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  • Title: Welcome - Jack Wise
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Shows.. Stage.. Close Up Magic.. Festivals Family.. Gallery.. Weddings.. Comedy Clubs.. Corporate.. Festivals.. Guarantee.. Thanks.. Thank you Letters.. Want to create a sensation at your next event?.. Then it’s time to introduce you to Jack Wise! More than just a Magician,.. he’s a ventriloquist, a sword swallower and he even does a bit of pick pocketing!.. But Jack's greatest talent - he's laugh out loud funny!.. For every gasp from your guests there will be twice the laughs!.. Irish Magician Jack Wise has been invited on The Late Late Show and requested to perform on three occasions for The President of Ireland ! He's a headliner  ...   stage or mingling amongst your guests, Jack's hilarious breath taking magic tricks will make your party the topic of conversation and that's guaranteed!.. See Magician Jack mesmerising the masses with eye popping street magic and then taking it to the stage in Ireland's most prestigious comedy club - The Laughter Lounge!.. Close Up.. Watch Jack as a wedding Magician amaze guests with his mind blowing close up magic tricks and then crack up the entire wedding with his hilarious ventriloquism.. The only Irish winner of The Street Performance World Championships, see Jack swallow a 24" sword and turn a volunteer into a ventriloquist puppet in his amazing festival show!..

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  • Title: Stage - Jack Wise
    Descriptive info: Looking for first class party entertainment?.. Irish Magician Comedian Jack Wise's hilarious presentations of jaw dropping magic tricks has made him the choice for almost every corporate body imaginable.. Witness the laughter and applause for yourself!.. It's like bubble gum for the eyes, bottles appear from nowhere and vanish as  ...   it's Jack's lightening fast adlibs that win over the most cynical audiences.. Your Guests are made the Stars of the Show….. Jack invites your guests on stage where they become not only a part of the magic show but the Stars in a hilarious roller coaster ride of mind blowing magic..

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  • Title: Close Up Magic - Jack Wise
    Descriptive info: He's baffled Bono, wowed Westlife and now it’s your turn!!.. If you’ve seen Magician Jack Wise in action, you know the difference he makes to a party.. Armed with lightening fast hands and a razor sharp wit, he's a black belt in ice breaking!.. Watch your guests gasp in disbelief and crack up laughing!.. You'll hear gasps of amazement, spontaneous applause and belly laughs as Jack mingles amongst your guests or amazes them  ...   the Magic! He uses everyday objects to create the illusion he's manipulating your reality.. “Missing” jewelry appears in a burst of flames, cigarettes melt through cards and then vanish in a puff of smoke.. Make your party the most talked about yet!.. When Jack presents your most skeptical guest with a prize of their own watch, it brings the house down every time and will make your party the most talked about yet!..

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  • Title: Festivals & Family - Jack Wise
    Descriptive info: The whole family will love it!.. We're not sure how to describe Magician Jack Wise's festival show.. Think David Blaine and Tommy Cooper in a car crash and you've got the right idea!.. But one thing is for sure -the whole family loves it!.. It's a Molotov cocktail of Comedy and Magic.. Some of the highlights include.. turning a volunteer into a hilarious ventriloquist puppet! A kid  ...   The hair raising moment when Jack swallows a 24 inch solid steel sword!.. Jack will do the work and you'll take the Kudos !.. Jack is the only Irish entertainer to win The Street Performance World Championship !! He's also the only Irish Performer to win The UK Children's Entertainer of the Year Award.. How did he do it? By making everyone laugh ,young and old alike!..

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  • Title: Weddings - Jack Wise
    Descriptive info: So what will make your wedding a sensation?.. It's simple - what your guests talk about afterwards.. Check out the reactions Jack Wise gets performing as a wedding Magician!!Moments like these will make your wedding the topic of discussion at dinner parties for years to come..

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  • Title: Comedy Clubs - Jack Wise
    Descriptive info: Pictures of Magician & Comedian Jack Wise in Comedy clubs all over the country..

    Original link path: /gallery/comedy-clubs/
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  • Title: Corporate - Jack Wise
    Descriptive info: Irish Magician & Comedian Jack Wise has been trusted by event managers and top international companies to provide outstanding party entertainment for over a decade now!.. Check out the reactions to his amazing magic tricks in these photos..

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  • Title: Festivals - Jack Wise
    Descriptive info: It's Magician Jack Wise's combination of sword swallowing, ventriloquism and amazing magic tricks that makes for electrifying festival entertainment.. Here are some pictures of him winning The Street Performance World Championships..

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  • Title: Guarantee - Jack Wise
    Descriptive info: A personal guarantee from Magician Jack Wise.. I solemnly swear –.. Not to bring empty containers to your event to fill at the free bar.. Not to keep your guests watches.. Not to steal or bend any cutlery (unless it’s in a hotel and then its fair game! ).. But seriously… I understand your reputation is on the line!.. If you book a magician, comedian or any other form of party entertainment and they get it wrong, there is no come back and you can’t rewind embarrassment!.. Which is why I offer you peace  ...   Ninety percent of my magic shows are word of mouth or repeat bookings! Why?.. Because I deliver and I guarantee every show I perform !.. Your guests love the Magic show or its free !!.. Yes, you read that correctly, your guests love my performance or there is no fee!.. See how many Magicians will offer you that! (And if they don't.. why not?).. Just one small request.. The only stipulation I ask is that your guests be able to see me, hear me and not be so drunk that they can’t understand English!..

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  • Title: Thank you Letters - Jack Wise
    Descriptive info: Just a few of the Thank You letters!.. Just a few of the Thank you letters Magician Jack Wise has received from clients in the many different industries he's performed for.. To read the letters just click on the logos..

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