dedication was demonstrated last week by a group of aspiring writers who travelled from different parts of the country and gave up their weekend to attend my.. children’s writing course.. in the.. Irish Writers’ Centre.. , learning something of the craft of writing books for children and young people.. It wasn’t all hard work: there were plenty of laughs, good chat and lots of great ideas.. The originality and diversity humming in that room was enough to excite any editor, and as always happens, I was blown away by terrific ideas folks had thought up.. From the impact of drug-dealing on a young boy in Limerick, to the grief and physical pain of a broken relationship, to the delightful tale of a new zoo-keeper struggling to organise the animals for a special visitor, strong ideas came bubbling up.. I really hope something comes of them and they don’t get shoved in the back of a drawer, never to see the light of day.. Some of the plot outlines, character profiles and story arcs produced by the participants will definitely result in terrific stories to engage and captivate young readers, if their creators continue to build on the work started during the weekend.. I only hope that the ensuing work required to take their original ideas and craft them into something wonderful won’t seem too arduous a task.. And I sincerely hope that the publishing industry takes notice of some of them so that a wider audience can enjoy the hard work and great stories of fledgling new writers for children and young adults.. writing for children.. Older posts.. Blogroll.. How to get in touch.. More information about me.. Who am I?.. Recent Comments.. Colleen Jones (@acolleenjones).. on.. Beginning to Write Children s Books.. A.. Colleen Jones.. Autumn Writers Retreat 2011.. Diana Wynne Jones.. SCBWI-Ireland new website and winter retreat.. David.. INIS Magazine and Bisto Book Awards 2011.. Tag Cloud.. A Monster Calls.. Arvon Foundation.. Babaró.. Carlo Gébler.. Child 44.. Children's Book Festival.. Children's Laureate.. Donna Tartt.. Gillian Cross.. iBbY Ireland.. INIS.. INIS Magazine.. Irish Times.. Jane Yolen.. Jeremy Sheldon.. Kill All Enemies.. Lana Citron.. Melvin Burgess.. Mercier Press.. O'Brien Press.. Oisin McGann.. Patrick Ness.. Penguin Ireland.. Phibsboro Library.. Philip Pullman.. Poetry Ireland.. Raheny Library.. SCBWI.. SCBWI-Ireland.. SCBWI British Isles.. Steve Hartley.. The Amber Spyglass.. The Ogre Downstairs.. The Secret History.. Tom Rob Smith.. Walker Books.. Where I Belong.. Wordpress.. Categories.. Select Category.. Arts (9).. Books (24).. Charity Books (1).. Reviews (16).. Books for Adults (2).. Books for Young Adults and Children (15).. Children s Literature Publications (4).. INIS (2).. Events Activities (36).. Awards (12).. Conferences (3).. Readings (5).. Talks (8).. Workshops (1).. Writing Retreat (1).. Festivals (12).. Babaró (3).. Children s Books Festival (7).. Funding (1).. Other things not about writing (6).. Publishers (1).. Walker Books (1).. Websites (4).. Writing (29).. Agents (2).. Authors (6).. Blogs (1).. Courses (5).. Editors (5).. Seminars (7).. Writing Skills (11).. Admin.. Log in.. Entries.. RSS.. Comments.. WordPress.. org.. Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a.. Creative Commons Licence.. Valid XHTML 1.. 0 Strict.. Valid CSS Level 2.. 1.. uses.. Graphene.. theme by.. Syahir Hakim..

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  • Title: About
    Descriptive info: About me.. Education and Employment.. I live in Dublin, Ireland.. When I was very small, I lived in Northern Ireland and, before that, in England, where I was born.. I studied Education in Trinity College, Dublin, and taught primary (elementary) school children for a while before working in the community with at-risk teenagers who had dropped out of formal education.. I also worked with young adults with disabilities and designed post-school training programmes for teenagers with disabilities.. I spent a year in London studying disability management, then did a diploma in statistics, and as if I hadn't enough study, I also completed an MBA.. I'm finished studying now!.. Hobbies.. I have been fortunate to have travelled to many amazing places.. A few years ago, I travelled around the world for an entire year.. You can read about some of the highlights on.. Round the World,.. and about other travels  ...   Irish life.. I like to swim, run and go to the gym.. In 2011, I ran my first ever marathon—the Dublin City marathon.. Although I found it very challenging, I enjoyed the whole experience immensely, so much so, that I plan to do it again in 2012!.. I also hill-walk.. On two occasions, I climbed through the Sun Gate overlooking the ancient Incan city of Macchu Pichu in Peru.. I’ve hiked through the foothills of the Anna Purna range in Nepal, crossed the Tongariro Alpine Crossing in New Zealand and climbed Table Mountain in South Africa.. In March 2011, I had a wonderful time climbing the snow-capped mountains in Argentina.. In 2012, I am travelling to the secretive and isolated country of Burma to explore something of life there.. I also enjoy cooking and dining out.. My favourite cuisine is Middle Eastern, followed closely by Italian or Mediterranean food..

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  • Title: Travel
    Descriptive info: Travel.. I love to visit other countries and cultures, and am fortunate to be able to.. Travel opens up the mind.. It makes me realise how much it means to live in a peaceful part of the world, where there is freedom of speech and an open democracy, although my own country has been through difficult and turbulent times.. I’ve spent a lot of my free time backpacking and travelling through lots of countries.. You can my read top 20 highlights from that trip at.. Round  ...   countries.. Here is a list of them: Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Chile, China, Ecuador, Galapagos Islands, Guatemala, Hong Kong, India, Jordan, Kenya, Lesotho, Morocco, Nepal, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Occupied Palestinian Territories, Peru, Singapore, South Africa, Tanzania, Thailand, Vietnam, most European countries and several U.. S.. states.. In 2012, I will be travelling to Burma, officially the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, and one of the most secretive and isolated countries in Asia.. The people there have suffered terrible human rights abuses and have faced great hardship..

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  • Title: Links
    Descriptive info: Links.. Walker Books.. Walker Books is my publisher and Britain's leading independent children's publisher.. It makes books of the highest quality for children of all ages.. Children's Books Ireland.. Children's Books Ireland is the national children's book organisation of Ireland.. It is involved in many activities and aims to engage young people with books, create  ...   everyone with an interest in books for children.. Amnesty International (Irish Section).. Amnesty International is a worldwide movement of people who campaign for internationally recognised human rights for all.. Supporters are outraged by human rights abuses but inspired by hope for a better world and so work to improve human rights through campaigning and international solidarity..

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  • Title: Chalkline
    Descriptive info: Chalkline.. National Awards.. Winner of Irish Children's Choice Award 2009/2010 (Ireland).. Shortlisted for Bisto Irish Children's Book of the Year Award 2009/2010 (Ireland).. Regional Awards.. Winner of Essex County Book of the Year Award 2010 (UK).. Shortlisted for Stockport Schools' Book Award 2010 (UK).. Shortlisted for Falkirk Council RED Book Award (UK).. About the book.. Rafiq is only nine when Kashmiri Freedom Fighters raid his village in search of new recruits.. Tall for his age, he is the first boy to cross the chalk line into a life of brutality and violence.. Jameela cannot forget her brother.. While Rafiq is trained to kill in the rebel  ...   who left the village.. Will Jameela know him?.. Endorsed by.. Amnesty International (UK).. as contributing to a better understanding of human rights and the values that underpin them.. '.. A book such as this makes much contemporary 'teen fiction' seem shallow by comparison.. '.. (Dr Robert Dunbar, The Irish Times, September 2009).. tremendously powerful book.. beautifully written in clear and accessible prose.. (.. www.. thebookbag.. co.. uk.. ).. Above all, you want, must, keep reading to find out what happens to Rafiq and his companions.. (INIS, Children's Books Ireland magazine, Autumn 2009).. Publication Details.. 2009, by Walker Books, UK.. ISBN 978 1 4063 1517 2.. Next Book..

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  • Title: Olivia's Collection
    Descriptive info: Olivia's Collection.. When Olivia moves into a new house, she watches children playing in the sunshine outside.. Olivia is too shy to join in their games.. Instead, she decides to collect some sunshine of her own to make her room bright and happy - but it doesn't work out quite the way she expected.. This charming book, for children from 4-8 years, tells the tale of how Olivia's collection of sunshine helps her to make new friends.. 1998, by Poolbeg Press Ltd, Dublin, Ireland.. ISBN 1 85371 702 9..

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  • Title: When Stars Stop Spinning
    Descriptive info: When Stars Stop Spinning.. Winner of Bisto Irish Book of the Year Award 1994.. Merit Award from Reading Association of Ireland 1994.. Buried in a Time Capsule in Irish Writers Centre for 50 years - to be opened in 2045.. Tony is fifteen and doesn't want to go back to school.. In spite of showing terrific talent on the clarinet, he'd rather get a job with his brother on a building site.. When a joyriding accident lands Tony in Lismore,  ...   Stephen, also fifteen, a gifted musician and composer.. But while Tony is growing stronger and more able everyday, Stephen is heading in another direction entirely.. The two boys strike up a unique friendship, refusing to let their difficulties stop them from confronting life's challenges head-on.. 1993, by Poolbeg Press Ltd, Dublin, Ireland.. ISBN 1 85371 839 4.. 1998, by Forlaget Modtryk, Denmark.. ISBN 87 7394 524 2.. 1999, by Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag GMBh and Co.. KG, Germany.. ISBN 3 423 78136..

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